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1 [GO] Biomedical and Translational Science 2021―Aug―04 Severe SARS-CoV-2 infection: Mortality and comorbidities in a third level hospital in San Luis Potosi, Mexico Garcia-Ruiz R, Benitez-Arvizu G, Salas-Rojas M, Galvez-Romero G, Flores- Ramirez R, Diaz-Barriga F, et al. (+2)
2 [GO] Clinical Immunology & Research 2021―Jul―16 COVID-19 and Repurposed Drugs How Much is A Human Life?. Carvallo Hector E, Matozza Francesco, Hirsch Roberto R
3 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Jul―14 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) the African Story: A Review Sule H, Kumurya AS, Gwarzo MY, Yahaya H, Rogo LD
4 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Jul―14 COVID-19: Can Metformin Drastically Reduce the Number of Deaths? Bracco Lorenzo
5 [GO] Cardiology & Vascular Research 2021―Jun―17 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Health Care Staff Related to COVID-19 in The Guinean Cardiological Environment Balde Mamadou Dadhi, Bah Mamadou Bassirou, Balde El hadj Yaya, Camara Abdoulaye, Béavogui Mariame, Barry Ibrahima Sory, et al. (+8)
6 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―04 COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease J. Bart Classen
7 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―04 Pharmacophore Investigations of Potential COVID-19 RNA Polymerase (Rdrp) Inhibitors: Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs Valentina L. Kouznetsova, Caroline Kellogg, Aidan Zhang, Mahidhar Tatineni, Mark A. Miller, Igor F. Tsigelny
8 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―04 A Rare Cardiovascular Complication of Covid-19, Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy - Review Kinal Bhatt, Mehrie H. Patel, Muhammad Jamal, Hassaan Shaikh, Ketul S. Barot, Alberto Burgos-Tiburcio, Marcos Sanchez-Gonzales
9 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―04 Global Impact and Implications of Covid-19: Call for Multi-Dimensional Perspectives towards Sustainable Solutions Teddie O. Rahube
10 [GO] Japan Journal of Research 2021―May―19 A mild oxidative stress could modulate the Nrf2 pathway in CoVid-19 patients Lamberto Re
11 [GO] Japan Journal of Research 2021―May―19 Trials of arsenic trioxide therapy should be envisioned for severely respiratory distress syndrome related to a cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients François Rieger
12 [GO] Case Reports and Reviews 2021―May―19 Management of heparin in COVID-19 patients during the first phase of pandemic Gianluca Sottilotta, Carmelo Mangano, Rosa Basile, Francesca Luise, Demetrio Megalizzi, Giovanna Maria Nicolò, et al. (+2)
13 [GO] Case Reports and Reviews 2021―May―19 Burdening of healthcare system by expected second wave of COVID-19 with influenza co-infection Kinal Bhatt, Marcos Sanchez-Gonzalez
14 [GO] Japan Journal of Research 2021―May―19 Real-world experience with Tocilizumab for the treatment of COVID-19: a retrospective series of 314 patients Paloma Peinado, Enrique Sanz-Garcia, Rafael Alvarez-Gallego, Irene Moreno, Miriam Dorta, Beatriz Alvarez, et al. (+8)
15 [GO] Neurology - Research & Surgery 2021―Mar―12 Neurological Involvement in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Buechner Susanne, Tesolin Lucia
16 [GO] Nursing & Primary Care 2021―Mar―12 Knowledge and Attitude of People Living in Ogbomoso on COVID-19 Adeyemo Florence O, Okpala Pat U, Olajide Adetunmise Oluseyi, Fawole Isreai Opeyemi
17 [GO] Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine 2021―Mar―12 The Cytokine Storm in COVID-19 Patients Amenable to Stem Cell Treatment: A Perspective Kuldip Sidhu
18 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 A Clinical Score for the Diagnosis of COVID-19 Alfredo Alvarado
19 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 The Association of ABO Blood Groups and Diseases Including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Ava L Johnson, Jackson J. Brooks
