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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Oct―12 Preventing the Next Pandemic: The Case for Investing in Circulatory Health - A Global Coalition for Circulatory Health Position Paper Leslie Rae Ferat, Ryan Forrest, Kawaldip Sehmi, Raul D. Santos, David Stewart, Andrew J. M. Boulton, et al. (+22)
2 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Oct―08 Facing COVID-19 in Liberia: Adaptations of the Resilient and Responsive Health Systems Initiative Regan H. Marsh, Chelsea Plyler, Mary Miller, Robin Klar, Mukhtar Adeiza, Ian Wachekwa, et al. (+11)
3 [GO] Data Science Journal 2021―Sep―21 Time-Series Trend of Pandemic SARS-CoV-2 Variants Visualized Using Batch-Learning Self-Organizing Map for Oligonucleotide Compositions Takashi Abe, Ryuki Furukawa, Yuki Iwasaki, Toshimichi Ikemura
4 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Sep―20 Influence of the Belgian Coast on Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic Marine I. Severin, Michiel B. Vandegehuchte, Alexander Hooyberg, Ann Buysse, Filip Raes, Gert Everaert
5 [GO] Physical Activity and Health 2021―Sep―15 Physical Activity, Mental Health and Wellbeing of Irish Adolescents During Covid-19 Restrictions. A Re-Issue of the Physical Activity and Wellbeing Study (PAWS) John Murphy, Bronagh McGrane, Mary Rose Sweeney
6 [GO] International Review of Social Psychology 2021―Sep―14 Solidarity Matters: Prototypicality and Minority and Majority Adherence to National COVID-19 Health Advice Aoife-Marie Foran, Jenny Roth, Sarah Jay, Siobhan M. Griffin, Paul J. Maher, Cillian McHugh, et al. (+4)
7 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Sep―14 COVID-19 & Sociocultural Determinants of Global Sanitation: An Aide-Mémoire and Call to Decolonize Global Sanitation Research & Practice Ans Irfan, Denise T. St. Jean
8 [GO] Data Science Journal 2021―Sep―14 Public Health Benefits and Ethical Aspects in the Collection and Open Sharing of Wastewater-Based Epidemic Data on COVID-19 Ryo Honda, Michio Murakami, Akihiko Hata, Masaru Ihara
9 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Sep―09 Opportunities and Challenges in North-South and South-South Global Health Collaborations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The AFREhealth-CUGH Experience (as Reported at the CUGH 2021 Satellite Meeting) Quentin Eichbaum, Nadia A. Sam-Agudu, Abigail Kazembe, Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde, Judy Khanyola, Judith N. Wasserheit, et al. (+2)
10 [GO] Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2021―Sep―08 Moving Teaching Online: Cultural Barriers Experienced by University Teachers During Covid-19 Allison Littlejohn, Lesley Gourlay, Eileen Kennedy, Kit Logan, Tim Neumann, Martin Oliver, et al. (+2)
11 [GO] Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2021―Sep―08 A Case Study in Mitigating COVID-19 Inequities through Free Textbook Implementation in the U.S. Katherine Williams, Eric Werth
12 [GO] Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2021―Sep―08 The Choices that Connect Uncertainty and Sustainability: Student-Centred Agile Decision-Making Approaches Used by Universities in Australia and the UK during the COVID-19 Pandemic Tünde Varga-Atkins, Rhona Sharpe, Sue Bennett, Shirley Alexander, Allison Littlejohn
13 [GO] Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2021―Sep―08 Professional and Personal Impacts Experienced by Faculty Stemming from the Intersection of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Racial Tensions Olga Belikov, Charlene A. VanLeeuwen, George Veletsianos, Nicole Johnson, Patrice Torcivia Prusko
14 [GO] Buildings and Cities 2021―Sep―02 Covid-19 mobility restrictions: impacts on urban air quality and health Nahid Mohajeri, Alina Walch, Agust Gudmundsson, Clare Heaviside, Sadaf Askari, Paul Wilkinson, Michael Davies
15 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Sep―02 When, why, and how do People Deviate from Physical Distancing Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Study Maité Van Alboom, Fleur Baert, Aline Wauters, Melanie Beeckman, Sarah Maes, Ama Kissi, et al. (+4)
