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1 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Oct―02 Analysis of the dynamics of vaccination against coronavirus infection in Russia N. V. Orlova, T. V. Gololobova, T. G. Suranova, M. N. Filatova, S. Yu. Orlova
2 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Oct―02 Study of clinical and diagnostic parameters in patients with acute coronary syndrome who underwent COVID-19 N. V. Orlova, V. V. Lomaichikov, G. A. Chuvarayan, Ya. G. Spiryakina, S. E. Arakelov, I. Yu. Titova, A. P. Petrenko
3 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Sep―29 Differentiated approach to treatment of cognitive disorders associated with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), taking into account comorbidity factor M. V. Putilina, N. V. Teplova, O. S. Gerasimova
4 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Sep―27 Role of vitamins and minerals in immunity support in COVID-19 S. V. Orlova, E. A. Nikitina, E. V. Prokopenko, A. N. Vodolazkaya, V. V. Tatarinov, Yu. A. Pigareva
5 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Sep―27 Immune properties of lactoferrin and its protective role in new coronavirus infection COVID-19 S. V. Orlova, E. A. Nikitina, E. V. Prokopenko, L. Yu. Volkova, A. N. Vodolazkaya
6 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Sep―27 Dihydroquercetin as potential immunonutrient in treatment of COVID-19 V. V. Tatarinov, S. V. Orlova, E. A. Nikitina, E. V. Prokopenko, A. N. Vodolazkaya, Yu. A. Pigareva, K. V. Paliy
7 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―20 Rheumatic diseases and coronavirus infection: levilimab use experience E. V. Kalinina, I. V. Lekareva, M. S. Zvonorenko, A. L. Emelianova, I. V. Kostryukova, E. V. Scherbinina, A. R. Babaeva
8 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―19 Possibilities of intestinal dysfunction treatment in period of convalescence of COVID-19 D. A. Khavkina, P. V. Chukhliaev, T. A. Ruzhentsova
9 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―19 Pseudomembranous colitis in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 E. Yu. Eremina, I. V. Gerasimenko, E. S. Shinkevich
10 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―19 Gastrointestinal symptoms in SARS-CoV-2 infected: emphasis on increased mucosal permeability E. Yu. Eremina
11 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―18 Echocardiography in diagnosis of cardiovascular complications in patients who have undergone COVID-19, and echocardiographic study algorithm for this category of patients M. K. Rybakova, V. V. Mitkov, E. D. Khudorozhkova, D. G. Baldin, E. A. Kotaeva
12 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―18 Omega-3 fatty acids as component of nutritional and metabolic treatment of patients with COVID-19 and other viral diseases (literature review) A. V. Dmitriev, I. A. Machulina, A. E. Shestopalov
13 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Aug―18 Early use of cytokine adsorption in treatment of COVID-19 associated respiratory distress syndrome A. S. Rybalko, A. V. Voronin, A. O. Vagulin, A. S. Saryglar, L. V. Zabolotskaya, S. N. Perekhodov, et al. (+3)
14 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―30 ‘Nucleated red blood cells’ as hypoxia marker in clinical analysis of blood in patients with coronavirus infection O. Yu. Dorn, F. M. Orifova, E. G. Stepanova
15 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―30 Multimodal differential diagnostics of viral pneumonia in SARS-CoV-2 pandemic conditions (clinical case) A. V. Borsukov, T. G. Morozova, D. Yu. Venidiktova, A. V. Tikhankova, O. A. Gorbatenko, А. A. Kovalyov, et al. (+3)
16 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―30 Determination of class G antibodies to SARS-CoV2 after application of ‘GamCOVID-Vac’ or ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine of National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology n.a. honorary academician N.F. Gamaleya N. A. Alkhutova, N. A. Kovyazina, N. A. Bardysheva, N. M. Kalinina, S. S. Alexanin
17 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―30 Key features of tests for detection of SARS-CoV2 antibodies V. S. Berestovskaya, T. V. Vavilova, A. V. Gubanova, N. Yu. Chernysh
18 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―30 Place of serological test-systems for detection of antibodies to SARS-CoV2 in emergency cardiac surgery O. V. Petrova, D. K. Tverdokhlebova, D. M. Nikulina, D. G. Tarasov
