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1 [GO] IET Image Processing 2024―Apr―24 An effective screening of COVID-19 pneumonia by employing chest X-ray segmentation and attention-based ensembled classification Abu Sayeed, Nasif Osman Khansur, Azmain Yakin Srizon, Md. Farukuzzaman Faruk, Salem A. Alyami, AKM Azad, Mohammad Ali Moni
2 [GO] IET Cyber-Physical Systems Theory & Applications 2024―Apr―18 SEIR-driven semantic integration framework: Internet of Things-enhanced epidemiological surveillance in COVID-19 outbreaks using recurrent neural networks Saket Sarin, Sunil K. Singh, Sudhakar Kumar, Shivam Goyal, Brij B. Gupta, Varsha Arya, Kwok Tai Chui
3 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2024―Mar―28 The silent pandemic H. Vella
4 [GO] CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology 2024―Mar―26 Enabling pandemic-resilient healthcare: Narrowband Internet of Things and edge intelligence for real-time monitoring Md Motaharul Islam, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, Shayla Islam, Mohammed Balfaqih, Ahmed Ibrahim Alzahrani, Nasser Alalwan, et al. (+4)
5 [GO] IET Image Processing 2024―Mar―14 Interpretable vision transformer based on prototype parts for COVID-19 detection Yang Xu, Zuqiang Meng
6 [GO] IET Energy Systems Integration 2024―Jan―03 An efficient load forecasting technique by using Holt-Winters and Prophet algorithms to mitigate the impact on power consumption in COVID-19 Waqar Waheed, Xu Qingshan
7 [GO] IET Systems Biology 2023―Oct―12 Bioinformatics approach to identify the hub gene associated with COVID-19 and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Wenchao Shi, Tinghui Li, Huiwen Li, Juan Ren, Meiyu Lv, Qi Wang, et al. (+5)
8 [GO] IET Systems Biology 2023―Oct―12 Identification of toll-like receptor 5 and acyl-CoA synthetase long chain family member 1 as hub genes are correlated with the severe forms of COVID-19 by Weighted gene co-expression network analysis Luoyi Wang, Zhaomin Mao, Fengmin Shao
9 [GO] IET Quantum Communication 2023―Sep―01 Hybrid-quantum approach for the optimal lockdown to stop the SARS-CoV-2 community spread subject to maximising nation economy globally Kunal Das, Sahil Zaman, Alex Khan, Arindam Sadhu, Subhasree Bhattacharjee, Faisal Shah Khan, Bikramjit Sarkar
10 [GO] IET Image Processing 2023―Jul―28 An efficient deep multi-task learning structure for covid-19 disease Shirin Kordnoori, Maliheh Sabeti, Hamidreza Mostafaei, Saeed Seyed Agha Banihashemi
11 [GO] IET Software 2023―Jul―12 Gravitational search algorithm-extreme learning machine for COVID-19 active cases forecasting Boyu Huang, Youyi Song, Zhihan Cui, Haowen Dou, Dazhi Jiang, Teng Zhou, Jing Qin
12 [GO] IET Computer Vision 2023―Jul―03 CAGAN: Classifier-augmented generative adversarial networks for weakly-supervised COVID-19 lung lesion localisation Xiaojie Li, Xin Fei, Zhe Yan, Hongping Ren, Canghong Shi, Xian Zhang, et al. (+3)
13 [GO] CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology 2023―Jun―25 Dynamic adaptive spatio-temporal graph network for COVID-19 forecasting Xiaojun Pu, Jiaqi Zhu, Yunkun Wu, Chang Leng, Zitong Bo, Hongan Wang
14 [GO] IET Image Processing 2023―May―31 Deep learning-based COVID-19 diagnosis using CT scans with laboratory and physiological parameters Humam Adnan Sameer, Ammar Hussein Mutlag, Sadik Kamel Gharghan
15 [GO] IET Signal Processing 2023―Mar―30 Adaptive elastic-net sliced inverse regression to identify risk factors affecting COVID-19 disease fatality rate Sajedeh Lashgari, Mohsen Mohammadzadeh, Foad Ghaderi
16 [GO] Healthcare Technology Letters 2023―Mar―10 Acceptance factors of telemedicine technology during Covid-19 pandemic among health professionals: A qualitative study Rouidi Mohammed, Elouadi Abd Elmajid, Hamdoune Amine, Choujtani Khadija
17 [GO] IET Cyber-Physical Systems Theory & Applications 2023―Feb―09 COVID-19 clinical medical relationship extraction based on MPNet Su Qianmin, Pan Wei, Cai Xiaoqiong, Ling Hongxing, Huang Jihan
18 [GO] Cognitive Computation and Systems 2023―Feb―08 Speech emotion recognition with artificial intelligence for contact tracing in the COVID-19 pandemic Francesco Pucci, Pasquale Fedele, Giovanna Maria Dimitri
