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1 [GO] History of Communism in Europe 2024―May―29 Alan Greene. Emergency Powers in a Time of Pandemic Louis Marius Bremond
2 [GO] The Journal of Communication and Religion 2024―Mar―22 Relational Resilience Amidst the Pandemic Bill Strom
3 [GO] Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 2024―Feb―28 The Rising Global Cancer Pandemic: Health, Ethics, and Social Justice, edited by Andrea Vicini, S.J., Philip J. Landrigan, and Kurt Straif Mariele Courtois
4 [GO] Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 2024―Feb―10 Pope Francis and the Pastoral Recognition of Pandemic and Easter Faith Trevor Williams
5 [GO] Études maritainiennes / Maritain Studies 2024―Jan―03 Scott D.G. Ventureyra (ed.), COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion: Examining the Machinations of Governments, Health Organizations, the Globalist Elites, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Legacy Media David J. Klassen
6 [GO] The Lonergan Review 2023―Nov―04 The Pandemic and the Scale of Value Preference Patrick H. Byrne
7 [GO] Techné Research in Philosophy and Technology 2023―Oct―31 Digitalizing Nursing Education amid Covid-19 in advance Anette Forss
8 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2023―Aug―29 Teaching Philosophy during a Pandemic "in the Most Unequal Society in the World" in advance Yolandi M. Coetser, Jacqueline Batchelor
9 [GO] Environmental Ethics 2023―Jun―16 Jeff Sebo. Saving Animals, Saving Ourselves: Why Animal Matter for Pandemics, Climate Change, and Other Catastrophes Josh Milburn
10 [GO] Dialogue and Universalism 2023―May―17 Human Dignity, Democracy and other Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic Maria Sinaci
11 [GO] Dialogue and Universalism 2023―May―17 The Social Vulnerabilities of Science and the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Constantin Stoenescu
12 [GO] Eco-ethica 2023―Apr―28 Life after the Pandemic and Nature in advance Noriko Hashimoto
13 [GO] Journal of Business Ethics Education 2023―Mar―22 Of COVID-19 and Chickens: The Ethics of One Workplace Safety Policy Early in the Pandemic Kathleen Burke, Shafik Bhalloo
14 [GO] Listening 2023―Feb―27 Listening Play as Disability Gain: Dialogue and Creativity in a Pandemic's Disabling Elizabeth S. Parks, Janeta F. Tansey
15 [GO] The CLR James Journal 2023―Feb―11 Habermas’ Colonization Thesis in the Digital Network: Pandemic Resistance in Advanced Capitalism in advance Alexander Avila
16 [GO] Techné Research in Philosophy and Technology 2023―Jan―27 Acting-with: On the Development of a Public Realm on TikTok during the Pandemic and its Potential to Enable Action in advance Jurgita Imbrasaite
17 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2022―Oct―19 Pandemic Bioethics, by Gregory E. Pence Dale Murray
18 [GO] The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 2022―Sep―14 Is COVID-19 Vaccination Ordinary (Morally Obligatory) Treatment? James McTavish, Jason T. Eberl
19 [GO] The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 2022―Sep―14 Moral Distress in a Pandemic and Catholic Contributions to the Renewal of Public Health Nuala P. Kenny
20 [GO] The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 2022―Sep―14 Ethics and Pandemics William F. Sullivan, John Heng, Jason T. Eberl, Gill Goulding, Christine Jamieson, Cory-Andrew Labrecque
21 [GO] Kilikya Felsefe Dergisi / Cilicia Journal of Philosophy 2022―Jul―19 Affirming the Pandemic or Aversion to Life? A Nietzschean Assessment Gülizar Karahan Balya
22 [GO] Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 2022―Jul―14 The Coronavirus Pandemic: Ethical Challenges in Global Public Health in advance Andrea Vicini
23 [GO] Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review 2022―Jun―09 The Silence Around Non-Ordinary Experiences During the Pandemic in advance Bettina E. Schmidt, Kate Stockly
24 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2022―Apr―27 The Three Waves of Pandemic Ethics Jonathan Wolff
25 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2022―Apr―22 An Argument for Asynchronous Course Delivery in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic in advance Jake Wright
26 [GO] Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 2022―Feb―21 (A)symmetrical Conflict between Medical Doctors and Traditional and Faith Healers in the Era of Covid-19 in Rural Communities of Zimbabwe Kudakwashe Chirambwi
27 [GO] Ethics & Medics 2022―Jan―08 Pandemic Visitation Restrictions at the End of Life Molly Antone
28 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2021―Dec―30 How Should Governments Make COVID-19 Policy? Justin Bernstein, Anne Barnhill, Trevor Rieder
29 [GO] Philosophy and Global Affairs 2021―Oct―21 911. Postcards from the Pandemic (As You Say It) Paul E. Nelson
30 [GO] The Journal of Philosophy of Disability 2021―Sep―21 Tragic Choices: Disability, Triage, and Equity Amidst a Global Pandemic in advance Joseph A. Stramondo
31 [GO] The Journal of Philosophy of Disability 2021―Aug―18 Disorders of Consciousness, Disability Rights and Triage During the COVID-19 Pandemic in advance Joseph J. Fins
32 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 COVID-19 and the Media in Nigeria Obiageli Pauline Ohiagu
33 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 Has COVID-19 Changed the World? Bas de Boer
34 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 Bridging Privacy and Solidarity in COVID-19 Contact-tracing Apps through the Sociotechnical Systems Perspective Olya Kudina
35 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 COVID-19 Infodemic Sarah Lwahas
36 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 The COVID-19 Pandemic Duygu Onay-Coker
