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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: State Educational-Scientific Establishment The Academy of Financial Management

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  original article Journal Date Title Authors Max. 6 Authors
1 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2022―Jul―22 Analysis of the financial capacity of Central Asian countries in the context of the rupture of trade chains caused by the COVID-19 epidemic Dominique MENU, Anatolii DROBIAZKO
2 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2022―May―13 Fiscal expansions and debt sustainability problems during a pandemic Tetiana BOHDAN
3 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2021―Dec―01 Escalation of global risks and threats in a pandemic condition: financial and macroeconomic aspects Tamara PANFILOVA
4 [GO] Naukovi pratsi NDFI 2021―Nov―15 The specifics of fiscal policy under the conditions of pandemic shock Nataliia UKHNAL
5 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2021―Nov―05 Execution of the state budget of Ukraine in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic Yurii RADIONOV
6 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2021―Aug―04 Practical commentary on preparing management report and disclosure of COVID-19 pandemic impact Tetiana IEFYMENKO, Ljudmyla LOVINSKA, Yana OLIYNYK, Maria KUCHERIAVA
7 [GO] Naukovi pratsi NDFI 2021―Jun―24 Impact of the global pandemic COVID-19 on the banking sector Gennadiy BORTNIKOV, Vira OHORODNYK, Oleksandr LYUBICH
8 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2021―Apr―19 Stabilisation policies in Ukraine in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic POLYAKOVA Juliia POLYAKOVA Juliia, Solomiya SOKURENKO
9 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2021―Apr―02 Information support for the state-owned enterprises management under uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Ljudmyla LOVINSKA
10 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Dec―24 Methodological approaches to assessing companies contribution to the implementation of SDGs and counteraction to COVID-19 Ljudmyla LOVINSKA, Yana OLIYNYK, Maria KUCHERIAVA
11 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Dec―24 Independent fiscal institutions in the member statesof the EU: functions and tasks in the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic Robert BALAKIN
12 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Dec―24 Some aspects of the development of research in the world and in Ukraine in the context of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic Klavdiia PAVLIUK, Kateryna KLYMENKO, Maksym SAVOSTIANENKO
13 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Aug―28 Current issues of Ukraine’s cooperation with the IMF during the challenges and threats of COVID-19 Kateryna KLYMENKO
14 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Aug―28 Fiscal risk management in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic Olga IVANYTSKA, Tetiana KOSCHUK
15 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Jul―17 Economic development and banking sector under the conditions of the global pandemic crisis Oleksandr DZIUBLIUK
16 [GO] Fìnansi Ukraïni 2020―Apr―24 Central banks and banking community responsive measures to the coronavirus epidemic Gennadiy BORTNIKOV

16 Results       Page 1


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