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1 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2022―Sep―07 Living with COVID-19: Opportunities for the Usual Socio-Political Life in an Unusual Situation Daniela Dobreva Pastarmadzhieva, Mina Nikolaeva Angelova
2 [GO] RUDN Journal of Language Studies Semiotics and Semantics 2022―Jul―20 Neology Process in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Spanish and French Media and Social Networks Discourse Ekaterina V. Zvereva
3 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2022―Jul―05 Social representations of covid-19 in the unstable information environment (a mid-2021 study) M. M. Nazarov, V. N. Ivanov, E. A. Kublitskaya
4 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2022―Jun―26 The role of technology in the art market in the COVID-19 period Marina S. Reshethikova, Raziat A. Islacheva, Polina I. Tapchieva
5 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2022―Apr―25 Pragmatic and stylistic persperctives on British and American COVID-19 cartoons Svetlana Y. Pavlina
6 [GO] RUDN Journal of Language Studies Semiotics and Semantics 2022―Apr―25 Metaphorical Representation of Coronavirus in Medical Myths Elena S. Stepanova
7 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2022―Mar―26 Digital Transformation of the Educational Process under the Influence of the Spread of a New Coronavirus Infection in Russia Denis G. Malov, Sabina Tyshtykbaeva
8 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2022―Mar―26 State Regulation of Social Policy During the Global Pandemic: Russian Experience and Foreign Practice Svetlana L. Sergeeva
9 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2022―Mar―23 COVID-19 and United Kingdom’s legal regulation Elena A. Sorokina
10 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2022―Mar―23 Transformation of several issues of exemption from obligations under cross-border and domestic contracts due to COVID-19: analysis of judicial practice Yana O. Alimova
11 [GO] RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety 2022―Mar―22 Satellite indicators of air quality changes over Russia due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions Igor Yu. Savin, Andrej V. Chinilin, Sergey A. Avetyan, Ekaterina A. Shishkonakova, Elena Yu. Prudnikova
12 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2022―Mar―03 Temporality of social care in the pandemic context of urbanism and culture of inclusion V. N. Yarskaya-Smirnova, E. R. Yarskaya-Smirnova, D. V. Zaitsev
13 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2022―Feb―01 E-commerce in China amid COVID-19 pandemic restrictions Svetlana Yu. Revinova, Ekaterina A. Ivashchenko
14 [GO] RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education 2022―Jan―11 Assessment of the effectiveness of the electronic educational environment “Moodle” by the cadets of the higher educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic Egor A. Lopatin, Gennadiy S. Shkabin
15 [GO] RUDN Journal of Philosophy 2021―Dec―16 Plutocracy, Platonism and Education in Brazil: Some Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme, Bruno Antonio Picoli
16 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―Dec―10 Public Service Management through Making Identity Cards During Covid-19 in Bandar Lampung City, Indonesia Muhammad Ardiansyah, - Irsandi, Muhammad I. Martadinata, Esti Melinda, Agustuti Handayani
17 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Dec―07 ‘New normality’ of the covid-19 era: Opportunities, limitations, risks E. N. Gnatik
18 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Dec―07 Engagement without accountability: The role of governments, field experts, and public intellectuals in the context of the covid-19 pandemic B. Radeljić, C. González-Villa
19 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Dec―07 The state and dynamics of the Russian mass consciousness and behavioral practices under the covid-19 pandemic M. K. Gorshkov, I. O. Tyurina
20 [GO] RUDN Journal of Studies in Literature and Journalism 2021―Oct―08 Causes of the Infodemic Outbreak: Media Coverage of the SARS Epidemic and the COVID-19 Pandemic Comparative Analysis Alexander V. Zemlyanskiy
21 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2021―Oct―05 Belarus’ external debt in the context of the pandemic and ways to resolve it Anna D. Gracheva, Elena A. Miroshina
22 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Oct―04 Coronavirus and emergency management in Nigeria Ejiroghene A. Oghuvbu, Abraham E. Orhero, Ugo C. Okolie
23 [GO] Training Language and Culture 2021―Sep―26 Languages for specific purposes in medicine and healthcare in times of the Covid-19 pandemic: Reflections on usage-based teaching Nikolaos Katsaounis, Ulrich Steinmüller
24 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Sep―24 “Never in my life have I heard such a load of absolute nonsense. Wtf.” Political satire on the handling of the COVID-19 crisis Douglas M. Ponton
25 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Sep―17 Social consequences of the 2020 regional elections in Indonesia under the covid-19 pandemic V. L. Muzykant, M. A. Muqsith
26 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―Aug―26 Public Participation In Preventing Covid-19 Outbreaks In Lampung Province, Indonesia - Rosidah, Ida Farida, Refly Setiawan
27 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Aug―23 Legal aspects of environmental safety in the field of medical waste management in the context of the pandemic Nadezhda A. Alekseeva
