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Egypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research: The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine
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1 [GO] 2022―May―06 Study the Awareness of COVID-19 among a Sample of Medical Students in Egypt Dina Ruby
2 [GO] 2022―Apr―25 Incidence and Prognosis of Acute Kidney Injury with COVID-19 in Hospitalized Egyptian Patients Norhan Nagdi Madbouli, Elham R. Arif, Heba Ahmed Faheem
3 [GO] 2022―Apr―25 Correlation between Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio and the Severity of COVID-19 in Zagazig University Hospitals Nariman Nabil Mohamed Hassan, Neveen George Elantouny, George Emad Shaker, Heba Shafeak Abd El Khalik
4 [GO] 2022―Apr―25 The Impact of Social Support on The Mental and Physical State of Patients with Epilepsy During the Covid-19 Pandemic Mohammad Gamal Sehlo, Wafaa Samir Mohamed, Usama Mahmoud Youssef, Shrouk Esam Lotfi, Ghada Mohamed Salah El-deen
5 [GO] 2022―Apr―02 The Association Between COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine and The Reported Post-Vaccination Menstrual Changesi Citizen and Resident Women in KSA: Results of Riyadh Survey Study Ahmed Morsi, Ezat A. Mersal, Alaa M. Hassanein, Aryaf Alshammri, Abeer Alshammari, Nourah Alkahmous, et al. (+2)
6 [GO] 2022―Apr―02 Recognition of COVID-19 Pneumonia in Patients Performing Different Interventional Radiological Procedures of The Chest Emad H. Abdeldayem, Mai M. K. Barakat, Ahmed S. Abdelrahman
7 [GO] 2022―Apr―02 Evaluation of Laboratory Parameters and Their Correlation with Covid-19 Severity Ahmed Atya Abdelmoty, Walid Ahmady Abdeldayem, Reham Hosny Metwally, Abdelmonem Mohamed Elshamy
8 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Comparative study between COVID-19 Outcomes for Patients on Chronic Immunosuppressive Drugs, Patients on Active chemotherapy and Non- Immunosuppressed Patients: A Single-Center Egyptian Experience Ibtesam M. Khalifa, Mohamed M. Moussa, Inas Abdel Moaty Mohamed
9 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Clinical Outcome of Covid-19 Patients with Pre-Existing Diabetes Mellitus at King Abdulaziz University Hospital Amani Alhozali, Yousef Khedher, rahaf qari, Ruaa Nughays
10 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 The CT Chest Findings in Follow-up COVID-19 Patients: Review Article Yasser Amin
11 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Incidental Thyroid Nodules on the COVID-19 Positive CT Chest Ahmed S. Abdelrahman, Mena E.Y. Ekladious, Mona A. Nagi
12 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms in COVID-19: Review Article Hany Abdellatif Mohamed, Mohamed Hossam El-Shaer, Mohammad Mustafa Al-Daydamony, Moataz Ali Hassan
13 [GO] 2022―Feb―03 Medical Students' Satisfaction Regarding Blended Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic Lamiaa Lotfy El-Hawy, Khaldon Abosnenah Alssarat, Shahira Ramsis Dimetry, Marwa Bayomi Awad Allah
14 [GO] 2022―Jan―09 Cardiovascular Manifestations in Echocardiography in Patients Recently Recovered From COVID-19 Infection Lubna Abdalah Bensaeed, Islam Abd Elmoniem Elsherbiny, Ahmed Shawky Shereef, Mohamed Mohsen Mohamed
15 [GO] 2022―Jan―09 CT Patterns Among Covid-19 Patients During the Second Wave: A Single Institute Study Aya Yassin, Maryam A. Abdelkader, Rehab M. Mohammed, Mona Nagi
16 [GO] 2022―Jan―09 Evaluation of Surgical Procedures in Emergency Cases during Pandemic of Covid 19 Marwan Mansour Borham
