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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

University of Toronto Press Inc: TOPIA Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies
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1 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Triage Culture: On Losing and (Re)Gaining Trust at the Time of COVID-19 Roberta Buiani
2 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Nothing New Here to See: How COVID-19 and State Violence Converge on Black Life Rinaldo Walcott
3 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 A View of COVID-19 from 30,000 Feet Archana Rampure
4 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Isolation, Loneliness, Solitude: The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Brought Us Too Close Together John Paul Ricco
5 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 COVID-19: An Essay in Keywords Penelope Ironstone
6 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Climate Change and COVID-19: Structure and System in a Future Tense Todd Dufresne
7 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Our COVID Conjuncture: Critical Essays on the Pandemic Penelope Ironstone, Greg Bird
8 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 The Intersecting Violence(s) of a Pandemic Yasmin Jiwani
9 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Rethinking Risk Communication: Lessons From a Pandemic Scott S.D. Mitchell, Josh Beanlands
10 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 The Pandemic as “Joke”: Meme Culture, the Alt-Right, and Steve Bannon’s “War Room” Tad Lemieux, Stuart J. Murray
11 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Pandemic Imaginaries and the Racial Politics of Masking Jasmin Zine
12 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 A Pandemic in an Age of Omnipresent Sovereign Power: The Plight of Palestine Mark M. Ayyash
13 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Pandemic Time and Wartime, All Out of Joint Neil Balan
14 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 The Edges of a Pandemic: Pseudoscience, Alternative Medicine, and Belief in the Age of COVID Alexandra Boutros
15 [GO] 2020―Dec―03 The Pandemic as “Joke”: Meme Culture, the Alt-Right, and Steve Bannon’s “War Room” Tad Lemieux, Stuart J. Murray
16 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 On Ways of Living in the Midst of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic (Three Brief Meditations) John Paul Ricco
17 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 Biopolitical Economies of the COVID-19 Pandemic Jonathan Short
18 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 Editorial Introduction: Writing in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic: From Vulnerability to Solidarity Greg Bird, Penelope Ironstone
19 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 COVID-19: Crisis, Critique, and the Limits of What We Can Hear Stuart J. Murray
20 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 Uncanny Convergences: Mobility and Containment in the Time of Coronavirus Roberta Buiani
21 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 The Pandemic is (Extra) Ordinary Penelope Ironstone
22 [GO] 2020―Mar―26 Government-in-a-Box, or Understanding Pandemic Measures as Biopolitics Neil Balan


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