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1 [GO] Parks Stewardship Forum 2021―Sep―14 Mental health benefits of natural spaces and barriers to access in the age of COVID-19 Shelby Defeo, Trina Das, Emily Trendos, Taylor Hooker
2 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2021―Aug―31 COVID-19 and California’s Detained Youth: Vulnerable and Overlooked Sue Burrell, Shannan Wilber
3 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2021―Aug―31 Thoughts on State Capitol Lobbying During the Pandemic Chris Micheli
4 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2021―Aug―31 Providing Access to Justice in the Midst of a Pandemic Scott Miller
5 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2021―Aug―31 Pandemic Politics - How COVID Has Altered the Local Election Landscape Alana Jeydel
6 [GO] Berkeley Scientific Journal 2021―Aug―22 COVID-19 Year in Review: Insights from UC Berkeley’s Infectious Disease Experts Liane Albarghouthi, Lexie Ewer, Timothy Jang, Esther Lim, Emily Matcham, Rebecca Park, et al. (+3)
7 [GO] Race and Yoga 2021―Aug―22 Desis on the Mat: Building BIPOC Community During Two Pandemics Farha Ternikar
8 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Aug―11 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dermatology departments' support of medical students: A survey study Katheryn A Bell, Caroline Porter, Alexander D Woods, Zeynep M Akkurt, Steven R Feldman
9 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Aug―11 COVID-19 pandemic-related impact on two-week wait window for clinic visits in dermatology departments-results of pre-visit image referrals S Ramesh, A Liakapoulou, P Celebi, L M Zacharaki, S Watts, I Palamaras
10 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Challenges and Opportunities for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty during the Time of COVID-19 Kiran Jayaram, Matthew Pajunen, Chad Garcia, Neudy Carolina Nuñez, Jae-Anne Smith
11 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Special Issue: Teaching and Learning Anthropology in the Time of COVID-19 Jose Leonardo Santos
12 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Zooming in on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Community College Classrooms: Experiments with a Pedagogy of Place in Anthropology Courses Luminiţa-Anda Mandache, Anne Browning, Keith Bletzer
13 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 A Captive Audience: A Film to Express Students’ Perspectives during the COVID-19 Pandemic Pivot Maria Jo Phelps
14 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19: Structural Violence, the Mindful Body, and Teen Advocacy Jamie Kim, Sophia Peifer, Olivia Chen, Amital Haas
15 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Teaching Ethnographic Research Methods in the Time of COVID-19: Virtual Field Trips, a Web Symposium, and Public Engagement with Asian American Communities in Houston, Texas Ka-Kin Cheuk
16 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 Cogs, COVID, and Care: The Role of an Anthropologist and Administrator during the Pandemic Lauren C. Johnson
17 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2021―Jul―21 The Pandemic Pivot: Change and Adaptability during Quarantines, Social Distancing, and Anthropology in the Virtual Classroom Toni Copeland, Abigail Wightman
18 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jul―15 Social media use in residency recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic Yong-hun Kim, Nora S Ali, Nahid Y Vidal
19 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jul―15 The impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on dermatologist burnout: a survey study Pooja Shah, Deborah N Dorrell, Steven R Feldman, William W Huang
20 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―12 Perniosis in the COVID-19 era Ishan Shah, Stephen K Stacey, Nandita Ganne, John Merfeld
21 [GO] Ufahamu A Journal of African Studies 2021―Jun―11 A Momentous Year: On Protest and Pandemic Shaping Our Future Talia Lieber, Rebecca Wolff
22 [GO] Journal of Transnational American Studies 2021―Jun―11 Academia in a Time of Pandemic: An Australian Perspective Douglas B. Craig
23 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 A virtual faculty exchange program enhances dermatology resident education in the COVID-19 era: a survey study Nathan W Rojek, Lauren M Madigan, Lucia Seminario-Vidal, Amber R Atwater, Nicole M Fett, Nima Milani-Nejad, Benjamin H Kaffenberger
24 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Teledermatology application use in the COVID-19 era Kayd J Pulsipher, Colby L Presley, Chandler W Rundle, Hope R Rietcheck, Michelle Millitelo, Robert P Dellavalle
25 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 CARES Act provider relief fund aid to dermatologists in response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Neha Gupta, Harib H Ezaldein
26 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Surgical instrument disinfection during the era of COVID-19 Kunal Malik, Parth Patel, Amor Khachemoune
27 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 Catherine J Wang, Scott Worswick
28 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Morbilliform rash after administration of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine Patrick M Jedlowski, Mahdieh F Jedlowski
29 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Challenges of Teledermatology: Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Pandemic Hannah S Berman, Vivian Y Shi, Jennifer L Hsiao
30 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Patient perceptions of personal protective equipment use in an outpatient dermatology clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic Jacob Nosewicz, Jordan Hyde, Jennifer Sopkovich, Jessica Kaffenberger
