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Springer (Biomed Central Ltd.): BMC Research Notes
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1 [GO] 2021―Jul―27 A spatial-epidemiological dataset of subjects infected by SARS-CoV-2 during the first wave of the pandemic in Mashhad, second-most populous city in Iran Shahab MohammadEbrahimi, Alireza Mohammadi, Robert Bergquist, Mahsan Akbarian, Mahnaz Arian, Elahe Pishgar, Behzad Kiani
2 [GO] 2021―Jul―26 Exploring health workers’ experiences of mental health challenges during care of patients with COVID-19 in Uganda: a qualitative study Choolwe Muzyamba, Ogylive Makova, Geofrey Samukulu Mushibi
3 [GO] 2021―Jul―26 The COVID-19 pandemic: doom to international medical electives? Results from two German elective databases Abdullah Egiz, Maximilian Andreas Storz
4 [GO] 2021―Jul―14 Health service experiences and preferences of frail home care clients and their family and friend caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic Lori E. Weeks, Sue Nesto, Bradley Hiebert, Grace Warner, Wendy Luciano, Kathleen Ledoux, Lorie Donelle
5 [GO] 2021―Jul―08 Estimating the wave 1 and wave 2 infection fatality rates from SARS-CoV-2 in India Soumik Purkayastha, Ritoban Kundu, Ritwik Bhaduri, Daniel Barker, Michael Kleinsasser, Debashree Ray, Bhramar Mukherjee
6 [GO] 2021―Jun―14 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on athletes with disabilities preparing for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo Piotr Urbański, Łukasz Szeliga, Tomasz Tasiemski
7 [GO] 2021―Jun―02 Evaluation of sleep quality and anxiety in Italian pediatric healthcare workers during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic Paola Di Filippo, Marina Attanasi, Giulia Dodi, Annamaria Porreca, Massimiliano Raso, Sabrina Di Pillo, Francesco Chiarelli
8 [GO] 2021―May―20 Opioid use, motivation to quit, and treatment status related to COVID-19: a cross-sectional study Maria A. Parker, Jon Agley, Zachary W. Adams, Andrea C. Villanti
9 [GO] 2021―May―17 Shortcomings of SARS-CoV-2 genomic metadata Landen Gozashti, Russell Corbett-Detig
10 [GO] 2021―May―12 COVID19-CT-dataset: an open-access chest CT image repository of 1000+ patients with confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis Shokouh Shakouri, Mohammad Amin Bakhshali, Parvaneh Layegh, Behzad Kiani, Farid Masoumi, Saeedeh Ataei Nakhaei, Sayyed Mostafa Mostafavi
11 [GO] 2021―May―10 A simple cognitive task intervention to prevent intrusive memories after trauma in patients in the Emergency Department: A randomized controlled trial terminated due to COVID-19 Marie Kanstrup, Laura Singh, Katarina E. Göransson, Beau Gamble, Rod S. Taylor, Lalitha Iyadurai, et al. (+2)
12 [GO] 2021―May―06 Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on rare disease support groups Julie McMullan, Ashleen L. Crowe, Caitlin Bailie, Amy Jayne McKnight
13 [GO] 2021―Apr―20 Data mining of coronavirus: SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV Jung Eun Huh, Seunghee Han, Taeseon Yoon
14 [GO] 2021―Apr―16 COVID-19 pandemic and families' utilization of well-child clinics and pediatric practices attendance in Germany Mandy Vogel, Christoph Beger, Ruth Gausche, Anne Jurkutat, Roland Pfaeffle, Antje Körner, et al. (+3)
15 [GO] 2021―Apr―12 Impact of early detection and vaccination strategy in COVID-19 eradication program in Jakarta, Indonesia Dipo Aldila, Brenda M. Samiadji, Gracia M. Simorangkir, Sarbaz H. A. Khosnaw, Muhammad Shahzad
16 [GO] 2021―Mar―10 Lack of detection of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) nucleic acids in some Hyalomma dromedarii infesting some Camelu dromedary naturally infected with MERS-CoV Maged Gomaa Hemida, Mohammed Alhammadi, Faisal Almathen, Abdelmohsen Alnaeem
17 [GO] 2021―Jan―22 A pilot trial of human amniotic fluid for the treatment of COVID-19 Craig H. Selzman, Joseph E. Tonna, Jan Pierce, Camila Vargas, Chloe Skidmore, Giavonni Lewis, et al. (+2)
