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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: ANU Press
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Made in China Journal 2021―Jul―14 Outsider Within: Young Chinese Feminist Activism in the Age of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom Jin Xianan, Ni Leiyun
2 [GO] Made in China Journal 2021―Jul―14 The Cultural Politics of National Tragedies and Personal Sacrifice: State Narratives of China’s ‘Ordinary Heroes’ of the COVID-19 Pandemic Kailing Xie, Yunyun Zhou
3 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 Human Ecology and COVID-19 Federico Davila
4 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 A Systemic Assessment of COVID-19 Impacts on Pacific Islands’ Food Systems Federico Davila, Steven Crimp, Bronwyn Wilkes
5 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 Vulnerabilities in the Conservation-Tourism Alliance: The Impacts of COVID-19 in Laikipia and the Galapagos Islands Thomas Meredith, Alec Blair, Diana V. Burbano
6 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 Commonsense Preparedness for Uncommon Adversities: Lessons from Facing COVID-19 in Mexico, from a Human Ecology Perspective Federico Dickinson, María Eloísa Dickinson Bannack, Hugo Azcorra, Teresa (Tere) Castillo-Burguete, Nina Méndez-Domínguez
7 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Portuguese Households’ Food Waste Behaviors Iva Miranda Pires, María Ángeles Fernández-Zamudio, Berta Vidal-Mones, Rita Beltrão Martins
8 [GO] Human Ecology Review 2021―Apr―09 COVID-19: Science, Politics, Media, and the Public-A Systemic View Felix Tretter, Angela Franz-Balsen
9 [GO] Made in China Journal 2021―Feb―09 Politically Correct Masks: Navigating the China-Hong Kong Border During COVID-19 Xin Sun
10 [GO] Aboriginal History Journal 2020―Dec―17 The 1918-19 Influenza pandemic and its impact on Aboriginal people in South Australia Tom Gara
11 [GO] Lilith A Feminist History Journal 2020―Oct―25 The Importance of Feminist History in a Global Pandemic Rachel Harris, Michelle Staff
12 [GO] Made in China Journal 2020―Oct―16 The Surveillance Vaccine: Surveillance, Censorship, and the Body under Covid-19 Carwyn Morris
13 [GO] Made in China Journal 2020―Oct―16 Sinophobia Will Never Be the Same after Covid-19 Flair Donglai Shi
14 [GO] Made in China Journal 2020―Oct―16 Breathing What Air?: Reflections on Mongolia Before and After Covid-19 Rebekah Plueckhahn
15 [GO] Made in China Journal 2020―Oct―16 Covid-19 in China: From ‘Chernobyl Moment’ to Impetus for Nationalism Chenchen Zhang


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