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1 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Dec―18 Coronavirus disease 2019-associated persistent cough and Chiari malformation type I resulting in acute respiratory failure: illustrative case Anthony J Piscopo, Nahom Teferi, Anthony Marincovich, Meron Challa, Brian J Dlouhy
2 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Sep―27 Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage presenting in a patient with vitamin K deficiency and COVID-19: illustrative case Nathaniel R. Ellens, Howard J. Silberstein
3 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Jul―04 Assigning developmental venous anomaly thrombosis to SARS-CoV-2 only when the causal connection has been proven Josef Finsterer
4 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 2023―May―27 Changes in the epidemiology of pediatric sinogenic and otogenic intracranial infections during the COVID-19 pandemic: a single-institution study Sophia J. Angelo, Megan G. Anderson, Pearl A. Sutter, Patrick J. Halloran, Katherine R. Kavanagh, Mitch R. Paro, et al. (+4)
5 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2023―May―06 An assessment of the long-term impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on academic neurosurgery Tessa A. Harland, Julie G. Pilitsis, Nathan R. Selden, Deborah L. Benzil
6 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 2023―Apr―01 Prevalence, severity, and neurosurgical management of abusive head trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic Jasmine L. Hect, Anmol Almast, Dennis Simon, Shannon Shoemaker, Michael M. McDowell
7 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Feb―20 Subdural empyema secondary to pansinusitis after coronavirus disease 2019 infection in an immunocompetent patient: illustrative case Christopher S. Hong, Morgan L. Prust, R. Peter Manes, Ryan A. Rimmer, Sacit Bulent Omay
8 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Feb―06 Developmental venous anomaly thrombosis in a patient with coronavirus disease 2019-associated hypercoagulability: illustrative case Natasha Ironside, Derek Petrosian, Salma Abbas, Ching-Jen Chen, Ryan Kellogg, Dale Ding, Min S. Park
9 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Feb―06 Sinusitis complicated by intracranial abscess in 3 patients with coronavirus disease 2019: illustrative cases Samuel Griffin, Ryan T. Cleary, Michael Prim, Nicholas Musgrave, Jeroen R. Coppens, Joanna Kemp
10 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2023―Jan―30 Cerebrospinal fluid fistula as a complication of reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction collection for the detection of coronavirus disease 2019: illustrative cases Lucca B. Palavani, Camila V. F. Andrade, Renato A. Andrade, Egmond Alves, Marcio Falchi Barros, João F. Barbieri
11 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Dec―26 Acute worsening of CADASIL in a patient with COVID-19 infection: illustrative case Jared S. Rosenblum, Jessa M. Tunacao, Matthew A. Nazari, Halle Ronk, Danielle D. Dang, Chad Downing, et al. (+6)
12 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Dec―12 Transverse myelitis after Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine: illustrative case Ezek Mathew, Julie Williamson, Lois Mamo, Rob Dickerman
13 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Sep―05 Postinfectious coronavirus disease 2019 hemorrhagic cerebellitis: illustrative case Eric K. H. Chow, Barry M. Rabin, John Ruge
14 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 2022―Aug―27 Academic productivity in pediatric neurosurgery in relation to elective surgery slowdown during the COVID-19 pandemic Virendra R. Desai, Audrey Grossen, Huy Gia Vuong, Nicholas Hopkins, Mikayla Peters, Andrew Jea
15 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Aug―08 COVID-19-induced atypical pneumonia in an unseparated adult conjoined twin in a remote setup of developing country: management by telemedicine. Illustrative case Anand Kumar Das, Suraj Kant Mani, Saraj Kumar Singh
16 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2022―Aug―05 Changes in patterns of traumatic brain injury in the Michigan Trauma Quality Improvement Program database early in the COVID-19 pandemic Reid A. Johnson, Anne Eaton, Christopher J. Tignanelli, Kailey J. Carrabre, Christina Gerges, George L. Yang, et al. (+5)
17 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Jul―04 Intracerebral mucormycosis after COVID-19: illustrative cases Amin I. Nohman, Meltem Ivren, Sabrina Klein, Elham Khatamzas, Andreas Unterberg, Henrik Giese
18 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2022―Jun―01 Positive impact of the pandemic: the effect of post-COVID-19 virtual visit implementation on departmental efficiency and patient satisfaction in a quaternary care center Zach Pennington, Giorgos D. Michalopoulos, Aaron J. Biedermann, Jeffrey R. Ziegler, Sherri L. Durst, Robert J. Spinner, et al. (+3)
