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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Temple University Press
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] CommonHealth 2021―Sep―30 How the Coronavirus Inspired Teaching the Diffusion of Innovation Theory Deirdre Dingman, Sarah Bauerle Bass
2 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 “Why Don’t They Just Do What We Tell Them?” Risk Communication in the Time of COVID-19 Sarah Bauerle Bass
3 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 Screenless Teletherapy and Silent Telesupervision: Leveraging Technology for Innovative Service Delivery and Clinician Training in Speech-language Pathology during the COVID-19 Era Molly Beiting, Gabriele Nicolet
4 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 An Ecologic Analysis of Comorbidities in Patients with COVID-19 in Philadelphia and New York City Krys Johnson, Ilene Hollin, Aimee Palumbo, Jacqueline Spitzer, David Sarwer
5 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 Temple Students Mount Response Against the COVID-19 Pandemic Vittoria Boni, Schyler Edwards, Kurt Koehler, Michelle Liu, Meghan Swyryn
6 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 Providing Opportunities for Meaningful Activities for Covid-19 Patients: A Community Response Emily Knowles, Casey O'Donnell, Amy Lynch, Gretchen Snethen
7 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 Can Wastewater be Used to Improve our COVID-19 Surveillance Efforts? Shannon McGinnis, Shane Mclouglin, Tiffany Buturla, Nishita D'Souza, José Logo, Heather Murphy
8 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 The Reinvention of the Health and Fitness Industry During the Coronavirus Pandemic Kayla Myers, Michael B. Brown, Samuel C. Payne, Daniel M. Rosney
9 [GO] CommonHealth 2020―Dec―22 The Accidental Talking Head: Working with the Media During a Pandemic Krys Johnson


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