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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Queensland University of Technology
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1 [GO] Student Success 2021―Sep―16 Equalizing and Widening Access to Higher Education During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from a Multi-University Perspective Emlyn Dodd, Sonal Singh, Jim Micsko, Kylie Austin, Carolina Morison, Stuart Upton
2 [GO] Student Success 2021―Sep―07 On-Campus Students Moving Online During COVID-19 University Closures: Barriers and Enablers Katherine Attree
3 [GO] Student Success 2021―Aug―22 Teaching Resilience: Enabling Factors for Effective Responses to COVID-19 Alex Baumber, Lucy Allen, Tyler Key, Giedre Kligyte, Jacqueline Melvold, Susanne Pratt
4 [GO] Student Success 2021―Aug―15 “My Uni Experience Wasn’t Completely Ruined”: The Impacts of COVID-19 on the First-Year Experience Loraine McKay, Steven O'Bryan, Ella R Kahu
5 [GO] Student Success 2021―Aug―02 Balancing the COVID-19 Disruption to Undergraduate Learning and Assessment with an Academic Student Support Package: Implications for Student Achievement and Engagement Natalie Lloyd, Rebecca Sealey, Murray Logan
6 [GO] M/C Journal 2021―Jun―21 Creative Practice through Teleconferencing in the Era of COVID-19 Shaun Wilson
7 [GO] Law Technology and Humans 2021―May―03 Children’s Privacy in Lockdown: Intersections between Privacy, Participation and Protection Rights in a Pandemic Lisa Archbold, Valerie Verdoodt, Faith Gordon, Damian Clifford
8 [GO] Law Technology and Humans 2021―May―03 Introduction: Privacy and Pandemics Mark Taylor, Megan Richardson, Stacey Steele
9 [GO] International Journal for Crime Justice and Social Democracy 2021―Apr―18 Policing the Pedal Rebels: A Case Study of Environmental Activism Under COVID-19 Murray Lee
10 [GO] Law Technology and Humans 2021―Apr―05 Privacy and Emergency Payments in a Pandemic: How to Think about Privacy and a Central Bank Digital Currency Ellie Rennie, Stacey Steele
11 [GO] M/C Journal 2021―Mar―17 “Bubbling” the Fourth Age in the Time of COVID-19 Fincina Hopgood, Jodi Brooks
12 [GO] M/C Journal 2021―Mar―17 How the Mainstream Media Help to Spread Disinformation about Covid-19 Felipe Soares, Raquel Recuero
13 [GO] International Journal for Crime Justice and Social Democracy 2021―Feb―21 Unexceptional Violence in Exceptional Times: Disablist and Ableist Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ryan Thorneycroft, Nicole L Asquith
14 [GO] M/C Journal 2020―Dec―02 Influencers, Brands, and Pivots in the Time of COVID-19 Jin Lee, Tommaso Barbetta, Crystal Abidin


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