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Ovid: Academic Medicine
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1 [GO] 2024―Apr―30 Graduating Medical Students’ Perceptions of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Their Medical School Experiences and Preparation for Careers as Physicians: A National Study Amy Jayas, Lynn Shaull, Douglas Grbic, Dorothy A. Andriole, Katherine S. McOwen
2 [GO] 2024―Apr―01 Ensuring Continuity of Health Professions Training Amid a Global Pandemic: Lessons From the Uganda Safe Schools Initiative Thomas Balizzakiwa, Pius Achanga, Bonaventure Ahaisibwe, Vanessa Kerry, Irene Atuhairwe Duhaga, Daniel Semakula, et al. (+2)
3 [GO] 2024―Feb―09 Balance Service and Learning: Insights From Volunteer Experiences of UK Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Éabha Lynn, Matthew Henry Vincent Byrne
4 [GO] 2023―Sep―21 “It’s What We Can Do Right Now”: Professional Identity Formation Among Internal Medicine Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lorenzo Madrazo, Grace Zhang, Kristen A. Bishop, Andrew Appleton, Mala Joneja, Mark Goldszmidt
5 [GO] 2023―Jul―31 Detour or New Direction: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Professional Identity Formation of Postgraduate Residents Nathan Cupido, Laura Diamond, Kulamakan Kulasegaram, Maria A. Martimianakis, Milena Forte
6 [GO] 2023―Jul―03 Correction: How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Medical Students From Low- vs Higher-Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds? A Multicenter U.S. Survey Study
7 [GO] 2022―Dec―28 Academic Productivity of Equity-Deserving Physician Scholars During COVID-19: A Scoping Review Sophie Soklaridis, Georgia Black, Constance LeBlanc, Kinnon R. MacKinnon, Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, Fiona Clement, et al. (+6)
8 [GO] 2022―Dec―20 Comparing and Contrasting the Experiences of U.S. Medical Students During the COVID-19 and 1918 Influenza Pandemics Noah J. Harrison, Andrew J. Schaffer, Donald W. Brady
9 [GO] 2022―Dec―20 Questions of Well-Being and Inclusion in Online Undergraduate Medical Education During COVID-19: A 2-Phased Focused Scoping Review Anna MacLeod, Paula Cameron, Victoria Luong, Robin Parker, Vinson Li, Cora-Lynn Munroe-Lynds
10 [GO] 2022―Nov―30 A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Gender and Career Status Differences in the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Underrepresented Postdoctoral Fellows and Early-Career Faculty Gretchen E. White, Chelsea N. Proulx, Natalia E. Morone, Maya S. Thakar, Audrey J. Murrell, Andrew D. Althouse, Doris M. Rubio
11 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 International Competency-Based Medical Education and COVID-19 Halah Ibrahim, Sawsan Abdel-Razig
12 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Using URiM Interprofessional Trainees to Expand the Reach of a COVID-19 Mobile Care Unit Annette B. Gadegbeku, Leon McCrea
13 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Informal and Incidental Learning in Complex Clinical Environments: An Examination of Critical Incidents of Frontline Physicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Implications for Medical Education Dimitrios Papanagnou, Urvashi Vaid, Victoria J. Marsick, Henriette Lundgren, Grace A. Alcid, Deborah Ziring, Karen E. Watkins
14 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Medical Students From Low- vs Higher-Socioeconomic Status Backgrounds? A Multicenter U.S. Survey Study Anastasia Pozdnyakova Piersa, Marco Rivas, Willa Li, Sophie Son, Capri Alex, Jay Patel, et al. (+5)
15 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Engaging Empathically: Effects of a Motivational Interviewing Learning Session and Standardized Patient Encounter on Medical Student Confidence in Counseling COVID-19 Vaccine-Hesitant Patients Shrey Nihalani, Gabriella Gerlach, Laura Fothergill, Emiri Uchiyama, John Mark Saunders, Gagani Athauda, Rebecca L. Toonkel
