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Publishing House: APO Society of Specialists in Heart Failure
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1 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Sep―22 Myocardial injury in COVID-19 patients is associated with the thickness of epicardial adipose tissue Savaş Özer, Eser Bulut, Ali Gökhan Özyıldız, Mustafa Peker, Oğuzhan Ekrem Turan
2 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Aug―16 The short-term effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the management of warfarin therapy Doğan Tolga, Levent Fatih
3 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Jul―27 Clinical observations of COVID-19 infection in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension O. V. Kamenskaya, I. Yu. Loginova, A. S. Klinkova, V. V. Lomivorotov, A. M. Chernyavsky
4 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Jul―27 Subacute and chronic post-covid myoendocarditis: clinical presentation, role of coronavirus persistence and autoimmune mechanisms O. V. Blagova, E. A. Kogan, Yu. A. Lutokhina, A. D. Kukleva, D. H. Ainetdinova, V. M. Novosadov, et al. (+6)
5 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―May―17 Cardiac Involvement in COVID-19 A. B. Sugraliyev
6 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Apr―14 Complicated Course of Coronavirus COVID-19 Infection in the old Patient with Severe Cardiac Pathology: a Clinical Case Study S. A. Boldueva, I. A. Ruslyakova, O. V. Zakharova, M. V. Rozhdestvenskaya
7 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Apr―14 Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Performance Measures in Acute Myocardial Infarction Miguel Alejandro Rodriguez-Ramos
8 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Mar―15 Clinical Characteristics and Factors Associated with Poor Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients with Novel Coronavirus Infection COVID-19 S. A. Boytsov, N. V. Pogosova, F. N. Paleev, M. V. Ezhov, A. L. Komarov, D. V. Pevsner, et al. (+5)
9 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Mar―15 Hydroxychloroquine in patients with novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19): a case-control study A. A. Kamalov, V. Yu. Mareev, Ya. A. Orlova, A. G. Plisyk, Z. A. Akopyan, Yu. V. Mareev, et al. (+3)
10 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Mar―15 Proactive anti-inflammatory therapy with colchicine in the treatment of advanced stages of new coronavirus infection. The first results of the COLORIT study V. Yu. Mareev, Ya. A. Orlova, A. G. Plisyk, E. P. Pavlikova, Z. A. Akopyan, S. T. Matskeplishvili, et al. (+15)
11 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Feb―01 COVID-19 management in heart transplanted recipients: registry of Almazov National Medical Research Centre M. A. Simonenko, P. A. Fedotov, Yu. V. Sazonova, K. I. Monosova, M. Yu. Sitnikova, G. V. Nikolaev, et al. (+2)
12 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Jan―25 Right ventricular systolic dysfunction as a predictor of adverse outcome in patients with COVID-19 E. Z. Golukhova, I. V. Slivneva, M. M. Rybka, M. L. Mamalyga, D. I. Marapov, I. V. Klyuchnikov, et al. (+2)
13 [GO] Kardiologiia 2021―Jan―25 How evaluate results of treatment in patients with COVID-19? Symptomatic Hospital and Outpatient Clinical Scale for COVID-19 (SHOCS-COVID) V. Yu. Mareev, Yu. L. Begrambekova, Yu. V. Mareev
14 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 QT Interval in Patients With COVID-19 V. N. Komoliatova, L. M. Makarov
15 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 Myopericaditis as a late manifestation of the probable COVID-19 L. N. Chikhireva, O. A. Chikhirev, D. A. Pikin, O. P. Bychkova, A. M. Cherkashov, Yu. N. Belenkov
16 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 ECG changes in COVID-19 G. V. Ryabykina
17 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 Cardiovascular Pathology in Patients With COVID-19 E. K. Serezhina, A. G. Obrezan
18 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 Combination therapy at an early stage of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Case series and design of the clinical trial “BromhexIne and Spironolactone for CoronаvirUs Infection requiring hospiTalization (BISCUIT)” V. Yu. Mareev, Ya. A. Orlova, E. P. Pavlikova, S. T. Matskeplishvili, Z. A. Akopyan, A. G. Plisyk, et al. (+12)
19 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―06 Miocarditis in Patients with COVID-19 Confirmed by Immunohistochemical E. A. Kogan, Yu. S. Berezovskiy, O. V. Blagova, A. D. Kukleva, G. A. Bogacheva, E. V. Kurilina, et al. (+6)
20 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Nov―02 Proactive anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant therapy in the treatment of advanced stages of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Case Series and Study Design: COLchicine versus ruxolitinib and secukinumab in open prospective randomIzed trial (COLORIT) V. Yu. Mareev, Ya. A. Orlova, E. P. Pavlikova, Z. A. Akopyan, S. T. Matskeplishvili, A. G. Plisyk, et al. (+12)
21 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Jul―28 Steroid pulse -therapy in patients With coronAvirus Pneumonia (COVID-19), sYstemic inFlammation And Risk of vEnous thRombosis and thromboembolism (WAYFARER Study) V. Yu. Mareev, Ya. A. Orlova, E. P. Pavlikova, S. T. Matskeplishvili, T. N. Krasnova, P. S. Malahov, et al. (+7)
22 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Jul―28 Use of Statins, Anticoagulants, Antiaggregants and Antiarrhythmic Drugs in Patients With COVID-19. The Agreed Experts’ Position of Russian Society of Cardiology, Eurasian Association of Therapists, National Society on Atherothrombosis, Societies of Experts in Urgent Cardiology, Eurasian Arrhythmology Association Ye. V. Shlyakhto, G. P. Arutyunov, Yu. N. Belenkov, E. I. Tarlovskaya, A. O. Konradi, E. P. Panchenko, et al. (+25)
23 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Jun―09 Recommendations of the Eurasian Arrhythmology Association (EURA) for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with arrhythmias and conduction disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic Yu. N. Belenkov, V. A. Snezhitskiy, A. V. Ardashev, S. A. Abzaliyeva, Riccardo Cappato, J. I. Karpenko, et al. (+11)
24 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―Jun―09 The Agreed Experts’ Position of the Eurasian Association of Therapists on Some new Mechanisms of COVID-19 Pathways: Focus on Hemostasis, Hemotransfusion Issues and Blood gas Exchange G. P. Arutyunov, N. A. Koziolova, E. I. Tarlovskaya, A. G. Arutyunov, N. Yu. Grigorjeva, G. A. Dzhunusbekova, et al. (+11)
25 [GO] Kardiologiia 2020―May―12 Role of age, comorbidity and renin- angiotensin-aldosterone system in COVID-19. Effects of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers Yu. V. Mareev, V. Yu. Mareev


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