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Wiley: Health & Social Care in the Community
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1 [GO] 2024―Apr―10 Older People’s Understandings and Experiences of Using Health and Social Care Services under COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions in Aotearoa, New Zealand Mikayla Sayat, Tessa Morgan, Janine Wiles, Kathryn Morgan, Merryn Gott, Kumari Shweta Kalyani
2 [GO] 2024―Apr―10 Enlightening Stakeholders on the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts and Preparation for Minimizing Future Pandemics’ Negative Effects on Occupational Therapists Lawrencia Awuah, Kofi Awuviry-Newton, Dorinda Armah, Kwamina Abekah-Carter, Jacob Oppong Nkansah, Tracy Collins
3 [GO] 2024―Apr―01 COVID-19 and Immigrant Status: A Qualitative Study of Malawian Immigrants Living in South Africa Ifeolu David, Martina Lembani, Gashaye M. Tefera, Wilson Majee, Helen Skouteris
4 [GO] 2024―Mar―29 The Relationship between the Perception of Aging and Death Anxiety in the Older Adults of Eastern Iran during COVID-19 Ahmad Sadeghi, Marzieh Mohamadzadeh, Hamid Reza Shoraka, Razieh Pirouzeh, Zahra Rahimi Khalifeh Kandi, Qing-Wei Chen
5 [GO] 2024―Mar―13 The Mental Health Toll: Medical Trainees Living with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic Yael Mayer, Noga Shiffman, Shir Etgar, Ido Lurie, Tal Jarus, Qing-Wei Chen
6 [GO] 2023―Nov―24 “We Were Already in Lockdown”: Exploring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia-Mental Health, Social Isolation, Abandonment, and Financial Precarity Sebastian Trew, Jen Couch, Jillian Cox, Vivien Cinque, Helen Skouteris
7 [GO] 2023―Oct―17 Coping Strategies of Social Service Clients over the Course of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Qualitative Research on Social Workers in Poland Katarzyna Lenart-Kłoś, Małgorzata Szyszka, Agnieszka Zaborowska, Camelia Delcea
8 [GO] 2023―Aug―18 Perceptions of COVID-19 Vaccines: Lessons from Selected Populations Who Experience Discrimination in the Australian Healthcare System Daniel Storer, Lise Lafferty, Simon Graham, Dean Murphy, Jake Rance, Loren Brener, et al. (+12)
9 [GO] 2023―Jun―21 The Community, the Workplace, and Public Health Measures: A Qualitative Study of Factors that Impacted the Wellbeing of Rural Health Service Staff in Victoria, Australia, during the COVID-19 Pandemic Olivia A. King, Alison Buccheri, Anton Isaacs, Jaclyn Bishop, Laura Alston, Vincent L. Versace, et al. (+8)
10 [GO] 2023―Jun―17 Leveraging Community Support Services to Support an Integrated Health and Social System Response to COVID-19: A Mixed Methods Study Melissa Northwood, Elizabeth Kalles, Cathy Harrington, Sophie Hogeveen, George Heckman, Qing-Wei Chen
11 [GO] 2023―Jun―15 Essential Workers Balancing Life and Work during the COVID-19 Syndemic in Spain: A Qualitative and Gender-Based Study Catuxa Máiz-Mazuela, Laura Medina-Perucha, Anna Berenguera, Tomas López-Jiménez, Israel Rodríguez-Giralt, Pablo Cerezo Sepúlveda, et al. (+2)
12 [GO] 2023―Jun―07 Erratum to “Developing New Portals to Safety for Domestic Abuse Survivors in the Context of the Pandemic Nicky Stanley, Helen Richardson Foster, Christine Barter, Claire Houghton, Franziska Meinck, Leah McCabe, Sarah Shorrock
13 [GO] 2023―Jun―01 Reasons for Not Adopting COVID-19 Permitted Changes to Legal Duties: Accounts from English Local Authorities Mary Baginsky, Emily Thomas, Jill Manthorpe, Alex Hall
14 [GO] 2023―May―24 A Project to Distribute Personal Protective Equipment to Homecare Agencies during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Its Association with the Sense of Security Improvement among Homecare Nurses/Helpers Mariko Sakka, Yuiko Nagamine, Satoru Yoshie, Yumi Hirahara, Satoko Nagata, Hiroshige Jinnouchi, et al. (+2)