20 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Should Anal Swab be Obtained Instead of Throat Swab? Gastrointestinal Complaints and Findings in The Course of COVID-19 Ozgur Karcioglu, Goksu Afacan, Bilgen Ozkaya, Mandana Hosseinzadeh, Ebru Yilmaz, Mehmet Ozel, Selman Yeniocak
21 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 A Combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Steroid for Treatment of Severe COVID-19 Murwan Mohamed Saeed, Ahlam Abdulrasoul Musa
22 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Status in Italy Taken as an Example of the Virus Spreading in The World. Part II: The Models Martino Recchia, Umberto Cornelli, Giovanni Belcaro
23 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Covid-19 Aging and Chronic Diseases Cornelli Umberto, Belcaro Giovanni, Cesarone Maria Rosaria, Recchia Martino, Cotellese Roberto
24 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Inverse Association of COVID-19 and Malaria: Natural Immunity to SARSCoV-2 Infection? Randall E Harris, Alexander S Rosemurgy
25 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Increased Mast Cell Activation may be Responsible for the Critical Conditions in COVID-19 and Targeting Mast Cells and Their Mediators can Bring New Treatment Prospects Hülya Uzunismail
26 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Various Presentations of The Increased Cellular Permeability Syndrome in Males Responding Very Well to Sympathomimetic Amine Therapy -Possible Treatment for End-Stage Covid-19 Complications Diane L Check, Jerome H Check
27 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 The COVID-19 History in Italy: Correlations with Environment, Demographic Variables and Chronic Diseases Therapy Cornelli Umberto, Belcaro Giovanni, Cesarone Maria Rosaria, Recchia Martino, Cotellese Roberto
28 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 The COVID-19 Infection in Lombardia comes from China Cornelli Umberto, Belcaro Giovanni, Cesarone Maria Rosaria, Recchia Martino, Cotellese Roberto
29 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Dermatology and Mental Wellbeing in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic Hanaa Elsherbiny
30 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry Research 2021―Mar―11 COVID-19 Pandemic: How Can Exercise Help the Old Immune System? Renato Sobral Monteiro, Rodrigo Terra, Mariléia Chaves Andrade, Lara S. F Carneiro
31 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Ivermectin as Prophylaxis Against COVID-19 Retrospective Cases Evaluation Hir sch, Roberto R, Carv allo, Hector E
32 [GO] Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Drug Recommendations in the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Treatment and Management Guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America Masafumi Seki
33 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Covid-19, Type II Alveolar Cells and Surfactant Bracco Lorenzo
34 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 COVID-19: Proposals of Therapy of Infection and of Immunization Against the Virus SARS-CoV-2 Frank Mayer
35 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Perspective: Mouthwash in Context with Coronavirus Frank Mayer
36 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Coronavirus Cov19: The Status in Italy Taken as An Example of The Virus Spreading in The World Cornelli U, Belcaro G, Cesarone MR, Roberto Cotellese
37 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2021―Mar―11 Coronavirus, Immunity and Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF’s) William Pawluk
38 [GO] Gastroenterology Hepatology & Digestive Disorders 2021―Mar―10 Telehealth Counseling for Patients with Celiac Disease During COVID-19 Anne Roland Lee
39 [GO] Clinical Reviews & Cases 2021―Mar―10 The Perfect Storm and A Global Call to Reason: An Evolutionary Perspective on The Existential Threat of Covid-19 to Humanity Procunier William