19 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―May―23 Intracranial complications of hypercoagulability and superinfection in the setting of COVID-19: illustrative cases Sarah E. Blitz, J. Tanner McMahon, Joshua I. Chalif, Casey A. Jarvis, David J. Segar, Weston T. Northam, et al. (+5)
20 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Apr―18 Trigeminal neuropathy after tozinameran vaccination against COVID-19 in postmicrovascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia: illustrative case Keisuke Onoda, Ryohei Sashida, Ren Fujiwara, Tomihiro Wakamiya, Yuhei Michiwaki, Tatsuya Tanaka, et al. (+5)
21 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2022―Jan―24 Adolescent subdural empyema in setting of COVID-19 infection: illustrative case
22 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2022―Jan―21 Optimizing the residency application process: insights from neurological surgery during the pandemic virtual application cycle
23 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2021―Dec―06 Applying to residency: survey of neurosurgical residency applicants on virtual recruitment during COVID-19 M. Harrison Snyder, Vamsi P. Reddy, Ankitha M. Iyer, Aruna Ganju, Nathan R. Selden, Jeremiah N. Johnson, et al. (+2)
24 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2021―Dec―01 Spine surgery under awake spinal anesthesia: an Egyptian experience during the COVID-19 pandemic Mohamed Fawzy M. Khattab, David A. W. Sykes, Muhammad M. Abd-El-Barr, Romaric Waguia, Amr Montaser, Sherief El Ghamry, Youssry Elhawary
25 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2021―Nov―19 Letter to the Editor. Applying to neurosurgery residency in the COVID-19 era Awinita Barpujari, Vamsi P. Reddy, Stacey Quintero Wolfe
26 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2021―Nov―08 De novo hemorrhagic sporadic cavernous malformation appearance after COVID-19 respiratory infection: illustrative case Carmen R. Holmes, Giuseppe Lanzino, Kelly D. Flemming
27 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2021―Nov―01 Iatrogenic cerebrospinal fluid leak after repeated nasal swab tests for COVID-19: illustrative case Johnson Ku, Chieh-Yi Chen, Jason Ku, Hsuan-Kan Chang, Jau-Ching Wu, Yu-Shu Yen
28 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2021―Nov―01 Editorial. Neurosurgical healthcare delivery quality and “where we go from here” after the pandemic Albert E. Telfeian
29 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 2021―Aug―20 Outcomes of a virtual craniofacial clinic for assessing plagiocephaly during the COVID-19 pandemic Neelan J. Marianayagam, Ishani D. Premaratne, Michelle M. Buontempo, Francis N. Villamater, Mark M. Souweidane, Caitlin E. Hoffman
30 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2021―Aug―02 Cerebral vasculopathy and strokes in a child with COVID-19 antibodies: illustrative case Gillian Shasby
31 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2021―Aug―01 Letter to the Editor. Social media in neurosurgery recruitment during COVID-19 and beyond Nolan J. Brown, Chidinma M. Wilson, Donald K. E. Detchou
32 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2021―Jul―19 Cerebral vasculopathy and strokes in a child with COVID-19 antibodies: illustrative case Chase H. Foster, Anthony J. Vargas, Elizabeth Wells, Robert F. Foster, Suresh N. Magge
33 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Case Lessons 2021―Jul―05 Awake craniotomy for glioblastoma in COVID-19-positive patients and delivering the standard of care: illustrative case Reinier Alvarez, Rupesh Kotecha, Michael W. McDermott, Vitaly Siomin
34 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2021―Jun―25 Suction mask device: a simple, inexpensive, and effective method of reducing spread of aerosolized particles during endoscopic endonasal surgery in the era of COVID-19 Takuma Hara, Marcus A. Zachariah, Ruichun Li, Rafael Martinez-Perez, Ricardo L. Carrau, Daniel M. Prevedello
35 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2021―May―21 Letter to the Editor. Academic and research interest groups in neurosurgery: a smart strategy in times of COVID-19 Juan Maiguel-Lapeira, Ivan Lozada-Martinez, Daniela Torres-Llinás, Luis Rafael Moscote-Salazar, Mohammed Al-Dhahir
36 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2021―Jan―08 Letter to the Editor. The COVID-19 crisis and return to the Hippocratic Corpus Masanori Kurimoto
37 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Dec―04 Letter to the Editor. The COVID-19 pandemic and the inequities of the neurosurgery match Michael D. White, Brandon M. Fox, Nitin Agarwal
38 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Introduction. COVID-19 and neurosurgery Franco Servadei, Miguel A. Arráez, Jincao Chen, John G. Golfinos, Mahmood M. Qureshi
39 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Preparedness and guidelines for neurosurgery in the COVID-19 era: Indian perspective from a tertiary care referral hospital Amol Raheja, Nitish Agarwal, Sarita Mohapatra, Vivek Tandon, Sachin Anil Borkar, P. Sarat Chandra, et al. (+2)
