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2 [GO] 2024―Feb―08 Public preferences for vaccination campaigns in the COVID-19 endemic phase: Insights from the VaxPref database Marcello Antonini, Dr Mesfin G. Genie, Dr Arthur Attema E, Dr Katie Attwell, Prof Zsolt J. Balogh, Dr Daiga Behmane, et al. (+18)
3 [GO] 2024―Jan―09 Telemedicine decision-making in primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic: Balancing patient agency and provider expertise Kimberly A. Muellers, Katerina Andreadis, Rahma S. Mkuu, Jenny J. Lin, Carol R. Horowitz, Rainu Kaushal, Jessica S. Ancker
4 [GO] 2023―Oct―09 Learning to live with COVID-19 in Norway: Moving from a pandemic to an endemic state Ingunn Skjesol, Gøril Ursin, Jonathan Tritter
5 [GO] 2023―Sep―30 Change in self-perceived vaccine confidence in France after the COVID-19 vaccination campaign: a cross-sectional survey in the French general population Amandine Gagneux-Brunon, Elisabeth Botelho-Nevers, Pierre Verger, Fatima Gauna, Odile Launay, Jeremy K. Ward
6 [GO] 2023―Sep―27 Navigating Economic Turmoil: Chilean Businesses during COVID-19 Lockdowns and Vaccine Rollouts JULIO A. PERTUZE, JOSÉ PABLO MONTEGU, CECILIA GONZÁLEZ, RAFAEL ARAOS, PAULA DAZA
7 [GO] 2023―Sep―21 COVID-19 Government policies in Portugal and Brazil: A three-year retrospective analysis Ana Rita Sousa Sequeira, Marta Estrela, Kelsey DeWit
8 [GO] 2023―Sep―17 Future challenges and opportunities for cancer screening in the COVID-19 era Mojtaba Nouhi, Leon Bijlmakers, Zahra Goudarzi, Samira Alipour, Seyyed Mostafa Hakimzadeh, Pedram Nazari, et al. (+2)
9 [GO] 2023―Sep―17 COVID-19 and Health Inequalities: The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Individuals Affected by Poverty Lukas Kerschbaumer, Leigh Crossett, Marina Holaus, Ursula Costa
10 [GO] 2023―Sep―09 Non-pharmaceutical interventions and vaccination during COVID-19 in Canada: Implications for COVID and non-COVID outcomes Mehdi Ammi, Zachary W. Desson, Maeva Z. Doumbia
11 [GO] 2023―Sep―06 COVID-19 endemic phase in Finland: An analysis of health policies and vaccination strategy Tiirinki Hanna, Sovala Markus, Jormanainen Vesa, Goebeler Sirkka, Parhiala Kimmo, Tynkkynen Liina-Kaisa, Keskimäki Ilmo
12 [GO] 2023―Aug―29 Vaccination and non-pharmaceutical interventions during COVID-19: Impact on health and non-health outcomes in the US Asmita P. Khatiwada, Mesfin G. Genie, Aregawi G. Gebremariam, Tim C. Lai, Nabin Poudel, Surachat Ngorsuraches
13 [GO] 2023―Aug―13 Evidence and methods for a safe resumption of neuroscience activities at the time of COVID-19 Laura Angioletti, Michela Balconi
14 [GO] 2023―Aug―05 COVID-19 in the Netherlands: A three-phase analysis Anouk van Amerongen, Claudia Zoller, Ayman Fouda
15 [GO] 2023―Jul―23 Are we past the COVID-19 Pandemic? Insights from Singapore Angela Wong, Claudia Zoller, Ayman Fouda, Francesco Paolucci
16 [GO] 2023―Jun―26 Home Pulse Oximetry Monitoring during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Assessment of Patient Engagement and Compliance R. Gentry Wilkerson, Youssef Annous, Eli Farhy, Jonathan Hurst, Angela D. Smedley
17 [GO] 2023―Jun―25 The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Accessibility and the Role of Telehealth for Patients with Chronic Conditions Christian Boxley, Ram Dixit, Katharine Adams, Ryan Anderson, Raj M. Ratwani, Ethan Booker
18 [GO] 2023―Jun―25 Partisan self-identification predicts attitudes of South Dakota nurses toward COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers Filip Viskupič, David L. Wiltse