19 [GO] The Journal of Engineering 2023―Jan―24 Hybridization of particle swarm optimization algorithm with neural network for COVID-19 using computerized tomography scan and clinical parameters Humam Adnan Sameer, Sadik Kamel Gharghan, Ammar Hussein Mutlag
20 [GO] IET Image Processing 2023―Jan―03 Analysis of lung scan imaging using deep multi-task learning structure for Covid-19 disease Shirin Kordnoori, Malihe Sabeti, Hamidreza Mostafaei, Saeed Seyed Agha Banihashemi
21 [GO] IET Image Processing 2022―Nov―24 DCACorrCapsNet: A deep channel-attention correlative capsule network for COVID-19 detection based on multi-source medical images Aite Zhao, Huimin Wu, Ming Chen, Nana Wang
22 [GO] CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology 2022―Oct―19 Aspect based sentiment analysis using multi-criteria decision-making and deep learning under COVID-19 pandemic in India Rakesh Dutta, Nilanjana Das, Mukta Majumder, Biswapati Jana
23 [GO] IET Intelligent Transport Systems 2022―Oct―12 Ride-pooling in the light of COVID-19: Determining spatiotemporal demand characteristics on the example of MOIA Felix Zwick, Eva Fraedrich, Kay W. Axhausen
24 [GO] Healthcare Technology Letters 2022―Sep―28 A UAV-based portable health clinic system for coronavirus hotspot areas Mustafa Siham Qassab, Qutaiba Ibrahim Ali
25 [GO] IET Image Processing 2022―Sep―24 LW-CovidNet: Automatic covid-19 lung infection detection from chest X-ray images Noor Ahmed, Xin Tan, Lizhuang Ma
26 [GO] IET Networks 2022―Aug―23 Agile roadmap for application-driven Multi-UAV networks: The case of COVID-19 Laila Abouzaid, Halima Elbiaze, Essaid Sabir
27 [GO] IET Information Security 2022―Aug―17 COVID-19 and cybersecurity Roberto Di Pietro, Ni Trieu, Vincenzo Iovino
28 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2022―Aug―10 A hybrid assessment framework for human-centred sustainable smart campus: A case study on COVID-19 impact Christine Yip, Yuchen Zhang, Erwan Lu, Zhao Yang Dong
29 [GO] Healthcare Technology Letters 2022―Aug―09 Mobile application tool for remote rehabilitation after discharge from coronavirus disease-19 rehabilitation unit Daniele Emedoli, Federica Alemanno, Elise Houdayer, Luigia Brugliera, Sandro Iannaccone, Andrea Tettamanti
30 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2022―Aug―05 Who is Tackling the Pandemic of Waste? L. Williams
31 [GO] IET Information Security 2022―Jul―05 The COVID-19 scamdemic: A survey of phishing attacks and their countermeasures during COVID-19 Ali F. Al-Qahtani, Stefano Cresci
32 [GO] IET Information Security 2022―May―11 AI bot to detect fake COVID-19 vaccine certificate Muhammad Arif, Shermin Shamsudheen, F Ajesh, Guojun Wang, Jianer Chen
33 [GO] IET Image Processing 2022―Mar―16 A COVID-19 CXR image recognition method based on MSA-DDCovidNet Wei Wang, Wendi Huang, Xin Wang, Peng Zhang, Nian Zhang
34 [GO] IET Nanobiotechnology 2022―Mar―11 Antisense technology as a potential strategy for the treatment of coronaviruses infection: With focus on COVID-19 Seyedeh Hoda Alavizadeh, Maham Doagooyan, Fatemeh Zahedipour, Shima Yahoo Torghabe, Bahare Baharieh, Firooze Soleymani, Fatemeh Gheybi
35 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2022―Jan―11 Health - Covid-19. The Bigger Picture: Wearable air purifier
36 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2022―Jan―11 Post-Pandemic Travel: Ready for Take-Off? [Aviation - Covid-19] S. Johnson
37 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2022―Jan―11 Shock Treatment: Can the Pandemic Turn the NHS Digital? [healthcare - digitisation] J. O'Malley
38 [GO] Micro & Nano Letters 2022―Jan―05 A review of electrochemical biosensor application in the detection of the SARS-COV-2 Chunying Jiang, Xihui Mu, Bin Du, Zhaoyang Tong
39 [GO] Healthcare Technology Letters 2021―Dec―09 Kuwaiti hospital patients’ continuance intention to use telemedical systems in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic Ibtisam L F H Almutairi, Bodoor F Alazemi, Faisal L F H Almutairi
40 [GO] IET Image Processing 2021―Nov―19 A coarse-refine segmentation network for COVID-19 CT images Ziwang Huang, Liang Li, Xiang Zhang, Ying Song, Jianwen Chen, Huiying Zhao, et al. (+5)
