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1 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Jul―05 COVID-19 and cardiovascular lesions in the practice of an outpatient cardiologist O. L. CHERNOVA, L. I. GORNAEVA
2 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―May―21 Clinical case of acute kidney injury in a patient with COVID-19 G. I. NURULLINA, T. N. KHALFINA, G. M. ISLAMOVA, A. S. SAGITOVA, L. A. KRASNOVA
3 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―May―21 Myocarditis following COVID-19 in an adolescent D. R. SABIROVA, N. N. FIRSOVA, J. A. ABDULLINA, A. A. MALOV, L. R. NAZMUTDINOVA
4 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―13 Cardiac arrhythmias in new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) E. V. KHAZOVA, R. V. VALIAKHMETOV, O. V. BULASHOVA, M. I. MALKOVA
5 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―13 Intrafamily COVID-19 case S. V. KHALIULLINA, V. A. ANOKHIN, M. SH. GALIULLINA, K. R. SALAKHOVA, A. D. KISLICYNA
6 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Vitamin D in prophylactics of contamination and development of severe forms of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 M. L. MAKSIMOV, A. A. ZVEGINTSEVA, M. A. ISLAMOVA, T. YU. KULAGINA
7 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Особенности синдрома Гийена - Барре, ассоциированного с инфекцией COVID-19 T. G. SAKOVETS, E. I. BOGDANOV, G. R. KHUZINA, R. Z. MUKHAMETZYANOV
8 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Cognitive impairments in patients after COVID-19 E. V. DYAKOVA, N. S. SPIRIDONOVA, L. I. MINGAZOVA, S. R. NIZAMOVA, N. G. SHAMSUTDINOVA, E. R. KIRILLOVA, D. M. GAYSINA, A. M. FATYKHOVA, D. I. ABDULGANIEVA
9 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Atypical course of sinus thrombosis in combination with venous infarctions in women after the coronavirus infection A. G. AKHUNOVA, E. I. BOGDANOV, M. A. KHAIRULLOV
10 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Differential diagnostics of lung lesions in systemic connective tissue diseases and coronavirus infection E. YU. AKULINUSHKINA, E. I. APEKISHEVA, S. P. YAKUPOVA, R. Z. ABDRAKIPOV, E. S. ZAMANOVA
11 [GO] Practical medicine 2022―Feb―11 Features of the new coronavirus infection in a patient with a long history of systemic lupus erythematosus E. F. ISKHAKOVA, V. N. MUKHAMADIEVA, E. V. DYAKOVA, N. G. SHAMSUTDINOVA, R. Z. ABDRAKIPOV, E. V. SUKHORUKOVA, S. A. LAPSHINA, D. I. ABDULGANIEVA
12 [GO] Practical medicine 2021―May―02 Respiratory panic attacks and COVID-19 Contact details: Kotova O.V. - PhD (medicine), Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Pathology Address: 45 Dubninskaya St., building 1, apt. 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 127174, tel.: +7-903-117-99-83, e-mail: The unpredictability of the COVID-19 spread and the pandemic has led to a loss of self-control in many people, to anxiety and panic. Social restrictions due to the new coronavirus infection also negatively affected the mental and social well-being of the population. Under these conditions, the mental disorders incidence, including panic disorders, has increased significantly and has attracted attention to this problem as one of the current pandemic consequences. Panic attacks can have a significant respiratory component. In such cases, panic attacks are called respiratory attacks, and their clinical manifestations may be similar to some of the COVID-19 symptoms. For example, coughing and breathlessness are common in coronavirus infection and are potentially considered by patients as а high risk symptoms of an adverse outcome, and cause fear of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome. Due to the possibility of the increase of the respiratory panic attacks prevalence after the COVID-19 pandemic has regressed, the relevance of timely detection and adequate treatment of panic disorder is increasing. Key words: panic attacks, hyperventilation syndrome, respiratory panic attacks, panic disorder, COVID-19 O. V. Kotova, A. R. Artemenko, A. A. Belyaev, E. S. Akarachkova, V. E. Medvedev
13 [GO] Practical medicine 2021―May―02 Topical issues of midwifery services under coronavirus pandemic in the area with low population density M. B Ovchinnikova, A. G. Arutyunyants
14 [GO] Practical medicine 2021―Mar―12 Features of virus infection COVID-19 during the pregnancy D. I. SHEVELEVA, A. V. ROMANOVSKAYA, N. F. KHVOROSTUKHINA
15 [GO] Practical medicine 2021―Mar―12 COVID-19 in children in a megalopolis: clinical, epidemiological and therapeutic aspects R. A. IVANOVA, N. V. SKRIPCHENKO, T. V. VISHNEVSKAYA, L. N. ISANKINA, L. A. PRUDOVA, O. P. PIRATOVA, Yu. A. MINENOK, L. Y. KATSIEVA, M. A. MAYZELS, M. A. SHAKMAEVA, Yu. V. STARTSEVA, M. K. GAIDUK
16 [GO] Practical medicine 2020―Oct―04 Features of pregnancy and childbirth under COVID-19 infection D. M. KALILMATOVA, Yu. E. DOBROKHOTOVA

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