19 [GO] 2023―May―04 Factors influencing user acceptance of weight management apps among Chinese obese during the COVID-19 pandemic Shujuan Qu, Min Zhou, Nan Kong, Kathryn S. Campy
20 [GO] 2023―May―01 Employing digital technologies for effective governance: Taiwan's experience in COVID-19 prevention Chih-Wei Chen, James Cheng-Chung Wei
21 [GO] 2023―Apr―23 Why Should I Vaccinate? The Role of Mindfulness and Health-Protective Behaviours during the COVID-19 Pandemic Olayemi H. Rufai, Jianxun Chu, Sayibu Muhideen, Riffat Shahani, Tunde S. Amosun, Benjamin K. Lugu, et al. (+2)
22 [GO] 2023―Jan―14 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the use of diagnostic imaging examinations in the Brazilian Unified Healthcare System (SUS) Carlos E B de Almeida, Richard W Harbron, Paulo Roberto Valle Bahia, Ana C M Dovales
23 [GO] 2023―Jan―13 Changes in Healthcare Use by Age Groups of Patients and Locations of Healthcare Institutions after the COVID-19 Pandemic in Korea: Analyzing Healthcare Big Data Young-Taek Park, Hyun-Ji Lee, Hansil Choi, Jinhyung Lee
24 [GO] 2022―Dec―28 The lessons of COVID-19 pandemic for communicable diseases surveillance system in Kurdistan Region of Iraq Soran Amin Hamalaw, Ali Hattem Bayati, Muhammed Babakir-Mina, Mohammad Mehdi Kiani, Amirhossein Takian
25 [GO] 2022―Dec―05 Testing Our Way Out of Pandemics Reda Cherif, Fuad Hasanov
26 [GO] 2022―Nov―18 Effect of vaccination patterns and vaccination rates on the spread and mortality of COVID-19 pandemic Yi-Tui Chen
27 [GO] 2022―Nov―17 Technological access barriers, telehealth use and health care visits in the early pandemic period Shannon I Maloney, Lisa PytlikZillig, Elizabeth Mollard, Angela L Palmer-Wackerly, Sharon N Obasi, Megan S. Kelley
28 [GO] 2022―Sep―07 Re: COVID-19 Incidence and hospitalization during the delta surge were inversely related to vaccination coverage - correction of a calculation error Ernest Lo
29 [GO] 2022―Aug―24 Is telerehabilitation a top priority for the Bulgarian healthcare system in the post COVID-19 era? Jannis Papathanasiou, Ivo Petrov, Yana Kashilska, Kosta Kostov, Nigyar Dzhafer
30 [GO] 2022―Jul―30 Western Australian health care workers’ views on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for the workplace Katie Attwell, Leah Roberts, Christopher C Blyth, Samantha J Carlson
31 [GO] 2022―Jul―15 Adoption of Covid-19 contact tracing app by extending UTAUT theory: Perceived disease threat as moderator Prasanta Kr Chopdar
32 [GO] 2022―Jul―03 Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia: Science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy perspective Prakoso Bhairawa Putera, Ida Widianingsih, Sinta Ningrum, Suryanto Suryanto, Yan Rianto
33 [GO] 2022―May―05 COVID-19 Management: The Vaccination Drive in India Neha Purohit, Yashika Chugh, Pankaj Bahuguna, Shankar Prinja
34 [GO] 2022―Apr―30 The Norwegian way: COVID-19 vaccination policy and practice Ingunn Skjesol, Jonathan Q Tritter
35 [GO] 2022―Apr―22 Special Issue: The COVID-19 Pandemic: Vaccination Strategies and Global Health Policies Ayman Fouda, Adrian Melia, Jonathan Tritter, Francesco Paolucci
36 [GO] 2022―Apr―22 ‘’Coronary Blindness: desensitization after excessive exposure to Coronavirus-related Information‘’ Kadir Uludag MS
37 [GO] 2022―Apr―14 COVID-19 in Finland: Vaccination strategy as part of the wider governing of the pandemic Tiirinki Hanna, Viita-aho Marjaana, Tynkkynen Liina-Kaisa, Sovala Markus, Jormanainen Vesa, Keskimäki Ilmo
