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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] LIAS Working Paper Series 2022―Apr―05 Sexual and intimate citizenship in a Time of Pandemic Dave Ashby, Niharika Banerjea, Pascale Baker, Dhiren Borisa, Kath Browne, Cesare di Feliciantonio, et al. (+5)
2 [GO] New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences 2022―Jan―28 Student perspectives on online lectures during the Covid-19 lockdown David Read, Stephen M Barnes, Paul J Wilson
3 [GO] New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences 2021―Oct―27 The effects of Covid-19 on student transition from school to university in STEM subjects Daniel Cottle
4 [GO] LIAS Working Paper Series 2021―Aug―09 UniCoVac Position Paper: Considerations for University Campus-Based Programmes for COVID-19 and Other Infectious Disease Vaccines Christopher D Bayliss, Lieve Gies, Manish Pareek
5 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 A Stitch in Time? Craftivism, Connection and Community in the Time of COVID-19 Nikki Sullivan
6 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Reconceptualizing the Classroom: An Immersive Digital Primary Source Exercise During COVID-19 Melinda McPeek, Jennifer Piegols, Ian Post
7 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Museums, Challenging Heritage and Social Media During COVID-19 Cassandra Kist
8 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Collecting and Archiving Asian American Stories During COVID-19 Kevin Chu
9 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 ‘Isolation as a Collective Experience’: Museums’ First Responses to COVID-19 Amy Levin
10 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Collecting COVID-19 at National Museums Scotland Sarah Laurenson, Calum Robertson, Sophie Goggins
11 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Communities, Change and the COVID-19 Crisis Elizabeth Crooke
12 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Ground Zero Revisited - Museums and Materiality in an Age of Global Pandemic Lindsay Anne Balfour
13 [GO] Museum and Society 2020―Oct―15 Hybrid Material Encounters - Expanding the Continuum of Museum Materialities in the Wake of a Pandemic Areti Galani, Jenny Kidd
14 [GO] LIAS Working Paper Series 2020―Aug―19 Interdisciplinary Research and Pandemics Clare Anderson, Michael Barer, Timothy Coats, Sarah Davies, William Green, Anna Hansell, et al. (+13)
15 [GO] LIAS Working Paper Series 2020―Jul―29 Global Effects of COVID-19, government restrictions and implications for sex workers: A focus on Africa Rosie Campbell, Teela Sanders, Rahma Hassan, Susan Gichuna, Mercy Mutonyi, Peninah Mwangi

15 Results       Page 1


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