18 [GO] 2021―Jan―09 Prone positioning improves oxygenation and lung recruitment in patients with SARS-CoV-2 acute respiratory distress syndrome; a single centre cohort study of 20 consecutive patients Jennifer Clarke, Pierce Geoghegan, Natalie McEvoy, Maria Boylan, Orna Ní Choileáin, Martin Mulligan, et al. (+9)
19 [GO] 2021―Jan―06 Identification and characterization of a silent mutation in RNA binding domain of N protein coding gene from SARS-CoV-2 Reza Zolfaghari Emameh, Mahyar Eftekhari, Hassan Nosrati, Jalal Heshmatnia, Reza Falak
20 [GO] 2020―Dec―09 Biomarkers of acute respiratory distress syndrome in adults hospitalised for severe SARS-CoV-2 infection in Tenerife Island, Spain Juan Marco Figueira Gonçalves, José María Hernández Pérez, Marco Acosta Sorensen, Aurelio Luis Wangüemert Pérez, Elena Martín Ruiz de la Rosa, José Luis Trujillo Castilla, et al. (+2)
21 [GO] 2020―Dec―04 Handwashing and disinfection precautions taken by U.S. adults to prevent coronavirus disease 2019, Spring 2020 Laura G. Brown, E. Rickamer Hoover, Catherine E. Barrett, Kayla L. Vanden Esschert, Sarah A. Collier, Amanda G. Garcia-Williams
22 [GO] 2020―Nov―18 Impact of COVID-19 upon changes in emergency room visits with chest pain of possible cardiac origin Adeel A. Butt, Anand Kartha, Nidal Asaad, Aftab M. Azad, Roberto Bertollini, Abdul-Badi Abou-Samra
23 [GO] 2020―Nov―11 Pharmacophore modelling of vanillin derivatives, favipiravir, chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, monolaurin and tetrodotoxin as MPro inhibitors of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) Woon Yi Law, Mohd Razip Asaruddin, Showkat Ahamd Bhawani, Samsur Mohamad
24 [GO] 2020―Nov―07 Risk of pre-term births and major birth defects resulting from paternal intake of COVID-19 medications prior to conception Silvia Rizzi, Maarten J. Wensink, Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, Lu Tian, Ying Lu, Michael L. Eisenberg
25 [GO] 2020―Nov―07 Assessing the effects of exposure to a SARS-CoV-2 re-positive patient in healthcare personnel Yoshihiko Ogawa, Koji Nishida, Iwao Gohma, Kei Kasahara, Hisakazu Yano
26 [GO] 2020―Oct―22 Immediate impact of stay-at-home orders to control COVID-19 transmission on mental well-being in Bangladeshi adults: Patterns, Explanations, and future directions Mohammad Ali, Gias U. Ahsan, Risliana Khan, Hasinur Rahman Khan, Ahmed Hossain
27 [GO] 2020―Oct―21 Sleep disturbances among physicians during COVID-19 pandemic Yasser H. Alnofaiey, Haneen A. Alshehri, Maram M. Alosaimi, Shrooq H. Alswat, Raghad H. Alswat, Rahaf M. Alhulayfi, et al. (+2)
28 [GO] 2020―Sep―14 Increasing ventilator surge capacity in COVID 19 pandemic: design, manufacture and in vitro-in vivo testing in anaesthetized healthy pigs of a rapid prototyped mechanical ventilator Jayesh Dhanani, George Pang, Jason Pincus, Benjamin Ahern, Wendy Goodwin, Nicholas Cowling, et al. (+5)
29 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown on invasive meningococcal disease Muhamed-Kheir Taha, Ala-Eddine Deghmane
30 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 The receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is the result of an ancestral recombination between the bat-CoV RaTG13 and the pangolin-CoV MP789 Alejandro Flores-Alanis, Luisa Sandner-Miranda, Gabriela Delgado, Alejandro Cravioto, Rosario Morales-Espinosa
31 [GO] 2020―Jul―23 SEIR model for COVID-19 dynamics incorporating the environment and social distancing Samuel Mwalili, Mark Kimathi, Viona Ojiambo, Duncan Gathungu, Rachel Mbogo
32 [GO] 2020―Jul―13 Age, source, and future risk of COVID-19 infections in two settings of Hong Kong and Singapore Shuying Zhu, Jun Tao, Huizhi Gao, Daihai He
33 [GO] 2020―Jun―16 SOCRATES: an online tool leveraging a social contact data sharing initiative to assess mitigation strategies for COVID-19 Lander Willem, Thang Van Hoang, Sebastian Funk, Pietro Coletti, Philippe Beutels, Niel Hens
34 [GO] 2020―Apr―01 The fiscal value of human lives lost from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China Joses M. Kirigia, Rose Nabi Deborah Karimi Muthuri


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