39 [GO] 2022―Apr―04 Type and reliability of information about coronavirus most frequently shared by social media users Karolina Obiała, Justyna Obiała, Małgorzata Mańczak, Jakub Owoc, Robert Olszewski
40 [GO] 2022―Mar―27 The Role of Vaccines in COVID-19 Control Strategies in Singapore and China Jintao Zhang, Hao Yang, Mengying Yang, Hao Tan
41 [GO] 2022―Mar―23 COVID-19 RESPONSE IN COLOMBIA: HITS AND MISSES Sergio I. Prada, Maria Paula Garcia-Garcia, Javier Guzman
42 [GO] 2022―Mar―21 The repeated setbacks of HIV vaccine development laid the groundwork for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines Jeffrey E. Harris
43 [GO] 2022―Mar―04 Covid-19 and beyond: broadening horizons about social media use in oncology. A survey study with healthcare professionals caring for youth with cancer Dr. Michael Rost, Dr. med. Vittoria Espeli, Prof. Dr med. Marc Ansari, Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas von der Weid, Prof. Dr med. Bernice S. Elger, Dr. Eva De Clercq
44 [GO] 2022―Feb―18 A vicious cycle of health (IN)equity: Migrant inclusion in light of COVID-19 Chiara Berardi, Eun Su Lee, Heidi Wechtler, Francesco Paolucci
45 [GO] 2022―Feb―15 The impact of health policies and vaccine rollout on the COVID-19 pandemic waves in Italy Chiara Reno, Francesco Sanmarchi, Michael A. Stoto, Maria Pia Fantini, Jacopo Lenzi, Davide Golinelli
46 [GO] 2022―Jan―31 COVID-19 vaccination program in South Korea: A long journey toward a new normal Seunghyun Lewis Kwon, Juhwan Oh
47 [GO] 2022―Jan―10 Healthcare Understanding of COVID-19 Antibody Naaz Fatteh, Glen E. Sutherland, Radleigh G. Santos, Maxine Hamilton, Joseph Jacob, Alexander Patel
48 [GO] 2022―Jan―07 Jordanian Experience: the Internet Pharmacy Drug Delivery Platform during the COVID-19 Khawla Abu Hammour, Mariam Abdeljalil, Qusai Manaseer, Bayan Al-Manaseer
49 [GO] 2022―Jan―07 Application of mobile health to support the elderly during the COVID-19 outbreak: A systematic review Sara Abbaspur-Behbahani, Elham Monaghesh, Alireza Hajizadeh, Saeedeh Fehresti
50 [GO] 2021―Dec―24 An analysis of the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in France, Israel, Italy and Spain and their impact on health and economic outcomes Marcello Antonini, Marwa Atef Eid, Michelle Falkenbach, Sharona Tsadok Rosenbluth, Pablo Arija Prieto, Shuli Brammli-Greenberg, et al. (+2)
51 [GO] 2021―Nov―30 COVID-19 Incidence and Hospitalization During the Delta Surge Were Inversely Related to Vaccination Coverage Among the Most Populous U.S. Counties Jeffrey E. Harris
52 [GO] 2021―Nov―28 Finding the way forward: COVID-19 vaccination progress in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Zachary Desson, Lukas Kauer, Thomas Otten, Jan Willem Peters, Francesco Paolucci
53 [GO] 2021―Nov―10 Action plans for depression management in South Korea: Evidence-based on depression survey data in 2009-2019 and during the COVID-19 pandemic Hai Duc Nguyen, Hojin Oh, Min-Sun Kim
54 [GO] 2021―Nov―08 Direct and indirect cost of COVID-19 patients in Iran Karim Nakhaei, Habib Jalilian, Morteza Arab-Zozani, Somayeh Heydari, Leila Torkzadeh, Masoomeh Taji
55 [GO] 2021―Nov―08 Policy Stringency, Handwashing and COVID-19 cases: Evidence from Global dataset Janet Dzator, Alex O. Acheampong, Michael Dzator, Francesco Paolucci, Bruno Lule Yawe, Emmanuel Ekow Asmah, et al. (+3)
56 [GO] 2021―Oct―27 Corrigendum to ‘How Iran responded to expanding need for laboratory services for COVID-19?’ Mostafa Salehi-Vaziri, Arash Arashkia, Ehsan Mostafavi, Tahmineh Jalali, Mohammad Hassan Pouriayevali, Mehdi Fazlalipour, et al. (+17)
