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Publishing House: The Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―31 Rapid communication for effective medical resource allocation in the COVID-19 pandemic Kwangha Lee
2 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―31 Intensive care unit professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain: social and work-related variables, COVID-19 symptoms, worries, and generalized anxiety levels Fernando J. García-Hedrera, Fernanda Gil-Almagro, F. Javier Carmona-Monge, Cecilia Peñacoba-Puente, Patricia Catalá-Mesón, Lilian Velasco-Furlong
3 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―12 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically ill COVID-19 patients in Sfax, Tunisia Mabrouk Bahloul, Sana Kharrat, Kamilia Chtara, Malek Hafdhi, Olfa Turki, Najeh Baccouche, et al. (+11)
4 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―12 Impact of prone position on outcomes of COVID-19 patients with spontaneous breathing Mabrouk Bahloul, Sana Kharrat, Malek Hfidhi, Anis Maalla, Olfa Turki, Kamilia Chtara, et al. (+6)
5 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―10 The Mount Sinai Hospital Institute for critical care medicine response to the COVID-19 pandemic Jennifer Wang, Evan Leibner, Jaime B. Hyman, Sanam Ahmed, Joshua Hamburger, Jean Hsieh, et al. (+5)
6 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Jul―30 Comparison of characteristics and ventilatory course between coronavirus disease 2019 and middle east respiratory syndrome patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome Imran Khalid, Romaysaa M Yamani, Maryam Imran, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Manahil Imran, Rumaan Gul, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―May―04 Airway pressure release ventilation in mechanically ventilated patients with COVID-19: a multicenter observational study John S. Zorbas, Kwok M. Ho, Edward Litton, Bradley Wibrow, Edward Fysh, Matthew H. Anstey
8 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Feb―26 Evolution of COVID-19 management in critical care: review and perspective from a hospital in the United Kingdom Avinash Kumar Jha, Sudhindra Gurunath Kulkarni
9 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Jan―13 Pneumothorax and pulmonary air leaks as ventilator-induced injuries in COVID-19 Gabriele Martelli, Ivo Tiberio
10 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Dec―21 Pneumothorax rate in intubated patients with COVID-19 Kathleen M. Capaccione, Belinda D’souza, Jay Leb, Lyndon Luk, Jimmy Duong, Wei-Yann Tsai, et al. (+4)
11 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―12 Experience of percutaneous tracheostomy in critically ill COVID-19 patients Eun Jin Kim, Eun-Hyung Yoo, Chi Young Jung, Kyung Chan Kim
12 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―11 Risk factors for intensive care unit admission and mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients Ahmed Ayaz, Ainan Arshad, Hajra Malik, Haris Ali, Erfan Hussain, Bushra Jamil
13 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―09 Identification of risk factors for mortality in COVID-19 patients Eun Young Kim
14 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Oct―21 Role of vitamin C in critically ill patients with COVID-19: is it effective? Siddique Chaudhary, Robert Matthew Wright, Gabriel Patarroyo-Aponte
15 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Oct―12 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically Ill patients with COVID-19 in Northeast Ohio: low mortality and length of stay Francois Abi Fadel, Mohammed Al-Jaghbeer, Sany Kumar, Lori Griffiths, Xiaofeng Wang, Xiaozhen Han, Robert Burton
16 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Sep―02 Is the use of automated artificial manual breathing unit resuscitators justified during a pandemic mechanical ventilator crisis? Kamna Kakkar, Bhavna Gupta
17 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Aug―19 COVID-19 patients: When and whom to ventilate? Tusharindra Lal, Mrinal Sircar
18 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Aug―10 Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation may be useful in critically ill COVID-19 patients with suspected cardiac injury Eunyoung Heo, Se Jin Oh, Hyun Woo Lee, Jung-Kyu Lee, Deog Kyeom Kim, Sang-Won Park
19 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Jun―01 Experience of augmenting critical care capacity in Daegu during COVID-19 incident in South Korea Je Hyeong Kim, Suk-Kyung Hong, Younghwan Kim, Ho Geol Ryu, Chi-Min Park, Young Seok Lee, Sung Jin Hong


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