37 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Media Junichiro Inutsuka
38 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―05 Biological and Mediated Pandemics, Panic, and Pandemonium Paul Majkut
39 [GO] Glimpse 2021―Aug―04 Processing of personal data relating to the health of the data subject in a pandemic situation Juan Francisco Rodriguez Ayuso
40 [GO] International Journal of Philosophical Practice 2021―Jul―26 Perfectionism and the Pandemic Elliot Cohen
41 [GO] International Journal of Philosophical Practice 2021―Jul―26 Systemic Dehumanization in the Age of Pandemic Terrorism Ross Reed
42 [GO] Southwest Philosophy Review 2021―Jul―17 Metaphor Abuse in the Time of Coronavirus Shane J. Ralston
43 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2021―Jul―16 Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World, by Slavoj Žižek Kiasha Naidoo
44 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2021―Jul―16 Coronavirus, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy: Conversations on Pandemics, Politics and Society, edited by Fernando Castrillón and Thomas Marchevsky Iraklis Ioannidis
45 [GO] Teaching Philosophy 2021―Jul―09 Philosophy for Children in a Pandemic in advance Amy Reed-Sandoval
46 [GO] The Chesterton Review 2021―Jun―12 Chesterton and COVID-19 Anthony Tokarz
47 [GO] Teaching Ethics 2021―Jun―02 The Ethics of Pandemics Stephen Scales
48 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2021―May―15 Harms, Wrongs, and Meaning in a Pandemic F M Kamm
49 [GO] Janus Head 2021―Apr―29 Art and Race in the Time of Covid-19 Lenore Metrick-Chen
50 [GO] Techné Research in Philosophy and Technology 2021―Apr―29 The COVID-19 Pandemic qua Artefact in advance Ryan Wittingslow
51 [GO] Ethics & Medics 2021―Apr―29 The Ethics of COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Joseph Meaney
52 [GO] Gatherings The Heidegger Circle Annual 2021―Apr―07 The Later Heidegger and the Later Levinas in the Time of Coronavirus Robert Manning
53 [GO] Gatherings The Heidegger Circle Annual 2021―Apr―07 The Uncanny in the Time of Pandemics Kevin Aho
54 [GO] Overheard in Seville Bulletin of the Santayana Society 2021―Mar―11 Remarks from the Pandemic Conference John Lachs
55 [GO] The CLR James Journal 2021―Mar―05 Postcoloniality in the Age of Pandemic: A Review of Ashmita Khasnabish (ed.) Postcoloniality, Globalization, and Diaspora: What’s Next? Tracey Nicholls
56 [GO] Philotheos 2021―Feb―25 Drawing Wisdom from a Pandemic Deepa Majumdar
57 [GO] Social Theory and Practice 2021―Feb―16 Learning from Covid-19 in advance Matteo Bonotti, Andrea Borghini, Nicola Piras, Beatrice Serini
58 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2021―Feb―05 Pragmatism, Peirce, and the Pandemic Albert Spencer
59 [GO] The American Journal of Semiotics 2021―Jan―28 Design in the Time of COVID-19: A Semiotic Angle in advance Dora Ivonne Alvarez Tamayo
60 [GO] Ethics & Medics 2021―Jan―07 Points to Consider on the Use of COVID-19 Vaccines
61 [GO] The Incarnate Word 2020―Dec―17 Existential Analysis of Daily Life in Times of Pandemic Alberto Barattero
62 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―26 Philosophy in a Time of Pandemic in advance Johanna Oksala
63 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―26 Triple Pandemics in advance Ewa Plonowska Ziarek
64 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―23 Antinomies of a Pandemic in advance Eduardo Mendieta
65 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―11 Concerning the COVID-19 Event in advance Graham Harman
66 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―10 The Pandemic’s Challenges to Liberal Democracy in advance Tongdong Bai
67 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―07 Solidarity, Populism and COVID-19 in advance Andrew Benjamin
68 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Nov―06 Tragic Life Endings and Covid-19 Policy August Gorman
69 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Nov―06 Pandemic Postcards Travis Timmerman, Darren Medeiros, Kirsten Egerstrom, Amy Kind, John Schwenkler, Gwen Bradford
70 [GO] Philosophy Today 2020―Nov―05 Philosophy in a Time of Pandemic in advance Peg Birmingham, Ian Alexander Moore
71 [GO] Ethics & Medics 2020―Oct―29 Ethical Concerns with COVID-19 Triage Protocols NCBC Ethicists
72 [GO] Ethics & Medics 2020―Oct―29 Sacraments and the Pandemic Marie Hilliard
73 [GO] Radical Philosophy Review 2020―Sep―10 Radical Philosophy and Politics Amid the Climate Crisis and the Coronavirus Pandemic Reed M. Kurtz, Harry van der Linden
74 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 The Two Dark Sides of Covid-19 Peter Singer, Paola Cavalieri
75 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Covid-19 and Greek Philosophy Martin Ferguson Smith
76 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Morality in the Time of a Pandemic Barry C. Smith
77 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 The Mind-Body Myth and Thinking in the Pandemic Lauren Slater
78 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Privacy During the Pandemic and Beyond Carissa Vèliz
79 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Social Risk Preference and Pandemic Management Don Ross
80 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Pandemic Playlist Jean Kazez
81 [GO] The Philosophers Magazine 2020―Aug―18 Pandemic Transformative Experience Havi Carel, Ian James Kidd
82 [GO] The Digital Scholar Philosopher s Lab 2020―Aug―14 Производство знания во время пандемии COVID-19 Ольга Игоревна Звонарева
83 [GO] The Chesterton Review 2020―Jun―06 “Troubadours” look to inject Chesterton’s joy, humour into a coronavirus-hit country

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