41 [GO] Chinese Journal of Electronics 2021―Sep―08 A Machine Learning Method for Differentiating and Predicting Human-Infective Coronavirus Based on Physicochemical Features and Composition of the Spike Protein WANG Chao, ZOU Quan
42 [GO] The Journal of Engineering 2021―Aug―09 Data-driven operation of the resilient electric grid: A case of COVID-19 H. Noorazar, A. Srivastava, S. Pannala, Sajan K Sadanandan
43 [GO] IET Systems Biology 2021―Aug―05 Comprehensive investigation of RNA-sequencing dataset reveals the hub genes and molecular mechanisms of coronavirus disease 2019 acute respiratory distress syndrome Wangsheng Deng, Jiaxing Zeng, Shunyu Lu, Chaoqian Li
44 [GO] IET Communications 2021―Jun―06 Technology-driven 5G enabled e-healthcare system during COVID-19 pandemic Nasser Alshammari, Md Nazirul Islam Sarker, M.M. Kamruzzaman, Madallah Alruwaili, Saad Awadh Alanazi, Md Lamiur Raihan, Salman Ali AlQahtani
45 [GO] Healthcare Technology Letters 2021―May―27 Development and validation of early warning score systems for COVID-19 patients Alexey Youssef, Samaneh Kouchaki, Farah Shamout, Jacob Armstrong, Rasheed El-Bouri, Thomas Taylor, et al. (+6)
46 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―May―19 Regulars - Columnist. Dear Evil Engineer: Question: Pandemic held - Is there any way I could acquire excess arms? H. Lamb
47 [GO] IET Image Processing 2021―May―05 A multi-class COVID-19 segmentation network with pyramid attention and edge loss in CT images Fuli Yu, Yu Zhu, Xiangxiang Qin, Ying Xin, Dawei Yang, Tao Xu
48 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Briefing. The Graphic: Bad air around Covid-19 B. Heubl
49 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 The supply chain in a world of Covid-19 P. Dempsey
50 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. Money & Markets. Covid-19 - The good news is, nobody knows what the bad news is C. Chambers
51 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Manchester: Politics - Covid-19 and the necessity of Systems Thinking S. Morgan
52 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Contact app under scrutiny [NHSX Covid-19 contact-tracing app] B. Heubl
53 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Briefing. The Graphic: Covid-19 cycle infrastructure B. Heubl
54 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Brussels: COVID-19 No island is an island: How the EU's virus fund affects the UK S. Morgan
55 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Border control [security of business communication during COVID-19 pandemic] C. Edwards
56 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Robotics - Covid-19. Photo-Essay R. Northfield
57 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Washington: Manufacturing - Covid-19 stimulus packages must look to the future P. Dempsey
58 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Transport - Covid-19. The Bigger Picture: Socially distanced tram
59 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Book Reviews: Bunker, Covid-19, The Drone Age N. Smith, H. Lamb, S. Doyle
60 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Technology - Covid-19. The Gallery - World's first online graduation R. Northfield
61 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Manchester: Pandemic - The teachable moment in battling the Covid-19 virus P. Dempsey
62 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Tough Tests for COVID-19 [Engineering & Technology] N. Smith
63 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Modelling Covid-19 [Engineering & Technology] C. Andrews
64 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Brussels: Coronavirus - For the EU's virus response, the skies are the limit S. Morgan
65 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. Money & Markets. Coronavirus - Market movements predict the future for the world's finances C. Chambers
66 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. View from Brussels: Pandemic - Introducing the EU 'e-summit' during coronavirus outbreak S. Morgan
67 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Analysis. Pandemic: How coronavirus wreaks havoc in the global tech sector B. Heubl
68 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 The pandemic effect [Pandemic - History] N. Smith