28 [GO] Human Language Rights and Security 2021―Jul―10 Enhancing Tools for Sustainable Health Communication within Covid-19 Jiří Maštálka
29 [GO] Human Language Rights and Security 2021―Jul―10 Might Covid-19 Require Revision of Language Management? Anastasia A. Atabekova
30 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2021―Jul―01 Examining causal relationship among stock market index, crude oil price, exchange rate amid COVID-19 era: an empirical evidence from Indian financial market using VAR model Maneesh Kumar Pandey, Irina G. Sergeeva, Vishal Gudla
31 [GO] RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics 2021―Jul―01 Social Representations of the Coronavirus at the Beginning of the Pandemic in Russia Aleksandr I. Dontsov, Olga Yu. Zotova, Lyudmila V. Tarasova
32 [GO] RUDN Journal of Sociology 2021―Jun―25 Russian students about learning under the covid-19 pandemic: Resources, opportunities and assessment of the distance learning I. A. Aleshkovski, A. T. Gasparishvili, O. V. Krukhmaleva, N. P. Narbut, N. E. Savina
33 [GO] Vestnik RUDN International Relations 2021―Jun―22 Strategies of Sino-American Rivalry in Africa: From 2000 to COVID-19 Earl Conteh-Morgan
34 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Jun―21 Trends and lessons of anti-crisis legal regulationin in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic Yana V. Gaivoronskaya, Olga I. Miroshnichenko, Sergey Sh. Shakirov
35 [GO] RUDN JOURNAL OF LAW 2021―Jun―21 Constitutional silence on election postponement in Ethiopia amidst a pandemic: A critique of constitutional interpretation Marew Abebe Salemot
36 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Indonesian Government Bureaucracy Efforts to Prevent Covid-19 at the Beginning of the Pandemic Period Zahrotunnimah Zahrotunnimah
37 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Covid-19 in Africa and Its Impact on African Migrants Mahamat Mougadam Mougadam
38 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―May―15 Impact of the “First Wave” of the Pandemic on Social Rights in the Countries of the European Union Mariya G. Bistrina, Thomas Thomov
39 [GO] RUDN Journal of Informatization in Education 2021―Apr―10 State and prospects of distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic Gulnara A. Krasnova, Anna O. Polushkina
40 [GO] RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics 2021―Apr―02 Regulatory Resources and Person’s Life Plans under Uncertainty Conditions during COVID-19 Lockdown in Russia Nailya G. Kondratyuk, Igor Y. Tsyganov, Irina M. Kolesnikova, Varvara I. Morosanova
41 [GO] Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science 2021―Apr―02 Study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international air transportation Eugeny Yu. Shchetinin
42 [GO] Russian language studies 2021―Mar―31 Creating an Online Russian as a Foreign Language Course during the COVID-19 Epidemic Simona Berardi
43 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Mar―30 COVID-19 trending neologisms and word formation processes in English Saleh Al-Salman, Ahmad S. Haider
44 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2021―Mar―30 Semantics in the time of coronavirus: “Virus”, “bacteria”, “germs”, “disease” and related concepts Cliff Goddard, Anna Wierzbicka
45 [GO] RUDN Journal of Public Administration 2021―Mar―30 Urbanization and the COVID-2019 Pandemic in the World’s Cities: Losing the Benefits of the City or Rethinking of Urban Development? Gurgen L. Gukasyan
46 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2021―Mar―10 Bridges to Studying: Educational Migration in the Scope of Political Transformation in Post Covid-19 Pandemic in Europe Godfred Ohemeng Abrokwa, Emmanuel Donkor
47 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Skin manifestations of COVID-19 E. V. Dvoryankova, I. M. Korsunskaya, T. A. Slavyanskaya
48 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Cutaneous manifestations in children with the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 O. B. Tamrazova, A. S. Stadnikova, E. V. Rudikova
49 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Problems of creating predictive models of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic E. A. Levkova, R. I. Sepiashvili, S. Z. Savin
50 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2021―Jan―29 Indomethacin & SARS-CoV-2: Prospects for clinical management of the inflammatory state Satyanath R. Kodidala, J. Sorout, S. Jayachandra, V. Narapogu
51 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2020―Dec―27 Online incivility in times of Covid-19: Social disunity and misperceptions of tourism industry in Poland Monika Kopytowska, Radosław Krakowiak
52 [GO] RUDN Journal of Economics 2020―Dec―17 International legal, economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the world Natalia I. Maslakova-Klauberg
53 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2020―Dec―02 Social and Political Consequences of the Pandemic for the Russian Orthodox Church Roman N. Lunkin
54 [GO] RUDN Journal of Political Science 2020―Dec―02 State-Confessional Relations in Russia in a Pandemic: Challenges and Answers Yuri M. Pochta
55 [GO] Training Language and Culture 2020―Sep―27 Language and the pandemic: The construction of semantic frames in Greek-German comparison Nikolaos Katsaounis
57 [GO] RUDN Journal of Medicine 2020―Aug―28 Physiological and clinical aspects in COVID-19 R. Kodidala Satyanath, J. Sorout, S. Jayachandra, A. Gandhi, S. Kacker
58 [GO] Russian Journal of Linguistics 2020―Jul―06 Seven essential messages for the time of the coronavirus Anna Wierzbicka

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