31 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Orchestrating a virtual conference amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Chandler W Rundle, Sameeha S Husayn, Robert P Dellavalle
32 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Hidradenitis suppurativa patient perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic Kyla N Price, Erin K Collier, Tristan R Grogan, Jennifer L Hsiao, Vivian Y Shi
33 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Urgent safety considerations for dermatologic surgeons in the COVID-19 pandemic Joyce T Yuan, Shang I Brian Jiang
34 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Updates on treatment guidelines for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), hidradenitis suppurativa, and acne/rosacea during the COVID-19 pandemic Rebecca M Yim, Indira Singh, April W Armstrong
35 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting graduating dermatology residents and fellows Samantha S Sattler, Christina N Kraus, Jashin J Wu
36 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Changes in melanoma care practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multi-institutional cross-sectional survey Michael S Chang, Sancy A Leachman, Elizabeth G Berry, Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski, Alan C Geller, Douglas Grossman, et al. (+4)
37 [GO] Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine 2021―Jun―10 Case Report of COVID-19 Positive Male with Late-Onset Full Body Maculopapular Rash Sarah Harirforoosh, Jessica Hoffmann, Emily Bernal
38 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 COVID-19 skin manifestations: the new great imitator? Vivian Shi, Jennifer L Hsiao, Vivian Y Shi
39 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19: a systematic review and analysis of individual patient-level data David S Lee, Paradi Mirmirani, Patrick E McCleskey, Majid Mehrpouya, Farzam Gorouhi
40 [GO] Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine 2021―Jun―10 Improving Emergency Department Airway Preparedness in the Era of COVID-19: An Interprofessional, In Situ Simulation Keiran J Warner, Ashley C Rider, James Marvel, Michael A Gisondi, Kimberly Schertzer, Kelly N Roszczynialski
41 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Teledermatology after COVID-19: key challenges ahead Waqas Haque, Rithi Chandy, Muzzammil Ahmadzada, Babar Rao
42 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 SARS-CoV-2 infection in a patient with psoriasis treated with risankizumab Christina Huang, Tiffany Chen
43 [GO] Dermatology Online Journal 2021―Jun―10 Semi-automated total body photography supports robust delivery of skin cancer monitoring services during the SARS-COV2/COVID-19 pandemic Elizabeth D Drugge, Rebecca M Sarac, Patricia Fay, Rhett J Drugge
44 [GO] Berkeley Scientific Journal 2021―Jun―09 COVID-19: Insights from UC Berkeley's Infectious Disease Experts Sharon Binoy, Ananya Krishnapura, Esther Lim, Elettra Preosti, Melanie Russo, Michael Xiong, et al. (+3)
45 [GO] California Italian Studies 2021―Jun―09 Prefatory Note: Borderless Italy in the Age of the Coronavirus Claudio Fogu, Stephanie Malia Hom, Laura E. Ruberto
46 [GO] Parks Stewardship Forum 2021―May―14 A recreation ecology perspective on the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic: Potential parks and protected area impacts relating to visitor spatial use, terrestrial flora and fauna, and management Lara A. Jacobs, Susan A. Sidder, Jenna Baker, Evan M. Bredeweg, Rosario Allende, Ashley D'Antonio
47 [GO] Berkeley Review of Education 2021―Feb―01 Professionalizing Teachers and Teaching Amid the Pandemic in Chile Cristóbal Madero
48 [GO] Berkeley Review of Education 2021―Jan―26 This Isn’t What Anyone Planned: What Homeschooling Mothers Can Teach Us About Pandemic-Schooling Leah Faw
49 [GO] Parks Stewardship Forum 2021―Jan―16 Beyond COVID-19: Conserving nature to prevent the next pandemic Tierra Smiley Evans, Zoë Grange, Jaber Belkhiria, Jennifer Lane, Brooke Genovese, Eri Togami, Jonna Mazet
50 [GO] Teaching and Learning Anthropology 2020―Dec―30 Plagues, Pathogens, and Pedagogical Decolonization: Reflecting on the Design of a Decolonized Pandemic Syllabus Samantha J Primiano, Ananya Krishnan, Thurka Sangaramoorthy
51 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 Election Law Changes as a Result of COVID-19 Tom Umberg, Jonathan Rivera Diaz
52 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 How Do Californians Want to Cast their Ballots During the COVID-19 Crisis? Thad Kousser, Mindy Romero, Mackenzie Lockhart, Seth Hill, Jennifer Merolla
53 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 Ensuring That Every Vote Counts: Protecting Historically Disenfranchised Communities’ Access to the Ballot During the COVID-19 Pandemic Christina Fletes-Romo, Brittany Stonesifer, Julia Gomez
54 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 Past Electoral Reforms Have Prepared California for Pandemic Challenges Ben Allen
55 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 The Pandemic in Prison: Implications for California Politics and Policymaking Amy E. Lerman, Jessie Harney
56 [GO] California Journal of Politics and Policy 2020―Oct―22 Early in the Pandemic, There Was No Partisan Divide over Preferences for Voting by Mail in the 2020 Election Thad Kousser, Mindy Romero, Mackenzie Lockhart, Seth Hill, Jennifer Merolla
57 [GO] Parks Stewardship Forum 2020―Sep―15 Responding to COVID-19 and future times of uncertainty: Challenges and opportunities associated with visitor use, management, and research in parks and protected areas Lara A. Jacobs, Michael P. Blacketer, Brian A. Peterson, Elena Levithan, Zachary A. Russell, Michael Brunson


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