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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

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1 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2022―Oct―03 The impact of the pandemic on the Australian rental sector Emma Baker, Lyrian Daniel, Andrew Beer, Steven Rowley, Wendy Stone, Rebecca Bentley, et al. (+2)
2 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2022―Mar―23 Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic housing policy responses
3 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Dec―03 Rental Insights A COVID-19 Collection Emma Baker, Lyrian Daniels, Hal Pawson, Michelle Baddeley, Akshay Vij, Mark Stephens, et al. (+17)
4 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Nov―19 Marginal housing during COVID-19 Caitlin Buckle, Nicole Gurran, Peter Phibbs, Patrick Harris, Tess Lea, Rashi Shrivastava
5 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Nov―13 Supporting Australia’s housing system: modelling pandemic policy responses Chris Leishman, Rachel Ong, Laurence Lester, Weidong Liang
6 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Nov―05 The lived experience of COVID-19: housing and household resilience Ralph Horne, Nicola Willand, Louise Dorignon, Bhavna Middha
7 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Oct―21 Policy coordination and housing outcomes during COVID-19 Chris Mason, Michael Moran, Amber Earles
8 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Oct―21 Post pandemic landlord-renter relationships in Australia David Oswald, Trivess Moore, Emma Baker
9 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Oct―07 Renting in the time of COVID-19: understanding the impacts Emma Baker, Rebecca Bentley, Andrew Beer, Lyrian Daniel
10 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Sep―30 Responding to the pandemic, can building homes rebuild Australia? Steven Rowley, Adam Crowe, Catherine Gilbert, Marko Kruger, Chris Leishman, Jian Zuo
11 [GO] AHURI Final Report 2020―Sep―23 Pathways to Regional Recovery from COVID-19 ready for formatting Julia Verdouw, Maria Belen Yanotti, Jacqueline De Vries, Kathleen Flanagan, Omar Ben Haman

11 Results       Page 1


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