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1 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Jul―06 A fatal case report of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis and mucormycosis coinfection in an immunocompetent patient with coronavirus disease 2019 in Korea Jin Hyoung Kim, Misung Kim, Soyeoun Lim, Sun Young Park, Yangjin Jegal, Taehoon Lee, Byung Ju Kang
2 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Jul―05 In-hospital mortality prediction using frailty scale and severity score in elderly patients with severe COVID-19 Yong Sub Na, Jin Hyoung Kim, Moon Seong Baek, Won-Young Kim, Ae-Rin Baek, Bo young Lee, et al. (+2)
3 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Jul―05 Association of nutrition risk screening 2002 and malnutrition universal screening tool with COVID-19 severity in hospitalized patients in Iran Ghazaleh Eslamian, Sohrab Sali, Mansour Babaei, Karim Parastouei, Dorsa Arman Moghadam
4 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―May―20 Emergency intubation in COVID-19 positive patients: Comparison of pandemic surges at a UK center Patrick Alexander Ward, Matthew Baker, Stephanie Glarbo, Alfred Hill, Ajay Gandhi, Jagdish Sokhi, Christopher Lockie
5 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Mar―24 Myoclonic status epilepticus after severe hyperthermia in a patient with coronavirus disease 2019 Katherine A Hill, John J Peters, Sara M Schaefer
6 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Mar―11 Comparison of critically ill COVID-19 and influenza patients with acute respiratory failure Mehmet Yildirim, Burcin Halacli, Mehmet Yasir Pektezel, Berrin Er, Ismail Tuna Geldigitti, Gulay Tok, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Feb―28 Gravity-induced ischemia in the brain-and prone positioning for COVID-19 patients breathing spontaneously J. Howard Jaster, Giulia Ottaviani
8 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Feb―28 Gravity-induced ischemia in the brain and prone positioning for COVID-19 patients breathing spontaneously: still far from the truth! Mabrouk Bahloul, Sana Kharrat, Kamilia Chtara, Hedi Chelly, Chokri Ben Hamida, Mounir Bouaziz
9 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Feb―22 Inhaled iloprost can improve oxygenation and shunt fraction in severe COVID-19 Christiaan M.C. Serbanescu-Kele Apor de Zalán, Norbert A. Foudraine, Jos L.M.L. Le Noble
10 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Feb―22 Comparison of high-flow nasal oxygen therapy and noninvasive ventilation in COVID-19 patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis Glenardi Glenardi, Febie Chriestya, Bambang J Oetoro, Ghea Mangkuliguna, Natalia Natalia
11 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Feb―22 Neurological complications during the course of severe COVID-19: Is it just the tip of the iceberg? Gulcin Koc Yamanyar, Burcin Halacli, Mehmet Yildirim, Arzu Topeli
12 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2022―Jan―21 COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome treated with veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and programmed multi-level ventilation: a case report Filip Depta, Anton Turčan, Pavol Török, Petra Kapraľová, Michael A. Gentile
13 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Nov―30 COVID-19-induced acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: epidemiology, risk factors, and outcome Ahlem Trifi, Sami Abdellatif, Yosri Masseoudi, Asma Mehdi, Oussama Benjima, Eya Seghir, et al. (+7)
14 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Nov―29 Association of vitamin D deficiency with COVID-19 severity and mortality in Iranian people: a prospective observational study Alireza Fatemi, Seyed Hossein Ardehali, Ghazaleh Eslamian, Morvarid Noormohammadi, Shirin Malek
15 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―31 Rapid communication for effective medical resource allocation in the COVID-19 pandemic Kwangha Lee
16 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―31 Intensive care unit professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain: social and work-related variables, COVID-19 symptoms, worries, and generalized anxiety levels Fernando J. García-Hedrera, Fernanda Gil-Almagro, F. Javier Carmona-Monge, Cecilia Peñacoba-Puente, Patricia Catalá-Mesón, Lilian Velasco-Furlong
17 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―12 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically ill COVID-19 patients in Sfax, Tunisia Mabrouk Bahloul, Sana Kharrat, Kamilia Chtara, Malek Hafdhi, Olfa Turki, Najeh Baccouche, et al. (+11)
18 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―12 Impact of prone position on outcomes of COVID-19 patients with spontaneous breathing Mabrouk Bahloul, Sana Kharrat, Malek Hfidhi, Anis Maalla, Olfa Turki, Kamilia Chtara, et al. (+6)
19 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Aug―10 The Mount Sinai Hospital Institute for critical care medicine response to the COVID-19 pandemic Jennifer Wang, Evan Leibner, Jaime B. Hyman, Sanam Ahmed, Joshua Hamburger, Jean Hsieh, et al. (+5)
20 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Jul―30 Comparison of characteristics and ventilatory course between coronavirus disease 2019 and middle east respiratory syndrome patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome Imran Khalid, Romaysaa M Yamani, Maryam Imran, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Manahil Imran, Rumaan Gul, et al. (+2)
21 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―May―04 Airway pressure release ventilation in mechanically ventilated patients with COVID-19: a multicenter observational study John S. Zorbas, Kwok M. Ho, Edward Litton, Bradley Wibrow, Edward Fysh, Matthew H. Anstey
22 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Feb―26 Evolution of COVID-19 management in critical care: review and perspective from a hospital in the United Kingdom Avinash Kumar Jha, Sudhindra Gurunath Kulkarni
23 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2021―Jan―13 Pneumothorax and pulmonary air leaks as ventilator-induced injuries in COVID-19 Gabriele Martelli, Ivo Tiberio
24 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Dec―21 Pneumothorax rate in intubated patients with COVID-19 Kathleen M. Capaccione, Belinda D’souza, Jay Leb, Lyndon Luk, Jimmy Duong, Wei-Yann Tsai, et al. (+4)
25 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―12 Experience of percutaneous tracheostomy in critically ill COVID-19 patients Eun Jin Kim, Eun-Hyung Yoo, Chi Young Jung, Kyung Chan Kim
26 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―11 Risk factors for intensive care unit admission and mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients Ahmed Ayaz, Ainan Arshad, Hajra Malik, Haris Ali, Erfan Hussain, Bushra Jamil
27 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Nov―09 Identification of risk factors for mortality in COVID-19 patients Eun Young Kim
28 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Oct―21 Role of vitamin C in critically ill patients with COVID-19: is it effective? Siddique Chaudhary, Robert Matthew Wright, Gabriel Patarroyo-Aponte
29 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Oct―12 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically Ill patients with COVID-19 in Northeast Ohio: low mortality and length of stay Francois Abi Fadel, Mohammed Al-Jaghbeer, Sany Kumar, Lori Griffiths, Xiaofeng Wang, Xiaozhen Han, Robert Burton
30 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Sep―02 Is the use of automated artificial manual breathing unit resuscitators justified during a pandemic mechanical ventilator crisis? Kamna Kakkar, Bhavna Gupta
31 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Aug―19 COVID-19 patients: When and whom to ventilate? Tusharindra Lal, Mrinal Sircar
32 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Aug―10 Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation may be useful in critically ill COVID-19 patients with suspected cardiac injury Eunyoung Heo, Se Jin Oh, Hyun Woo Lee, Jung-Kyu Lee, Deog Kyeom Kim, Sang-Won Park
33 [GO] Acute and Critical Care 2020―Jun―01 Experience of augmenting critical care capacity in Daegu during COVID-19 incident in South Korea Je Hyeong Kim, Suk-Kyung Hong, Younghwan Kim, Ho Geol Ryu, Chi-Min Park, Young Seok Lee, Sung Jin Hong

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