15 [GO] 2023―Apr―26 Self-Reported Changes in Personal Development and Meaning in Life among Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam Sophie C. Renckens, H. Roeline Pasman, Martijn Huisman, Emiel O. Hoogendijk, Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Zhiyong Lin
16 [GO] 2023―Apr―05 The Impacts and Vulnerabilities for People Living with Spinal Cord Injury and Their Service Systems of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Queensland, Australia Christy Hogan, Letitia Burridge, Michele Foster, Melissa Kendall, Kiley Pershouse, Greg Ungerer, et al. (+4)
17 [GO] 2023―Apr―04 Factors Predicting Compliance with the Uptake of the Third COVID-19 Vaccine among the Arab Minority in Israel Ola Ali-Saleh, Mohammad Khatib, Salam Hadid, Kathiravan Srinivasan
18 [GO] 2023―Apr―04 Care Workers and Managers’ Experiences of Implementing Infection Control Guidance in an Epidemic Context: A Qualitative Study in the South East of England, during the COVID-19 Prevaccination Era Lavinia Bertini, Leanne Bogen-Johnston, Shanu Sadhwani, Jo Middleton, Rebecca Sharp, Wendy Wood, et al. (+4)
19 [GO] 2023―Mar―31 Assessing Risk among Frail Older Adults in Ontario, Canada, during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Telephone Outreach Program Linda Lee, Loretta M. Hillier, Jillian Carducci, Tejal Patel, Kara Skimson, Sharon Dillon-Martin, et al. (+5)
20 [GO] 2023―Mar―09 The Experiences of Older Chinese Migrants with Chronic Diseases during COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia Lily Dongxia Xiao, Qiang Tu, Jane Bickford, Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Tommaso Martino
21 [GO] 2023―Mar―05 Queering Public Health: A Critical Examination of Healthcare Access and Gender Expression among Trans, Nonbinary, and Other Gender Nonconforming People during COVID-19 Cornel Grey, Jad Sinno, Haochuan Zhang, Emerich Daroya, Shayna Skakoon-Sparling, Ben Klassen, et al. (+6)
22 [GO] 2023―Feb―24 Relationship between eHealth, Perceived Risk, and Phobia of COVID-19 among Chinese University Students in Korea and China Bo Zhao, Fanlei Kong, Eun Woo Nam, Andrea Maugeri
23 [GO] 2023―Feb―15 Perceptions of Family Caregivers in the Caring for COVID-19 Patient: Self-Sacrificing Management, Fear, and Loneliness to Protect the Patient-A Qualitative Content Analysis Safieh Faghani, Fazlollah Ahmadi, Eesa Mohammadi, Tommaso Martino
24 [GO] 2023―Feb―10 Effect of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Body Mass Index: Findings from a Large Survey during Wuhan Lockdown Weidong Wang, Youfa Wang, Yisong Hu, Andrea Maugeri
25 [GO] 2023―Feb―09 The Knowledge and Perception about COVID-19 among Medical Imaging Professionals Haytham Al Ewaidat, Nagwan Abdel Samee, Jaya Prakash Allam, Kiran Kumar Patro, Paweł Pławiak, Noha F. Mahmoud, et al. (+2)
26 [GO] 2023―Feb―09 COVID-19 Risk Perception and Loneliness among Korean Adults: The Mediating Effects of Social Distancing and Social Connectedness Soondool Chung, So-Young Park, Gianpiero Greco
27 [GO] 2022―Nov―25 “I don't mean to be rude, but could you put a mask on while I'm here?” A qualitative study of risks experienced by domiciliary care workers in Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic Hayley Prout, Fiona V. Lugg-Widger, Lucy Brookes-Howell, Rebecca Cannings-John, Ashley Akbari, Ann John, et al. (+2)
28 [GO] 2022―Nov―14 Impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic, and of government responses to the pandemic, on people who are homeless in Australia: Mapping perceptions of a national sample of homelessness service workers Laura K. McCosker, Robert S. Ware, Annick Maujean, Holly Seale, Martin J. Downes