16 [GO] 2022―Oct―26 Transitions in Medical Education: Themes From Learners in Training During a Pandemic Jared Berger, Surya Gourneni, James Lau, Erika Rhone, James Worfolk, Brooke Hooper
17 [GO] 2022―Sep―29 The Impact of Virtual Interviewing During the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Residency Application Process: One Institution’s Experience Kari Nilsen, Anne Walling, Mariah Johnson, Maggie Curran, Gretchen Irwin, Mark Meyer, Greg Unruh
18 [GO] 2022―Jul―27 Intergenerational Connection in the COVID-19 Pandemic Lydia Prokosch, Jessica N. Little, Marcia D. Childress, Rachel H. Kon, Laurie Archbald-Pannone
19 [GO] 2022―Jul―06 Residency Program Responses to Early COVID-19 Surges Highlight Tension as to Whether Residents Are Learners or Essential Workers Shannon K. Martin, Kathleen M. Finn, Michael Kisielewski, Rachel Simmons, Aimee K. Zaas
20 [GO] 2022―Jun―29 Quiet, Yet Enormous, Steps Toward Gender Equity During COVID-19 Christina V. Mangurian, Reshma Jagsi, Debra F. Weinstein
21 [GO] 2022―Jun―29 Moving Forward Through the Pandemic With Strength, Resilience, and Adaptation in Academic Medicine Laura Weiss Roberts
22 [GO] 2022―Jun―08 How Is Residency? Life as a COVID-19 Intern Michelle I. Suh
23 [GO] 2022―May―04 Evaluation of the Virtual Interview Format for Resident Recruitment as a Result of COVID-19 Restrictions: Residency Program Directors’ Perspectives Jane M. Ponterio, Lior Levy, Nisha A. Lakhi
24 [GO] 2022―Apr―27 Informal and Incidental Learning in the Clinical Learning Environment: Learning Through Complexity and Uncertainty During COVID-19 Dimitrios Papanagnou, Karen E. Watkins, Henriette Lundgren, Grace A. Alcid, Deborah Ziring, Victoria J. Marsick
25 [GO] 2022―Apr―27 Medical Students Are Essential to Nonclinical Medical Education Research During COVID-19 Florence Kinder, Matthew H.V. Byrne
26 [GO] 2022―Apr―27 Artist’s Statement: COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines You Jeong Park
27 [GO] 2022―Apr―27 A Student Perspective on Taking the USMLE Step 1 During the COVID-19 Pandemic Abraham Z. Cheloff, Sonya Bharadwa
28 [GO] 2022―Feb―08 Commentary on “The Father-Daughter Dinner Dance: A Waltz With Ethics and COVID-19 Sophie Soklaridis
29 [GO] 2022―Jan―27 COVID-19 Educational Support Team: Librarians, Physicians, and Medical Students Collaborate to Synthesize COVID-19 Research for Clinicians Kaitlyn Van Kampen, Maggie Collison, Vineet Arora
30 [GO] 2022―Jan―05 COVID-19 and Latinx Disparities Francisco Lucio
31 [GO] 2021―Dec―30 How Academic Health Systems Can Be Ready for the Next Pandemic Victor J. Dzau, William F. Ellaissi, K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, Celynne A. Balatbat
32 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges Janet E. O’Brien, Charlotte A. Thrall, Danielle Sebbens
33 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 Exploring the Effect of COVID-19 on Graduate Nursing Education Rachael O’Keefe, Kristin Auffermann
34 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 An Innovative Academic Practice Model for Clinical Nursing Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Heidi Hahn-Schroeder, Judy Honig, Candice Smith, Susan Chin, Lorraine Frazier
35 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Graduate Medical Education Rebecca Blankenburg, Javier Gonzalez del Rey, Megan Aylor, John G. Frohna, Heather McPhillips, Ross E. Myers, et al. (+3)
36 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 Innovative Teaching Strategies Using Simulation for Pediatric Nursing Clinical Education During the Pandemic Tamara C. Cook, Logan J. Camp-Spivey
37 [GO] 2021―Nov―24 Pandemic-Related Disruptions in Nursing Education Angie Clark, Robin Wagner, Michael Brubaker, Shauna Acquavita, Christine Wilder
38 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Education Marie Walters, Taiwo Alonge, Matthew Zeller
39 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 Impact of COVID-19 on Undergraduate Nursing Education Morgan L. Head, Samantha Acosta, Emma G. Bickford, Malia A. Leatherland
