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Publishing House: American Educational Research Association

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1 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Nov―07 17th Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research: The Segregation Pandemic: Brown as Treatment or Placebo? William F. Tate
2 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Aug―07 Educator Attrition and Mobility During the COVID-19 Pandemic Kevin C. Bastian, Sarah C. Fuller
3 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Jun―09 State-Funded Pre-K and Children’s Language and Literacy Development: The Case of COVID-19 Elizabeth Burke Hadley, Siyu Liu, Eunsook Kim, Meaghan McKenna
4 [GO] Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 2023―May―08 “One of the Weakest Budget Players in the State”: State Funding of Higher Education at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Denisa Gándara, Meredith S. Billings, Paul G. Rubin, Lindsey Hammond
5 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Mar―20 How Did Colleges Disburse Emergency Aid During COVID-19? An Implementation Analysis of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Elizabeth Bell, David Schwegman, Michael Hand, Michael DiDomenico
6 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Feb―27 Two Years Later: How COVID-19 Has Shaped the Teacher Workforce Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Olivia L. Chi, Alexis Orellana
7 [GO] Educational Researcher 2023―Jan―10 Educators Are Not Alright: Mental Health During COVID-19 Matthew J. Hirshberg, Richard J. Davidson, Simon B. Goldberg
8 [GO] Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 2022―Dec―12 Teacher Attrition and Mobility in the Pandemic Dan Goldhaber, Roddy Theobald
9 [GO] Educational Researcher 2022―Nov―15 Teachers’ Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic Joseph M. Kush, Elena Badillo-Goicoechea, Rashelle J. Musci, Elizabeth A. Stuart
10 [GO] Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 2022―Nov―14 Contested Justice: Rethinking Educational Equity Through New York City’s COVID-19 School Reopening Debates Alexandra Freidus, Erica O. Turner
11 [GO] Educational Researcher 2022―Jun―30 Test Score Patterns Across Three COVID-19-Impacted School Years Megan Kuhfeld, James Soland, Karyn Lewis
12 [GO] Educational Researcher 2022―Jan―13 The Impact of a Messaging Intervention on Parents’ School Hesitancy During COVID-19 Morgan S. Polikoff, Daniel Silver, Marshall Garland, Anna Rosefsky Saavedra, Amie Rapaport, Michael Fienberg
13 [GO] Educational Researcher 2022―Jan―06 Specifying Hybrid Models of Teachers’ Work During COVID-19 Lora Bartlett
14 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Dec―06 Addressing Our Nation’s Toxic School Infrastructure in the Wake of COVID-19 Erika M. Kitzmiller, Akira Drake Rodriguez
15 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Nov―15 Determinants of Ethnic Differences in School Modality Choices During the COVID-19 Crisis Andrew M. Camp, Gema Zamarro
16 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Nov―02 Teachers’ Working Hours During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dora Gicheva
17 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Sep―24 All States Close but Red Districts Reopen: The Politics of In-Person Schooling During the COVID-19 Pandemic Matt Grossmann, Sarah Reckhow, Katharine O. Strunk, Meg Turner
18 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Aug―11 Patterns in the Pandemic Decline of Public School Enrollment Thomas S. Dee, Mark Murphy
19 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Apr―22 Achievement Gaps in the Wake of COVID-19 Drew H. Bailey, Greg J. Duncan, Richard J. Murnane, Natalie Au Yeung
20 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Mar―16 Factors Contributing to Teacher Burnout During COVID-19 Tim Pressley
21 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Feb―26 The Effects of Absenteeism on Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes: Lessons for COVID-19 Lucrecia Santibañez, Cassandra M. Guarino
22 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Feb―13 Generation Interrupted: Rethinking “Students with Interrupted Formal Education” (SIFE) in the Wake of a Pandemic Chris K. Chang-Bacon
23 [GO] Educational Researcher 2021―Feb―10 How Have FAFSA Submissions Differed During COVID-19? Oded Gurantz, Christopher Wielga
24 [GO] Educational Researcher 2020―Dec―15 Distance Learning and Parental Mental Health During COVID-19 Cassandra R. Davis, Jevay Grooms, Alberto Ortega, Joaquin Alfredo-Angel Rubalcaba, Edward Vargas
25 [GO] Educational Researcher 2020―Oct―28 Projecting the Potential Impact of COVID-19 School Closures on Academic Achievement Megan Kuhfeld, James Soland, Beth Tarasawa, Angela Johnson, Erik Ruzek, Jing Liu
26 [GO] Educational Researcher 2020―Sep―17 Community Infrastructuring as Necessary Ingenuity in the COVID-19 Pandemic Day Greenberg, Angela Calabrese Barton, Carmen Turner, Kelly Hardy, Akeya Roper, Candace Williams, et al. (+3)
27 [GO] Educational Researcher 2020―Sep―08 Correcting COVID-19 Misconceptions Requires Caution Greg Trevors, Melissa C. Duffy
28 [GO] Educational Researcher 2020―Jul―07 From the Field: Education Research During a Pandemic David DeMatthews, David Knight, Pedro Reyes, Amber Benedict, Rebecca Callahan

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