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Publishing House: Radiological Society of North America
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1 [GO] Radiology 2021―Oct―05 CT Lung Abnormalities after COVID-19 at 3 Months and 1 Year after Hospital Discharge Bavithra Vijayakumar, James Tonkin, Anand Devaraj, Keir E. J. Philip, Christopher M. Orton, Sujal R. Desai, Pallav L. Shah
2 [GO] Radiology 2021―Oct―05 Chest CT Patterns from Diagnosis to 1 Year of Follow-up in COVID-19 Feng Pan, Lian Yang, Bo Liang, Tianhe Ye, Lingli Li, Lin Li, et al. (+4)
3 [GO] Radiology 2021―Oct―05 Residual Lung Lesions at 1-year CT after COVID-19 Kyung Soo Lee, Yu Mi Wi
4 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Sep―30 Late Gadolinium Enhancement After COVID-19 Vaccination Hunter Wilson, Mark D. Norris, Olivia Frosch, Prachi P. Agarwal
5 [GO] Radiology 2021―Sep―14 Chest Radiograph Scoring Alone or Combined with Other Risk Scores for Predicting Outcomes in COVID-19 Iain Au-Yong, Yutaro Higashi, Elisabetta Giannotti, Andrew Fogarty, Joanne R. Morling, Matthew Grainge, et al. (+9)
6 [GO] Radiology 2021―Sep―14 Disease Severity Scoring for COVID-19: A Welcome (Semi)Quantitative Role for Chest Radiography Brent P. Little
7 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―31 CT Findings of COVID-19-associated Pulmonary Mucormycosis: A Case Series and Literature Review Mandeep Garg, Nidhi Prabhakar, Valliappan Muthu, Shameema Farookh, Harsimran Kaur, Vikas Suri, Ritesh Agarwal
8 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―17 Parsonage-Turner Syndrome Following COVID-19 Vaccination: MR Neurography Sophie C. Queler, Alex J. Towbin, Carlo Milani, Jeremy Whang, Darryl B. Sneag
9 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―17 Imaging and Hematologic Findings in Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AstraZeneca) Vaccination Anmol Gangi, Behnaz Mobashwera, Mary Ganczakowski, Robert Ayto
10 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―10 CT of Postacute Lung Complications of COVID-19 Joshua J. Solomon, Brooke Heyman, Jane P. Ko, Rany Condos, David A. Lynch
11 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―10 Cardiac MRI in Patients with Prolonged Cardiorespiratory Symptoms after Mild to Moderate COVID-19 Infection Dmitrij Kravchenko, Alexander Isaak, Sebastian Zimmer, Narine Mesropyan, Matthäus Reinert, Anton Faron, et al. (+8)
12 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―10 Myocardial Scar in COVID-19: Innocent Marker versus Harbinger of Clinical Disease João A. C. Lima, David A. Bluemke
13 [GO] Radiology 2021―Aug―03 Myocarditis Following COVID-19 Vaccination Alexander Isaak, Andreas Feisst, Julian A. Luetkens
14 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―27 Fibrotic Interstitial Lung Abnormalities at 1-year Follow-up CT after Severe COVID-19 Xiaoyu Han, Yanqing Fan, Osamah Alwalid, Xin Zhang, Xi Jia, Yuting Zheng, Heshui Shi
15 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―27 Postacute Sequelae of COVID-19 Pneumonia: 6-month Chest CT Follow-up Damiano Caruso, Gisella Guido, Marta Zerunian, Tiziano Polidori, Elena Lucertini, Francesco Pucciarelli, et al. (+7)
16 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―27 Residual Lung Disease at 6-month Follow-up CT after COVID-19: Clinical Significance Is a Key Issue Athol U Wells, Anand Devaraj
17 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―27 Radiology In Training: The Inaugural Year Amidst a Pandemic Eric Kim, Anna Trofimova, Francis Deng, Susanna I. Lee
18 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―26 Evolution of Lymphadenopathy at PET/MRI after COVID-19 Vaccination Kate Hanneman, Robert M. Iwanochko, Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan
19 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―20 Myocarditis Associated with mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination Jitka Starekova, David A. Bluemke, William S. Bradham, Thomas M. Grist, Mark L. Schiebler, Scott B. Reeder