40 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 The Role of Technology in Health Professions Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Pamela R. Jeffries, Reamer L. Bushardt, Ragan DuBose-Morris, Colton Hood, Suzan Kardong-Edgren, Christine Pintz, et al. (+2)
41 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Future of Nursing Education Cynthia A. Leaver, Joan M. Stanley, Tener Goodwin Veenema
42 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 Supervision and Care Quality as Perceived by Redeployed Attendings, Fellows, and Residents During a COVID-19 Surge John Q. Young, Karen A. Friedman, Krima Thakker, Marije P. Hennus, Martina Hennessy, Aileen Patterson, et al. (+2)
43 [GO] 2021―Nov―05 Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Conference on COVID-19 and the Impact on Medical and Nursing Education
44 [GO] 2021―Nov―05 Pandemic Exposes Imperative to Transform Health Professions Education Holly J. Humphrey, Lepaine Sharp-McHenry, Alison J. Whelan
45 [GO] 2021―Oct―27 A Student in My Pocket: Development of a Virtual Internal Medicine Hospital Rotation During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jina Saltzman, Bridget McGrath, Kara White, William Larsen, Elizabeth Murphy, Jeanne Farnan, Shannon Martin
46 [GO] 2021―Oct―27 Qualitative Assessment of Medical Student Concerns About the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multicenter Study Exploring Medical Student Perspectives Somtochukwu Ukwuani, Nicole Kloosterman, Catherine Hammack-Aviran, Mario Davidson, Luke Finck
47 [GO] 2021―Oct―27 U.S. Medical Student Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey Devika Jaishankar, Shivam Dave, Swetha Tatineni, Maria Alcocer Alkureishi, Mengqi Zhu, Katherine Chretien, et al. (+3)
48 [GO] 2021―Oct―20 Reopening a Student-Run Free Clinic During the COVID-19 Pandemic to Provide Care for People Experiencing Homelessness Caitlin Weiss, Ashley Traczuk, Robert Motley
49 [GO] 2021―Oct―16 The Rise of Virtual Care in the Pandemic Era Isra M. Hussein, Anser Daud
50 [GO] 2021―Sep―30 Using Global Health Lessons to Sustain Medical Student Activism Beyond COVID-19 Amir Hassan, Peter E. Suwondo, Jackson A. Roberts
51 [GO] 2021―Sep―23 Residents as Innovators on COVID-19 Respiratory Isolation Units Alexandra E. Rojek, Patrick T. Schiller
52 [GO] 2021―Sep―23 Managing Human Subjects Research During a Global Pandemic at an Academic Center Deborah F. Stiles, Brenda L. Ruotolo, Helen Kim, Jane Cho, Paul S. Appelbaum, Nancy S. Green
53 [GO] 2021―Sep―15 Supporting Geriatric Patients During a Global Pandemic Tanya F. Panwala, Leila C. Tou, Taha A. Siddiqui
54 [GO] 2021―Aug―18 Using Medical Students as Champions Against Misinformation During a Global Pandemic Naomi Tesema, Maggie Collison, Catherine Luo
55 [GO] 2021―Aug―12 Psychological Consequences Among Residents and Fellows During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City Carly A. Kaplan, Chi C. Chan, Jordyn H. Feingold, Halley Kaye-Kauderer, Robert H. Pietrzak, Lauren Peccoralo, et al. (+7)
56 [GO] 2021―Aug―04 Adapting the Admissions Interview During COVID-19 Kulamakan Kulasegaram, Victorina Baxan, Elicia Giannone, David Latter, Mark D. Hanson
57 [GO] 2021―Jul―22 What the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Teach Health Professionals About Continuing Professional Development David Sklar, Yusuf Yilmaz, Teresa M. Chan
58 [GO] 2021―Jul―15 Addressing Equity in Global Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Natalie Posever, Morgan Sehdev, Mariame Sylla, Ruchir Mashar, Meghavi Mashar, Abubakar Abioye
59 [GO] 2021―Jun―30 Development of a Single-Institution Virtual Internal Medicine Subinternship With Near-Peer Teaching in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Mackenzie H. Holmberg, Erin dela Cruz, August Longino, Natalie Longino, Başak Çoruh, Susan E. Merel
