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1 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2022―Jul―28 Analysis of studies in the field of educational technologies related to Covid-19 during the pandemic period in Turkey Ezgi Yildiz
2 [GO] International Research Journal of medicine and Medical Sciences 2022―Jul―21 The association of a positive respiratory or bloodstream culture on outcome in a large, single-center study of predominately rural Georgia patients admitted with COVID-19 in 2020 Omkar Mayur, Jack Owens, Daniel F. Linder, Varghese George, Jim Franklin, Rodger D. MacArthur
3 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Dec―13 Measures and applications of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation during the COVID-19 pandemic Muhammet İrfan Kurudirek
4 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Dec―10 An investigation of athletes' anxiety of catching Covid-19 and their motivation levels in terms of some variables Burkay Cevahircioğlu
5 [GO] Biochemistry and Biotechnology Research 2021―Sep―23 Retrospective evaluation of the serum level of Vitamin D among COVID-19 patients in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia Sultan Siaf Al-Harbi, Yasmine Amaier Al-Harbi, Amal Ezzat Abdellatif, Ziab Zakey Al-Ahmadey, Sultan Saud Alahmadi
6 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Sep―13 Relationship between computer use related self-efficacy perceptions and academic success of conservatory students during distance education in the COVID-19 pandemic Hacer Kömürcü
7 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Sep―13 Online learning perception among college students during COVID-19 pandemic around the world: Review Christine Ouma
8 [GO] International Research Journal of medicine and Medical Sciences 2021―Jul―06 Disuse syndrome in Japanese older adults due to instructions to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic Yoshiaki Endo, Tamaki Hirose, Masahiro Ishizaka, Yohei Sawaya, Akihiro Yakabi, Akira Kubo
9 [GO] Microbiology Research International 2021―Jul―06 An assessment of AEFI COVID-19 vaccination in health care workers at a tertiary health care centre in central India Kavita M. Jaiswal, Sujata Dudhgaonkar, Latesh Raghute, Pravin Uike, Shriya Kohli, Ipsita Anand
10 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―May―25 Opinions of university students on effects of distance learning in Turkey during the Covid-19 pandemic Münir Şahin
11 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Apr―13 Students’ views on learning French online with Microsoft Teams® during Covid-19 pandemic Sercan Alabay
12 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2021―Jan―27 Reflection of Covid-19 pandemic on the drawings of pre-school children: A phenomenological study Munise Duran
13 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2020―Dec―18 The investigation of screen-viewing on young children: Before and during the Covid-19 pandemic Metehan Buldu
14 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2020―Nov―03 Views of the sports audience who received sports education about the sports organizations postponed due to Covid-19 Şükrü Bingöl
15 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2020―Oct―05 The effect of physical activity on healthcare professionals’ work motivation and burnout levels during the covid-19 pandemic: An Istanbul example Selin Baikoğlu
16 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2020―Aug―10 Tutor perception on personal and institutional preparedness for online teaching-learning during the COVID-19 crisis: The case of Ghanaian Colleges of Education Alexander Obiri Gyampoh
17 [GO] African Educational Research Journal 2020―Jul―23 Opinions of the faculty of sport sciences students on the changes in education system during COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative research Eren Uluöz
18 [GO] International Research Journal of medicine and Medical Sciences 2020―Jun―15 Thermal and pH sensitivity of avian corona and influenza viruses: A model study for inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and other flu viruses Mohammed Alimul Islam, Sumaiya Islam, Enamul Haque, Muklesur Rahman, Asir Uddin, A.K.M. Khasruzzaman, et al. (+4)

18 Results       Page 1


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