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Elsevier: Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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1 [GO] 2021―Jul―28 Ten Simple Dietary Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System - A Guide for Elderly Individuals at Risk of COVID-19 Elena Philippou, Ahmed Negm, Patricia C. Heyn
2 [GO] 2021―Jul―23 MEASURING DISCHARGE OUTCOMES, LENGTH OF STAY, AND FUNCTIONAL ADL SCORE DURING COVID-19 IN INPATIENT REHABILITATION HOSPITALS Caitlin Hartsgrove, Jenieve Guevarra-Fernandez, Jamila Kendall, Gabrielle Delauter, Steven Kirshblum
3 [GO] 2021―Jul―23 A Retrospective Quality Improvement Study to Describe Operational Management Strategies in an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility during the COVID-19 Pandemic Danielle Struble-Fitzsimmons, Rachel Feld-Glazman, Elizabeth Dominick, Sandra Alexandrou, Elizabeth Rider, Claudine Bogosian, et al. (+3)
4 [GO] 2021―Jul―10 Surveillance for Pressure Injuries upon admission to Inpatient Rehabilitation HOSPITALS during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jamila A. Kendall, Jack K. Haberl, Caitlin Hartsgrove, Lauren F. Murphy, Robert DeLuca, Nicole Diaz-Segarra, Steven C. Kirshblum
5 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 EFFECTIVENESS OF PULMONARY REHABILITATION IN INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE INCLUDING CORONAVIRUS DISEASES: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS Sara Reina-Gutiérrez, Ana Torres-Costoso, Vicente Martínez-Vizcaíno, Sergio Núñez de Arenas-Arroyo, Rubén Fernández-Rodríguez, Diana P Pozuelo-Carrascosa
6 [GO] 2021―Apr―09 Changes in the employment status of people with and without disabilities in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic Andrew J. Houtenville, Shreya Paul, Debra L. Brucker
7 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Continuity of Care in the Epicenter of a Global Pandemic: How One New York City Rehabilitation Psychology Outpatient Service Met the Challenge of COVID-19 Caitlyn Arutiunov, Felicia Connor, Jaclyn Klepper, Joseph Rath
8 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Public Interest in Distal Upper Extremity Pain and Workstation Ergonomics in the Context of COVID-19 Brocha Stern, Chaya Schachter
9 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Outcomes of and Lessons Learned from Patients with Severe COVID-19 in a Long-term Acute Care Hospital Peter Grevelding, Henry Hrdlicka, Stephen Holland, Lorraine Cullen, Amanda Meyer, Catherine Sabith, et al. (+2)
10 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Impact of COVID-19 on Individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries enrolled in a Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Megan Douglas, Simon Driver, Evan Elizabeth McShan, Stephanie Calhoun, Chad Swank
11 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 The Impact of COVID-19 on Inpatient Medical Professionals in the United States Nicole Kuhl, Sara Johnston, David Plutschack
12 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Virtual Care and Home-Based LED Treatment for TBI During COVID-19 Pandemic Yelena Bogdanova, Karina Gilbert, Lola Baird
13 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Access Limitations and Level of Psychological Distress During the Covid-19 Pandemic in a Sample of Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury Elizabeth Felix, Jose Vives Alvarado, Natalia Miranda-Cantellops, Sequoia Jackson
14 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Blockchain Technology: Use in the Fight Against Coronavirus Theresa Dawson, Mary Dawson
15 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Delirium Secondary to Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Case Series Allison Parrill, Aarij Zubair, Samaan Mahmoudzadeh, Ijendu Korie, Seema Hashmi
16 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Feasibility and Acceptability of a Brief Videoconference-Delivered Group Intervention for COVID-related Anxiety in Neurorehabilitation Outpatients Living in the Epicenter of the Pandemic Caitlyn Arutiunov, Jaclyn Klepper, Jed McGiffin, Joseph Rath
17 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Tele-rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Survivors during the Corona Pandemic Rachel Kizony, Naomi Schreuer, Khawla Loubani