60 [GO] 2021―Jun―10 Medical Student Government Breaks COVID-19 Communication Barrier Between UK Students and Administrators Elena Whiteman, Sallu Dawo
61 [GO] 2021―Jun―10 The MCAT was a Barrier to Diversity Long Before COVID-19 Robert L. Cloutier, Tracy Bumsted, George Mejicano
62 [GO] 2021―Jun―10 The COVID-19 Pandemic is an Opportunity to Enhance Research on Remote Digital Anatomy Teaching Platforms Dimitrios Chytas, Marios Salmas, Theodore Troupis
63 [GO] 2021―Jun―10 COVID-19’s Impact on Residency Applicants Margaret English, Erik Vanstrum
64 [GO] 2021―May―27 Stories in the Time of COVID-19 Arno K. Kumagai, Jay Baruch
65 [GO] 2021―May―13 How Academic Medical Centers Can Navigate the Pandemic and its Aftermath Bernard F. Godley, Thomas J. Lawley, Arthur Rubenstein, Philip A. Pizzo
66 [GO] 2021―May―07 Key Insights from the Development and Implementation of a Novel Virtual Interview Process for Medical School Admissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic Evan Garden, Emma Loebel, Charles Sanky, Jacquelyn Chudow, Robert Fallar, Valerie Parkas
67 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 The Clarion Call of the COVID-19 Pandemic Andrew D.P. Prince, Alexander R. Green, David J. Brown, Dana M. Thompson, Enrique W. Neblett, Cherie-Ann Nathan, et al. (+5)
68 [GO] 2021―Apr―23 Virtual Telesimulation for Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jessica M. Ray, Ambrose H. Wong, Thomas J. Yang, Samuel Buck, Melissa Joseph, James W. Bonz, et al. (+5)
69 [GO] 2021―Apr―23 New Ways to Support the Recruitment of International Medical Graduates During the Pandemic Manal Khan, Vishal Madaan
70 [GO] 2021―Apr―17 Rapid Dissemination of a COVID-19 Airway Management Simulation Using a Train-the-Trainers Curriculum William J. Peterson, Brendan W. Munzer, Ryan V. Tucker, Eve D. Losman, Carrie Harvey, Colman Hatton, et al. (+3)
71 [GO] 2021―Apr―01 Rapid Mobilization of Medical Students to Provide Health Care Workers with Emergency Childcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic Emily C. A. Lane, Audrey A. Tran, Christian J. Graulty, Tracy Bumsted
72 [GO] 2021―Mar―26 Career Development Considerations for Academic Physician Mentees and Mentors in the Time of COVID-19 Cameron J. Gettel, Arjun K. Venkatesh
73 [GO] 2021―Mar―26 Medical School Inaugural Class Faces Additional Challenges Due to COVID-19 Distancing Restrictions David Jacobson
74 [GO] 2021―Mar―18 Medical Students as Essential Frontline Researchers During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mark N. Alshak, Han A. Li, Graham T. Wehmeyer
75 [GO] 2021―Mar―12 Harnessing Trainees to Address Language Barriers During COVID-19 Pooja Chandrashekar
76 [GO] 2021―Mar―03 The Impact of COVID-19 on Marginalized Communities Joel Grunhut
77 [GO] 2021―Mar―03 Asian-American Trainees During the COVID-19 Pandemic Margaret Z. Wang, Jiun-Ruey Hu
78 [GO] 2021―Mar―03 Learning in a Pandemic Fizza Manzoor
79 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Medical Education in the Time of COVID-19 Shakkaura Kemet, Dereck W. Paul
80 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Communication in the Time of COVID-19 Shaoli Chaudhuri
81 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Hand Sanitizers and COVID-19 Muhammad Asim Masoom Zubair, Faizan Akram, Muhammad Farhan
82 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 From Natural Disasters to the COVID-19 Crisis Mohamed Kuziez, Denise Abbasi, Evelyn Gómez
83 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Connections Lead to Trainee Courage During the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Community Hospital Setting Ali Zakaria
84 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Clinical Learning Environment Justin D. Triemstra, Mary R.C. Haas, Indira Bhavsar-Burke, Rachel Gottlieb-Smith, Margaret Wolff, Anita V. Shelgikar, et al. (+8)
85 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Approaching the COVID-19 Pandemic Response With a Health Equity Lens Sherita H. Golden, Panagis Galiatsatos, Cheri Wilson, Kathleen R. Page, Vanya Jones, Tina Tolson, et al. (+4)