29 [GO] 2022―Nov―08 Lessons learned from the impact of Covid-19 on the work of disability support organisations that support employers of social care personal assistants in England Monica Leverton, Kritika Samsi, John Woolham, Jill Manthorpe
30 [GO] 2022―Oct―22 Developing new portals to safety for domestic abuse survivors in the context of the pandemic Nicky Stanley, Helen Richardson Foster, Christine Barter, Claire Houghton, Franziska Meinck, Leah McCabe, Sarah Shorrock
31 [GO] 2022―Oct―03 Exploring lessons from Covid-19 for the role of the voluntary sector in integrated care systems Juliet Carpenter, Ben Spencer, Tatiana Moreira da Souza, Youngha Cho, Jo Brett
32 [GO] 2022―Oct―03 Adaptive responding to prolonged stress exposure: A binational study on the impact of flexibility on latent profiles of cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses to the COVID-19 pandemic Alla Hemi, M. Roxanne Sopp, Sarah K. Schäfer, Tanja Michael, Einat Levy-Gigi
33 [GO] 2022―Sep―28 Providing community services for persons with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review Nolwenn Lapierre, Olatioluwase Olatona, Dylane Labrie, Martine Gagnon, Emmanuelle Paquette Raynard, William Ben Mortenson, François Routhier
34 [GO] 2022―Sep―08 A qualitative study of the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on women seeking pelvic organ prolapse surgery in Alberta, Canada Erin Knox, Kaylee Ramage, Natalie Scime, Ariel Ducey, Erin Brennand
35 [GO] 2022―Sep―07 Informal care in times of a public health crisis: Objective burden, subjective burden and quality of life of caregivers in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 pandemic Leonoor Gräler, Leonarda Bremmers, Pieter Bakx, Job van Exel, Marianne van Bochove
36 [GO] 2022―Sep―07 ENACT study: What has helped health and social care workers maintain their mental well-being during the COVID -19 pandemic? Nicola Cogan, Chloe Kennedy, Zoe Beck, Lisa McInnes, Gillian MacIntyre, Liza Morton, et al. (+2)
37 [GO] 2022―Sep―06 Gains and losses within the homeless service, supportive housing, and harm reduction sectors during the COVID -19 pandemic: A qualitative study of what matters to the workforce Jordan M. Goodwin, Emmy Tiderington, Sean A. Kidd, John Ecker, Nick Kerman
38 [GO] 2022―Aug―16 Impact of confinement measures due to the COVID -19 pandemic on people living with dementia and their caregivers in Spain Raquel García Santelesforo, Teresa Rodríguez del Rey, Enrique Pérez-Sáez, Beatriz Peláez Hernández
39 [GO] 2022―Aug―06 “We are on the frontlines too”: A qualitative content analysis of US social workers' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic Julie A. Cederbaum, Abigail M. Ross, Lisa de Saxe Zerden, Lilly Estenson, Jennifer Zelnick, Betty J. Ruth
40 [GO] 2022―Jul―28 Impact of loneliness on health-related factors in Australia during the COVID -19 pandemic: A retrospective study Shradha Vasan, Elisabeth Lambert, Nina Eikelis, Michelle H. Lim
41 [GO] 2022―Jul―23 Social prescribing for older people and the role of the cultural sector during the COVID -19 pandemic: What are link workers' views and experiences? Stephanie Tierney, Caroline Potter, Kathryn Eccles, Oluwafunmi Akinyemi, Jordan Gorenberg, Sebastien Libert, et al. (+9)
42 [GO] 2022―Jun―27 Disentangling crucial factors of the pandemic in Brazil: Effect of lockdown restrictions on mental health Luis Anunciação, Anna Portugal, Lucas Andrade, Louise Marques, J. Landeira-Fernandez
43 [GO] 2022―Jun―19 The impact of the COVID pandemic on working age adults with disability: Meta-analysis of evidence from four national surveys Eric Emerson, Zoe Aitken, Vaso Totsika, Tania King, Roger J. Stancliffe, Chris Hatton, et al. (+3)