18 [GO] 2021―Mar―11 The “Rehabilitation Research Framework for COVID-19 patients” defined by Cochrane Rehabilitation and the World Health Organization Rehabilitation Programme Stefano Negrini, Jody-Anne Mills, Chiara Arienti, Carlotte Kiekens, Alarcos Cieza
19 [GO] 2021―Mar―10 Persistent symptoms and disability after COVID-19 hospitalization: data from a comprehensive telerehabilitation program Victor Figueiredo Leite, Danielle Bianchini Rampim, Valeria Conceição Jorge, Maria do Carmo Correia de Lima, Leandro Gonçalves Cezarino, Cleber Nunes da Rocha, Rodrigo Barbosa Esper
20 [GO] 2021―Mar―10 Stakeholder Perspectives on Engaging with Cerebral Palsy Research Studies Following Onset of COVID-19 in the United States Divya Joshi, Nayo Hill, Alexandra Hruby, Shreya Viswanathan, Carson Ingo, Heidi Roth, Theresa Sukal-Moulton
21 [GO] 2021―Feb―19 Delivering virtual cancer rehabilitation programming during the first 90 days of the COVID-19 pandemic: A multimethod study Christian J. Lopez, Beth Edwards, David M. Langelier, Eugene K. Chang, Aleksandra Chafranskaia, Jennifer M. Jones
22 [GO] 2021―Feb―04 Do Patients with Covid-19 Benefit from Rehabilitation? Functional outcomes of the first 100 patients in a Covid-19 rehabilitation unit Violaine Piquet, Cédric Luczak, Fabien Seiler, Jordan Monaury, Alexandre Martini, Anthony B. Ward, et al. (+2)
23 [GO] 2021―Jan―30 Disability and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury Emily L. Morrow, Nirav N. Patel, Melissa C. Duff
24 [GO] 2021―Jan―30 PREDICTORS OF LOW PHYSICAL FUNCTION IN PATIENTS WITH COVID-19 WITH ACUTE RESPIRATORY FAILURE ADMITTED TO A SUB-ACUTE UNIT Mara Paneroni, Ioannis Vogiatzis, Laura Bertacchini, Carla Simonelli, Michele Vitacca
25 [GO] 2021―Jan―30 Swallowing and voice outcomes in patients hospitalised with COVID-19: An observational cohort study Sally K. Archer, Christina M. Iezzi, Louisa Gilpin
26 [GO] 2021―Jan―05 A brief intervention to support implementation of telerehabilitation by community rehabilitation services during COVID-19: A feasibility study. Narelle S. Cox, Katharine Scrivener, Anne E. Holland, Laura Jolliffe, Alison Wighton, Sean Nelson, et al. (+2)
27 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 Identification of Functional Limitations and Discharge Destination in COVID-19 Patients Pamela Roberts, Jeffrey Wertheimer, Eunice Park, Miriam Nuño, Richard Riggs
28 [GO] 2020―Nov―27 RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC AMONG POSTHOSPITAL BRAIN INJURY REHABILITATION PROVIDERS James F. Malec, David B. Salisbury, David Anders, Leanne Dennis, April R. Groff, Margaret Johnson, et al. (+2)
29 [GO] 2020―Nov―25 Nerve compression injuries after prolonged prone position ventilation in SARS-CoV-2 patient: a case series. Luigia Brugliera, Massimo Filippi, Ubaldo Del Carro, Calogera Butera, Francesca Bianchi, Paola Castellazzi, et al. (+8)
30 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 An Exploratory Study Investigating COVID-19 Health Safety Measures Using the ARB COVID-19 Restaurant Safety Measure Questionnaire Mason Drake, Laryn O'Donnell, Roger Smith
31 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Can COVID-19 Lead to Another Pandemic of Back Pain? Rumit Singh Kakar, Karen Lomond
32 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Tuck and Turn: A Protocol for Prone Positioning of Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 on Mechanical Ventilation Jamie Savitzky, Talia Rothfus, Sally Wong, Kristina Fusco, Caitlin Hynes, Dillon Maye, et al. (+4)
33 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Changes in Physical Activity, Health, and Wellness Experienced by Persons with Neurologic Impairments During the COVID-19 Pandemic Manon Schladen, Deb Weidemann, Kenzi Pizzino, Tami Cassetty, Maria Grufstedt, Brandon Martinez, Amanda Boxtel
34 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Converting a Collaborative Community Based Stroke Exercise Program to an Online Platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic Ashlyn Hill, Chad Swank, Amanda Gildersleeve, Tim DeViese, Katherine Froehlich-Grobe, Simon Driver, Mark Weber
