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1 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2023―May―10 Overview of Knowledge of Pregnant Women About the Dangers of Covid-19 During Pregnancy Ainun N N, Magdalena Limbong, Erna Kasim, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Ricky Zainuddin
2 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2023―Feb―15 Factors Affecting Work Stress on Nurse Performance in the Covid-19 Isolation Inpatient Room Suci Sofiyanti Mochtar, Arifah Devi Fitriani, Jitasari Tarigan Sibero
3 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2023―Feb―10 Antenatal Compliance Relationship Care with Anxiety of Pregnant Women in Time Pandemic Covid-19 Sitti Fatimah, Musni Musni, A. Ulfa Fatmasanti, Kiki Reski Rahmadani
4 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Nov―08 Secondary School Teachers’ Resiliency Amidst COVID 19 Pandemic Jonifer Dultra, Maricel Abarca, Agnes Bulado, Maria Socorro Dultra
5 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Sep―01 The Academic Faltering of Orphan Students in the Quarantine of Covid-19 Jabbar Frayyeh Shraida
6 [GO] Journal La Bisecoman 2022―Aug―26 Souvenir Purchase Motivations and Product Attribute Preferences among Arts and Design Students amidst Covid-19 Nadine Kiandra B. Baronia, Julia S. Daño, Athia Bless R. Mingo, Diane Kirsdy Y. Miones, Flordeliza S. Gagani
7 [GO] Journal La Multiapp 2022―Aug―26 Intelligent Diagnosis of Covid-19 Based on CNN-PNN Abbas Akram Khorsheed
8 [GO] Journal La Bisecoman 2022―Aug―26 Management Practices and Productivity Level of Cebu City and Ozamiz City Eateries during COVID-19 Pandemic Yvette Villarta, Flordeliza Gagani, Mary Angela Dinulos, Liz Alexandra Tan, Adair Shemie Margaret Yosores, Allyza Punsalan, Andre Murillo
9 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Aug―19 Willingness to Get Vaccinated and Attitude Toward COVID-19 among Humanities and Social Sciences Students Athena Ella G. Antepuesto, Dennis A. Coja, Jr., Therese Carmel C. Comeros, Juliana Mae T. Flores, Flordeliza S. Gagani, et al. (+3)
10 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2022―Jun―21 Local Farmers’ Perceptions about Covid-19 Impact on Agriculture: Case of Selected Rural Areas in Ekiti State, Nigeria Oloruntimilehin Sola Ojo, Oluwasanmi Oyedeji, Ebenezer Toyin Megbowon
11 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2022―Jun―08 Analysis of Factors Affecting Obedience of Pregnant Women in Conducting ANC Visits During the Covid-19 Pandemic Habibah Matondang, Razia Begum Suroyo, Rina Hanum
12 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Mar―31 The Role of Teachers and Student Parents in Online Learning Times Covid-19 Fandi H. Binggo
13 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Mar―31 A Study on The Use of Smartphone Applications in English Language Learning with Special Reference to Covid-19 Pandemic Bareq Raheem, Mohammad Danish Mahmood, G.M. Abu Taher, Zareen Shakeel
14 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Mar―31 Learning in the Pandemic Period: The Role of Teachers and Student Learning Motivation in Elementary Schools, Gorontalo Wirna Tangahu
15 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Mar―31 The Important Role of Social and Cultural Capital in Online History Learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic Asriana Zainal Abidin
16 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2022―Mar―31 Covid-19 Pandemic and Optimal Debt-to-GDP Ratio Threshold in Sub-Saharan Africa Jonathan Oniore, Oghenebrume David Akatugba
17 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2022―Mar―04 Psychological Stress Resulting from Distance Education Among Parents of Students with Learning Disabilities During the Covid-19 Pandemic Mohammed Ali Mohammed Alamri
18 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2021―Dec―31 Evaluation of Learning Guidelines During the Covid-19 Pandemic Tran Chong, Long Hui La
19 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2021―Dec―07 Handling Social Stigma Around Covid-19 Case Study in Lut Tawar District Abdul Gani, Mappeaty Nyorong, Thomson P Nadapdap
20 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2021―Nov―15 The Project STARS (Strategic Action Towards Radiant Students): Empowering ABM Students Amidst Pandemic Glenda V. Lumanta
21 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2021―Nov―06 Psychological Adaptation among Students with Learning Disabilities in English from the Perspective of Their Teachers in Light of the Corona Pandemic Mohmmad Khasawneh
22 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2021―Mar―06 Analysis of Health Law Relating to Health Services Affected by COVID-19 Andi Puji Kristanto
23 [GO] Journal La Bisecoman 2021―Mar―06 Management Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprises during the Pandemic Covid-19 Igor Turaev, Fozil Ganiev
24 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2021―Mar―06 The implementation of policies and the impact of handling Covid-19 originating from the World Health Organization's Point of View Pham Hoang
25 [GO] Journal La Bisecoman 2021―Feb―03 Public Institution Fights on Financial Management during Pandemic Crisis Mateen Tashfeen, Zaryan Shahmeer
26 [GO] Journal La Bisecoman 2020―Dec―30 Strengthening Family Resilience through Financial Management Education in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic Suci Megawati, Muhammad Farid Ma’ruf, Eva Hany Fanida, Fitrotun Niswah, Trenda Aktiva Oktariyanda
27 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2020―Dec―14 Probing on the Relationship between Students' Self-Confidence and Self-Efficacy while engaging in Online Learning amidst COVID-19 Quiana Althea Blanco, Mark Lyster Carlota, Ashley Janine Nasibog, Beatriz Rodriguez, Xydel Vie Saldaña, Elaisha Carmel Vasquez, Flordeliza Gagani
28 [GO] Journal La Medihealtico 2020―Oct―11 Acute Appendicitis Seen at Analankininina University Hospital during the Covid-19 Pandemic Razafindraibe VB, Jonatana AD, Rahantasoa FCFP, Samison LH, Rakotoarijaona AH
29 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2020―Sep―22 Legal Protection of Hospital Patients in the Corona Virus Pandemic Period Yoga Khirari Haggai, Erikson Aritonang, Pandini Riata M
30 [GO] Journal La Edusci 2020―Sep―12 The Impact of Covid-19 on Online Learning Activities at The University of The Helvetia Medan Health Institute Indra Ginting, Asriwati Asriwati, Ismail Effendy, Tiwanto Dakhi
31 [GO] Journal La Sociale 2020―Sep―01 Reviewing the Insights of Confinement and Social Distancing as Measures Involved in the Prevention of the COVID-19 Pandemic Georges Pius Kamsu Moyo⃰, Dany Hermann Ngwanou, Daniel Armand Tague Kago, Nelly Kamgaing, Ginette Claude Mireille Kalla, Andreas Chiabi, Paul Olivier Koki Ndombo

31 Results       Page 1


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