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Annals of Family Medicine: The Annals of Family Medicine
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1 [GO] 2024―Mar―25 Disparities in Unmet Health Care Needs Among US Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic Sanjana Pampati, Nicole Liddon, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Lance A. Waller, Jonetta J. Mpofu, Benjamin Lopman, et al. (+3)
2 [GO] 2023―Nov―27 Veterans and Nonveterans Coping With Stress During 4 Months of COVID-19 Jorie M. Butler, Xuechen Wang, Marian Riddoch, Alistair Thorpe, Vanessa Stevens, Laura D. Scherer, et al. (+3)
3 [GO] 2023―Nov―27 Practice Facilitation to Support Family Physicians in Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Multimethod Process Evaluation Jennifer Shuldiner, Huda Shah, Stacey Bar-Ziv, Joe Mauti, David Kaplan, Mina Tradrous, et al. (+15)
4 [GO] 2023―Sep―25 Capturing the Stories from the COVID Pandemic: A Partnership Between ADFM and the Center for the History of Family Medicine Crystal Bauer, Amanda Weidner
5 [GO] 2023―Jul―24 Telemedicine in Primary Care: Lessons Learned About Implementing Health Care Innovations During the COVID-19 Pandemic Rebecca S. Etz, Craig A. Solid, Martha M. Gonzalez, Erin Britton, Kurt C. Stange, Sarah R. Reves
6 [GO] 2023―Mar―27 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Assessing Tobacco Status in Community Health Centers Susan A. Flocke, Nathalie Huguet, Steffani R. Bailey, Tahlia Hodes, Jean P. O’Malley
7 [GO] 2023―Jan―23 Building a Data Bridge: Policies, Structures, and Governance Integrating Primary Care Into the Public Health Response to COVID-19 Myles Leslie, Brian Hansen, Rida Abboud, Caroline Claussen, Kerry McBrien, Jia Hu, et al. (+2)
8 [GO] 2023―Jan―23 COVID-19 and Primary Care: Taking Stock Trisha Greenhalgh
9 [GO] 2023―Jan―23 COVID-19 Impacts on Primary Care Clinic Care Management Processes Leif I. Solberg, Caroline S. Carlin, Kevin A. Peterson
10 [GO] 2023―Jan―23 Impact of Primary Care Attributes on Hospitalization During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study in Japan Takuya Aoki, Yoshifumi Sugiyama, Rieko Mutai, Masato Matsushima
11 [GO] 2023―Jan―23 Primary Care’s Challenges and Responses in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights From AHRQ’s Learning Community Jenna T. Sirkin, Elizabeth Flanagan, Sebastian T. Tong, Megan Coffman, Robert J. McNellis, Tracy McPherson, Arlene S. Bierman
12 [GO] 2023―Jan―06 Primary Care Research Is Hard to Do During COVID-19: Challenges and Solutions Jodi Summers Holtrop, Melinda M. Davis
13 [GO] 2022―Sep―26 Family Physicians Stopping Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario, Canada Tara Kiran, Michael E. Green, C. Fangyun Wu, Alexander Kopp, Lidija Latifovic, Eliot Frymire, et al. (+2)
14 [GO] 2022―Sep―02 Caregiving in a Pandemic: Health-Related Socioeconomic Vulnerabilities Among Women Caregivers Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic Kelly Boyd, Victoria Winslow, Soo Borson, Stacy Tessler Lindau, Jennifer A. Makelarski
15 [GO] 2022―May―23 Evaluation of an Electronic Consultation Service for COVID-19 Care Jatinderpreet Singh, Gary E. Garber, Erin Keely, Sheena Guglani, Clare Liddy
16 [GO] 2022―May―23 Creating Avenues to Specialty Care-Could COVID-19 Force Change in the Way We Access Specialty Care? Jessica Motley, Michael E. Johansen
17 [GO] 2022―May―23 Integrating General Practice Into the Australian COVID-19 Response: A Description of the General Practitioner Respiratory Clinic Program in Australia Stephanie Davis, Leslee Roberts, Jane Desborough, Sally Hall Dykgraaf, Penelope Burns, Michael Kidd, et al. (+3)
18 [GO] 2022―Apr―20 Improving Conversations With COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitant Patients: Action Research to Support Family Physicians Myles Leslie, Nicole Pinto, Raad Fadaak
19 [GO] 2022―Apr―20 Long COVID Shared Medical Appointments: Lifestyle and Mind-Body Medicine With Peer Support Yufang Lin, Robert Saper, Sonal J. Patil
20 [GO] 2022―Mar―28 Best Practices for COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinics Shima Shakory, Azza Eissa, Tara Kiran, Andrew D. Pinto
21 [GO] 2022―Mar―28 Connecting Group Care Patients to Mental Health and Food Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic Catherine Wolcott, Lisa Wanger, Lara Penny
22 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 Targeted Advanced Home Care for Patients With Moderate or Severe COVID-19 Koki Kato, Takafumi Nakagawa
23 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 COVID-19 and Gender Differences in Family Medicine Scholarship Katherine M. Wright, Santina Wheat, Deborah S. Clements, Deborah Edberg
24 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 Clinicians’ Core Needs in a Pandemic: Qualitative Findings From the Chat Box in a Statewide COVID-19 ECHO Program Anna L. Steeves-Reece, Nancy C. Elder, Katherine D. Broadwell, Ronald D. Stock
25 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 Addressing COVID-19 Immunization Disparities Through Targeted Primary Care Outreach Emmeline Ha, Grace Chen Yu, Bridget Harrison