40 [GO] Clinical Immunology & Research 2021―Mar―10 Ivermectin and Herd Immunity in SARS COV2 Pandemic from Local Experience to Broader Possibility Hector E Carvallo, Roberto R Hirsch
41 [GO] Cardiology & Vascular Research 2021―Jan―20 Translating Results from The Womed Model of Benign Thyroid Disease to A Practical Approach to Treat Fatigue In COVID-19 Patients Based on Combined Supplementation with Magnesium, Selenium, and Coenzyme Q10: A Treatment Strategy against Fatigue Moncayo Roy, Moncayo Helga
42 [GO] Addiction Research 2021―Jan―19 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in COVID-19 Pandemic Dr.Amit Grover, Dr.Rahn Kennedy Bailey
43 [GO] Addiction Research 2021―Jan―19 An Unforgettable Spring: A Collection of Reflections and Testimonies on Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic Phenomenon Stefano Parisi
44 [GO] Anesthesia & Pain Research 2021―Jan―19 Anesthesia and COVID-19, Peri-Operative Challenges and Recommendations Yonatan Mehari Andemeskel, Michael Beraki Mengistu, Betiel Yihdego Kidanemariam, Michal Haile Tsegay
45 [GO] Addiction Research 2021―Jan―19 The Effectiveness of Nerve Activation for Special Needs Children Who are Addictive to Gadget During Pandemic Erna Marina Kusuma
46 [GO] Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews 2020―Dec―22 CORONAVIRUS and PERTUSSIS Bracco Lorenzo
47 [GO] Diabetes & its Complications 2020―Oct―27 Evidence Supporting the Hypothesis that the 2019 Epidemic of E-vaping Acute Lung Injury (EVALI) was Caused in Part by COVID-19 J Bart Classen
48 [GO] Diabetes & its Complications 2020―Oct―27 Risk Factors Associated with COVID-19 Infection among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Imad R Musa
49 [GO] Diabetes & its Complications 2020―Oct―27 COVID-19, MMR Vaccine, and Bioweapons J Bart Classen
50 [GO] Diabetes & its Complications 2020―Oct―27 The Relationship of Diabetes and COVID-19: A Health Disparity Peter J Fos, Peggy A Honoré, Katrina Kellum
51 [GO] Nursing & Primary Care 2020―Oct―22 Perception Towards Infection Prevention Practices and Occupational Exposure Risk to Corona Virus Disease-19 (COVID-19) Among Nursing Students in a Private Healthcare Setting in Malaysia: A Cross-Sectional Survey Annamma K, Puziah Y, Aini A, Azimah MM, Wong PY
52 [GO] Nursing & Primary Care 2020―Oct―22 Respiratory Physiotherapy in ALS Patients in Brazil During COVID-19 Pandemic Mauricio de Sant ’Anna, Luciana Moisés Camilo, Cristiane Sousa Nascimento Baez Garcia, Marco Orsini, Carlos Henrique Melo Reis, Adriana Leico Oda, et al. (+9)
53 [GO] Nursing & Primary Care 2020―Oct―22 The Integrated and Specialized Interdisciplinary Team as a Differential Factor in the Care of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis during COVID19 Pandemic Adriana Leico Oda, Cristina C.S Salvioni, Marco Orsini, Acary S.B Oliveira, Mauricio Santanna Júnior, Luciana Moisés Camilo, et al. (+8)
54 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry Research 2020―Oct―21 Investigation of Sleep Quality of 150 First-Line Medical Staff Responding to COVID-19 Liu Xiaozheng, Wang Lijuan, Zheng Jisheng, Lu longxi, Guo Zhongwei
55 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry Research 2020―Oct―21 Mental Health and the Covid-19 Lockdown: International Quantitative Study Macri Dimitra, Makris Ioannis
56 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry Research 2020―Oct―21 The Effects of Socio-Demographic Changes on Cooperation and the Implications for Current Psychosocial Crises: Higher Suicide Frequency and Coronavirus Pandemic Camilo García, Axel M Navarro-Hernández
57 [GO] Medicine and Clinical Science 2020―Oct―19 Minimally Invasive Autopsy: a more feasible and safer alternative to conventional autopsy in the COVID-19 pandemic era? Natalia Rakislova, Mamudo R Ismail, Antonio Martinez, Carla Carrilho, Miguel J Martinez, Quique Bassat, et al. (+2)


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