57 [GO] 2021―Oct―09 Rapid adaptation of a local healthcare digital system to COVID-19: the experience in Birmingham (UK) Tanya Pankhurst, Jolene Atia, Felicity Evison, Suzy Gallier, Joshua M Lewis, Deborah McKee, et al. (+4)
58 [GO] 2021―Aug―04 PERSONALIZED STRATIFICATION OF HOSPITALIZATION RISK AMIDST COVID-19: A MACHINE LEARNING APPROACH Carson Lam, Jacob Calvert, Anna Siefkas, Gina Barnes, Emily Pellegrini, Abigail Green-Saxena, et al. (+3)
59 [GO] 2021―Jul―16 Reply to a commentary on Swedish policy analysis for Covid-19 Andrius Kavaliunas
60 [GO] 2021―Jul―09 The Covid-19 pandemic teaching modalities in Turkey: An evaluation of school gardens and classes Murat Başeğmez, Cevdet Coşkun Aydın
61 [GO] 2021―Jul―01 A biased analysis of the Swedish management of Covid-19 Finn Nilson
62 [GO] 2021―Jun―10 nCOVID-19 Outcomes on Curfews and Lockdown: Precautionary Decisions in Saudi Arabia Raha Orfali, Shagufta Perveen, Hanan Y. Aati, Areej Al-Taweel
63 [GO] 2021―May―19 Surmounting Inherent Challenges in Healthcare Service Delivery for Effective Procurement and Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines; A Developing Country Context Otuto Amarauche CHUKWU, Chinenye Chidinma NNOGO
64 [GO] 2021―May―14 Analyzing Indian citizen's perspective towards government using wearable sensors to tackle COVID-19 crisis - A Text analytics study. Praveen SV, Dr. Rajesh Ittamalla
65 [GO] 2021―May―13 A FAHP-FTOPSIS approach for choosing mid-term occupational healthcare measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic Toly Chen
66 [GO] 2021―May―13 Confronting the Misinformation Pandemic David Xiang, Lisa Soleymani Lehmann
67 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 Endodontic treatments in the Brazilian Public Health System: influence of COVID-19 pandemic Luiz Chisini, Francine Costa, Luana Salvi, Flávio Demarco
68 [GO] 2021―Apr―19 How Iran responded to expanding need for laboratory services for COVID-19? Mostafa Salehi-Vaziri, Kayhan Azadmanesh
69 [GO] 2021―Apr―08 Telemedicine in help of rehabilitation in the conditions of COVID-19 Kristina Kilova, Tanya Kitova
70 [GO] 2021―Mar―01 Sociodemographic determinants of the adoption of a contact tracing application during the COVID-19 epidemic in Delhi, India Dr. Saurav Basu
71 [GO] 2021―Feb―16 Are smartphones addictive? An urgent question in the pandemic age Nicola J Kalk, Ben Carter, Sei Yon Sohn
72 [GO] 2021―Feb―07 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on oral health procedures provided by the Brazilian public health system Mateus Bertolini Fernandes dos Santos, Ana Luiza Cardoso Pires, Júlia Machado Saporiti, Mateus De Azevedo Kinalski, Leonardo Marchini
73 [GO] 2021―Feb―06 nIntegrating technology, innovation and policy: COVID-19 and HTA Kanchan Mukherjee
74 [GO] 2021―Jan―23 Smartphone overuse: A hidden crisis in COVID-19 Zubair Ahmed Ratan, Sojib Bin Zaman, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam, Hassan Hosseinzadeh
75 [GO] 2020―Dec―31 The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on community-oriented mental health services: the experience of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy Giulio Castelpietra, Chiara Colli, Davide Tossut, Morena Furlan, Matteo Balestrieri, Fabrizio Starace, et al. (+4)
76 [GO] 2020―Dec―25 Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in India: an analysis of policy and technological interventions Isha Goel, Prof. (Dr) Seema Sharma, Prof. (Dr) Smita Kashiramka