20 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―20 Cardiac Abnormalities Depicted with MRI in COVID-19: Ongoing Concern for Myocardial Injury João A. C. Lima, David A. Bluemke
21 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―13 Deciphering the Risk of Thromboembolism in COVID-19 Loren H. Ketai
22 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jul―13 Pulmonary Embolism in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: A Multicenter Study Sadjad Riyahi, Hreedi Dev, Ashkan Behzadi, Jinhye Kim, Hanieh Attari, Syed I. Raza, et al. (+6)
23 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jun―29 CT Diagnosis of COVID-19: A View through the PICOTS Lens Geoffrey D. Rubin
24 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jun―29 Study of Thoracic CT in COVID-19: The STOIC Project Marie-Pierre Revel, Samia Boussouar, Constance de Margerie-Mellon, Inès Saab, Thibaut Lapotre, Dominique Mompoint, et al. (+29)
25 [GO] Radiology 2021―May―25 Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI Abnormalities in Dyspneic Participants 3 Months after COVID-19 Pneumonia: Preliminary Results James T. Grist, Mitchell Chen, Guilhem J. Collier, Betty Raman, Gabriele AbuEid, Anthony McIntyre, et al. (+5)
26 [GO] Radiology 2021―May―25 Detecting COVID-19-related Chronic Pulmonary Injury with 129Xe MRI Olaf Dietrich
27 [GO] Radiographics 2021―May―03 A New Normal in Radiology Resident Education: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic M. Hunter Lanier, C. Austin Wheeler, David H. Ballard
28 [GO] Radiology 2021―Apr―27 Prevalence of Increased FDG PET/CT Axillary Lymph Node Uptake Beyond 6 Weeks after mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination Yael Eshet, Noam Tau, Yousef Alhoubani, Nayroz Kanana, Liran Domachevsky, Michal Eifer
29 [GO] Radiology 2021―Apr―13 Stroke Imaging Utilization According to Age and Severity during the COVID-19 Pandemic Akash P. Kansagra, Manu S. Goyal, Scott Hamilton, Gregory W. Albers
30 [GO] Radiology Imaging Cancer 2021―Apr―09 COVID-19 Vaccination-Related Lymphadenopathy: What To Be Aware Of Wendy Tu, David S. Gierada, Bonnie N. Joe
31 [GO] Radiology 2021―Apr―06 Ocular Imaging in Patients with COVID-19 Srinivasan Sanjay, Ankush Kawali
32 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Apr―01 Accelerated Pulmonary Ossification as a Sequela of SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia Beatriz García Moreno, Guadalupe Buitrago Weiland, María Luisa Sánchez Alegre, Jhon Edilberto Vanegas Rodríguez
33 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―31 One-year Follow-up after Severe SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia Lei Tang, Xianchun Zeng
34 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―30 Central Retinal Artery Occlusion in Patients with COVID-19: Imaging for Underlying Causes Sunny Chi Lik Au, Callie Ka Li Ko
35 [GO] Radiology Artificial Intelligence 2021―Mar―24 Machine Learning for COVID-19 Diagnosis and Prognostication: Lessons for Amplifying the Signal While Reducing the Noise Derek Driggs, Ian Selby, Michael Roberts, Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas, James H. F. Rudd, Guang Yang, et al. (+3)
36 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―23 The Cochrane Systematic Review on Thoracic Imaging Tests for the Diagnosis of COVID-19 Lee Treanor, Nayaar Islam, Sanam Ebrahimzadeh, Matthew McInnes
37 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―23 CT Pulmonary Angiography for the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism in Patients with COVID-19: When, Why, and for Who? Angelo Porfidia, Rosa Talerico, Carolina Mosoni, Enrica Porceddu, Roberto Pola
38 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―22 Artificial Intelligence Augmentation of Radiologist Performance in Distinguishing COVID-19 from Pneumonia of Other Origin at Chest CT Harrison X. Bai, Robin Wang, Zeng Xiong, Ben Hsieh, Ken Chang, Kasey Halsey, et al. (+16)
39 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―16 CT-derived Chest Muscle Metrics for Outcome Prediction in Patients with COVID-19 Simone Schiaffino, Domenico Albano, Andrea Cozzi, Carmelo Messina, Roberto Arioli, Claudio Bnà, et al. (+22)
