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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
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1 [GO] RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism 2021―Oct―08 Causes of the Infodemic Outbreak: Media Coverage of the SARS Epidemic and the COVID-19 Pandemic Comparative Analysis Alexander V. Zemlyanskiy
2 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2021―Oct―05 Belarus’ external debt in the context of the pandemic and ways to resolve it Anna D. Gracheva, Elena A. Miroshina
3 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Oct―04 Coronavirus and emergency management in Nigeria Ejiroghene A. Oghuvbu, Abraham E. Orhero, Ugo C. Okolie
4 [GO] Training Language and Culture 2021―Sep―26 Languages for specific purposes in medicine and healthcare in times of the Covid-19 pandemic: Reflections on usage-based teaching Nikolaos Katsaounis, Ulrich Steinmüller
5 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Sep―24 “Never in my life have I heard such a load of absolute nonsense. Wtf.” Political satire on the handling of the COVID-19 crisis Douglas M. Ponton
6 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Sep―17 Social consequences of the 2020 regional elections in Indonesia under the covid-19 pandemic V. L. Muzykant, M. A. Muqsith
7 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―Aug―26 Public Participation In Preventing Covid-19 Outbreaks In Lampung Province, Indonesia - Rosidah, Ida Farida, Refly Setiawan
8 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Aug―23 Legal aspects of environmental safety in the field of medical waste management in the context of the pandemic Nadezhda A. Alekseeva
9 [GO] Human Language Rights and Security 2021―Jul―10 Enhancing Tools for Sustainable Health Communication within Covid-19 Jiří Maštálka
10 [GO] Human Language Rights and Security 2021―Jul―10 Might Covid-19 Require Revision of Language Management? Anastasia A. Atabekova
11 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2021―Jul―01 Examining causal relationship among stock market index, crude oil price, exchange rate amid COVID-19 era: an empirical evidence from Indian financial market using VAR model Maneesh Kumar Pandey, Irina G. Sergeeva, Vishal Gudla
12 [GO] RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics 2021―Jul―01 Social Representations of the Coronavirus at the Beginning of the Pandemic in Russia Aleksandr I. Dontsov, Olga Yu. Zotova, Lyudmila V. Tarasova
13 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Jun―25 Russian students about learning under the covid-19 pandemic: Resources, opportunities and assessment of the distance learning I. A. Aleshkovski, A. T. Gasparishvili, O. V. Krukhmaleva, N. P. Narbut, N. E. Savina
14 [GO] Vestnik RUDN International Relations 2021―Jun―22 Strategies of Sino-American Rivalry in Africa: From 2000 to COVID-19 Earl Conteh-Morgan
15 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Jun―21 Trends and lessons of anti-crisis legal regulationin in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic Yana V. Gaivoronskaya, Olga I. Miroshnichenko, Sergey Sh. Shakirov
16 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Jun―21 Constitutional silence on election postponement in Ethiopia amidst a pandemic: A critique of constitutional interpretation Marew Abebe Salemot
17 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Indonesian Government Bureaucracy Efforts to Prevent Covid-19 at the Beginning of the Pandemic Period Zahrotunnimah Zahrotunnimah
18 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Covid-19 in Africa and Its Impact on African Migrants Mahamat Mougadam Mougadam
19 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Impact of the “First Wave” of the Pandemic on Social Rights in the Countries of the European Union Mariya G. Bistrina, Thomas Thomov
20 [GO] RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education 2021―Apr―10 State and prospects of distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic Gulnara A. Krasnova, Anna O. Polushkina
21 [GO] RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics 2021―Apr―02 Regulatory Resources and Person’s Life Plans under Uncertainty Conditions during COVID-19 Lockdown in Russia Nailya G. Kondratyuk, Igor Y. Tsyganov, Irina M. Kolesnikova, Varvara I. Morosanova
22 [GO] Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science 2021―Apr―02 Study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international air transportation Eugeny Yu. Shchetinin
23 [GO] Russian language studies 2021―Mar―31 Creating an Online Russian as a Foreign Language Course during the COVID-19 Epidemic Simona Berardi
24 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Mar―30 COVID-19 trending neologisms and word formation processes in English Saleh Al-Salman, Ahmad S. Haider
25 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Mar―30 Semantics in the time of coronavirus: “Virus”, “bacteria”, “germs”, “disease” and related concepts Cliff Goddard, Anna Wierzbicka
26 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―Mar―30 Urbanization and the COVID-2019 Pandemic in the World’s Cities: Losing the Benefits of the City or Rethinking of Urban Development? Gurgen L. Gukasyan
27 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2021―Mar―10 Bridges to Studying: Educational Migration in the Scope of Political Transformation in Post Covid-19 Pandemic in Europe Godfred Ohemeng Abrokwa, Emmanuel Donkor
28 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Skin manifestations of COVID-19 E. V. Dvoryankova, I. M. Korsunskaya, T. A. Slavyanskaya
29 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Cutaneous manifestations in children with the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 O. B. Tamrazova, A. S. Stadnikova, E. V. Rudikova
30 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Problems of creating predictive models of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic E. A. Levkova, R. I. Sepiashvili, S. Z. Savin
31 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Indomethacin & SARS-CoV-2: Prospects for clinical management of the inflammatory state Satyanath R. Kodidala, J. Sorout, S. Jayachandra, V. Narapogu
32 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2020―Dec―27 Online incivility in times of Covid-19: Social disunity and misperceptions of tourism industry in Poland Monika Kopytowska, Radosław Krakowiak
33 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2020―Dec―17 International legal, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the world Natalia I. Maslakova-Klauberg
34 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2020―Dec―02 Social and Political Consequences of the Pandemic for the Russian Orthodox Church Roman N. Lunkin
35 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2020―Dec―02 State-Confessional Relations in Russia in a Pandemic: Challenges and Answers Yuri M. Pochta
36 [GO] Training Language and Culture 2020―Sep―27 Language and the pandemic: The construction of semantic frames in Greek-German comparison Nikolaos Katsaounis
38 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2020―Aug―28 Physiological and clinical aspects in COVID-19 R. Kodidala Satyanath, J. Sorout, S. Jayachandra, A. Gandhi, S. Kacker
39 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2020―Jul―06 Seven essential messages for the time of the coronavirus Anna Wierzbicka


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