35 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Consequences of COVID-19: A Survey of Individuals with Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Emily Morrow, Nirav Patel, Melissa Duff
36 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Health Systems' Rehabilitation Research Priorities During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic: Findings from the Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network (LeaRRn) Janet Freburger, Rosa Baier, Ann Reddy, Linda Resnik
37 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Experiences Aging With a Physical Disability During The COVID-19 Pandemic Marian Keglovits, Brittany Minor, Susan Rice, Kerri Morgan, Susan Stark
38 [GO] 2020―Nov―20 Applying Evidence-Based Interventions for Cognitive and Psychiatric Sequelae in a Population with Novel Neurological Needs (SARS-CoV-2) Angela Yi, Jessica Spat-Lemus, Amanda Sacks-Zimmerman, Heidi Bender
39 [GO] 2020―Nov―07 A consensus statement for the management and rehabilitation of communication and swallowing function in the ICU: A global response to COVID-19 Amy Freeman-Sanderson, Elizabeth C. Ward, Anna Miles, Irene de Pedro Netto, Sallyanne Duncan, Yoko Inamoto, et al. (+31)
40 [GO] 2020―Oct―24 The Effectiveness and Efficacy of Telerehabilitation in Persons with SCI during COVID-19 Amanda Engler, Ghaith Androwis, Steven Kirshblum
41 [GO] 2020―Oct―23 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Post-Acute Care Decision Making Sheryl R. Levin, Andrew I. Gitkind, Matthew N. Bartels
42 [GO] 2020―Sep―28 Neuropsychological features of severe hospitalized COVID-19 patients at clinical stability and clues for post-acute rehabilitation Francesco Negrini, Irene Ferrario, Daniele Mazziotti, Marzia Berchicci, Maurizio Bonazzi, Alessandro de Sire, et al. (+2)
43 [GO] 2020―Sep―22 Managing the Rehabilitation Wave: Rehabilitation Services for COVID-19 Survivors Soo Y. Kim, Sowmya Kumble, Bhavesh Patel, April D. Pruski, Alba Azola, Anisa L. Tatini, et al. (+11)
44 [GO] 2020―Sep―20 What now for rehabilitation specialists? Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Questions and Answers Simge J. Yonter, Katherine Alter, Matthew N. Bartels, Jonathan F. Bean, Martin B. Brodsky, Marlís González-Fernández, et al. (+6)
45 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Sex and Gender Issues for Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury During COVID-19: A Commentary Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, Yelena Goldin
46 [GO] 2020―Aug―29 Health Behaviors, Wellness, and Multiple Sclerosis Amid COVID-19 Robert Motl, Dawn Ehde, Lynne Shinto, Bo Fernhall, Nicholas LaRocca, Kathleen Zackowski
47 [GO] 2020―Aug―12 Feasibility and acceptability of telemedicine to substitute outpatient rehabilitation services in the COVID-19 emergency in Italy: an observational everyday clinical-life study Stefano Negrini, Sabrina Donzelli, Alberto Negrini, Alessandra Negrini, Michele Romano, Fabio Zaina
48 [GO] 2020―Jun―27 Cardiac Rehabilitation during quarantine in COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges for Center based programs Florent Besnier, Mathieu Gayda, Anil Nigam, Martin Juneau, Louis Bherer
49 [GO] 2020―Jun―19 Response to Letter Regarding “How Should the Rehabilitation Community Prepare for 2019-nCoV?” Helen Hoenig, Gerald Koh
50 [GO] 2020―Jun―10 The Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 on Dysphagia Evaluation and Treatment Martin B. Brodsky, Richard J. Gilbert
51 [GO] 2020―Jun―04 ROLE OF REHABILITATION DEPARTMENT FOR ADULT COVID-19 PATIENTS: THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SAN RAFFAELE HOSPITAL OF MILAN Sandro Iannaccone, Paola Castellazzi, Andrea Tettamanti, Elise Houdayer, Luigia Brugliera, Francesco de Blasio, et al. (+5)
52 [GO] 2020―May―25 Challenge for Rehabilitation After Hospitalization for COVID-19 Gonzalo Rivera-Lillo, Rodrigo Torres-Castro, Guilherme Fregonezi, Jordi Vilaró, Homero Puppo
53 [GO] 2020―May―25 COVID-19: We All Have a Role Vishwa S. Raj
54 [GO] 2020―May―11 Proposed Changes to the Inpatient Services for the Disabled in the United States Post COVID-19: Editorial Jay Meythaler
55 [GO] 2020―Mar―16 How Should the Rehabilitation Community Prepare for 2019-nCoV? Gerald Choon-Huat Koh, Helen Hoenig


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