40 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―16 Author Gender Inequality in Medical Imaging Journals and the COVID-19 Pandemic Elske Quak, Gilles Girault, Marie Aude Thenint, Kathleen Weyts, Justine Lequesne, Charline Lasnon
41 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―16 No Time for Complacency: Near-Term Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Author Gender in Radiology Jessica B. Robbins, Faisal Khosa
42 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―16 Pulmonary Embolism in COVID-19: The Actual Prevalence Remains Unclear Daan J. L. van Twist, Inge H. Y. Luu, Féline P. B. Kroon, Rémy L. M. Mostard, Jacqueline Buijs
43 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―09 COVID-19 and Pulmonary Thromboembolism Mark M. Hammer, Constantine A. Raptis
44 [GO] Radiology 2021―Mar―09 FDG PET/CT Scan after Vaccination in Times of Pandemic Silvia González-Gómez, David A. Lizarazo, Javier Romero
45 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Mar―04 Cardiac MRI in Suspected Acute COVID-19 Myocarditis Julian A. Luetkens, Alexander Isaak, Can Öztürk, Narine Mesropyan, Malte Monin, Sefan Schlabe, et al. (+11)
46 [GO] Radiographics 2021―Mar―01 Chest CT in “Post” COVID-19: What the Radiologist Must Know Nidhi Prabhakar, Anuj Prabhakar, Mandeep Garg
47 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Feb―25 Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Detection of Respiratory Illness by Chest CT Imaging and Tracking of COVID-19 Pandemic in the US Ricardo C. Cury, Istvan Megyeri, Tony Lindsey, Robson Macedo, Juan Batlle, Shwan Kim, et al. (+3)
48 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―24 Adenopathy Following COVID-19 Vaccination Tina Washington, Rebecca Bryan, Christina Clemow
49 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―24 Evolution of Lymphadenopathy at PET/MRI after COVID-19 Vaccination Kate Hanneman, Robert M. Iwanochko, Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan
50 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―24 Lymphadenopathy in COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients: Diagnostic Dilemma in Oncology Patients Can Özütemiz, Luke A. Krystosek, An L. Church, Anil Chauhan, Jutta M. Ellermann, Evidio Domingo-Musibay, Daniel Steinberger
51 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―23 Vanishing Paraseptal Emphysema after COVID-19 Eglantine Cabanne, Marie-Pierre Revel
52 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―16 Ocular MRI Findings in Patients with Severe COVID-19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study Augustin Lecler, François Cotton, François Lersy, Stéphane Kremer, Françoise Héran, Helms Julie, et al. (+69)
53 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―16 The Eyes Have It: Looking Carefully at the Orbits and SARS-COV-2 Claudia F.E. Kirsch
54 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―09 COVID-19 Imaging: What We Know Now and What Remains Unknown Jeffrey P. Kanne, Harrison Bai, Adam Bernheim, Michael Chung, Linda B Haramati, David F. Kallmes, et al. (+3)
55 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Feb―03 Axillary Lymphadenopathy After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination Richard W. Ahn, Ann R. Mootz, Cecelia C. Brewington, Suhny Abbara
56 [GO] Radiology 2021―Feb―02 High-Performance 0.55-T Lung MRI in a Patient with COVID-19 Infection Adrienne E. Campbell-Washburn, Anthony F. Suffredini, Marcus Y. Chen
57 [GO] Radiology Imaging Cancer 2021―Jan―29 Trainee Perspectives on Breast Imaging Training during COVID-19: Where We Are Now Wendy Tu, Bonnie N. Joe
58 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―28 Imaging of COVID-19 Vaccination at FDG PET/CT Michal Eifer, Yael Eshet
59 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―26 “ILD” after COVID-19 Infection: A Catalogue of Uncertainties Athol U. Wells, Anand Devaraj, Sujal R. Desai
