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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Lepra
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Leprosy Review 2021―Sep―15 The impact of COVID-19 on the labour market for persons affected by Hansen’s disease Ana Carolina Corrêa de Sousa
2 [GO] Leprosy Review 2021―Jul―14 Clinical findings in patients with leprosy who are infected with COVID-19: a case series from Elazığ, Turkey Selma Bakar Dertlioğlu, Gülden Eser Karlıdağ, Serpil Ağlamış
3 [GO] Leprosy Review 2021―Mar―15 COVID-19 and leprosy new case detection in India Guillermo Robert de Arquer, Arun Kumar, Rajni Kant Singh, Naveen Satle, Radhika Mamidi, Pritha Biswas
4 [GO] Leprosy Review 2021―Feb―02 GPZL Working Group 1 assesses challenges and a path forward for leprosy during COVID-19 Arielle Cavaliero, Benedict Quao
5 [GO] Leprosy Review 2021―Feb―02 Persons affected by leprosy and the COVID-19 global health crisis: a consultative calls report from GPZL’s emergency response Working Group 2 Andie Tucker, Alice Cruz, Mathias Duck, Amar Timalsina
6 [GO] Leprosy Review 2020―Oct―30 Advice about leprosy and COVID-19
7 [GO] Leprosy Review 2020―Oct―02 Early impact of COVID-19: Observations from an integrated WASH and NTD project in two south-eastern states in India Shyamala Anand, Radhika Mamidi, Pritha Biswas


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