44 [GO] 2022―Jun―15 “We figured it out as we went along”: Staff perspectives of COVID-19 response efforts at a large North American syringe services programme Patrick J. A. Kelly, Jenine Pilla, AnnaMarie Otor, Ariel Hoadley, Sarah Bauerle Bass
45 [GO] 2022―Jun―13 Effects of social restrictions on people with dementia and carers during the pre-vaccine phase of the COVID -19 pandemic: Experiences of IDEAL cohort participants Claire Pentecost, Rachel Collins, Sally Stapley, Christina Victor, Catherine Quinn, Alexandra Hillman, et al. (+3)
46 [GO] 2022―May―07 Differential impacts of COVID -19 and associated responses on the health, social well-being and food security of users of supportive social and health programs during the COVID -19 pandemic: A qualitative study Cilia Mejia-Lancheros, Samira Alfayumi-Zeadna, James Lachaud, Patricia O'Campo, Evie Gogosis, George Da Silva, et al. (+3)
47 [GO] 2022―Apr―11 COVID-19 and hospice community palliative care in New Zealand: A qualitative study Rosemary Frey, Deborah Balmer
48 [GO] 2022―Mar―31 Impact of COVID-19 on social prescribing across an Integrated Care System: A Researcher in Residence study Debra Westlake, Julian Elston, Alex Gude, Felix Gradinger, Kerryn Husk, Sheena Asthana
49 [GO] 2022―Mar―16 Health worker perceptions of the impact of COVID-19 on harm reduction services for people who inject drugs Loren Brener, Robyn Horwitz, Jake Rance, Theresa Caruana, Joanne Bryant
50 [GO] 2022―Mar―04 Supporting someone with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed methods analysis of cancer carer's health, Quality of Life and need for support Olinda Santin, Julie Mc Mullan, Chris Jenkins, Lesley A. Anderson, Charlene M. Mc Shane
51 [GO] 2022―Mar―03 Hunger would kill us instead of COVID-19 ’: Elders' response to the pandemic in Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia Anduamlak M. Takele, Messay G. Kotecho, Margaret E. Adamek
52 [GO] 2022―Feb―21 COVID-19 and community-based care services: Experiences of people living with dementia and their informal carers in Italy Ilaria Chirico, Giovanni Ottoboni, Clarissa Giebel, Alessandro Pappadà, Marco Valente, Valentina Degli Esposti, et al. (+2)
53 [GO] 2022―Feb―09 COVID-19 and the Mental Capacity Act in care homes: Perspectives from capacity professionals Margot Kuylen, Aaron Wyllie, Vivek Bhatt, Emily Fitton, Sabine Michalowski, Wayne Martin
54 [GO] 2022―Feb―08 Exploring factors enabling the spread of COVID-19: Narratives of health professionals in Harare, Zimbabwe Nyashanu Mathew, Chireshe Rumbidzai, Mushawa Fungisai
55 [GO] 2022―Feb―07 Time to reflect is a rare and valued opportunity; a pilot of the NIDUS-professional dementia training intervention for homecare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic Daniel Kelleher, Kathryn Lord, Larisa Duffy, Penny Rapaport, Julie Barber, Jill Manthorpe, et al. (+6)
56 [GO] 2022―Feb―05 Men and loneliness in the Covid-19 pandemic: Insights from an interview study with UK-based men John Ratcliffe, Mona Kanaan, Paul Galdas
57 [GO] 2022―Jan―28 Psychometric properties of The COVID-19 Fears Questionnaire for Chronic Medical Conditions in patients with pre-existing medical conditions Inesa Buneviciene, Romas Bunevicius, Sarunas Bagdonas, Adomas Bunevicius
58 [GO] 2022―Jan―28 Community healthcare workers' experiences during and after COVID-19 lockdown: A qualitative study from Aotearoa New Zealand Eleanor Holroyd, Nicholas J. Long, Nayantara Sheoran Appleton, Sharyn Graham Davies, Antje Deckert, Edmond Fehoko, et al. (+6)
59 [GO] 2022―Jan―28 An observational cohort study of longitudinal impacts on frailty and well-being of COVID-19 lockdowns in older adults in England and Spain Ian W. Garner, Sandra Varey, Esperanza Navarro-Pardo, Calum Marr, Carol A. Holland