16 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2021―Sep―01 Achieving the Next Level of Integrated Care: Sustaining change during COVID-19 to advance integrated care Carolyn Steele Gray
17 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Aug―09 Covid-19 Effects on the Mental Workload and Quality of Work Life in Iranian Nurses Kiana Nikeghbal, Bahram Kouhnavard, Ali Shabani, Zahra Zamanian
18 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Aug―03 The Early Impact of COVID-19 on a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program in Mukono and Buikwe Districts in Uganda: A Qualitative Study Geofrey Musinguzi, Rawlance Ndejjo, Naomi Aerts, Rhoda K. Wanyenze, Tholene Sodi, Hilde Bastiaens, Fred Nuwaha
19 [GO] Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements 2021―Jul―28 New-Onset Movement Disorders in COVID-19: Much Ado about Nothing? Melissa J. Nirenberg
20 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Jul―23 Anxiety, Compassion and Pride. How Emotions Elicited by the Government’s Handling of Covid-19 Influences Health-Promoting Behavior Emma A. Renström, Hanna Bäck
21 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Jul―23 Dealing with a Crisis: Does Covid-19 Promote Traditional Gender Roles? Alyson Sicard, Sandrine Redersdorff, Céline Darnon, Delphine Martinot
22 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jul―23 The World after COVID-19: Reflections on Global Health and Policy Nasser Yassin, Shadi Saleh
23 [GO] Journal of Open Humanities Data 2021―Jul―21 Microscopic Views on a Global Pandemic: Social and Cultural Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic as Documented in Two Dutch Community Archives Julia Noordegraaf, José Boon, Dora Vrhoci, Joost Dofferhoff, Pieter van der Molen, Nuala Vlogman, Tobias Blanke
24 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jul―21 The Dual/Global Value of SARS-CoV-2 Genome Surveillance on Migrants Arriving to Europe via the Mediterranean Routes Claudia Marotta, Paola Stefanelli, Fabio Tramuto, Ulrico Angeloni, Carmelo Massimo Maida, Achille Cernigliaro, et al. (+4)
25 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Jul―13 Vital Signs During the COVID-19 Outbreak: A Retrospective Analysis of 19,960 Participants in Wuhan and Four Nearby Capital Cities in China Jing-Wei Li, Yu-Tao Guo, Gian Luca Di Tanna, Bruce Neal, Yun-Dai Chen, Aletta E. Schutte
26 [GO] Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements 2021―Jul―08 New-Onset Movement Disorders Associated with COVID-19 Pedro Renato P. Brandão, Talyta C. Grippe, Danilo A. Pereira, Renato P. Munhoz, Francisco Cardoso
27 [GO] Health Psychology Bulletin 2021―Jul―07 University Students’ Adherence to the COVID-19-guidelines: A Qualitative Study on Facilitators and Barriers Tugce Varol, Francine Schneider, Ilse Mesters, Rik Crutzen, Robert A. C. Ruiter, Gerjo Kok, Gill Ten Hoor
28 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jul―07 Corporate Response Against COVID-19: Manufacturing Shift by Ford-Otosan Anil Yasin Ar, Asad Abbas
29 [GO] Buildings and Cities 2021―Jul―06 Urban design attributes and resilience: COVID-19 evidence from New York City Yang Yang, Yihong Li, Katharina Kral, Nathaniel Hupert, Timur Dogan
30 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Jun―29 Parents’ Perceived Impact of the Societal Lockdown of COVID-19 on Family Well-Being and on the Emotional and Behavioral State of Walloon Belgian Children Aged 4 to 13 Years: An Exploratory Study C. Stassart, A. Wagener, A.-M. Etienne
31 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jun―29 Children and Adolescent Mental Health in a Time of COVID-19: A Forgotten Priority Agnes Binagwaho, Joyeuse Senga
32 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jun―25 Increased Adherence to Infection Control Practices Among Medical Laboratory Technicians During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Self-Reported Survey Study Refat Nimer, Samer Swedan, Hassan Kofahi, Omar Khabour
33 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jun―24 Beyond the Outbreak of COVID-19: Factors Affecting Burnout in Nurses in Iran Sajad Zare, Reza Kazemi, Abolhassan Izadi, Andrew Smith