17 [GO] 2021―Dec―13 Surgical Management and Outcome of Patients with Thyroid Diseases during the COVID-19 Pandemic Wael Mohamed Abdelgawad Hamed, Said Abd Elmaksoud Hewidy Hewidy
18 [GO] 2021―Dec―13 COVID-19: The Potential Difference in High Resolution Computed Tomography Findings between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Cases among The Adult Egyptian Population Dena Serag, Eman R Selima
19 [GO] 2021―Oct―23 Effect of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic on Mental Health among Health Care Workers and Others Marwa Abd El-Raouf, Mona Ahmed Elawady
20 [GO] 2021―Sep―27 Vitamin D Level in Patients with COVID-19 and Its Relationship with Severity of The Clinical Course Nearmeen M. Rashad, Yassmin E. Abdelhamid, Neveen G. Mekhael, George E. Shaker
21 [GO] 2021―Sep―01 Perception of Online Learning among Undergraduate Students at Suez Canal Medical School during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study Noha M Abu Bakr Elsaid, Hadeer El Nagar, Doaa Kamal, Mariam Yousef Bayoumi, Monica George Kamel, Ahmed Adel Abuzeid, et al. (+5)
22 [GO] 2021―Jul―28 Epidemiological Study of COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers Mahmoud Saif- Al-Islam, Hamdy Saad Mohamed, Ahmad Mokhtar Abodahab, Doaa Gadallah Hassanin, Magda Mohamed Ali, Mustafa A Younis, Safaa Khalaf
23 [GO] 2021―Jul―28 COVID-19 Pandemic and Hemodialysis: Disease Parameters and Outcome: Single Center Study Mohamed Saeed Hassan, Howayda Abdelhamid Elshinnawy, Sahar Mohamed Shawky, ahmed emara, Reem Mohsen Elsharabasy, Mostafa Abdelnasier Abdelgawad
24 [GO] 2021―Jul―05 Mental Health Outcomes Among Health Care Workers Exposed to Covid-19 Pandemic, Qalyoubia Governorate: Cross-Sectional Survey Mai Abdullah Elmahdy, Eman Mahmoud Shebl
25 [GO] 2021―Jul―05 Clinical Manifestations and Comorbidities of SARS-Cov-2 Infection: A Descriptive Study Nearmeen M. Rashad, Nevin F. Ibrahim
26 [GO] 2021―May―23 Renal Transplants COVID-19 Infection with Different Presentations, Clinical Courses and Outcomes Ahmed H. Elthakaby, Azza Ali I. Elmenyawi
27 [GO] 2021―May―05 Pediatric COVID-19 Infection: Do Clinical Features and Hematological Parameters Predict the Need for ICU Admission? Shaimaa Reda Abdelmaksoud, Rana Atef Khashaba, Rasha Shaker Eldesouky, Effat Assar
28 [GO] 2021―May―05 Burnout among Physicians in Egypt during COVID-19 Pandemic Doaa I. Omar, Basma M. Hani, Eman E. Abd-Ellatif
29 [GO] 2021―May―05 COVID-19 Quarantine Measures and Its Impact on Pattern of Life of School Children Eman M. Araby, Ehab M. Emadeldin, Hany M. Zakaria
30 [GO] 2021―May―05 Local Experience on Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19: Single Center Experience Nezar Refat, Ahmed H Kasem, Fatma MM Kamel, Ahmed F Mady
31 [GO] 2021―May―05 Coronavirus Anxiety Scale: Content Validity and Reliability of Arabic Version Samir El Sayed, Doaa Shokry, Sarah Gomaa
32 [GO] 2021―May―05 Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury in Hospitalized Patients with Coronavirus Disease 19 Infection Walid Ahmed Ragab Abdelhamid
33 [GO] 2021―Apr―28 Clinical, Laboratory and Radiological Predictors of Unfavorable Hospital Admission Course for Diabetic Patients with COVID-19 Mohamed Mohamed, Tamer M. Gouda, Amr Shaaban Hanafy, Hussein Mohammed Hussein, Ali M. Hassanin, Nahla Ibrahim Zidan, Walaa Sabry Fouad

33 Results       Page 1


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