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Publishing House: Feminist Studies

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1 [GO] Feminist Studies 2021―Oct―29 Insurgent African Intimacies in Pandemic Times: Deimperial Queer Logics of China's New Global Family in Wolf Warrior 2 Amar
2 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 Crises Collide: Capitalism, Care, and COVID-19 Allen
3 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 Feminist Activism Confronts COVID-19 Tabbush
4 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 Unmasking Masculinity: Considering Gender, Science, and Nation in Responses to COVID-19 Ng
5 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 “Where Life Is Precious”: Intersectional Feminism in the Time of COVID-19 Rohrer
6 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 Black Maternal Health Crisis, COVID-19, and the Crisis of Care Destine
7 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 COVID-19 and the Paradox of Visibility: Domestic Violence and Feminist Caring Labor in Canadian Shelters Quinlan
8 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 COVID-19 at Home: Gender, Class, and the Domestic Economy in India Baviskar
9 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 “It's the Same Cause”: Climate Change and COVID-19 in the Perspectives of Environmental Feminist Activists Cheema
10 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Dec―15 The Intensification of Liberian Women's Social Reproductive Labor in the Coronavirus Pandemic: Regenerative Possibilities Lawson
11 [GO] Feminist Studies 2020―Oct―01 pandemic daydreams: Artist's Statement Hirsch

11 Results       Page 1


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