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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Romanian Association of Balneology
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Balneo and PRM Research Journal 2021―Apr―06 Influence of the physical activity in the elderly people diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis during the pandemic period caused by COVID-19 Sînziana Călina SILIŞTEANU, Andrei Emanuel SILIŞTEANU, Juliánna SZAKÁCS
2 [GO] Balneo and PRM Research Journal 2021―Apr―06 Rehabilitation challenges in COVID-19 induced acute polyradiculoneuropathies Ioana STANESCU, Angelo BULBOACA, Angela Ioana CORDOS, Dana M FODOR, Adriana Elena BULBOACA
3 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2021―Jan―05 Strategies for the recovery of patients with post stroke sequelae in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Sînziana Călina SILIŞTEANU, Elisabeta ANTONESCU, Lavinia DUICĂ, Constantin Munteanu
4 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2021―Jan―05 The role of electrotherapy in reducing the pain of patients with knee osteoarthritis during the COVID-19 pandemic Elisabeta ANTONESCU, Sînziana Călina SILIŞTEANU, Maria TOTAN, Constantin Munteanu
5 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2020―Sep―12 Perspectives on the use of electrostimulation with the device “VEB”® in the management of disorders related to COVID-19 Valeriy Ye. Babelyuk, Igor L. Popovych, Nazariy V. Babelyuk, Tetyana A. Korolyshyn, Galyna I. Dubkova, Marta M. Kovbasnyuk, et al. (+10)
6 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2020―Sep―12 Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19 in the post-acute phase patients - possible links with physical and rehabilitation medicine and balneotherapy Constantin Munteanu, Diana-Loreta PĂUN, Alina-Maria ȘUȚĂ, Simin Aysel FLORESCU, Gelu ONOSE, Mihail Hoteteu
7 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2020―Sep―12 Study of quality of life and effectiveness of physical therapy of women after mastectomy in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions Yulia Karpukhina, Nataliia Vasylieva, Igor Grygus, Radosław Muszkieta, Walery Zukow, Gabriela DOGARU
8 [GO] Balneo Research Journal 2020―Sep―12 The empirical research of the professional reliability of 550 doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine (March-June, 2020) Nataliia Mykhalchuk, Yurii Pelekh, Yevhen Kharchenko, Eduard Ivashkevych, Ernest Ivashkevych, Lyudmyla Prymachok, et al. (+3)


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