60 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―26 Six-Month Follow-up Chest CT findings after Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia Xiaoyu Han, Yanqing Fan, Osamah Alwalid, Na Li, Xi Jia, Mei Yuan, et al. (+5)
61 [GO] Radiology Imaging Cancer 2021―Jan―22 Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Care and Research in Cancer Imaging: Where We Are Now Gary. D Luker, Adeline N. Boettcher
62 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Jan―14 Diagnostic Performance of CO-RADS and the RSNA Classification System in Evaluating COVID-19 at Chest CT: A Meta-Analysis Robert M. Kwee, Hugo J. A. Adams, Thomas C. Kwee
63 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―12 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Radiology Submissions Linda Moy, David A. Bluemke
64 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―12 Elevated Extracellular Volume Fraction and Reduced Global Longitudinal Strains in Patients Recovered from COVID-19 without Clinical Cardiac Findings Xiaohu Li, Haitao Wang, Ren Zhao, Tingting Wang, Yinsu Zhu, Yinfeng Qian, et al. (+3)
65 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2021―Jan―07 A Novel Large-Vessel Arteritis in SARS-CoV-2-Related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Rida Salman, Prakash Masand, Thierry A.G.M. Huisman, Maria Pereira, Debra Lynn Kearney, R. Paul Guillerman, Siddharth Jadhav
66 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―05 Special Report of the RSNA COVID-19 Task Force: Crisis Leadership of Major Health System Radiology Departments During COVID-19 Mahmud Mossa-Basha, Mitch Schnall, Carolyn Meltzer, Laura Oleaga, Christopher Filippi, Mary Mahoney, et al. (+14)
67 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―05 COVID-19 Diagnosis in Case of Two Negative Nasopharyngeal Swabs: Association between Chest CT and Bronchoalveolar Lavage Results F Patrucco, A Carriero, Z Falaschi, A Pasché, F Gavelli, C Airoldi, et al. (+4)
68 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―05 RICORD: A Precedent for Open AI in COVID-19 Image Analytics Harrison X. Bai, Nicole M. Thomasian
69 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―05 The RSNA International COVID-19 Open Annotated Radiology Database (RICORD) Emily B. Tsai, Scott Simpson, Matthew Lungren, Michelle Hershman, Leonid Roshkovan, Errol Colak, et al. (+17)
70 [GO] Radiology 2021―Jan―05 False-Negative Nasopharyngeal Swabs and Positive Bronchoalveolar Lavage: Implications for Chest CT in Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia Brent P. Little
71 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―22 Artificial Intelligence of COVID-19 Imaging: A Hammer in Search of a Nail Ronald M. Summers
72 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―21 d-Dimer and COVID-19 Matthijs Oudkerk, Harry R. Büller, Dirkjan Kuijpers, Sytse F. Oudkerk, Edwin J. R. van Beek
73 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Dec―17 Imaging Utilization and Outcomes in Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19 in New York City Dennis Toy, Syed S. Mahmood, Jessica Rotman, Lauren K. Groner, Stacey Verzosa Weisman, Joanna G. Escalon, et al. (+11)
74 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Dec―17 Extension of Coronavirus Disease 2019 on Chest CT and Implications for Chest Radiographic Interpretation Hyewon Choi, Xiaolong Qi, Soon Ho Yoon, Sang Joon Park, Kyung Hee Lee, Jin Yong Kim, et al. (+13)
75 [GO] Radiology Artificial Intelligence 2020―Dec―16 Combining Initial Radiographs and Clinical Variables Improves Deep Learning Prognostication of Patients with COVID-19 from the Emergency Department Young Joon (Fred) Kwon, Danielle Toussie, Mark Finkelstein, Mario A. Cedillo, Samuel Z. Maron, Sayan Manna, et al. (+10)
76 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―15 Pulmonary Thromboembolism in COVID-19 Pamela K. Woodard
77 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―15 Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis in COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Young Joo Suh, Hyunsook Hong, Mickaël Ohana, Florian Bompard, Marie-Pierre Revel, Clarissa Valle, et al. (+13)