60 [GO] 2022―Jan―17 The effects of COVID-19 on the mental health and job stress of frontline homelessness services workers in Texas (U.S.) Amanda Aykanian
61 [GO] 2022―Jan―17 A cross-sectional analysis of factors associated with stress, burnout and turnover intention among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States Micaela Mercado, Karin Wachter, Roseanne C. Schuster, Cherra M. Mathis, Emma Johnson, Olga Idriss Davis, Crista E. Johnson-Agbakwu
62 [GO] 2022―Jan―10 The impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of care by Australian primary health care nurses Christine Ashley, Elizabeth Halcomb, Sharon James, Kaara Calma, Catherine Stephen, Susan McInnes, et al. (+2)
63 [GO] 2022―Jan―07 Accessibility and utilisation of telehealth services among older adults during COVID-19 pandemic in the United States Boon Peng Ng, Chanhyun Park, Ciara L. Silverman, Dawn O. Eckhoff, Janeen C. Guest, Desiree A. Díaz
64 [GO] 2022―Jan―05 Determinants of worse care for non-COVID-19 health or disability needs in Australia in the first month of COVID-19 restrictions: A national survey Flavia M. Cicuttini, Thach Duc Tran, Sultana Monira Hussain, Anita E. Wluka, Jane R. W. Fisher
65 [GO] 2021―Dec―18 The hidden minority: Discrimination and mental health among international students in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic Arati Maleku, Youn Kyoung Kim, Jaclyn Kirsch, Mee Young Um, Hanna Haran, Mansoo Yu, Sung Seek Moon
66 [GO] 2021―Dec―10 Healthcare utilisation and physical activities for older adults with comorbidities in the UK during COVID-19 Jiunn Wang, Anne Spencer, Claire Hulme, Anne Corbett, Zunera Khan, Miguel Vasconcelos Da Silva, et al. (+6)
67 [GO] 2021―Dec―10 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family carers in the community: A scoping review Deborah H. L. Muldrew, Anne Fee, Vivien Coates
68 [GO] 2021―Dec―09 Loneliness and mental health at the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in England Rosie Allen, Julie Prescott, Sandie McHugh, Jerome Carson
69 [GO] 2021―Dec―02 Disparities in COVID-19-related stressful life events in the United States: Understanding who is most impacted Alexis S. Thomas, Madalyn Osbourne, Bradley M. Appelhans, Glenn I. Roisman, Cathryn Booth-LaForce, Maria E. Bleil
70 [GO] 2021―Nov―30 A pathway through the uncanny: A phenomenological photovoice study of Australian university students’ experiences of physical activity during COVID-19 Candice Oster, Claire Skelton, Anthony Venning, Kate Fairweather, Paula Redpath
71 [GO] 2021―Nov―22 Socioeconomic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic for Veterans with psychosis or recent homelessness Amanda McCleery, Jonathan K. Wynn, Derek Novacek, Eric A. Reavis, Jack Tsai, Michael F. Green
72 [GO] 2021―Nov―22 Taking the ‘care’ out of care homes: The moral dilemma of institutional long-term care provision during COVID-19 Clarissa Giebel, Kerry Hanna, Jacqueline Cannon, Justine Shenton, Stephen Mason, Hilary Tetlow, et al. (+3)
73 [GO] 2021―Nov―18 Optimising health system capacity: A case study of community care staff’s role transition in response to the coronavirus pandemic Anne Martin, Eleni Hatzidimitriadou
74 [GO] 2021―Nov―16 Where is community during COVID-19? The experiences of families living in housing insecurity Yvonne Parry, Matthew Ankers, Nina Sivertsen, Eileen Willis
75 [GO] 2021―Nov―12 ‘It’s not just about the dinner; it’s about everything else that we do’: A qualitative study exploring how Meals on Wheels meet the needs of self-isolating adults during COVID-19 Angeliki Papadaki, Becky Ali, Ailsa Cameron, Miranda E. G. Armstrong, Paul Isaacs, Kali S. Thomas, et al. (+2)