86 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Telehealth and Medical Student Education in the Time of COVID-19-and Beyond Martin D. Muntz, Jose Franco, Cassie Craun Ferguson, Tavinder K. Ark, Adina Kalet
87 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Who Is Caring for Health Care Workers’ Families Amid COVID-19? Londyn J. Robinson, Brianna J. Engelson, Sharonne N. Hayes
88 [GO] 2021―Feb―27 Patient Advocacy During the Pandemic Cameron J. Oswalt
89 [GO] 2021―Feb―24 Distance, Proximity, and Student Mental Health in the COVID-19 Era Aldis H. Petriceks
90 [GO] 2021―Feb―24 Will Our To-Do Lists Change After COVID-19? Deborah Fadoju
91 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 Public Health Engagement with Immigrant Communities During COVID-19 Daniel E. Pereira, Mark M. Naguib, Jonathan Siktberg
92 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 A Lesson on Relationships Among Doctors in the Age of COVID-19 Jesse Kane
93 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 Racism and COVID-19 Sung Min (Steven) Cho
94 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 A Millennial’s Struggle With COVID-19 as a Medical Student Sawsan Edriss
95 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic Adam J. Milam
96 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 COVID-19 Taught Us Statistics Need Context LaShyra Nolen
97 [GO] 2021―Feb―10 Medical Students Confront Racism and Systemic Oppression Amidst a Global Pandemic Abiba Salahou, Dalia Rahmon, Michelle Fedorowicz
98 [GO] 2021―Jan―26 Communicating About COVID-19 Through Art Emily A. Kragel, Logan N. Beyer
99 [GO] 2021―Jan―21 Professional Support Groups Inspired by COVID-19 Bridget Myers
100 [GO] 2021―Jan―21 Maximizing Career Advancement During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lisa K. Vande Vusse, Hilary F. Ryder, Jennifer A. Best
101 [GO] 2020―Dec―30 Learning in the Time of COVID-19 Snigdha Jain, W. Graham Carlos
102 [GO] 2020―Dec―30 Global Health Education in the Time of COVID-19 Tracy L. Rabin, Harriet Mayanja-Kizza, Michele Barry
103 [GO] 2020―Dec―14 Medical Education in the Age of COVID-19 Bonita Stanton
104 [GO] 2020―Dec―14 Using Learning Experience Design to Optimize Digital Instruction During COVID-19 and Beyond Joann Pan, Kevin R. Scott, Andrew W. Phillips
105 [GO] 2020―Dec―14 Using Digital Tablets to Humanize Patient Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Kimberly Bloom-Feshbach, Brooke W. Bullington, Nabeel Wahid, Margaret L. McNairy
106 [GO] 2020―Dec―14 Support for Early Career Female Physician-Scientists as Part of the COVID-19 Recovery Plan Amy M. Yule, Roya Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Kara S. Bagot, Eraka Bath
107 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Social Justice and COVID-19 Natalie A. Rosseau, Harleen Marwah
108 [GO] 2020―Dec―07 Reassessing Global Health Education in the Age of COVID-19 Shannon Galvin, Leah C. Neubauer, William R. Leonard, Ashti Doobay-Persaud
109 [GO] 2020―Dec―02 The COVID-19 Student WorkForce at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Rohini R. Bahethi, Benjamin Y. Liu, Benjamin Asriel, James R. Blum, Zina Huxley-Reicher, Alexandra Z. Agathis, et al. (+3)
110 [GO] 2020―Nov―21 Trainee Wellness and Safety in the Context of COVID-19 Michael T. Kemp, Samantha J. Rivard, Sara Anderson, Christopher O. Audu, Meredith Barrett, Brian T. Fry, et al. (+6)
111 [GO] 2020―Nov―21 Ensuring Equitable Access to Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Henrike Besche, Andrea Wershof Schwartz, Barbara Cockrill
112 [GO] 2020―Nov―12 COVID-19 and Physician Mothers Shohinee Sarma, Shirine Usmani
113 [GO] 2020―Nov―09 Unproctored Online Summative Assessments During the COVID-19 Pandemic Elapulli Sankaranarayanan Prakash, Balint Kacsoh
114 [GO] 2020―Nov―09 Incorporate Language in Medical Education to Address Structural Barriers to Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Pilar Ortega, Tiffany M. Shin, Cristina Pérez-Cordón, Glenn A. Martínez
