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1 [GO] ANALES RANM 2023―Sep―21 Could avian influenza A(H5N1) cause a new pandemic? E. Pérez-Ramírez, I. Iglesias, J. Alvar, I. Casas
2 [GO] ANALES RANM 2023―May―09 Coexistence of herpesviridae family viruses in vesicular skin lesions of COVID-19 patients A. Reolid, B. Butrón, R. Sampedro, A. Miguélez, E. Daudén, M. Llamas-Velasco
3 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Sep―29 Bariatric and metabolic surgery during the COVID-19 crisis: strategies facing two pandemics B. Lasses Martínez, J. Dziakova, A. Torres
4 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Sep―29 Allergology and COVID19 pandemic T. Chivato Pérez
5 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Jun―02 Imaging of pulmonary sequelae described in viral pandemics prior to SARS-CoV-2 as a prediction model Pilar Calvillo-Batllés, Carlos F Muñoz-Núñez, Enrique Zaldívar Olmeda, Vicente Belloch-Ripollés, Luis Martí-Bonmatí
6 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 Genetic and Covid-19 Jose Miguel García Sagredo
7 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 Chronic kidney disease: the most prevalent risk factor and the risk factor that increases most the risk for lethal COVID-19 Alberto Ortiz, Maria Dolores Sanchez-Niño
8 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 Radiological evaluation of pulmonary sequelae in COVID-19 Carlos F Muñoz-Núñez, Pilar Calvillo-Batllés, Enrique Zaldívar Olmeda, Vicente Belloch Ripollés, Luis Martí-Bonmatí
9 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 COVID-19 infection in pregnancy. Assistance Care José Antonio Clavero Núñez
10 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 pandemic María Inés López-Ibor Alcocer
11 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 COVID-19 pandemic: management of external rehabilitation consultations at Gregorio Marañón Hospital María D. Ramiro González
12 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a patient with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) Treated with ravulizumab: a case report Pablo Estival, Blanca Colás, Yang Dai, F. Ataulfo Gonzalez
13 [GO] ANALES RANM 2021―Mar―29 Hospitals and the Covid19 pandemic: challenges and opportunities for transformation Julio Mayol Martínez
14 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Risk Factors for Acquisition and Disease of “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2” Disease (Covid-19) Miguel Sánchez García
15 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Role of the immune response in COVID-19 Emilio Gómez de la Concha
16 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Thrombotic coagulopathy and COVID-19 Vicente Vicente
17 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Account of a doctor who fell ill with COVID-19 Alfonso J. Cruz Jentoft
18 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Impact of non-invasive respiratory support in severe patients with COVID-19 Ester Zamarrón, Carlos Carpio, Ana Santiago, Sergio Alcolea, Juan Carlos Figueira, Francisco García-Río, Rodolfo Álvarez-Sala
19 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Dermatologic manifestations of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
20 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Towards the spanish vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the pandemic Covid-19 Mariano Esteban, Juan García Arriaza
21 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 COVID-19 and pathology: What do we know? Santiago Ramón y Cajal Agüeras
22 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 COVID-19 crisis: epidemiological and social perspective of an unprecedented pandemic in our lives José Mª Martin-Moreno
23 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Impact of Covid-19 in adult patients with hematologycal malignancies: report of the Covid-19 registry of the madrid society of haematology (AMHH) Julio García-Suárez, Javier De La Cruz, José Luis Diez-Martin, Joaquín Martínez-López
24 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Covid-19 in pediatrics and adolescents patients José Luis Ruibal Francisco, María Elena Piñero Martínez, María Rodríguez Mesa
25 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Impact of Covid-19 in the field of oncology Ana Collazo-Lorduy, Virginia Calvo, Mariano Provencio
26 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 COVID-19 Infection in children and adolescent with cancer in Madrid Teresa de Rojas, Luis Madero
27 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Jorge Alvar Ezquerra
28 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 The genes to Covid-19 suceptibility Antonio López Farré
29 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 COVID-19: a case report Jesús Mateos Nozal, Beatriz Montero Errasquín, Alfonso J. Cruz Jentoft
30 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Radiology and COVID-19: A Review of an Action Carlos F. Muñoz-Núñez, Pilar Calvillo-Batllés, Pilar Estellés, Anca Oprisan, Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, Luis Martí-Bonmatí
31 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Neurological disorders in Covid-19: clinical involvement and pathophysiological mechanisms Juan Carlos García-Moncó
32 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Nursing-home and Covid-19: What have we learnt? José Manuel Ribera Casado
33 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Diseases produce by coronavirus José Ramón de Berrazueta Fernández
34 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Effect of coronavirus infection on the pregnant and newborn José Antonio Clavero Núñez
35 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 SARS-CoV-2: Problems and uncertainties María del Carmen Maroto Vela
36 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Oct―02 Providing health care to elderly people. Also during a pandemic crisis? María Castellano Arroyo, Carmen Sánchez Castellano
37 [GO] ANALES RANM 2020―Mar―11 Coronaviruses María del Carmen Maroto-Vela, Gonzalo Piédrola-Angulo

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