19 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―28 Cerebrovascular complications of novel coronavirus infection in young and middle-aged people F. Z. Olimova, Ye. G. Klocheva, S. V. Lobzin, V. V. Goldobin, M. S. Partavi
20 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―15 Clinical case in outpatient practice: acute tonsillitis against background of COVID-19 N. V. Orlova, V. V. Lomaychikov
21 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―15 Acute respiratory viral infections in COVID-19 pandemic in practice of polyclinic doctor V. V. Nikiforov, N. V. Orlova, V. V. Lomaychikov
22 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―15 Acute pericarditis in patient with COVID-19: pre-hospital and in-hospital follow-up stages V. P. Gribanov, A. S. Kirillov, I. A. Vavilov, E. D. Ozerova, V. V. Lomaichikov
23 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―08 Features of gastroenterologist’s work in COVID-19 pandemic M. A. Butov, A. S. Vasilevskaya, S. V. Shelukhina, P. S. Kuznetsov, M. V. Borisova, E. V. Markova
24 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jun―08 Features of NSAIDs' use in pandemic. Gastroenterologist's view E. I. Sas
25 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Apr―12 Electroencephalography and somatosensory evoked potentials in Covid-19 patients. Experience in recording and using telemedicine technologies to analyze results M. V. Sinkin, E. G. Seliverstova, L. T. Khamidova, K. A. Popugaev, A. A. Grin, S. S. Petrikov
26 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Apr―12 Cardiac complications in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia N. А. Yaroshchuk, V. V. Kochmasheva, A. V. Vakhrameev
27 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Apr―11 Stroke and COVID-19 T. M. Ostroumova, O. D. Ostroumova, N. A. Arablinsky, O. V. Golovina
28 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Apr―11 Antibiotic-associated drug-induced liver damage with cholestasis: actualization of problem in COVID-19 era O. D. Ostroumova, A. P. Pereverzev, E. E. Pavleeva, R. R. Romanovsky
29 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Mar―28 Role of pharmaco- and micronutrients in nutritional metabolic therapy of COVID-19 and other viral infections A. V. Dmitriev, I. A. Machulina, A. E. Shestopalov
30 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Mar―28 Clinical features, pathogenesis and treatment of long-haul COVID-19 impact on nervous system A. N. Barinov, L. S. Moshkhoeva, E. V. Parkhomenko, E. V. Emikh, I. P. Yastrebtseva
31 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Mar―28 Sleep disorders in doctors in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic E. A. Korabelnikova, O. V. Vorobieva, S. A. Makarov, A. B. Danilov
32 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Mar―28 Asthenic syndrome in patients with COVID-19: pathogenesis, clinic, diagnosis and medical rehabilitation L. V. Petrova, E. V. Kostenko, M. A. Eneeva
33 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 Features of organization of sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures in medical emergency pediatric organization during spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) V. A. Mitish, S. A. Valiullina, A. V. Bryantsev, A. V. Vlasenko, V. V. Gladko
34 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 Exanthema on background of COVID-19 in children: is additional therapy needed? T. A. Ruzhentsova, D. A. Khavkina, P. V. Chukhlyaev, A. A. Garbuzov, R. V. Popova, N. A. Meshkova
35 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 Comparative analysis of patient satisfaction with COVID-19 medical care provided in telemedicine center A. V. Starshinin, A. A. Tyazhelnikov, A. V. Pogonin, E. V. Kostenko
36 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 Infodemiological study of coronavirus epidemic using Google Trends in Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan K. T. Momynaliev, L. L. Khoperskay, N. Yu. Pshenichnaya, G. N. Abuova, V. G. Akimkin
37 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 On results of determining levels of immunoglobulins M and G to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in employees of medical organization of emergency pediatric profile V. A. Mitish, K. E. Khmelnitsky, A. V. Vlasenko