78 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―08 Utility of Screening Chest Radiographs in Patients with Asymptomatic or Minimally Symptomatic COVID-19 in Singapore Benjamin Jyhhan Kuo, Yusheng Keefe Lai, Mark Ming Loong Tan, Charles Xian-Yang Goh
79 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―08 RSNA International Trends: A Global Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Radiology in Late 2020 Bien Soo Tan, N. Reed Dunnick, Afshin Gangi, Stacy Goergen, Zheng-Yu Jin, Emanuele Neri, et al. (+4)
80 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―08 Chest Radiography in COVID-19: No Role in Asymptomatic and Oligosymptomatic Disease Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop, Mathias Prokop
81 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―08 Chest CT in Patients with COVID-19: Toward a Better Appreciation of Study Results and Clinical Applicability Robert M. Kwee, Hugo J. A. Adams, Thomas C. Kwee
82 [GO] Radiology 2020―Dec―01 Imaging Review of Peripheral Nerve Injuries in Patients with COVID-19 Claire E. Fernandez, Colin K. Franz, Jason H. Ko, James M. Walter, Igor J. Koralnik, Shivani Ahlawat, Swati Deshmukh
83 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―24 DeepCOVID-XR: An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Detect COVID-19 on Chest Radiographs Trained and Tested on a Large US Clinical Dataset Ramsey M. Wehbe, Jiayue Sheng, Shinjan Dutta, Siyuan Chai, Amil Dravid, Semih Barutcu, et al. (+9)
84 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―24 The Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Chest Radiographs for Signs of COVID-19 Pneumonia Bram van Ginneken
85 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Nov―19 Lethal COVID-19: Radiological-Pathological Correlation of the Lungs Maurice Henkel, Thomas Weikert, Katharina Marston, Nathalie Schwab, Gregor Sommer, Jasmin Haslbauer, et al. (+9)
86 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―17 What is the Performance and Role of CT in Suspected COVID-19 Infection? Brett M. Elicker
87 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―17 Chest CT in the Emergency Department for Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia: Dutch Experience S. Schalekamp, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, L.F.M. Beenen, H.M.E. Quarles van Ufford, H.A. Gietema, J.L. Stöger, et al. (+14)
88 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―16 Emerging 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pneumonia Fengxiang Song, Nannan Shi, Fei Shan, Zhiyong Zhang, Jie Shen, Hongzhou Lu, et al. (+3)
89 [GO] Radiology Imaging Cancer 2020―Nov―13 Cancer Imaging and Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic Adeline N. Boettcher, Dima A. Hammoud, Jason B. Weinberg, Prachi Agarwal, Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, Gary D. Luker
90 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Nov―12 Social Distancing with Portable Chest Radiographs During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Assessment of Radiograph Technique and Image Quality Obtained at 6 Feet and Through Glass Christopher P. Gange, Jay K. Pahade, Isabel Cortopassi, Anna S. Bader, Jamal Bokhari, Matthew Hoerner, et al. (+2)
91 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―10 Managing Radiation Dose from Chest CT in COVID-19 Patients Choonsik Lee
92 [GO] Radiology 2020―Nov―10 Variations in CT Utilization, Protocols, and Radiation Doses in COVID-19 Pneumonia: Results from 28 Countries in the IAEA Study Fatemeh Homayounieh, Ola Holmberg, Rashid AL Umairi, Sallam Aly, Algidas Basevičius, Paulo Roberto Costa, et al. (+14)
93 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Nov―05 Comparison of Chest CT Grading Systems in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pneumonia Shohei Inui, Ryo Kurokawa, Yudai Nakai, Yusuke Watanabe, Mariko Kurokawa, Keita Sakurai, et al. (+8)
94 [GO] Radiographics 2020―Nov―02 Multisystem Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19, Part 2: From Cardiac Complications to Pediatric Manifestations Margarita V. Revzin, Sarah Raza, Neil C. Srivastava, Robin Warshawsky, Catherine D’Agostino, Ajay Malhotra, et al. (+5)
