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1 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2022―Jan―22 Efficacy of an adjusted treatment strategy on the management and in-hospital outcome of patients with STEMI during the COVID-19 pandemic Jing Wang, Inam Ullah, Zhou Dong, Zekang Ye, Qian Gu, Chuchu Tan, et al. (+8)
2 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2022―Jan―12 Spectacle use, diet, and COVID-19 Pradyumna Krishna Majumdar, Vikas Bhardwaj, Sarika Sharma, Sarita Majumdar
3 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2022―Jan―12 Malnutrition predicts poor outcomes in diabetic COVID-19 patients in Huangshi, Hubei Jiao Chen, Can Zhao, Yingzi Huang, Hao Wang, Xiang Lu, Wei Zhao, Wei Gao
4 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2021―May―10 SARS-CoV-2 encoded microRNAs are involved in the process of virus infection and host immune response Zhi Liu, Jianwei Wang, Yiyue Ge, Yuyu Xu, Mengchen Guo, Kai Mi, et al. (+7)
5 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2021―Jan―22 The prognosis and short-term efficacy of corticosteroid therapy for COVID-19 patients Xinyu Jia, Yuan Ma, Zhenzhen Wu, Ningfei Ji, Mao Huang
6 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Nov―27 An unusual COVID-19 case with over four months of viral shedding in the presence of low neutralizing antibodies: a case report Wei Chen, Zhiliang Hu, Changhua Yi, Yun Chi, Qingfang Xiong, Chee Wah Tan, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Nov―27 Modeling the transmission dynamics of COVID-19 epidemic: a systematic review Jinxing Guan, Yongyue Wei, Yang Zhao, Feng Chen
8 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Nov―27 Editorial commentary on special issue of COVID-19 pandemic Wei Yang
9 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Oct―30 Identification of therapeutic drugs against COVID-19 through computational investigation on drug repurposing and structural modification Yangfang Yun, Hengyi Song, Yin Ji, Da Huo, Feng Han, Fei Li, Nan Jiang
10 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―30 Characteristics of Viral Specimens Collected from Asymptomatic and Fatal Cases of COVID-19 Andrew J. Gorzalski, Paul Hartley, Chris Laverdure, Heather Kerwin, Richard Tillett, Subhash Verma, et al. (+4)
11 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―30 Subgroup comparison of COVID-19 case and mortality with associated factors in Mississippi: findings from analysis of the first four months of public data Lei Zhang, Stephanie T. McLeod, Rodolfo Vargas, Xiaojian Liu, Dorthy K. Young, Thomas E. Dobbs
12 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―30 Medical management of COVID-19 clinic Neha Mehta, Renli Qiao
13 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―30 Identification of county-level health factors associated with COVID-19 mortality in the United States Wei Pan, Yasuo Miyazaki, Hideyo Tsumura, Emi Miyazaki, Wei Yang
14 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―29 Challenges confronting rural hospitals accentuated during COVID-19 Anthony D. Slonim, Helen See, Sheila Slonim
15 [GO] Journal of Biomedical Research 2020―Sep―11 ANTIBODY RESPONSES IN COVID-19 PATIENTS Shuying Liu, Shan Lu

15 Results       Page 1


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