76 [GO] 2021―Nov―05 Decomposition of socioeconomic inequality in COVID-19 mortality in Iran: A retrospective cohort study Saeed Nemati, Elnaz Saeedi, Sepideh Abdi, Ali Qandian, Esmaeil Kalhor, Samin Moradi, et al. (+6)
77 [GO] 2021―Nov―03 Personal Assistants’ role in infection prevention and control: Their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic Caroline Norrie, John Woolham, Kritika Samsi, Jill Manthorpe
78 [GO] 2021―Oct―31 COVID-19 diagnostic testing among underserved Latino communities: Barriers and facilitators Luz M. Garcini, Tommy Tam Pham, Arlynn M. Ambriz, Sarah Lill, Joel Tsevat
79 [GO] 2021―Oct―28 Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on executive skills in Canadians experiencing social vulnerability: A descriptive study Karen M. Benzies, Robert Perry, Jessica Cope Williams
80 [GO] 2021―Oct―26 Impact of the Enhanced Universal Support Offer to Care Homes during COVID-19 in the UK: Evaluation using appreciative inquiry Sally Fowler-Davis, Rachel Cholerton, Mandy Philbin, Kathy Clark, Gill Hunt
81 [GO] 2021―Oct―21 Provision of services to persons experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study on the perspectives of homelessness service providers Simran Kaur, Parbir Jagpal, Vibhu Paudyal
82 [GO] 2021―Sep―28 Telepharmacy service experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina Milena Kovačević, Milica Ćulafić, Sandra Vezmar Kovačević, Slavenka Borjanić, Branka Keleč, Branislava Miljković, Rada Amidžić
83 [GO] 2021―Sep―03 Taxi drivers and COVID-19 in Jamaica: Occupationally related income decline and health behaviour Kenneth James, Camelia Thompson, Cameal Chin-Bailey, Kayon Donaldson Davis, Dawn Walters, Desmalee Holder Nevins
84 [GO] 2021―Aug―26 The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic for families of infants involved with Child Protection Services for maltreatment concerns Alison Fogarty, Andi Jones, Kirsty Evans, Jacquie O’Brien, Rebecca Giallo
85 [GO] 2021―Aug―25 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on community services for homebound older adults in New York City Jinyu Liu, Bing Ji, Yifan Lou
86 [GO] 2021―Aug―23 The experience of delayed health care access during the COVID 19 pandemic in Australian women: A mixed methods exploration Jennifer White, Dominic Cavenagh, Julie Byles, Gita Mishra, Leigh Tooth, Deborah Loxton
87 [GO] 2021―Aug―16 Caring during the COVID-19 crisis: Intersectional exclusion of immigrant women health care aides in Canadian long-term care Naomi Lightman
88 [GO] 2021―Aug―07 I can't believe they are dead. Death and mourning in the absence of goodbyes during the COVID-19 pandemic Carlos Hernández-Fernández, Carmen Meneses-Falcón
89 [GO] 2021―Aug―06 Unheard voices: A qualitative study of LGBT+ older people experiences during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Michael Toze, Sue Westwood
90 [GO] 2021―Jul―05 Health-related and socio-economic burden of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vienna Moritz Oberndorfer, Thomas E. Dorner, Martina Brunnmayr, Katharina Berger, Belma Dugandzic, Michael Bach
91 [GO] 2021―Jun―28 Psychosocial care experiences of patients with COVID-19 at home in Iran: A qualitative study Masumeh Akbarbegloo, Mahnaz Sanaeefar, Purabdollah Majid, Mehdi Mohammadzadeh
92 [GO] 2021―Jun―14 Clapping for carers in the Covid-19 crisis: Carers' reflections in a UK survey Jill Manthorpe, Steve Iliffe, Patricia Gillen, John Moriarty, John Mallett, Heike Schroder, et al. (+3)
93 [GO] 2021―May―25 Understanding older adults' functioning and health-seeking behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana: A descriptive qualitative study Abraham Newton, Kofi Awuviry-Newton, Jacob Oppong Nkansah, Kwamina Abekah-Carter
