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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Advances in Developmental and Educational Psychology 2021―Sep―10 Reevaluating incarcerated juvenile education in the wake of COVID-19: Why the juvenile system should take advantage of the online learning wave Catherine Hutwagner
2 [GO] Health and Environment 2021―Sep―07 Can ventilation in healthcare facilities prevention of infection COVID-19? Abdolmajid Fadaei
3 [GO] Advances in Health and Behavior 2021―Jul―29 Actions and re-actions of civic society and Patients Advocacy Groups across Europe during Covid-19 pandemic: Sharing good practices for more resilient Health Care Systems Mariano Votta, Bianca Ferraiolo
4 [GO] Advances in Mobile Learning Educational Research 2021―Jun―21 A transformative educational framework in tourism higher education through digital technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic Sofia Kallou, Aikaterini Kikilia
5 [GO] Advances in Mobile Learning Educational Research 2021―Jun―21 Emergency remote teaching in Greece during the first period of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic Nikos Tzimopoulos, Provelengios Petros, Iosofidou Maria
6 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Immunology 2021―Jun―16 Virtual screening as therapeutic strategy of COVID-19 targeting angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 Zahra Sharifinia, Samira Asadi, Mahyar Irani, Abdollah Allahverdi
7 [GO] Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Research 2021―Jun―12 Phylogenetic analyses and genomic variation of the 2019-nCoV Faiz Ul Haq, Sidrah Saleem, Muhammad Imran, Ayesha Ghazal, Kashif Ahmad, Muhammad Roman, Saeed Rahman
8 [GO] Frontiers in Molecular Immunology 2021―Mar―16 Efficacy and safety parameters of a novel COVID-19 vaccine Bozena Riedel-Baima, Roman Zielinski, Kornelia Polok
9 [GO] Social Work and Social Welfare 2021―Feb―03 Deliberative partnership around abortion request in students from COVID-19 Cruz Garcia Lirios
10 [GO] Advances in General Practice of Medicine 2020―Dec―30 Impact of Coronavirus disease 2019 on macroeconomics and overall development in the Democratic Republic of Congo Oscar N. Luboya, Olivier Mukuku, Léon N. Kabamba, Augustin M. Mutombo, Paul M. Mawaw
11 [GO] Health and Environment 2020―Sep―02 Coronavirus covid-2019: Is this really an invisible enemy or a warning to humanity? Modeste Kameni Nematchoua
12 [GO] Advances in Health and Behavior 2020―Apr―16 Climate variability and seasonal weather related to COVID-19 V. Spiridonov, N. Sladic, O. Zafirovski
13 [GO] Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Research 2020―Apr―02 Bioinformatics analysis of Qingfeipaidu Decoction for 2019-nCoV by TCM-BATMAN and GSH Bo Leng, Yu Di


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