40 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Ambulatory neurosurgery in the COVID-19 era: patient and provider satisfaction with telemedicine Alina Mohanty, Visish M. Srinivasan, Jan-Karl Burkhardt, Jeremiah Johnson, Akash J. Patel, Sameer A. Sheth, et al. (+3)
41 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Neurosurgery in times of a pandemic: a survey of neurosurgical services during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Veneto region in Italy Fabio Raneri, Oriela Rustemi, Giampaolo Zambon, Giulia Del Moro, Salima Magrini, Yuri Ceccaroni, et al. (+12)
42 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Anxiety in neurosurgical patients undergoing nonurgent surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic Francesco Doglietto, Marika Vezzoli, Antonio Biroli, Giorgio Saraceno, Luca Zanin, Marta Pertichetti, et al. (+22)
43 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Virtual education in neurosurgery during the COVID-19 pandemic Tyler Lazaro, Visish M. Srinivasan, Maryam Rahman, Ashok Asthagiri, Garni Barkhoudarian, Lola B. Chambless, et al. (+4)
44 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Reduced field of view under the surgical microscope due to personal protective equipment: lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic Emrah Celtikci, Burak Karaaslan, Alp Özgün Börcek, Omer Hakan Emmez
45 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Neurosurgery at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia: experience from a Surabaya academic tertiary hospital Wihasto Suryaningtyas, Joni Wahyuhadi, Agus Turchan, Eko Agus Subagio, Muhammad Arifin Parenrengi, Tedy Apriawan, et al. (+2)
46 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 The adjustment of neurosurgical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study at Dr. Sardjito General Hospital as a part of an academic health system Handoyo Pramusinto, Daniel Agriva Tamba, Yoyok Subagio, Tommy J. Numberi, Bangun Pramujo, Franklin L. Sinanu, et al. (+3)
47 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Early practices in endonasal skull base surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: a global survey Pierre-Olivier Champagne, Michael M. McDowell, Eric W. Wang, Carl H. Snyderman, Georgios A. Zenonos, Paul A. Gardner
48 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: a turning point in neurosurgical education Nasser M. F. El-Ghandour, Ahmed A. M. Ezzat, Mohamed A. Zaazoue, Pablo Gonzalez-Lopez, Balraj S. Jhawar, Mohamed A. R. Soliman
49 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Neurosurgery training in India during the COVID-19 pandemic: straight from the horse’s mouth Chinmaya Dash, Tejas Venkataram, Nishant Goyal, Jitender Chaturvedi, Amol Raheja, Raghav Singla, et al. (+2)
50 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Deep brain stimulation telemedicine programming during the COVID-19 pandemic: treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders Zhengyu Lin, Chencheng Zhang, Yingying Zhang, Lulin Dai, Valerie Voon, Dianyou Li, Bomin Sun
51 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Pediatric neurosurgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: update and recommendations from the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery Matheus Fernando Manzolli Ballestero, Luciano Furlanetti, Ricardo Santos de Oliveira
52 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Treatment of patients with glioma during the COVID-19 pandemic: what we learned and what we take home for the future Federico Pessina, Pierina Navarria, Luisa Bellu, Elena Clerici, Letterio Salvatore Politi, Maria Pia Tropeano, et al. (+3)
53 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 COVID-19: changing patterns among neurosurgical patients from North India, efficacy of repeat testing, and inpatient prevalence Sushanta K. Sahoo, Sivashanmugam Dhandapani, Apinderpreet Singh, Chandrashekhar Gendle, Madhivanan Karthigeyan, Pravin Salunke, et al. (+11)
54 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Reconversion of neurosurgical practice in times of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a narrative review of the literature and guideline implementation in a Mexican neurosurgical referral center Sergio Díaz-Bello, Alan Hernández-Hernández, Gerardo Y. Guinto-Nishimura, Michel G. Mondragón-Soto, Monica Lem-Carrillo, Alberto González-Aguilar, et al. (+11)
55 [GO] Neurosurgical FOCUS 2020―Dec―01 Recapitulating the Bayesian framework for neurosurgical outpatient care and a cost-benefit analysis of telemedicine for socioeconomically disadvantaged patients in the Philippines during the pandemic Kevin Paul Ferraris, Jared Paul Golidtum, Brian Karlo W. Zuñiga, Maria Cristina G. Bautista, Jose Carlos Alcazaren, Kenny Seng, Joseph Erroll Navarro
56 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Nov―13 Letters to the Editor. Philosophical underpinnings of neurosurgical decision-making in the time of the coronavirus pandemic Nalini Tata, Nader S. Dahdaleh
