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1 [GO] Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Journal 2022―May―05 Addressing sovereign debt challenges in the era of COVID-19 and beyond: The role of the United Nations
2 [GO] Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Journal 2022―May―05 Household consumption expenditure in Thailand during the first COVID-19 lockdown
3 [GO] World Heritage Review 2022―Mar―02 Close-Up: Climate change, World Heritage, COVID-19 and tourism
4 [GO] Revue du patrimoine mondial 2022―Mar―02 Focus: Changement climatique, patrimoine mondial, COVID-19 et tourisme
5 [GO] Revista del patrimonio mundial 2022―Mar―02 Informe especial: Cambio climático, Patrimonio Mundial, COVID-19 y turismo
6 [GO] World Heritage Review 2021―Dec―01 Close-Up: Byblos and COVID-19
7 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 Brazil: The effects of COVID-19 and recovery
8 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 COVID-19 and social protection of poor and vulnerable groups in Latin America: A conceptual framework
9 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 The COVID-19 crisis and the structural problems of Latin America and the Caribbean: Responding to the emergency with a long-term perspective
10 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 The COVID-19 crisis in Latin America in historical perspective
11 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 A “new normal” as a “new essential”? COVID-19, digital transformations and employment structures
12 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 COVID-19, elites and the future political economy of inequality reduction in Latin America
13 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 Women’s economic autonomy during the COVID-19 pandemic
14 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 Unbridled liberalism and a pandemic: At a crossroads between techno authoritarianism and a new social order
15 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 Central America and the pandemic: Macroeconomic policy challenges
16 [GO] CEPAL Review 2021―Nov―23 Introduction. The global economy and development in times of pandemic: The challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean
17 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Nov―18 Migración y vulnerabilidad: Efectos del COVID-19 en la inserción laboral de los inmigrantes internacionales en el Brasil en 2020
18 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Nov―18 Características sociodemográficas y de salud de los mexicanos y los migrantes con enfermedad por coronavirus (COVID-19) en México
19 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Nov―18 Prácticas y paradojas frente al COVID-19 en sectores populares de la Ciudad de México
20 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 Estimación del exceso de mortalidad por COVID-19 mediante los años de vida perdidos: impacto potencial en la Argentina en 2020
21 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 COVID-19 en México: un perfil sociodemográfico
22 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 Índice de vulnerabilidad en la infraestructura de la vivienda ante el COVID-19 en México
23 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 Percepciones acerca del futuro de la salud y el COVID-19 en el marco de la planificación de los objetivos sanitarios 2021-2030 en Chile
24 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 La desigualdad social frente al COVID-19 en el Área Metropolitana de Santiago (Chile)
25 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 Migrantes venezolanos frente a la pandemia de COVID-19 en Chile: factores asociados a la percepción de sentirse preparado para enfrentarla
26 [GO] Notas de Población 2021―Oct―12 Rezago social y letalidad en México en el contexto de la pandemia de enfermedad por coronavirus (COVID-19): una aproximación desde la perspectiva de la salud colectiva en los ámbitos nacional, estatal y municipal
27 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2021―Sep―23 Wide Angle: Restoring Biodiversity, Reviving Life: Pandemics: Humans Are The Culprits
28 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2021―Jul―29 Wide angle: The 20s: Really the best age to be?: India’s youth: Hit hard by the pandemic
29 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2021―Jul―29 K-pop: A cure for the pandemic blues
30 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2021―Jul―29 Anne Muxel: “The pandemic is an opportunity for young people to search for meaning”
31 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2021―Jul―29 In depth: The pandemic: Culture and tourism in the eye of the storm
32 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 La autonomía económica de las mujeres en tiempos de COVID-19
33 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 La crisis del COVID-19 de América Latina con una perspectiva histórica
34 [GO] International Trade Forum 2021―Jul―19 COVID-19 impact on business
35 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 El COVID-19, las élites y el futuro de la economía política de la reducción de la desigualdad en América Latina
36 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 ¿La “nueva normalidad” como “nueva esencialidad”? COVID-19, transformaciones digitales y estructuras laborales
37 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 El COVID-19 y la protección social de los grupos pobres y vulnerables en América Latina: Un marco conceptual
38 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 La crisis del COVID-19 y los problemas estructurales de América Latinay el Caribe: Responder a la urgencia con una perspectiva de largo plazo
39 [GO] Revista de la CEPAL 2021―Jul―19 Brasil: Efectos del COVID-19 y recuperación
40 [GO] International Trade Forum 2021―Jul―19 Coping with the pandemic
41 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 The young people of Mali: Key players against COVID-19
42 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 Coronavirus: In Timbuktu youth is at the forefront of raising awareness against COVID-19 Mohamed Mahmoud Elhadj
43 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 Partner and domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis Wim Hardyns, Ines Keygnaert, Koen Ponnet, Christophe Vandeviver
44 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 How organized crime is expanding during the COVID-19 crisis Marco Musumeci, Francesco Marelli
45 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 Cyber-crime during the COVID-19 pandemic Adil Radoini
46 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 The principles of equality and non-discrimination under viral attack: Stigma, hate speech, xenophobia, racism and discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic Odhran McCarthy, Sophie Van De Meulengraaf
47 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 COVID-19 pandemic and gender aspects Alessandra Liquori O’Neil
48 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 COVID-19 pandemic and illicit drugs Alessandra Liquori O’Neil
49 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 Coronavirus as a burning glass for digital risks? Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger
50 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 Domestic violence - the shadow pandemic of COVID19 Effects of policy measures on vulnerable population Elke Klaassen
51 [GO] Freedom from Fear 2020―Oct―16 AESI promoted active dialogue among students on several topics of international relations in this pandemic period Massimo Maria Caneva
52 [GO] Transnational Corporations 2020―Oct―14 Focused section: Perspectives on COVID-19 and international production: Introduction to the focused section: COVID-19 and international production James X. Zhan, Isidore S. Obot, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, Heinz Tüselmann
53 [GO] Transnational Corporations 2020―Oct―14 Meta-trends in global value chains and development: Interacting impacts with COVID-19 in Africa Pádraig Carmody
54 [GO] Transnational Corporations 2020―Oct―14 Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for human rights and modern slavery vulnerabilities in global value chains Hinrich Voss
55 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2020―Sep―09 Wide angle a whole new world, reimagined by women: What the pandemic says about us Ekaterina Schulmann
56 [GO] The UNESCO Courier 2020―Sep―09 The pandemic: Mirroring our fragilities Kalpana Sharma
57 [GO] Transnational Corporations 2020―Jun―11 Covid-19 and investment - an UNCTAD research round-up of the international pandemic’s effect on FDI flows and policy James Zhan

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