94 [GO] 2021―May―24 The psychosocial adaptability of independently living older adults to COVID-19 related social isolation in the Netherlands: A qualitative study Evi M. Kremers, Jeroen H. M. Janssen, Minke S. Nieuwboer, Marcel G. M. Olde Rikkert, G. M. E. E. (Geeske) Peeters
95 [GO] 2021―May―20 Satisfied as professionals, but also exhausted and worried!!: The role of job demands, resources and emotional experiences of Spanish nursing home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic Luis Manuel Blanco-Donoso, Jennifer Moreno-Jiménez, Laura Gallego-Alberto, Alberto Amutio, Bernardo Moreno-Jiménez, Eva Garrosa
96 [GO] 2021―May―07 Reflections from the forgotten frontline: ‘The reality for children and staff in residential care’ during COVID-19 Sarah Parry, Tracey Williams, Jeremy Oldfield
97 [GO] 2021―Apr―24 Sense of coherence and burnout in nursing home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain Ana Belén Navarro Prados, Sara Jiménez García-Tizón, Juan Carlos Meléndez
98 [GO] 2021―Apr―24 Dealing with distress from the COVID-19 pandemic: Mental health stressors and coping strategies in vulnerable latinx communities Luz M. Garcini, Jason Rosenfeld, Garrett Kneese, Ruth G. Bondurant, Kathryn E. Kanzler
99 [GO] 2021―Apr―23 Knowledge, attitudes, practices and fear of COVID-19 among Iranians: A quick online survey Ebrahim Ghaderi, Hassan Mahmoodi, Pershang Sharifi saqqezi, Reza Ghanei Gheshlagh, Ghobad Moradi, Azad Shokri, et al. (+3)
100 [GO] 2021―Apr―23 Colliding worlds: Family carers’ experiences of balancing work and care in Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic Attracta Lafferty, Dominique Phillips, Linda Dowling-Hertherington, Majella Fahy, Breda Moloney, Clare Duffy, et al. (+3)
101 [GO] 2021―Apr―07 Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 among local and overseas Chinese university students Shiyin Feng, Qiaochu Zhang, Samuel M. Y. Ho
102 [GO] 2021―Apr―07 Specifics of chronic fatigue syndrome coping strategies identified in a French flash survey during the COVID-19 containment Florence Moncorps, Emmanuelle Jouet, Sabine Bayen, Isabelle Fornasieri, Sophie Renet, Olivier Las-Vergnas, Nassir Messaadi
103 [GO] 2021―Apr―07 Responding to pandemics and other disease outbreaks in homeless populations: A review of the literature and content analysis Jordan Babando, Danika A. Quesnel, Kyler Woodmass, Arielle Lomness, John R. Graham
104 [GO] 2021―Mar―24 Loneliness and not living alone is what impacted on the healthcare professional’s mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak in Spain María Cabello, Ana Izquierdo, Itziar Leal
105 [GO] 2021―Jan―04 Selected social impacts and measures resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic on the specific example of the South Bohemian Region Stepan Kavan
106 [GO] 2021―Jan―02 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on community mental health: A psychometric and prevalence study in Turkey Oznur Korukcu, Meltem Ozkaya, Omer Faruk Boran, Maruf Boran
107 [GO] 2020―Oct―30 Health inequality experienced by the socially disadvantaged populations during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong: An interaction with social inequality Judy Yuen-man Siu
108 [GO] 2020―Oct―27 Triggers of mental health problems among frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in private care homes and domiciliary care agencies: Lived experiences of care workers in the Midlands region, UK Mathew Nyashanu, Farai Pfende, Mandu S. Ekpenyong
109 [GO] 2020―Oct―15 Childbirth anxieties in the shadow of COVID-19: Self-compassion and social support among Jewish and Arab pregnant women in Israel Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari, Miriam Chasson, Salam Abu-Sharkia

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