34 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Jun―21 The Short-Term Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Psychiatric Patients: Evidence for Differential Emotion and Symptom Trajectories in Belgium Egon Dejonckheere, Marlies Houben, Evelien Schat, Eva Ceulemans, Peter Kuppens
35 [GO] International Review of Social Psychology 2021―Jun―11 The pathogen paradox: Evidence that perceived COVID-19 threat is associated with both pro- and anti-immigrant attitudes Jais Adam-Troian, Sabahat Cigdem Bagci
36 [GO] Journal of Open Humanities Data 2021―Jun―10 Digital Narratives of COVID-19: A Twitter Dataset for Text Analysis in Spanish Susanna Allés-Torrent, Gimena del Rio Riande, Jerry Bonnell, Dieyun Song, Nidia Hernández
37 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Jun―10 Innovations to Sustain Non-Communicable Disease Services in the Context of COVID-19: Report from Pakkred District, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand Soraphan Songsermpong, Sushera Bunluesin, Panisara Khomgongsuwan, Supattra Junthon, Danielle Cazabon, Andrew E. Moran, Renu Garg
38 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Jun―10 Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cardiac Rehabilitation Delivery around the World Gabriela Lima de Melo Ghisi, Zhiming Xu, Xia Liu, Ana Mola, Robyn Gallagher, Abraham Samuel Babu, et al. (+6)
39 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Jun―08 QT Interval Monitoring with Handheld Heart Rhythm ECG Device in COVID-19 Patients Carlos Minguito-Carazo, Julio Echarte-Morales, Tomás Benito-González, Samuel Del Castillo-García, Miguel Rodríguez-Santamarta, Enrique Sánchez-Muñoz, et al. (+9)
40 [GO] Health Psychology Bulletin 2021―Jun―01 Communication and COVID-19 Physical Distancing Behavior Among Dutch Youth Esther Rozendaal, Thabo van Woudenberg, Eveline Crone, Kayla Green, Suzanne van de Groep, Rebecca de Leeuw, et al. (+2)
41 [GO] Swiss Yearbook of Administrative Sciences 2021―May―31 Organizational response of elderly and homecare sector in Ticino facing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic outbreak: a case study on Spitex and nursing homes Santhosh Mannamplackal, Evaristo Roncelli, Marco Meneguzzo
42 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―May―19 Equitable and Holistic Public Health Measures During the Singaporean COVID-19 Pandemic Samuel S. Y. Wang, Winnie Z. Y. Teo
43 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―May―18 One Year of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Brazil: A Political and Social Overview Matheus Negri Boschiero, Camila Vantini Capasso Palamim, Manoela Marques Ortega, Renan Marrichi Mauch, Fernando Augusto Lima Marson
44 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Apr―30 Deferred versus Expedited Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients with Symptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic (AS DEFER): A Research Letter Jonas Lanz, Christoph Ryffel, Noé Corpataux, Nicole Reusser, Taishi Okuno, Bettina Langhammer, et al. (+5)
45 [GO] Data Science Journal 2021―Apr―28 Synthetic Reproduction and Augmentation of COVID-19 Case Reporting Data by Agent-Based Simulation Nikolas Popper, Melanie Zechmeister, Dominik Brunmeir, Claire Rippinger, Nadine Weibrecht, Christoph Urach, et al. (+3)
46 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Apr―26 Prevalence and Factors Associated with Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh: A Survey-Based Cross-Sectional Study Tanvir Abir, Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, Uchechukwu Levi Osuagwu, Dewan Muhammad Nur-A Yazdani, Taha Husain, Piwuna Christopher Goson, et al. (+7)
47 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Apr―23 An Implementation Research Approach to Re-orient Health Supply Chains Toward an Equity Agenda in the COVID-19 Era Miriam F. Frisch, Kirstin Woody Scott, Agnes Binagwaho
48 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Apr―23 Violence against Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Incidents from a Lower-Middle-Income Country Omaima Anis Bhatti, Hareem Rauf, Namrah Aziz, Russell Seth Martins, Javaid A. Khan