77 [GO] 2020―Dec―10 Purview of 3D printing in medical applications during COVID-19 Dr Sumit Kumar, Dr Vikram Khanna, Dr Balendra Pratap Singh, Dr Ranjitkumar Patil, Dr Divya Mehrotra
78 [GO] 2020―Dec―09 Leveraging GIS and spatial analysis for informed decision-making in COVID-19 pandemic Rakibul Ahasan, Md Mahbub Hossain
79 [GO] 2020―Nov―07 Performing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for central retinal artery occlusion under COVID-19: from myringotomy to rapid viral test Chi Lik Au Sunny
80 [GO] 2020―Nov―05 COVID-19 on Instagram: a content analysis of selected accounts Fatemeh Niknam, Mahnaz Samadeik, Farhad Fatehi, Mohammad Shirdel, Mahboobeh Rezazadeh, Peivand Bastani
81 [GO] 2020―Nov―05 Containing the impact of COVID-19: Review of Ghana's response approach Hagan Sibiri, David Prah, Sanusi Mumuni Zankawah
82 [GO] 2020―Nov―04 Telepharmacy: An opportunity for community pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sub Saharan Africa Erick Wesley Hedima, Roland Nnaemeka Okoro
83 [GO] 2020―Nov―01 COVID-19 misinformation: Accuracy of articles about coronavirus prevention mostly shared on social media Justyna Obiała, Karolina Obiała, Małgorzata Mańczak, Jakub Owoc, Robert Olszewski
84 [GO] 2020―Oct―30 COVID-19 and Saudi Arabia Public Financing of Prescription Drugs: An Opportunity for Reform Yazed AlRuthia, Sulaiman A. Alrashed, Bander Balkhi, Mohammed S. Aljamal, Saud Alsifri, Ali M. Alrumaih, et al. (+4)
85 [GO] 2020―Oct―02 The COVID-19 pandemic: Global health policy and technology responses in the making Doowon Lee, Naomi Moy, Jonathan Tritter, Francesco Paolucci
86 [GO] 2020―Sep―09 The COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland: An overview of the health service and economic policy response Brendan Kennelly, Mike O'Callaghan, Diarmuid Coughlan, John Cullinan, Edel Doherty, Liam Glynn, et al. (+2)
87 [GO] 2020―Sep―08 Europe's Covid-19 Outliers: German, Austrian and Swiss policy responses during the early stages of the 2020 pandemic Zachary Desson, Lisa Lambertz, Jan Willem Peters, Michelle Falkenbach, Lukas Kauer
88 [GO] 2020―Sep―06 An analysis of the policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in France, Belgium, and Canada Zachary Desson, Emmi Weller, Peter McMeekin, Mehdi Ammi
89 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 Health policy implications of the links between cardiovascular risk and COVID-19 Professor Donald RJ Singer
90 [GO] 2020―Sep―03 The COVID-19 pandemic in italy: Policy and technology impact on health and non-health outcomes Chiara Berardi, Marcello Antonini, Mesfin G. Genie, Giovanni Cotugno, Alessandro Lanteri, Adrian Melia, Francesco Paolucci
91 [GO] 2020―Aug―29 Swedish Policy Analysis for Covid-19 Andrius Kavaliunas, Pauline Ocaya, Jim Mumper, Isis Lindfeldt, Mattias Kyhlstedt
92 [GO] 2020―Aug―28 Policies and innovations to battle Covid-19 - A Case study of South Korea Doowon Lee, Bobae Choi
93 [GO] 2020―Aug―28 International Experiences of the Active Period of COVID-19 - Mental Health Care Sebastian Rosenberg, John Mendoza, Hossein Tabatabaei- Jafari, Luis Salvador Carulla
94 [GO] 2020―Aug―28 The COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, Iceland, New Zealand, and Singapore: Health Policies and Lessons Learned Ayman Fouda, Nader Mahmoudi, Naomi Moy, Francesco Paolucci
95 [GO] 2020―Aug―28 The COVID-19 pandemic in Norway: The dominance of social implications in framing the policy response Gøril Ursin, Ingunn Skjesol, Jonathan Tritter
96 [GO] 2020―Aug―28 COVID-19: the need for an Australian Economic Pandemic Response Plan Shannen Higginson, Katarina Milovanovic, James Gillespie, Andrew Matthews, Christopher Williams, Laura Wall, et al. (+4)
