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1 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2023―Sep―09 Protest, Humor, and the Nigerian Establishment in Selected COVID-19 Facebook Texts Nurudeen Adeshina Lawal, Rabiu Iyanda
2 [GO] International Journal on Criminology 2023―Jan―18 Is the Military Operational Decision Making Approach Applicable to Managing the Covid-19 Crisis? Joël Prieur
3 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2022―Oct―25 No Time to Die, Literally: Risk, Fandom, and Theatergoing During the COVID-19 Pandemic Tyler Johnson, Lisa Funnell
4 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2022―Oct―25 “Alternate Universe - No COVID-19”: Fanfiction and Cultural Trauma Sarah Breyfogle
5 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2022―Oct―25 Satirical Comedy Does COVID-19: John Oliver as Science Journalist Shelly Galliah
6 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2022―Oct―25 The Disease Becomes the Host: Cattle Decapitation’s Pandemic Discourse from Song to Music Video Anna Marini, Michael Fuchs
7 [GO] Popular Culture Review 2022―Oct―25 Toward a “New Normal”: A Case Study of the Pandemic’s Effect on Film Exhibition Kimberly Owczarski
8 [GO] International Journal on Criminology 2022―Feb―25 Pandemic Covid-19: Lessons for Bioterrorism Tewfik Hamel
9 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 A Stage Set for Disaster: For-Profit Nursing Homes, Federal Law, and COVID-19 David Papke
10 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Nutrition-Related Policy Fundamentals for Supporting Older Adults in the Community during a Pandemic: Lessons from COVID-19 Meredith Whitmire, Mary Beth Arensberg, Alexandra Ashbrook, Robert Blancato
11 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Differential Treatment of Older Workers Due to COVID-19 Accommodations: Potential Issues of Ageism and Age Discrimination
12 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 COVID-19 and Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes Nathan M. Stall
13 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Beyond Uncertainty: The Long Haul of COVID-19 for Older Adults Eva Kahana
14 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Older Adults and the Digital Divide in Romania: Implications for the Covid-19 Pandemic Loredana Ivan, Stephen J. Cutler
15 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Racial Differences in Self-Appraisal, Religious Coping, and Psychological Well-being in later Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic Timothy Goler, Tirth Bhatta, Nirmala Lekhak, Neema Langa
16 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2021―Nov―05 Equity for Older Adults and Those in Congregate Sites: Lessons from the First Year of a Local Public Health COVID-19 Response Heidi Gullett, Charles Kent Smith, Patricia Hughes Moore
17 [GO] Arts & International Affairs 2021―Feb―02 Nobody’s going to fund this: an artist’s diary from pandemic Anthony Hudson
18 [GO] International Journal on Criminology 2021―Jan―04 Drug Market and Criminality at the Time of Covid-19: State of Play and Perspectives Milan Dohngelich
19 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Dec―18 Nation’s Largest Electricity Supplier Addresses COVID-19 Richard M. Krieg
20 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Dec―18 COVID-19 and the Case for A National Food Emergency Stockpile Maggie Davis, Netta Squires, Chris Webber
21 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Dec―18 COVID-19 Case Study: Public Private Partnerships in Maryland Allegra A. Tartaglia, Kyle R. Overly
22 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Dec―18 COVID-19 Implications for Research and Education on Engineered Structures and Services David Mendonca, Jose Orlando Gomes, Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Ann-Margaret Esnard, Julio ra
23 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Dec―18 The COVID-19 Pandemic: Energy Market Disruptions and Resilience Alexander Q. Gilbert, Morgan D. Bazilian
24 [GO] Global Security and Intelligence Studies 2020―Oct―27 Prediction, Plus Patchwork, Equals Pandemic Margaret Marangione
25 [GO] Space Education & Strategic Applications 2020―Jul―23 Why Students and Recent Grads Should Seek an Internship with SpaceX Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic and What to Expect Melissa Layne
26 [GO] Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy 2020―Jul―23 The COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications for Critical Infrastructure Stephen E. Flynn
27 [GO] Journal of Elder Policy 2020―Jul―23 Introducing the Journal of Elder Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Why Policies that Protect Older Adults are More Important Than Ever Eva Kahana

27 Results       Page 1


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