49 [GO] Secularism and Nonreligion 2021―Apr―20 Unravelling the Indian Conception of Secularism: Tremors of the Pandemic and Beyond Malcolm Katrak, Shardool Kulkarni
50 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Apr―19 The World Heart Federation Global Study on COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Disease Karen Sliwa, Kavita Singh, Lana Raspail, Dike Ojji, Carolyn S.P. Lam, Friedrich Thienemann, et al. (+8)
51 [GO] Journal of Open Humanities Data 2021―Apr―16 The Lothian Diary Project: Investigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Edinburgh and Lothian Residents Lauren Hall-Lew, Claire Cowie, Stephen Joseph McNulty, Nina Markl, Shan-Jan Sarah Liu, Catherine Lai, et al. (+5)
52 [GO] Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 2021―Apr―14 The Response of the British Library’s Conservation Department to the COVID-19 Situation Paul Garside, Sarah Hamlyn, Cordelia Rogerson, Emily Watts, Mark Browne, Colm Derenzy
53 [GO] Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology 2021―Apr―05 Comparing Visual Scoring of Lung Injury with a Quantifying AI-Based Scoring in Patients with COVID-19 Charlotte Biebau, Adriana Dubbeldam, Lesley Cockmartin, Walter Coudyze, Johan Coolen, Johny Verschakelen, Walter De Wever
54 [GO] Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology 2021―Apr―05 Chest CT Diagnosis of COVID-19: Accuracy using CO-RADS and CT-Involvement Scoring Brecht Van Berkel, Jan Vandevenne, Kristof Coursier, Vincent Alberts, Jan Van Offenwert, Jan Verduyckt, et al. (+3)
55 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Apr―01 COVID-19 and Health Disparities: Structural Evil Unmasked Philip J. Landrigan, Lilian Ferrer, James Keenan
56 [GO] Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 2021―Mar―29 COVID-19 Pandemic: Threat or Opportunity for Blind and Partially Sighted Museum Visitors? Rafie R. Cecilia
57 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Mar―26 Derivation of a Contextually-Appropriate COVID-19 Mortality Scale for Low-Resource Settings J. L. Pigoga, Y. O. Omer, L. A. Wallis
58 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Mar―24 Characteristics of COVID-19 Recurrence: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Tung Hoang
59 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Mar―15 SARS-CoV 2 Infection (Covid-19) and Cardiovascular Disease in Africa: Health Care and Socio-Economic Implications Okechukwu S. Ogah, Ejiroghene M. Umuerri, Adewole Adebiyi, Olanike A. Orimolade, Mahmoud U. Sani, Dike B. Ojji, et al. (+3)
60 [GO] Health Psychology Bulletin 2021―Mar―15 Your Covid-19 Risk: Reflections on the Development of the Tool Kebede Beyene, Amy Hai Yan Chan, James A. Green, Sander Hermsen
61 [GO] Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 2021―Mar―15 Disinfection of Contaminated Heritage Surfaces from SARS-CoV-2 Virus Philip Skipper, Claire Fry, Clara Willett
62 [GO] Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 2021―Mar―10 Virtual Deinstallation During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jennifer K. Herrmann, Dong Eun Kim
63 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2021―Mar―04 Learning from the Pandemic to Improve Care for Vulnerable Communities: The Perspectives and Recommendations from the Rare Disease Community Raquel Castro, Erwan Berjonneau, Sandra Courbier
64 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Feb―25 Lessons Learned from Rwanda: Innovative Strategies for Prevention and Containment of COVID-19 Naz Karim, Ling Jing, J. Austin Lee, Ramu Kharel, Derek Lubetkin, Camille M. Clancy, et al. (+5)
65 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Feb―24 AMR and Covid-19 on the Frontline: A Call to Rethink War, WASH, and Public Health Mark Zeitoun, Ghassan Abu Sittah, Reem Shomar, Nassim el Ach
66 [GO] Psychologica Belgica 2021―Feb―22 Sociodemographic, Cognitive, and Emotional Determinants of Two Health Behaviors during SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak: An Online Study among French-Speaking Belgian Responders during the Spring Lockdown Alix Bigot, Emilie Banse, Aline Cordonnier, Olivier Luminet