95 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Oct―29 Dual-Energy CT Pulmonary Angiography (DECTPA) Quantifies Vasculopathy in Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia Carole A Ridge, Sujal R Desai, Nidhish Jeyin, Ciara Mahon, Dione L Lother, Saeed Mirsadraee, et al. (+8)
96 [GO] Radiographics 2020―Oct―23 Chest CT in COVID-19: What the Radiologist Needs to Know Thomas C. Kwee, Robert M. Kwee
97 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Oct―22 Prognostic Value and Reproducibility of AI-assisted Analysis of Lung Involvement in COVID-19 on Low-Dose Submillisievert Chest CT: Sample Size Implications for Clinical Trials Christopher Gieraerts, Anthony Dangis, Lode Janssen, Annick Demeyere, Yves De Bruecker, Nele De Brucker, et al. (+11)
98 [GO] Radiology 2020―Oct―20 Chest Imaging Tests versus RT-PCR Testing for COVID-19 Pneumonia: There Is No Best, Only a Better Fit Xianchun Meng, Yuying Liu
99 [GO] Radiology 2020―Oct―13 d-Dimer and COVID-19 Matthijs Oudkerk
100 [GO] Radiographics 2020―Oct―09 Pulmonary COVID-19: Multimodality Imaging Examples Jane P. Ko, Gigi Liu, Jeffrey S. Klein, Mahmud Mossa-Basha, Javad R. Azadi
101 [GO] Radiology 2020―Oct―06 Debate of Chest CT and RT-PCR Test for the Diagnosis of COVID-19 Halit Nahit Şendur
102 [GO] Radiographics 2020―Oct―01 Multisystem Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19, Part 1: Viral Pathogenesis and Pulmonary and Vascular System Complications Margarita V. Revzin, Sarah Raza, Robin Warshawsky, Catherine D’Agostino, Neil C. Srivastava, Anna S. Bader, et al. (+5)
103 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Oct―01 Quantitative Burden of COVID-19 Pneumonia on Chest CT Predicts Adverse Outcomes: A Post-Hoc Analysis of a Prospective International Registry Kajetan Grodecki, Andrew Lin, Sebastien Cadet, Priscilla A McElhinney, Aryabod Razipour, Cato Chan, et al. (+15)
104 [GO] Radiology 2020―Sep―24 Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia Using Chest Radiography: Value of Artificial Intelligence Ran Zhang, Xin Tie, Zhihua Qi, Nicholas B. Bevins, Chengzhu Zhang, Dalton Griner, et al. (+7)
105 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Sep―17 Perceived Impact of COVID-19 on Pediatric Radiology Departments Around the World: WFPI COVID-19 Task Force Survey Results from 6 Continents Alexandra Foust, Patrick R. Johnston, Joanna Kasznia-Brown, Winnie C. Chu, Pilar Garcia-Pena, Pedro Daltro, et al. (+5)
106 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Sep―10 “Mosaic Perfusion Pattern” on Dual-Energy CT in COVID-19 Pneumonia: Pulmonary Vasoplegia or Vasoconstriction? Amit Jain, D. John Doyle, Ramesh Mangal
107 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Sep―10 Implementation of the Radiological Society of North America Expert Consensus Guidelines on Reporting Chest CT Findings Related to COVID-19: A Multireader Performance Study Avik Som, Min Lang, Tristan Yeung, Denston Carey, Sherief Garranna, Dexter P. Mendoza, et al. (+6)
108 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Sep―03 A Characteristic Chest Radiographic Pattern in the Setting of COVID-19 Pandemic David L. Smith, John-Paul Grenier, Catherine Batte, Bradley Spieler
109 [GO] Radiology 2020―Sep―01 Efficacy of Chest CT for COVID-19 Pneumonia in France Guillaume Herpe, Mathieu Lederlin, Mathieu Naudin, Mickaël Ohana, Kathia Chaumoitre, Jules Gregory, et al. (+34)
110 [GO] Radiology 2020―Aug―13 Anterior Pulmonary Ventilation Abnormalities in COVID-19 Soon Ho Yoon, Minsuok Kim
111 [GO] Radiology 2020―Aug―13 Model-based Prediction of Critical Illness in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 S. Schalekamp, M. Huisman, R. A. van Dijk, M.F. Boomsma, P.J. Freire Jorge, W.S de Boer, et al. (+6)
112 [GO] Radiology 2020―Aug―13 Exacerbation of Physical Intimate Partner Violence during COVID-19 Lockdown Babina Gosangi, Hyesun Park, Richard Thomas, Rahul Gujrathi, Camden P. Bay, Ali S. Raja, et al. (+8)
