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1 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2022―Apr―11 Urban Folklore and Folk Crafts Festivals in the Context of a Pandemic:The Case of Shumen Tchavdar Marinov
2 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2021―Aug―31 Media and Communication Strategies Supporting Parents and Children in COVID-19 Pandemic Environment Mihaela Racheva
3 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2021―Aug―31 The Role of Space in the Creation of the Social Capital of Sofia Students Before the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Lucien Peters
4 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2021―Apr―22 The Art Through the Media in the Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic Luchia Angelova, Bojidar Angelov
5 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2021―Apr―22 Online Mediatization of the Identity of the Writers During the Pandemic Corina Ozon
6 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2020―Dec―16 From Сomplexity to Fear and Optimism in Everyday Life With COVID-19 Plamen A. Atanasov
7 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2020―Dec―16 Citizens Facing COVID-19: Inequalities and Vulnerabilities of the Working Class The World Before COVID-19 Carl E. D. Pierre
8 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2020―Dec―16 Inequalities, Vulnerabilities, and Discrimination in the Context of COVID-19 Daniela Roventa - Frumusani, Valentina Marinescu
9 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2020―Dec―16 The Violence Against Women During the COVID-19 Pandemics Diana Stoica
10 [GO] Postmodernism Problems 2020―Oct―05 The Media and Covid-19.Communication and Information Challenges Violeta Nikolova

10 Results       Page 1


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