115 [GO] 2020―Nov―04 COVID-19 Necessitates a Commitment to Social Mission in Medical Education Matthew Westfall, Noah Westfall
116 [GO] 2020―Oct―28 Striving for Inclusive Excellence in the Recruitment of Diverse Surgical Residents During COVID-19 Katherine M. Gerull, Nichelle Enata, Arakua N. Welbeck, Alexander W. Aleem, Sandra E. Klein
117 [GO] 2020―Oct―08 Students’ Experiences With Racism During the COVID-19 Pandemic Kyle John Wilby, Lik De Chun, Rebecca Ye, Alesha J. Smith
118 [GO] 2020―Oct―01 The COVID-19 Pandemic as an Imperative to Advance Medical Student Assessment Karen E. Hauer, Tai M. Lockspeiser, H. Carrie Chen
119 [GO] 2020―Oct―01 COVID-19 Threatens Progress Toward Gender Equity Within Academic Medicine Nicole C. Woitowich, Shikha Jain, Vineet M. Arora, Hadine Joffe
120 [GO] 2020―Oct―01 Remote Learning for Medical Students in Nigeria During a Pandemic Oluwagbemiga Abraham Oyeleye
121 [GO] 2020―Sep―29 Physician-Scientists in the Era of COVID-19 Cian Wade
122 [GO] 2020―Sep―29 Resident Mental Health at the Epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic Daniel A. Schwartz, Michael A. Connerney, Manuel Davila-Molina, Sri Lekha Tummalapalli
123 [GO] 2020―Sep―09 COVID-19 and Public Policy Imperatives James R. Blum, Alec M. Feuerbach, Jacob A. Fox, Jordan M. Rook
124 [GO] 2020―Sep―05 The Physician Communicator in the COVID-19 Era Eric P. Zhou
125 [GO] 2020―Sep―05 Rapid Supportive Response to a Traumatic “Zoombombing” During the COVID-19 Pandemic Colin G. Walsh, Kim M. Unertl, Jon S. Ebert
126 [GO] 2020―Sep―02 Telemedicine and Medical Education in the Age of COVID-19 Oranicha Jumreornvong, Emmy Yang, Jasmine Race, Jacob Appel
127 [GO] 2020―Sep―02 Using Rapid Design Thinking to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges in Medical Education Anupam Thakur, Sophie Soklaridis, Allison Crawford, Benoit Mulsant, Sanjeev Sockalingam
128 [GO] 2020―Aug―07 Interactive Virtual Surgical Education During COVID-19 and Beyond Tiffany N. Chao, Ariel S. Frost, Jason G. Newman
129 [GO] 2020―Aug―07 Holistic Admissions During a Pandemic Michael Perez, Cheyenne Williams, Neha Vapiwala
130 [GO] 2020―Jul―31 Will Losing Black Physicians Be a Consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Amarette Filut, Molly Carnes
131 [GO] 2020―Jul―31 Pandemic Pause Caroline S. Jansen
132 [GO] 2020―Jul―28 Academic Medicine in the Time of COVID-19 Laura Weiss Roberts
133 [GO] 2020―Jul―23 Being Black in Medicine in the Midst of COVID-19 and Police Violence Karen M. Kwaning
134 [GO] 2020―Jul―20 Contributions of Health Professions Students to Health System Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic Nathaniel Long, Daniel R. Wolpaw, David Boothe, Catherine Caldwell, Peter Dillon, Lauren Gottshall, et al. (+4)
135 [GO] 2020―Jul―10 Courage in the Face of COVID-19 Joshua Scarcella
136 [GO] 2020―Jul―10 Teaching Basic Surgical Skills Using Homemade Tools in Response to COVID-19 Ádám Tibor Schlégl, Zsolt Pintér, Anna Kovács, Eszter Kopjár, Péter Varga, Dániel Kardos, et al. (+2)
137 [GO] 2020―Jul―10 Utilizing Virtual Interviews in Residency Selection Beyond COVID-19 Mark M. Zaki, Brian V. Nahed
138 [GO] 2020―Jul―10 Medical Education Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Heidi Oi-Yee Li, Adrian M.J. Bailey
139 [GO] 2020―Jul―08 Medical School Admissions and Enhancing Holistic Review Practices During COVID-19 Marlene P. Ballejos, Robert Sapien
140 [GO] 2020―Jul―06 Focusing on Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19 SreyRam Kuy, Raymond Tsai, Jay Bhatt, Quyen D. Chu, Pritesh Gandhi, Rohit Gupta, et al. (+12)
141 [GO] 2020―Jul―06 Cardiology Training in Singapore During the COVID-19 Pandemic Yinghao Lim, Shaun Chook, Ting-Ting Low, Wee Tiong Yeo, Edgar Tay
142 [GO] 2020―Jul―06 A Role for Telemedicine in Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jamie A. Aron, Alexander J.B. Bulteel, Kelsey A. Clayman, Joseph A. Cornett, Kerry Filtz, Liam Heneghan, et al. (+5)
