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1 [GO] Europe’s Journal of Psychology 2022―Aug―31 Technostress, coping, and anxious and depressive symptomatology in university students during the Covid-19 pandemic John Galvin, Michael Scott Evans, Kenisha Nelson, Gareth Richards, Eirini Mavritsaki, Theodoros Giovazolias, et al. (+5)
2 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2022―Aug―02 Schadenfreude and sympathy following President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis: Influence on pre-election voting intentions Joanna Peplak, J. Zoe Klemfuss, Peter H. Ditto
3 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2022―Jul―22 Toeing the party line: Politically driven responses to the coronavirus pandemic in the USA Karen M. Douglas, Robbie M. Sutton
4 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2022―Jul―04 Determinants of adoption and rejection of protective measures during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: A longitudinal study in Germany’s second wave Pia Ochel, Sarah Eitze, Regina Siegers, Cornelia Betsch, Anna Seufert
5 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2022―May―10 Influences of nationality and national identification on perceived dangerousness of COVID-19 variants and perceived effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines: A study of UK and Portuguese samples Glynis M. Breakwell, Cristina Camilo, Rusi Jaspal, Maria Luisa Lima
6 [GO] Clinical Psychology in Europe 2022―Mar―31 Fear of becoming infected and fear of doing the wrong thing - Cross-cultural adaptation and further validation of the multidimensional assessment of COVID-19-related fears Branka Bagarić, Nataša Jokić-Begić
7 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2021―Dec―01 Talking about what would happen versus what happened: Tracking Congressional speeches during COVID-19 Rinseo Park, Young Min Baek
8 [GO] Europe’s Journal of Psychology 2021―Nov―30 The CO-MAsk approach: Tips for fostering mask use among older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic Marina Maffoni, Valeria Torlaschi, Paola Gabanelli, Paola Abelli, Antonia Pierobon
9 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2021―Nov―25 COVID-19, chronic conditions and structural poverty: A social psychological assessment of the needs of a marginalized community in Accra, Ghana Ama de-Graft Aikins, Olutobi Sanuade, Leonard Baatiema, Paapa Yaw Asante, Francis Agyei, Vida Asah-Ayeh, et al. (+3)
10 [GO] Jahrbuch Musikpsychologie 2021―Sep―24 “Evacuate the dancefloor”: Exploring and classifying spotify music listening before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in DACH countries Kework K. Kalustian, Nicolas Ruth
11 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2021―Sep―23 Social distancing from foreign individuals as a disease-avoidance mechanism: Testing the assumptions of the behavioral immune system theory during the COVID-19 pandemic Aleksandra Szymkow, Natalia Frankowska, Katarzyna Gałasińska
12 [GO] Clinical Psychology in Europe 2021―Jun―18 Increased anxiety of public situations during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a community and a patient sample Andre Pittig, Valentina M. Glück, Juliane M. Boschet, Alex H. K. Wong, Paula Engelke
13 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2021―Mar―30 Self-control and beliefs surrounding others’ cooperation predict own health-protective behaviors and support for COVID-19 government regulations: Evidence from two European countries Charlotte Kukowski, Katharina Bernecker, Veronika Brandstätter
14 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2021―Mar―30 Under or out of government control? The effects of individual mental health and political views on the attribution of responsibility for COVID-19 incidence rates Krystyna Skarżyńska, Beata Urbańska, Piotr Radkiewicz
15 [GO] Clinical Psychology in Europe 2021―Mar―09 Widespread recommendations can change our habits of hand-washing and physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic Stefanie C. Biehl, Melissa Schmidmeier, Theresa F. Wechsler, Leon O. H. Kroczek, Andreas Mühlberger
16 [GO] Clinical Psychology in Europe 2021―Mar―09 Argentinian mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: A screening study of the general population during two periods of quarantine Martín Juan Etchevers, Cristian Javier Garay, Natalia Inés Putrino, Natalia Helmich, Gabriela Lunansky
17 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2021―Feb―19 Ideological and psychological predictors of COVID-19-related collective action, opinions, and health compliance across three nations Becky L. Choma, Gordon Hodson, David Sumantry, Yaniv Hanoch, Michaela Gummerum
18 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Psychology 2021―Feb―18 Social representations and ideology: Theories of common sense about COVID-19 among middle-class Brazilians and their ideological implications Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza, Emma O’Dwyer, Sabrine Mantuan dos Santos Coutinho, Sharmistha Chaudhuri, Laila Lilargem Rocha, Luciane Pessanha de Souza
19 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Managing multiple roles during the COVID-19 lockdown: Not men or women, but parents as the emotional “loser in the crisis” Nicole S. Harth, Kristin Mitte
20 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Hygiene and social distancing as distinct public health related behaviours among university students during the COVID-19 pandemic Annelot Wismans, Srebrenka Letina, Roy Thurik, Karl Wennberg, Ingmar Franken, Rui Baptista, et al. (+9)
21 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Social Psychological Bulletin special topic on Psychosocial functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic Katarzyna Cantarero, Olga Białobrzeska, Wijnand A. P. van Tilburg
22 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Fear of coronavirus and forbid/allow asymmetry as determinants of acceptance of COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions and persistence of attitudes towards these regulations Paweł Koniak, Wojciech Cwalina
23 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Self-persuasion increases motivation for social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic through moral obligation Dariusz Drążkowski, Radosław Trepanowski, Patrycja Chwiłkowska, Magda Majewska
24 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Acceptance and adoption of protective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of trust in politics and trust in science Simone Dohle, Tobias Wingen, Mike Schreiber
25 [GO] Social Psychological Bulletin 2020―Dec―23 Socially connected and COVID-19 prepared: The influence of sociorelational safety on perceived importance of COVID-19 precautions and trust in government responses Veronica M. Lamarche
26 [GO] Interpersona An International Journal on Personal Relationships 2020―Dec―18 Living in cohousing communities: Psychological effects and coping strategies in times of COVID-19 Christian Schetsche, Luis Carlos Jaume, Lucas Gago-Galvagno, Ángel Elgier
27 [GO] Interpersona An International Journal on Personal Relationships 2020―Dec―18 Online Marriage Education During COVID-19 Home Lockdown: A Multiple-Baseline Single-Case Experimental Design Jennifer Harley Chalmers
28 [GO] Europe’s Journal of Psychology 2020―Nov―27 Othering and deprioritizing older adults’ lives: Ageist discourses during the COVID-19 pandemic Roger Andre Søraa, Federico Manzi, Mark W. Kharas, Antonella Marchetti, Davide Massaro, Giuseppe Riva, J. Artur Serrano
29 [GO] Clinical Psychology in Europe 2020―Sep―30 The possible role of internet-delivered psychological interventions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic Gerhard Andersson, Matilda Berg, Heleen Riper, Jonathan D. Huppert, Nicolai Titov

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