38 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―15 Features of clinical picture of pneumonia caused by SARS-COV-2 virus in children T. A. Ruzhentsova, D. A. Khavkina, P. V. Chukhlyaev, A. A. Garbuzov, R. V. Popova, N. A. Meshkova
39 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―14 Features of professional burnout and subjectively significant stress factors in doctors who provided remote telemedicine services during COVID-19 pandemic A. A. Tyazhelnikov, E. V. Kostenko, M. V. Gushchin, A. S. Kuznetsova
40 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―14 Asthenic syndrome in context of COVID-19 pandemic Yu. D. Vorobyova, G. M. Diukova
41 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―14 Neuropsychiatric features of current COVID-19 pandemic (analysis of foreign publications in 2020) P. G. Madonov, L. D. Khidirova, D. A. Derisheva
42 [GO] Medical alphabet 2021―Jan―14 Clinical value of echocardiography in patients with COVID-19: a systematic review M. N. Alekhin, S. I. Ivanov, A. I. Stepanova
43 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Dec―22 Pathogenetic links of liver damage, obesity and COVID-19 I. G. Bakulin, N. V. Bakulina, S. V. Tikhonov, S. A. Vinchuk, V. D. Dekkanova, N. A. Prokofiev
44 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―22 Late COVID-19 metastatic colorectal cancer therapy: to start or to delay? E. V. Artamonova
45 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―19 Rationale for need to use remote methods of ECG control during COVID-19 pandemic Yu. Popov
46 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―12 Quantitative determination of drugs for therapy of COVID-19 in serum and plasma using liquid chromatography ― mass-spectrometry D. A. Farmakovsky
47 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―12 Methodological aspects of formation of parsipative direction of medicine on example of using various types of biomaterial for COVID-19diagnosis D. G. Denisov, D. Yu. Nochrin, V. S. Emanuel, V. L. Emanuel
48 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―03 Mechanisms of liver damage in COVID-19 T. V. Pinchuk, N. V. Orlova, T. G. Suranova, T. I. Bonkalo
49 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―03 Sarcoidosis during COVID-19 new pandemic infection A. A. Vizel, I. Yu. Vizel, G. R. Shakirova
50 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Nov―03 Management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in COVID-19 pandemic S. I. Krayushkin, I. V. Ivakhnenko, E. A. Sushchuk, A. V. Zaporoshchenko
51 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Oct―26 Pulmonary function after COVID-19 in early convalescence phase O. I. Savushkina, A. V. Cherniak, E. V. Kryukov, I. Ts. Kulagina, M. V. Samsonova, E. N. Kalmanova, K. A. Zykov
52 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Oct―26 The features of clinical neurophysiology examination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic V. B. Voitenkov, M. V. Sinkin, M. V. Aleksandrov, E. V. Ekusheva, A. V. Klimkin, M. A. Bedova, E. G. Seliverstova
53 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Oct―26 Infectious safety of nursing staff in departments (offices) functional diagnostics in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic E. V. Panina, M. V. Pugachev, A. G. Shchesiu
54 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Oct―11 Nutritional management in cancer patients with SARS-CoV-2infection E. V. Gameeva, A. V. Dmitriev, A. E. Shestopalov
55 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Sep―25 Virucidal activity of pulsed ultraviolet radiation of continuous spectrum against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus A. Yu. Zverev, S. V. Borisevich, N. Ya. Chepurenkov, D. N. Masyakin, E. A. Kovalchuk, V. A. Bykov, et al. (+5)
56 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Sep―09 Current recommendations for pulmonary function testing during the COVID-19 pandemic M. Yu. Kameneva, O. I. Savushkina, A. V. Cherniak
57 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Aug―15 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Dental Practice (Literature review) S. N. Razumova, A. S. Brago, Y. S. Kozlova, A. S. Manvelyan, M. N. Razumov, M. D. Bajkulova
58 [GO] Medical alphabet 2020―Jun―17 COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic. Algorithm of actions of medical workers of clinic in identifying patients with suspected coronavirus V. V. Nikiforov, T. G. Suranova, A. Yu. Mironov


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