113 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Aug―13 The Target Sign and Its Variant in COVID-19 Pneumonia Lucas de Pádua Gomes de Farias, Fernando Henrique Caixeta Souza, Teles Gustavo Borges da Silva
114 [GO] Radiology 2020―Aug―10 Diagnostic Performance of Chest CT for SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Individuals with or without COVID-19 Symptoms Kristof De Smet, Dieter De Smet, Thomas Ryckaert, Emanuel Laridon, Birgit Heremans, Ruben Vandenbulcke, et al. (+4)
115 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Aug―06 Regarding “Pulmonary Vascular Manifestations of COVID-19 Pneumonia” Antonella Balestrieri
116 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Jul―30 Suboptimal Quality and High Risk of Bias in Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies on Chest Radiography and Computed Tomography in the Acute Setting of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review Dominika Suchá, Robbert W. van Hamersvelt, Andor F. van den Hoven, Pim A. de Jong, Helena M. Verkooijen
117 [GO] Radiology 2020―Jul―30 Automated Assessment of CO-RADS and Chest CT Severity Scores in Patients with Suspected COVID-19 Using Artificial Intelligence Nikolas Lessmann, Clara I. Sánchez, Ludo Beenen, Luuk H. Boulogne, Monique Brink, Erdi Calli, et al. (+36)
118 [GO] Radiology 2020―Jul―30 Use of Chest Imaging in the Diagnosis and Management of COVID-19: A WHO Rapid Advice Guide Elie A. Akl, Ivana Blazic, Sally Yaacoub, Guy Frija, Roger Chou, John Adabie Appiah, et al. (+18)
119 [GO] Radiology 2020―Jul―30 Nervous System Involvement in COVID-19: Results from a Retrospective Consecutive Neuroimaging Cohort Stefanos Klironomos, Antonios Tzortzakakis, Annika Kits, Claes Öhberg, Evangelia Kollia, Amir Ahoromazdae, et al. (+13)
120 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Jul―30 Thoracic Imaging Findings of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated with COVID-19: What Radiologists Need to Know Now Abbey J. Winant, Einat Blumfield, Mark C. Liszewski, Jessica Kurian, Alexandra Foust, Edward Y. Lee
121 [GO] Radiology Artificial Intelligence 2020―Jul―29 Automated Quantification of CT Patterns Associated with COVID-19 from Chest CT Shikha Chaganti, Philippe Grenier, Abishek Balachandran, Guillaume Chabin, Stuart Cohen, Thomas Flohr, et al. (+14)
122 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Jul―23 Diagnostic Accuracy of North America Expert Consensus Statement on Reporting CT Findings in Patients with Suspected COVID-19 Infection: An Italian Single Center Experience Federica Ciccarese, Francesca Coppola, Daniele Spinelli, Giovanni Luca Galletta, Vincenzo Lucidi, Alexandro Paccapelo, et al. (+3)
123 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Jul―23 CT Radiomics, Radiologists and Clinical Information in Predicting Outcome of Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia Fatemeh Homayounieh, Shadi Ebrahimian, Rosa Babaei, Hadi Karimi Mobin, Eric Zhang, Bernardo Canedo Bizzo, et al. (+3)
124 [GO] Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging 2020―Jul―23 Impact of Cardiovascular Care of COVID-19: Lessons Learned, Current Challenges, and Future Opportunities Michael Poon, Jonathon Leipsic, Michael Kim, Frederick Welt, Geoffrey Rose
125 [GO] Radiology Artificial Intelligence 2020―Jul―22 Automated Assessment and Tracking of COVID-19 Pulmonary Disease Severity on Chest Radiographs using Convolutional Siamese Neural Networks Matthew D. Li, Nishaeminth Thumbavanam Arun, Mishka Gidwani, Ken Chang, Francis Deng, Brent P. Little, et al. (+7)
126 [GO] Radiology 2020―Jul―20 Policies and Guidelines for COVID-19 Preparedness: Experiences from the University of Washington Mahmud Mossa-Basha, Jonathan Medverd, Ken F. Linnau, John B. Lynch, Mark H. Wener, Gregory Kicska, et al. (+2)
127 [GO] Radiology 2020―Jul―17 Special Report of the RSNA COVID-19 Task Force: The Short- and Long-Term Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Private Radiology Practices Richard E Sharpe, Brian S Kuszyk, Mahmud Mossa-Basha
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