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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2022―Nov―27 The pandemic and the impact on the digital economy J.C. Martinez-Perales, B. Luna-Benoso, J. Cortes-Galicia, U. S. Morales-Rodriguez
2 [GO] Advanced Studies in Biology 2022―Nov―04 Study of surface potential and hydrophobicity of amino acids in mutated spike proteins of variants of SARS-CoV-2 and its impact on attachment and internalization of virus with human host cells Ambreen Shafaat Khan, Bennet Angel, Annette Angel et al
3 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2022―Feb―27 Adomian decomposition method applied to Covid-19 model Justina Mulenga, Patrick Azere Phiri
4 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2021―Dec―11 Survival time data modeling for diabetics during the Covid 19 pandemic using several sensitive distributions (Weibull, gamma, and normal logs) Ummu Athifah, Rado Yendra, Muhammad Marizal
5 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2021―Jul―16 The skills and use of technologies in the home office in times of pandemic B. Luna-Benoso, J. C. Martinez-Perales, J. Cortes-Galicia
6 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2021―Mar―08 Why do we need two doses of Covid-19 vaccine: a qualitative explanation Laxman Bokati, Julio Urenda, Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich
7 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2020―Dec―06 Predictive model on dynamics of natural ecosystem and organic foods as effective prevention and control measures against Covid-19 infection Okaka C. Akinyi
8 [GO] International Journal of Mathematical Analysis 2020―Nov―09 Modelling COVID-19 transmission dynamics: possible scenarios in Namibia Ong'ala Jacob
9 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2020―Oct―25 How to explain the relation between different empirical Covid-19 self-isolation periods Christian Servin, Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich
10 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2020―Oct―10 Humanity struggles in an agonizing sprint to the finish line: finding a vaccine for Covid-19 Gaston Sanglier Contreras, Eduardo Jose Lopez Fernandez, Sonia Cesteros Garcia, Roberto Alonso Gonzalez Lezcano
11 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2020―Oct―10 Biophysical methods for locating the resonance frequency of the virus. Key factor in the fight against Covid-19 Gaston Sanglier Contreras, Eduardo Jose Lopez Fernandez, Sonia Cesteros García, Roberto Alonso Gonzalez Lezcano
12 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2020―Aug―06 Use of quantitative forecasting methods and error calculation for better adaptability to the application of a mathematical model to determine the speed of spread of a coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Spain G. Sanglier Contreras, M. Robas Mora, P. Jimenez Gomez
13 [GO] Applied Mathematical Sciences 2020―Aug―06 COVID-19 peak immunity values seem to follow log-normal distribution Julio Urenda, Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich, Tonghui Wang
14 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2020―May―30 Gamma radiation in aid of the population in Covid-19 type pandemics G. Sanglier Contreras, M. Robas Mora, P. Jimenez Gomez
15 [GO] Contemporary Engineering Sciences 2020―May―02 Application of forecasting methods to a mathematical model for adjusting the determination of the number of people infected by Covid-19 in the community of Madrid (Spain) G. Sanglier Contreras, M. Robas Mora, P. Jimenez Gomez

15 Results       Page 1


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