57 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Spine 2020―Oct―02 Consensus-based perioperative protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic Praveen V. Mummaneni, John F. Burke, Andrew K. Chan, Julie Ann Sosa, Errol P. Lobo, Valli P. Mummaneni, et al. (+22)
58 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Sep―04 Cerebral deep venous thrombosis and COVID-19: case report Christian Hoelscher, Ahmad Sweid, Ritam Ghosh, Fadi Al Saiegh, Kavantissa M. Keppetipola, Christopher J. Farrell, et al. (+6)
59 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Aug―28 Editorial. Putting pen to paper during a pandemic: increased manuscript submissions to the JNS Publishing Group Douglas Kondziolka, William T. Couldwell, James T. Rutka
60 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Aug―07 Letter to the Editor. The COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore Marco Schiariti, Francesco Restelli, Morgan Broggi, Francesco Acerbi, Ignazio Gaspare Vetrano, Andrea Ciuffi, et al. (+2)
61 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Spine 2020―Jun―26 Letter to the Editor. COVID-19 and chronic pain Radek Kaiser
62 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―May―29 Letter to the Editor. Utilization of health personnel in developing countries during the COVID-19 pandemic Ahmed Ansari
63 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―24 Editorial. Community practice in the time of COVID-19 J. Adair Prall, John D. Davis, N. Ross Jenkins
64 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―24 Editorial. COVID-19 and neurosurgical practice: an interim report Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, Nicholas C. Bambakidis, Fred G. Barker, Bob S Carter, Kevin M. Cockroft, Rose Du, et al. (+13)
65 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―24 Editorial. Impact of COVID-19 on neurosurgery resident research training Victoria E. Clark
66 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―24 Editorial. Lessons learned: special precautions for performing emergency cerebrovascular procedures amid the COVID-19 pandemic Xiaoguang Tong, Yuanfan Yang
67 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. Neurosurgical priority setting during a pandemic: COVID-19 Mark Bernstein
68 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. COVID-19 and academic neurosurgery Bob S. Carter, E. Antonio Chiocca
69 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. COVID-19 and its impact on neurosurgery: our early experience in Singapore Zhiquan Damian Lee, David Low Chyi Yeu, Beng Ti Ang, Wai Hoe Ng, Wan Tew Seow
70 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Spine 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. COVID-19 and spinal surgery Zoher Ghogawala, Shekar Kurpad, Asdrubal Falavigna, Michael W. Groff, Daniel M. Sciubba, Jau-Ching Wu, et al. (+10)
71 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. Impact of COVID-19 on neurosurgery resident training and education Nicholas C. Bambakidis, Krystal L. Tomei
72 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. COVID-19 outbreak and its countermeasures in the Republic of Korea Kyung Hyun Kim, Eun Hwa Choi, Seung-Ki Kim
73 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. Task shifting and task sharing for neurosurgeons amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Faith C. Robertson, Laura Lippa, Marike L. D. Broekman
74 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. Innovations in neurosurgical education during the COVID-19 pandemic: is it time to reexamine our neurosurgical training models? Samuel B. Tomlinson, Benjamin K. Hendricks, Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol
75 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. Endonasal neurosurgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: the Singapore perspective Yu Tung Lo, Neville Wei Yang Teo, Beng Ti Ang
76 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―17 Editorial. A neurosurgery resident’s response to COVID-19: anything but routine Bryan D. Choi
77 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics 2020―Apr―10 Editorial. Early lessons in the management of COVID-19 for the pediatric neurosurgical community from the leadership of the American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons John C. Wellons, Gerald Grant, Mark D. Krieger, John Ragheb, Shenandoah Robinson, Bradley Weprin, Jeffrey Ojemann
78 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―10 Editorial. Response to COVID-19 in Chinese neurosurgery and beyond Yirui Sun, Ying Mao
79 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―10 Introduction. On pandemics: the impact of COVID-19 on the practice of neurosurgery Doug Kondziolka, William T. Couldwell, James T. Rutka
80 [GO] Journal of Neurosurgery 2020―Apr―10 Editorial. Neurosurgery in the storm of COVID-19: suggestions from the Lombardy region, Italy (ex malo bonum) Marco Cenzato, Francesco DiMeco, Marco Fontanella, Davide Locatelli, Franco Servadei

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