69 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 Range anxiety road trip [Shortly before the global pandemic struck, our reporter travelled around north-west Europe in a Tesla.] L. Williams
70 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 2020 Hindsight: Lessons Learnt the Hard Way [COVID-19 pandemic] C. Edwards
71 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2021―Apr―24 News - Comment. Money & Markets. Infrastructure - Engineering firms will gain from postpandemic spending R. Chambers
72 [GO] IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics 2021―Mar―23 Machine learning discovery of distinguishing laboratory features for severity classification of COVID-19 patients Yang Xiao, Li Yan, Mingyang Zhang, Kent E. Pinkerton, Haosen Cao, Ying Xiao, et al. (+8)
73 [GO] IET Image Processing 2021―Mar―08 COVID-19 disease severity assessment using CNN model Emrah Irmak
74 [GO] IET Image Processing 2021―Feb―24 MaskHunter: real-time object detection of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic Zhihao Cao, Mingfeng Shao, Li Xu, Shaomin Mu, Hongchun Qu
75 [GO] IET Image Processing 2021―Feb―20 Ensemble learning-based COVID-19 detection by feature boosting in chest X-ray images Kamini Upadhyay, Monika Agrawal, Desh Deepak
76 [GO] IET Generation Transmission & Distribution 2020―Nov―25 Comprehensive assessment of COVID-19 impact on Saskatchewan power system operations Nima Safari, George Price, C.Y. Chung
77 [GO] IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics 2020―Nov―19 Data-driven discovery of a clinical route for severity detection of COVID-19 paediatric cases Hui Yu, Yuqi Guo, Yun Xiang, Chuan Sun, Tao Yang
78 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2020―Oct―23 News - Comment. View from Washington: Coronavirus - Informed uncertainty or worst-case panic? It's up to us. P. Dempsey
79 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2020―Oct―23 News - Comment. Money & Markets. Cryptocurrencies - Market noise reflects coronavirus concerns but logic will prevail C. Chambers
80 [GO] Engineering & Technology 2020―Oct―23 Apocalypse - Pandemic Flu: What to do with Pandemic Flu R. Wordsworth
81 [GO] Electronics Letters 2020―Oct―22 Web-based efficient dual attention networks to detect COVID-19 from X-ray images Md. Mostafa Kamal Sarker, Yasmine Makhlouf, Syeda Furruka Banu, Sylvie Chambon, Petia Radeva, Domenec Puig
82 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Sep―28 A note on Covid-19 by Professor Vincent Poor
83 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Sep―28 Smart cities in the time of climate change and Covid-19 need digital twins Joseph Dignan
84 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Sep―28 The role of electronic communications during the pandemic
85 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Jul―20 Guest Editorial: A Note on COVID-19 from Professor Bjarne Stroustrup
86 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Jun―24 Smart Solution for Reducing the COVID-19 Risk using Smart City Technology Rahul Jaiswal, Anshul Agarwal, RICHA NEGI
87 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Jun―20 COVID-19 in ITALY: A brief note on short-medium term effects and involved ICT technologies Floriano De Rango, Mauro Tropea
88 [GO] IET Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing 2020―Jun―13 Address Business Crisis Caused by COVID-19 with Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies Weiming Shen, Chen Yang, Liang GAO
89 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Jun―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Smart Cities Initiatives to Face New Outbreaks Daniel Costa, Joao Paulo J Peixoto
90 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―May―30 Mobile crowdsensing approaches to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain Juan Carlos Cano, Jose Maria Cecilia, Enrique Hernandez-Orallo, Carlos Calafate, Pietro Manzoni
91 [GO] Cognitive Computation and Systems 2020―May―14 Predicting COVID-19 Trends in Canada: A Tale of Four Models Wandong Zhang, W G Will ZHAO, Dana Wu, Yimin Yang
92 [GO] IET Smart Cities 2020―Apr―04 The Smart City and Covid-19 Chai Toh, William Webb

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