97 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 Rapid response to crisis: Health System Lessons from the active period of COVID-19 Luis Salvador-Carulla, Sebastian Rosenberg, John Mendoza, Hossein Tabatabaei-Jafari
98 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 The Dutch COVID-19 approach: Regional differences in a small country. Lieke Michaela Hoekman, Marlou Marriet Vera Smits, Xander Koolman
99 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 Responses to COVID-19 in five Latin American countries María Alejandra Benítez, Carolina Velasco, Ana Rita Sequeira, Josefa Henríquez, Flavio M. Menezes, Francesco Paolucci
100 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 COVID-19 pandemic in China: Context, experience and lessons Weiwei Xu, Jing Wu, Lidan Cao
101 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 COVID-19 pandemic in Finland - preliminary analysis on health system response and economic consequences Hanna Tiirinki, Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, Markus Sovala, Salla Atkins, Meri Koivusalo, Pauli Rautiainen, et al. (+2)
102 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 The first months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain Josefa Henríquez, Eduardo Gonzalo Almorox, Manuel Garcia-Goñi, Francesco Paolucci
103 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 COVID-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom Darren Flynn, Eoin Moloney, Nawaraj Bhattarai, Jason Scott, Matthew Breckons, Leah Avery, Naomi Moy
104 [GO] 2020―Aug―27 COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States Savannah Bergquist, Thomas Otten, Nick Sarich
105 [GO] 2020―Aug―15 Telemedicine, COVID-19, and Disparities: Policy Implications Gezzer Ortega, Jorge A. Rodriguez, Lydia R. Maurer, Emily E. Witt, Numa Perez, Amanda Reich, David W. Bates
106 [GO] 2020―Jul―24 Fast deployment of COVID-19 disinfectant from common ethanol of gas stations in Brazil Rodney Itiki, Prithwiraj Roy Chowdhury
107 [GO] 2020―Jun―16 Mental Healthcare Policies in South Korea during the COVID-19 Epidemic Hyunbong Park, Soyoung Yu
108 [GO] 2020―Jun―14 Tele-pharmacy: A new opportunity for consultation during the COVID-19 pandemic Arefeh Ameri, Farzad Salmanizadeh, Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy
109 [GO] 2020―May―29 Telemedicine against CoVID-19 crisis Sima Ajami, Maryam Mohammadi
110 [GO] 2020―May―21 Compassionate drug use: an imperative challenge for Bulgarian health system during COVID-19 Nigyar Dzhafer, Jannis Papathanasiou
111 [GO] 2020―May―15 All for one and one for all: Why a pandemic preparedness league of nations? Sukhen Dey, Qiang Cheng, Joseph Tan
112 [GO] 2020―Apr―30 Health policy and technology challenges in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic Donald RJ Singer
113 [GO] 2020―Apr―25 Diagnostic and digital solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic: The need for international collaboration to close the gap Mattias Kyhlstedt, Sarah Wamala Andersson
114 [GO] 2020―Apr―22 Defending against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: How Can the Internet of Things (IoT) help to save the World? Md. Siddikur Rahman, Noah C. Peeri, Nistha Shrestha, Rafdzah Zaki, Ubydul Haque, Siti Hafizah Ab Hamid
115 [GO] 2020―Feb―11 A new pandemic out of China: the Wuhan 2019-nCoV coronavirus syndrome Donald R.J. Singer

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