143 [GO] 2020―Jul―06 Just-In-Time Training in a Tertiary Referral Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy Luca Ragazzoni, Ambra Barco, Lina Echeverri, Andrea Conti, Monica Linty, Marta Caviglia, et al. (+6)
144 [GO] 2020―Jun―30 How to Support Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic Sean Love
145 [GO] 2020―Jun―24 Resident Leadership in the Era of COVID-19 Heather Burrell Ward
146 [GO] 2020―Jun―16 COVID-19 David P. Sklar
147 [GO] 2020―Jun―16 Reorganizing a Medicine Residency Program in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York Daniel K. Manson, Sherry Shen, Michael P. Lavelle, Heidi S. Lumish, David H. Chong, Maria H. De Miguel, et al. (+4)
148 [GO] 2020―Jun―10 The Role of Medical Student Government in Responding to COVID-19 Sam Schuiteman, Nadine I. Ibrahim, Ali Hammoud, Laura Kruger, Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, Michelle Daniel
149 [GO] 2020―Jun―10 Accelerated Graduation and the Deployment of New Physicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic Terence R. Flotte, Anne C. Larkin, Melissa A. Fischer, Sonia N. Chimienti, Deborah M. DeMarco, Pang-Yen Fan, Michael F. Collins
150 [GO] 2020―Jun―01 MCAT Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic Barret Michalec
151 [GO] 2020―May―27 Proposed Changes to the 2021 Residency Application Process in the Wake of COVID-19 Andrew T. Gabrielson, Jaden R. Kohn, Hayley T. Sparks, Marisa M. Clifton, Taylor P. Kohn
152 [GO] 2020―May―26 Vulnerable Immigrant Populations in the New York Metropolitan Area and COVID-19 Sara Behbahani, Cynthia A. Smith, Michelly Carvalho, Christopher J. Warren, Micah Gregory, Nicole A. Silva
153 [GO] 2020―May―19 The COVID-19 Curriculum Kate Rosen
154 [GO] 2020―Apr―29 COVID-19 Reveals Why We Need Physician-Advocates Now Melissa Cantave, Jacob Perlson, Chad Lewis, Brianna Byers
155 [GO] 2020―Apr―23 The Change to Pass/Fail Scoring for Step 1 in the Context of COVID-19 Alison J. Whelan
156 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Digital Clinical Placement for Medical Students in Response to COVID-19 Amir H. Sam, Kate R. Millar, Martin G.F. Lupton
157 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Managing a Specialty Service During the COVID-19 Crisis Adam Ammar, Ariel D. Stock, Ryan Holland, Yaroslav Gelfand, David Altschul
158 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Medical School Approach to Manage the Current COVID-19 Crisis Dujeepa D. Samarasekera, Denise Li Meng Goh, Tang Ching Lau
159 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Creating a “Quarantine Curriculum” to Enhance Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic David A. Ross
160 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Teaching Professional Formation in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Laurence B. McCullough, John Coverdale, Frank A. Chervenak
161 [GO] 2020―Apr―18 Pandemics and Their Impact on Medical Training Zhen Chang Liang, Shirley Beng Suat Ooi, Wilson Wang
162 [GO] 2020―Apr―14 Five Questions for Residency Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 Shana Rakowsky, Bess M. Flashner, Jim Doolin, Zachary Reese, Jason Shpilsky, Shu Yang, et al. (+2)
163 [GO] 2020―Apr―14 COVID-19 Christopher C. Colenda, William B. Applegate, Burton V. Reifler, Dan G. Blazer
164 [GO] 2020―Apr―10 One Academic Health System’s Early (and Ongoing) Experience Responding to COVID-19 Christopher S. Kim, John B. Lynch, Seth Cohen, Santiago Neme, Thomas O. Staiger, Laura Evans, et al. (+4)
165 [GO] 2020―Apr―10 Attending to the Emotional Well-Being of the Health Care Workforce in a New York City Health System During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jonathan Ripp, Lauren Peccoralo, Dennis Charney
166 [GO] 2020―Apr―09 Innovation in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis James O. Woolliscroft

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