67 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Feb―17 Ambulatory Patients with Cardiometabolic Disease and Without Evidence of COVID-19 During the Pandemic. The CorCOVID LATAM Study Ricardo Lopez Santi, Manlio F. Márquez, Daniel Piskorz, Clara Saldarriaga, Alberto Lorenzatti, Fernando Wyss, et al. (+12)
68 [GO] Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology 2021―Feb―16 Performance of Low-Dose Chest CT as a Triage Tool for Suspected COVID-19 Patients Jeroen Desmet, Charlotte Biebaû, Walter De Wever, Lesley Cockmartin, Verbraeken Viktor, Johan Coolen, et al. (+2)
69 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Feb―12 Latin-American Registry of Cardiovascular Disease and COVID-19: Rationale and Design of the CARDIO COVID 19-20 Registry Juan Esteban Gómez-Mesa, Stephania Galindo-Coral, Maria Claudia Montes, Walter Alarco, Jose Luis Barisani, Antonio Magaña, et al. (+5)
70 [GO] Buildings and Cities 2021―Feb―10 Covid-19 lockdown: impacts on GB electricity demand and CO2 emissions Ben Anderson, Patrick James
71 [GO] Buildings and Cities 2021―Feb―10 Urban density and Covid-19: towards an adaptive approach Jacques Teller
72 [GO] Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements 2021―Feb―10 Opsoclonus-Myoclonus-Ataxia Syndrome (OMAS) Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Post-Infectious Neurological Complication with Benign Prognosis Enrique Urrea-Mendoza, Kimberly Okafor, Senthuran Ravindran, John Absher, Varun Chaubal, Fredy J. Revilla
73 [GO] Global Heart 2021―Feb―04 Impact of a COVID-19 National Lockdown on Integrated Care for Hypertension and HIV Jeremy I. Schwartz, Martin Muddu, Isaac Kimera, Mary Mbuliro, Rebecca Ssennyonjo, Isaac Ssinabulya, Fred C. Semitala
74 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2021―Feb―02 Integrated Healthcare Systems Response Strategies Based on the Luohu Model During the COVID-19 Epidemic in Shenzhen, China Fangfang Gong, Guangyu Hu, Hanqun Lin, Xizhuo Sun, Wenxin Wang
75 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Feb―02 Global Health Education Amidst COVID-19: Disruptions and Opportunities Stevan Weine, Maarten Bosland, Chandrika Rao, Marcia Edison, Daniel Ansong, Stacey Chamberlain, Agnes Binagwaho
76 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jan―27 Homelessness and COVID-19: Leaving No One Behind Massimo Ralli, Andrea Arcangeli, Lucia Ercoli
77 [GO] Journal of Open Hardware 2021―Jan―21 A Cost-Effective Pulse Oximeter Designed in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Benjamin Metcalfe, Pejman Iravani, Jonathan Graham-Harper-Cater, Richard Bowman, Julian Stirling, Peter Wilson
78 [GO] Current The Journal of Marine Education 2021―Jan―13 E.E. Just Goes Digital during COVID-19 Dieuwertje J. Kast, Tara Treiber, Dijanna Figueroa, Lynn Whitley
79 [GO] Health Psychology Bulletin 2021―Jan―08 Promoting More Physical Activity and Less Sedentary Behaviour During the COVID-19 Situation - SportStudisMoveYou (SSMY): A Randomized Controlled Trial Claudio R. Nigg, Nando L. Aneas Zurkinden, Damian A. Beck, Xaviér J. B. Bisang, Bryan Charbonnet, Benjamin Dütschler, et al. (+15)
80 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jan―06 Covid-19 and Confinement: Effect on Weight Load, Physical Activity and Eating Behavior of Higher Education Students in Southern Morocco Mohamed Boukrim, Majdouline Obtel, Jalal Kasouati, Abderrahmane Achbani, Rachid Razine
81 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jan―05 Risk of Healthcare Worker Burnout in Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic Jose D. Debes, Nasreen S. Quadri, Amir Sultan, Mirghani Yousif, Sophia Ibrahim Ali, Johnstone Kayandabila, et al. (+4)
82 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2021―Jan―04 An In-Person and Telemedicine “Hybrid” System to Improve Cross-Border Critical Care in COVID-19 Venktesh R. Ramnath, Linda Hill, Jim Schultz, Jess Mandel, Andres Smith, Tim Morris, et al. (+4)
83 [GO] Journal of Open Hardware 2020―Dec―30 Critical Factors for Implementing Open Source Hardware in a Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic Lucia Corsini, Valeria Dammicco, James Moultrie
84 [GO] Continuity in Education 2020―Dec―11 Exploring the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Italy’s School-in-Hospital (SiHo) Services: The Teachers’ Perspective Vincenza Benigno, Francesca Dagnino, Chiara Fante
