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Elsevier: Economic Analysis and Policy
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1 [GO] 2022―May―10 The diversifying role of socially responsible investments during the COVID-19 crisis: A risk management and portfolio performance analysis Antonio Díaz, Carlos Esparcia, Raquel López
2 [GO] 2022―Apr―09 COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on intraday volatility spillover between oil, gold, and stock markets Walid Mensi, Xuan Vinh Vo, Sang Hoon Kang
3 [GO] 2022―Mar―23 Does COVID-19 play any role in the asymmetric relationship between oil prices and exchange rates? Evidence from South Korea Jungho Baek
4 [GO] 2022―Mar―10 COVID-19 and regional solutions for mitigating the risk of SME finance in selected ASEAN member states Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Han Phoumin, Ehsan Rasoulinezhad
5 [GO] 2022―Mar―08 Credit constraints and the severity of COVID-19 impact: Empirical evidence from enterprise surveys Dengjun Zhang, Geir Sogn-Grundvåg
6 [GO] 2022―Mar―08 Does COVID-19 make the firms’ performance worse? Evidence from the Chinese listed companies Dongyang Zhang, Wenping Zheng
7 [GO] 2022―Mar―08 Modern health pandemic crises and stock price crash risk Zikui Pan, Chia-ling Yao, Chenfang Zhao, Kung-Cheng Ho
8 [GO] 2022―Feb―25 Has COVID-19 hindered small business activities? The role of Fintech Jingyi Gao
9 [GO] 2021―Dec―11 Volatility spillovers among Northeast Asia and the US: Evidence from the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic Sun-Yong Choi
10 [GO] 2021―Dec―08 The impacts of COVID-19 crisis on spillovers between the oil and stock markets: Evidence from the largest oil importers and exporters Syed Riaz Mahmood Ali, Walid Mensi, Kaysul Islam Anik, Mishkatur Rahman, Sang Hoon Kang
11 [GO] 2021―Dec―07 Oil price, US stock market and the US business conditions in the era of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak Shunsuke Managi, Mohamed Yousfi, Younes Ben Zaied, Nejah Ben Mabrouk, Béchir Ben Lahouel
12 [GO] 2021―Nov―03 Convergent movement of COVID-19 outbreak in Japan based on SIR model Hiroaki Masuhara, Kei Hosoya
13 [GO] 2021―Oct―30 Does precise case disclosure limit precautionary behavior? Evidence from COVID-19 in Singapore Aljoscha Janssen, Matthew H. Shapiro
14 [GO] 2021―Oct―21 The economic reaction to non-pharmaceutical interventions during Covid-19 Agustí Segarra-Blasco, Mercedes Teruel, Sebastiano Cattaruzzo
15 [GO] 2021―Aug―20 New evidence on COVID-19 and firm performance Zhaomin Ren, Xuan Zhang, Zhekai Zhang
16 [GO] 2021―Aug―05 Contagion and portfolio management in times of COVID-19 Olfa Belhassine, Chiraz Karamti
17 [GO] 2021―Aug―05 Air quality, COVID-19, and the oil market: Evidence from China’s provinces Yi-Shuai Ren, Seema Narayan, Chao-qun Ma
18 [GO] 2021―Aug―05 Does COVID-19 pandemic hurt stock prices of solar enterprises? Runchu Wei, Xia Chen, Chun-Ping Chang
19 [GO] 2021―Jul―01 Interdependence between exchange rates: Evidence from multivariate analysis since the financial crisis to the COVID-19 crisis Heni Boubaker, Mouna Ben Saad Zorgati, Nawres Bannour
20 [GO] 2021―Jun―16 COVID-19 research outcomes: An agenda for future research Paresh Kumar Narayan
21 [GO] 2021―Jun―01 COVID-19 pandemic effect on trading and returns: Evidence from the Chinese stock market Tao Bing, Hongkun Ma
22 [GO] 2021―Apr―30 Cross-country effects and policy responses to COVID-19 in 2020: The Nordic countries Daniel V. Gordon, R. Quentin Grafton, Stein Ivar Steinshamn
23 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 Systemic risk spillover across global and country stock markets during the COVID-19 pandemic Bana Abuzayed, Elie Bouri, Nedal Al-Fayoumi, Naji Jalkh
24 [GO] 2021―Apr―21 Oil and precious metals: Volatility transmission, hedging, and safe haven analysis from the Asian crisis to the COVID-19 crisis Walid Mensi, Ramzi Nekhili, Xuan Vinh Vo, Sang Hoon Kang
25 [GO] 2021―Mar―18 Effects of strong and weak non-pharmaceutical interventions on stock market returns: A comparative analysis of Norway and Sweden during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic Ståle Størdal, Gudbrand Lien, Ørjan Mydland, Erik Haugom
26 [GO] 2021―Feb―26 The economics of COVID-19 pandemic: A survey Rakesh Padhan, K.P. Prabheesh
27 [GO] 2021―Feb―03 What is the exchange rate volatility response to COVID-19 and government interventions? Gen-Fu Feng, Hao-Chang Yang, Qiang Gong, Chun-Ping Chang
28 [GO] 2021―Jan―18 Global supply constraints from the 2008 and COVID-19 crises Michiyuki Yagi, Shunsuke Managi
29 [GO] 2021―Jan―13 An assessment of how COVID-19 changed the global equity market Dat Thanh Nguyen, Dinh Hoang Bach Phan, Tee Chwee Ming, Van Ky Long Nguyen
30 [GO] 2021―Jan―11 Covid-19 pandemic and economic performances of the states in India Binoy Goswami, Raju Mandal, Hiranya K. Nath
31 [GO] 2020―Dec―18 Impact of COVID-19 on GDP of major economies: Application of the artificial neural network forecaster Pradyot Ranjan Jena, Ritanjali Majhi, Rajesh Kalli, Shunsuke Managi, Babita Majhi
32 [GO] 2020―Dec―17 The global fiscal response to COVID-19: Risks and repercussions Anthony J. Makin, Allan Layton
33 [GO] 2020―Dec―15 Impact of the VAT reduction policy on local fiscal pressure in China in light of the COVID-19 pandemic: A measurement based on a computable general equilibrium model Yue Mei Guo, Yun Rui Shi
34 [GO] 2020―Sep―28 Japanese currency and stock market-What happened during the COVID-19 pandemic? Paresh Kumar Narayan, Neluka Devpura, Wang Hua
35 [GO] 2020―Aug―20 Economic, social and political issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic Clement A. Tisdell

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