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1 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 The effect of Deep Breathing Exercise on Oxygen Saturation of Patients with COVID-19 Mohanad Alwan, Raja Abd Mohsen
2 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 Life Status of Iraqi Students Studying in Iran during Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic. Pehraw Ibrahim, Yousif Hassan, Ghazi Mohammed, Omiad Abdullah, Mariwan Hamarash
3 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 Determination of Immunological Response among Vaccinated Individuals with Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine in Garmian District, Iraq Saman Amin, Muhammed Mina, Salar Ali
4 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 Effect of leg exercise as nurses practice in the prevention of pulmonary embolism among patients with coronavirus disease Haidar Mohammed, Suad Mohamed
5 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 Nursing Faculty Members’ Perception Regarding Wearing Mask and Accepting Coronavirus Vaccines Sameerah Saeed, Mohammed Al-Jubouri
6 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2023―Mar―07 META-ANALYSIS STUDY: NASOPHARYNGEAL SWABS ARE MORE SENSITIVE THAN OROPHARYNGEAL SWABS IN THE DETECTION OF THE VIRAL GENOME OF SARS-CoV-2 Mohammed Abdelfatah Alhoot, Mohammed Y. M. Mai, Neny Purwitasari, Keerthana K Gunasekaran, Nur Shamsul Rodzi, Zukainah Nasrin Kader Mohideen, Mohammad Bin Mohammad Mazli
7 [GO] Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy 2023―Jan―17 Side Effects of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine among medical staff Wail Sadeq, Eanas Khalid, Waleed Khudhur
8 [GO] IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES 2022―Dec―04 Application of Poisson's Hierarchical Regression Model to the Deaths of Covid-19 in Mosul City Hospitals Ban Al ani, Mahmmood Altai
9 [GO] IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES 2022―Dec―04 Constructing a Multilevel Modeling to High-Resolution CT (HRCT) Lung in Patients with COVID-19 Infection DIidar Rashid, Mohammad Faqe
10 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2022―Aug―14 Pandemic (Covid-19) and its impact on the auditing profession: A survey study for auditors and accountants of the University of Mosul Dafir Muften
11 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2022―Aug―14 Monetary Policy Measures and Their Role in Curbing Inflation Resulting from The COVID-19 Crisis Applied to a Sample of Countries
12 [GO] College Of Basic Education Research Journal 2022―Jul―03 Distinguished performance of teachers of colleges of education / University of Mosul In light of the Corona pandemic Omar Marhoon, Wafaa Younes
13 [GO] College Of Basic Education Research Journal 2022―Jul―03 Research title "Assessment of Management Performance of Nineveh primary school principals from the Physical Education teachers in light of the Corona Pandemic " Radwan Taha Yassin Yassin
14 [GO] College Of Basic Education Research Journal 2022―Jul―03 The Coved 19 pandemic and its impact on tourism in the Kurdistan Region / Iraq Khaleda Taher
15 [GO] College Of Basic Education Research Journal 2022―Jul―03 construct scale constraints of e-learning in the light of the Corona pandemic from the point of view of students in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in the College of Basic Education Omar Abdul-Hakam, Ahmad Huseen
16 [GO] JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE 2022―Jun―30 Detecting A Medical Mask During The COVID-19 Pandemic Using Machine Learning: A Review Study Mohammed mzeri, Laheeb Ibrahim
17 [GO] Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul 2022―Jun―30 Complications after Covid-19 vaccination Sameer Ibrahim Hasan, Imad A Thanoon, Abdul-rahman I. A-J Thanoon, Omar SI. Hasan, Rwqaya S. Dawood
18 [GO] Annals of the College of Medicine Mosul 2022―Jun―30 Online Team-Based Learning for Teaching Antenatal Care during COVID- 19 Pandemic Omaima Abdulrazzaq zubair, Humam Ghanim I. Zubeer, Samar A. Ahmed, Mohamad H Shehata, Mohamad A Hassanein
19 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2022―Apr―24 Effect of obesity on immune response against covid-19 Rasul Ali, Hangaw Haji, Sahar Zaki, Zhilia aziz, Rayan anwar, Hawren fars, et al. (+2)
20 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2022―Apr―24 The impact of the Corona pandemic on psychological and mental health among students of the University of Mosul isolated at home Zeyad Al-Noimi, Radhwan Ibrahim
21 [GO] Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences 2022―Apr―10 Identify the Attitudes of Physical Education Teachers in Mafraq Governorate Towards the Obstacles to Teaching Students in Light of the Spread of the Corona Pandemic Muhammad Ali M. Hawamdeh
22 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2022―Apr―01 The Relationship Between the Indicators of the Corona Pandemic and Some Variables of the Performance of the Iraq Stock Exchange Namir A. AlSaegh, MOHAMED ALHAJ BAKR
23 [GO] Rafidain Journal of Science 2022―Mar―29 Most Concern Strains of Coronavirus-2 and Diagnostic Protocol in Iraqi’s Hospitals: A review Hadeel Musafer, Raghad Abdulrazaq, Majid Al-Bayati, Sadeq Kaabi, Bashar Abdulateef
25 [GO] Mosul Journal of Nursing 2022―Jan―20 NURSES’ AWARENESS AND EXPERIENCES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN DUHOK CITY Sara kadhim, Khalid Mohammed Saber
26 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2022―Jan―09 The role of fiscal stimulus packages in addressing economic conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic Mohammed Mohammed
27 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2022―Jan―09 Job Crafting as a Mediating Variable in the Relationship Between Empowering Leadership and Teleworking Effectiveness During Corona Pandemic: Applied to Faculty Members Assistants in Egyptian Universities and Higher Institutes Marwa Saad Mohamed El-Shanawany, Ahmed Qais Jalal
28 [GO] مجلة دراسات موصلیة 2021―Nov―06 أثر جائحة Covid-19 کورونا على العملیة التعلیمیة فی الموصل وأهم السُبل الناجعة لاحتواء أثارها السلبیة "دراسة تحلیلیة علی الخفاف
29 [GO] Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy 2021―Aug―17 Pulmonary surfactant in COVID-19; A role in etiology and treatment Myasar Alkotaji, Musab Khalaf
30 [GO] Rafidain Journal of Science 2021―Mar―02 The Pandemic of COVID-19: Current Scheme of Iraq (24 February- 8 August 2020) saad mutlk, Ban Abdulsattar, Ian Jones
31 [GO] TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN 2020―Dec―18 The Challenges Facing The Accounting Profession Under The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Taha A. H. Ardiny
32 [GO] Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences 2020―Sep―24 Are promising mechanisms of hydroxychloroquine abolish COVID-19 activity? A review study Yaareb J Mousa, Mahmood B. Mahmood, Fanar A. Isihaq, Ammar A. Mohammed
33 [GO] Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences 2020―Sep―24 Similarities and differences of COVID-19 and avian infectious bronchitis from molecular pathologist and poultry specialist view point Waseem Al-Jameel, Saevan Al-Mahmood
34 [GO] AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics 2020―May―19 The Pandemic COVID-19 Infection Spreading Spatial Aspects: A Network-Based Software Approach Basim Mahmood, Marwah Dabdawb

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