85 [GO] Health Psychology Bulletin 2020―Nov―19 Associations of Urbanicity and Sociodemographic Characteristics with Protective Health Behaviors and Reasons for Leaving the Home During COVID-19 Katie Burford, Erin Dooley, Kevin Lanza, Gregory Knell
86 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Nov―18 Simple Questionnaires to Improve Pooling Strategies for SARS-CoV-2 Laboratory Testing Sophie Schneitler, Philipp Jung, Florian Bub, Farah Alhussein, Sophia Benthien, Fabian K. Berger, et al. (+16)
87 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Nov―17 Key Considerations for Successful Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Programmes During COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Public Health Emergencies Laston Gonah
88 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Nov―02 COVID-19: How to Reduce Some Environmental and Social Impacts? Christian Voirol, Julia Sader, Marie-Claude Audétat
89 [GO] Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 2020―Oct―27 Re-Opening after COVID-19 in New Zealand Craig Grant, Ian Griffin, Michelle McConnell, Miguel Quiñones-Mateu, Daniel Schumayer, David Hutchinson
90 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2020―Oct―19 Can Integrated Care Help in Meeting the Challenges Posed on Our Health Care Systems by COVID-19? Some Preliminary Lessons Learned from the European VIGOUR Project Sonja Lindner, Lutz Kubitschke, Christos Lionis, Marilena Anastasaki, Ursula Kirchmayer, Simona Giacomini, et al. (+23)
91 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―15 Agile Application of Digital Health Interventions during the COVID-19 Refugee Response Nirmala P. Narla, Aral Surmeli, Sean M. Kivlehan
92 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Oct―13 COVID-19: Implications for People with Chagas Disease Ezequiel José Zaidel, Colin J. Forsyth, Gabriel Novick, Rachel Marcus, Antonio Luiz P. Ribeiro, Maria-Jesus Pinazo, et al. (+9)
93 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―08 Double Burden of COVID-19 Pandemic and Military Occupation: Mental Health Among a Palestinian University Community in the West Bank Rula Ghandour, Rasha Ghanayem, Farah Alkhanafsa, Ayah Alsharif, Hiba Asfour, Aisha Hoshiya, et al. (+8)
94 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―08 Rethinking the COVID-19 Pandemic: Back to Public Health Téa Collins, Svetlana Akselrod, Ashley Bloomfield, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Erika Placella
95 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―08 SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Pregnant Women and Their Newborns Melanie Etti, Musa Sekikubo, Victoria Nankabirwa, Halvor Sommerfelt, Bridget Freyne, Kondwani Kawaza, et al. (+8)
96 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―06 Mental Health Status of Healthcare Workers in China for COVID-19 Epidemic Zijun Liu, Jie Wu, Xiuying Shi, Yuhan Ma, Xiao Ma, Zhaowei Teng, et al. (+8)
97 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Oct―06 Challenges Faced by Rohingya Refugees in the COVID-19 Pandemic Amit Barua, Rutu Hitesh Karia
98 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Sep―22 The Relationship of COVID-19 Severity with Cardiovascular Disease and Its Traditional Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Kunihiro Matsushita, Ning Ding, Minghao Kou, Xiao Hu, Mengkun Chen, Yumin Gao, et al. (+6)
99 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Sep―17 COVID-19 Outbreak, Mitigation, and Governance in High Prevalent Countries Lung-Chang Chien, Ro-Ting Lin
100 [GO] Continuity in Education 2020―Sep―16 Parent-Reported Behavioural Changes in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Italy Magda Di Renzo, Federico Bianchi Di Castelbianco, Elena Vanadia, Massimiliano Petrillo, Simona D’Errico, Lidia Racinaro, Monica Rea
101 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Sep―15 Leveraging Telemedicine for Chronic Disease Management in Low- and Middle-Income Countries During Covid-19 Michael A. Hoffer-Hawlik, Andrew E. Moran, Daniel Burka, Prabhdeep Kaur, Jun Cai, Thomas R. Frieden, Reena Gupta