26 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 Burnout and Commitment to Primary Care: Lessons From the Early Impacts of COVID-19 on the Workplace Stress of Primary Care Practice Teams Erin L. Kelly, Amy Cunningham, Randa Sifri, Oriana Pando, Kelsey Smith, Christine Arenson
27 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 Family Caregivers’ Experiences With Telehealth During COVID-19: Insights From Michigan Minakshi Raj, Bradley Iott, Denise Anthony, Jodyn Platt
28 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 FROM NAPCRG: PRIMARY CARE RESEARCH THROUGH THE LENS OF NAPCRG’S TRAINEE COMMITTEE: A YEAR OF REFLECTION IN A PANDEMIC AND A CALL TO ACTION Ashley Chisholm, James Wang, Levi N Bonnell, Elise Duwe, Meghan Gilfoyle, Jacqueline K. Kueper, et al. (+2)
29 [GO] 2022―Jan―24 The Pandemic’s Agenda Caroline R. Richardson
30 [GO] 2021―Nov―08 Community Paramedic Mobile COVID-19 Unit Serving People Experiencing Homelessness Zachary R. Stickler, Peter N. Carlson, Lucas Myers, Jill Ryan Schultz, Teresa Swenson, Candice Darling, et al. (+2)
31 [GO] 2021―Sep―24 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Primary Health Care Disease Incidence Rates: 2017 to 2020 Antoni Sisó-Almirall, Belchin Kostov, Encarna Sánchez, Jaume Benavent-Àreu, Luis González-de Paz
33 [GO] 2021―Sep―03 COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment in the Home: Navigating the Complexity of Donning and Doffing Brian Kerley, Lana Tan, Denise Marshall, Cindy O’Neill, Anne Bialachowski, José Pereira
34 [GO] 2021―Sep―03 Silent Consequences of COVID-19: Why It’s Critical to Recover Routine Vaccination Rates Through Equitable Vaccine Policies and Practices Ava Skolnik, Alexandra Bhatti, Anna Larson, Rachel Mitrovich
35 [GO] 2021―Jul―12 Sandwiches, 6 Feet Apart: Reflections on Community (and Medical School) During COVID-19 M. Margaret Fessler, Ruth A. Bishop, Sarah M. Jabour, Anita Vasudevan
36 [GO] 2021―Jul―12 Knowledge, Perceptions, and Preferred Information Sources Related to COVID-19 Among Central Pennsylvania Adults Early in the Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Cross-Sectional Survey Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, Erin L. Miller, Bethany Snyder, Emily Wasserman, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Aleksandra E. Zgierska, et al. (+6)
37 [GO] 2021―Jul―12 Primary Care’s Historic Role in Vaccination and Potential Role in COVID-19 Immunization Programs Elizabeth Wilkinson, Anuradha Jetty, Stephen Petterson, Yalda Jabbarpour, John M. Westfall
39 [GO] 2021―May―10 Learning From COVID-19: System Blindness to Primary Care Warren P. Newton, Elizabeth Baxley, Michael Magill
40 [GO] 2021―May―10 A Thoughtful Rebirth of Health Care: Lessons From the Pandemic Elena Rosenbaum
41 [GO] 2021―May―10 New Tool Addresses Behavioral Health During Pandemic
42 [GO] 2021―May―10 Preserving Priorities Amidst a Global Pandemic: ADFM’S Commitment to Health Equity Jessie Vera
43 [GO] 2021―Mar―08 Perspectives of US Youth During Initial Month of the COVID-19 Pandemic Eric Waselewski, Marika Waselewski, Chloe Harper, Sarah Dickey, Sue Anne Bell, Tammy Chang
44 [GO] 2021―Mar―08 The Use of Primary Care Big Data in Understanding the Pharmacoepidemiology of COVID-19: A Consensus Statement From the COVID-19 Primary Care Database Consortium Hajira Dambha-Miller, Simon J. Griffin, Duncan Young, Peter Watkinson, Pui San Tan, Ashley K. Clift, et al. (+6)
45 [GO] 2021―Mar―08 The Impact of COVID-19 Proactive Outreach With Somali Seniors Katie Reget, Samia Ali, Rebekah Pratt, Peter G. Harper
46 [GO] 2021―Jan―12 Cherry Blossoms, COVID-19, and the Opportunity for a Healthy Life Marshall H. Chin
47 [GO] 2021―Jan―12 A Tale of 3 Asian Cities: How is Primary Care Responding to COVID-19 in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Beijing? Samuel Y. S. Wong, David H. Y. Tan, Yun Zhang, Anbumalar Ramiah, Xuejun Zeng, Eric Hui, Doris Y. L. Young
48 [GO] 2021―Jan―12 The COVID-19 Pandemic in Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Changes in Presented Health Problems and Demand for Primary Care Henk Schers, Chris van Weel, Kees van Boven, Reinier Akkermans, Erik Bischoff, Timolde Hartman
49 [GO] 2021―Jan―12 The Potential for Cloth Masks to Protect Health Care Clinicians From SARS-CoV-2: A Rapid Review Ariel Kiyomi Daoud, Jessica Kole Hall, Haylie Petrick, Anne Strong, Cleveland Piggott
50 [GO] 2021―Jan―12 Access, Equity, and Neutral Space: Telehealth Beyond the Pandemic Ben Kaplan
51 [GO] 2020―Nov―10 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Silver Linings for Patient-Centered Care Ardis Davis, Amanda Weidner, Julie Moretz, Ned Holland, Beth Bortz, Arturo Martinez-Guijosa
52 [GO] 2020―Sep―15 Development and Implementation of a COVID-19 Respiratory Diagnostic Center Amir Barzin, David Alain Wohl, Timothy P. Daaleman
54 [GO] 2020―Jul―14 Redesigning Primary Care to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Midst of the Pandemic Alex H. Krist, Jennifer E. DeVoe, Anthony Cheng, Thomas Ehrlich, Samuel M. Jones

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