102 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Sep―09 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cardiologists in a Country with Limited Resources Muhammed Elhadi, Ahmed Alsoufi, Mohamed Abrahim Bin Zarti, Siraj Abulmida, Nafati Alnafati, Najwa Alfurjani, et al. (+5)
103 [GO] Journal of Open Hardware 2020―Sep―04 A Novel Dual Non-Invasive Ventilator Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Non-Aerosolization Circuit for Emergency Use in the COVID-19 Pandemic Ted J. Vaughan, Frank Kirrane, Kevin M. Moerman, Tara Cahill, Anthony O’Regan, Derek T. O’Keeffe
104 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Sep―03 Sharing Solidarity Experiences to Overcome COVID-19 Morteza Arab-Zozani, Soheil Hassanipour
105 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Sep―03 Evidence of COVID-19 Impacts on Occupations During the First Vietnamese National Lockdown Anh Kim Dang, Xuan Thi Thanh Le, Huong Thi Le, Bach Xuan Tran, Toan Thi Thanh Do, Hanh Thi Bich Phan, et al. (+12)
106 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Aug―31 Searching for Digital Technologies in Containment and Mitigation Strategies: Experience from South Korea COVID-19 Kyungmoo Heo, Daejoong Lee, Yongseok Seo, Hyeseung Choi
107 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Aug―19 Changing the COVID-19 Narrative in Africa: Using an Implementation Research Lens to Understand Successes and Plan for Challenges Ahead Agnes Binagwaho, Miriam F. Frisch, Jovial Thomas Ntawukuriryayo, Lisa R. Hirschhorn
108 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Aug―19 Cardiometabolic Health: Key in Reducing Adverse COVID-19 Outcomes Rajiv Chowdhury, Kim R. van Daalen, Oscar H. Franco
109 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Aug―13 COVID-19 - The Availability of ICU Beds in Brazil during the Onset of Pandemic Camila Vantini Capasso Palamim, Fernando Augusto Lima Marson
110 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2020―Aug―12 From Crisis to Coordination: Challenges and Opportunities for Integrated Care posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic K. Viktoria Stein, Nick Goodwin, Robin Miller
111 [GO] Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements 2020―Aug―12 Movement Disorders in COVID-19: Whither Art Thou? Howard L. Geyer, David M. Kaufman, Raminder K. Parihar, Mark F. Mehler
112 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Aug―07 Correction: Management of Cardiovascular Disease Patients With Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 in Limited Resource Settings Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Pablo Perel, Ambuj Roy, Kavita Singh, Lana Raspail, José Rocha Faria-Neto, et al. (+17)
113 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Aug―07 The Looming Dangers of Explosion in Community Transmissions of COVID-19 in Nigeria Agaptus Nwozor, Charles Okolie, Onjefu Okidu, Segun Oshewolo
114 [GO] International Journal of Integrated Care 2020―Jul―30 COVID-19: Lessons for Chile Osvaldo Artaza
115 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Jul―30 ‘Cardiovascular Pandemic’ in Argentina Ignacio Martín Bluro, Daniel José Piñeiro, José Luis Navarro Estada
116 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Jul―29 Containing COVID-19: Implementation of Early and Moderately Stringent Social Distancing Measures Can Prevent The Need for Large-Scale Lockdowns Wee Chian Koh, Mohammad Fathi Alikhan, David Koh, Justin Wong
117 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Jul―07 24th Collegium Ramazzini Statement: Prevention of Work-Related Infection in the COVID-19 Pandemic The Fellows of the Collegium Ramazzini
118 [GO] Annals of Global Health 2020―Jul―06 Reviewing COVID-19 Modelling amidst Recent United States Protests Luther-King O. Fasehun
119 [GO] Global Heart 2020―Jul―01 Management of Cardiovascular Disease Patients With Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 in Limited Resource Settings Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Pablo Perel, Ambuj Roy, Kavita Singh, Lana Raspail, José Rocha Faria-Neto, et al. (+15)
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