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Publishing House: Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FCTAS RAS)

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1 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 Measures to Support the Population in the Republic of Uzbekistan during the COVID-19 Pandemic Muattara Rakhimova, Sergey Ryazantsev
2 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 Migration Situation in Belarus amid the Covid-19 Pandemic and International Sanctions Ludmila Tikhonova, Vasily Pugachev
3 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic in Russia in 2020-2021: Problems and Prospects Larisa Ruban
4 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 Educational Emigration of Kazakhstani Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social impacts and Challenges Bibinaz Almanova, Leila Delovarova
5 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 International Migration in the Russian Arctic: Scale, Structure and Influence of the Pandemic Andrey Smirnov, Uliana Lytkina
6 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Jun―10 Pandemic in Brazil: Effects on Migration Process Maria Teresa Toríbio Brittes Lemos, Alexis Toribio Dantas
7 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2022―Mar―30 Social and Communication Mechanisms of Adaptation of the Population to the Crisis Conditions of the Pandemic in the all-Russian, Regional and Sectoral Context Alexander Chumikov
8 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2022―Mar―23 The Russian-Speaking Population of Hungary during the COVID-19 Pandemic Marina Khramova, Alexey Smirnov
9 [GO] POPULATION 2022―Mar―22 Meta-analysis of the demographic response of populations in different countries to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus Alexander Cherkashin, Natalia Krasnoshtanova
10 [GO] POPULATION 2022―Mar―22 Financial fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic Elena Medvedeva, Sergey Kroshilin
11 [GO] POPULATION 2022―Mar―22 Families with children aged 3-7 during COVID-19: estimate of financial situation and benefit coverage Elena Grishina, Elena Tsatsura
12 [GO] Sociological Journal 2021―Dec―29 Anti-crisis Transformation of Corporate Culture in Russian Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ekaterina Bogomolova, Yulia Kot, Ekaterina Nikiforova, Elena Petrenko
13 [GO] Inter 2021―Dec―29 Conducting Interviews during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Becky Self, Alexander Ryazantsev
14 [GO] VESTNIK INSTITUTA SOTZIOLOGII 2021―Dec―27 Social exclusion of older people in rural areas during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Karelia Konstantin A. Galkin
15 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2021―Dec―27 The Nature of Interethnic Relations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) During the Pandemic Elena Shchegolkova
16 [GO] POPULATION 2021―Dec―25 Social support for families with children in the period of coronavirus epidemic and families' need Irina Korchagina, Lidia Prokofieva
17 [GO] Science Culture Society 2021―Dec―14 The impact of pandemic on our daily life: the case of the India Debajyoti Gupta
18 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2021―Dec―10 Economic development trends and aspects of healthcare reform in Russia under COVID-2019 pandemic Natalya Krivenko
19 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―Dec―08 Return Migration: The Second Major Outbreak due to COVID-19 in India Shraddha Agarwal
20 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―Dec―08 Infectious Diseases among Migrants in Countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion in the Period before the COVID-19 Pandemic Dilyara Syunyakova
21 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―Dec―08 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Reproductive Attitudes of Russian Women Alexey Smirnov, Marina Khramova
22 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2021―Sep―30 Problems of Information Support for Social Assistance to the Population During the COVID-19 Pandemic Alexander Abroskin, Natalia Abroskina
23 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2021―Sep―30 Trust in a Pandemic: Save Cannot Be Changed. What Does the Region Feel? Tatiana Guzhavina
24 [GO] POPULATION 2021―Sep―24 Coronavirus and premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases in Russia Nina Rusanova, Natalia Kamynina
25 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―Sep―20 Legal Regulation of Migration Processes in The Context of Eurasian Integration and The Covid-19 Pandemic Galina Moskalevich
26 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2021―Jul―01 Public Relations in The Social Space of A Modern City in the Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic Ilya Manyshev
27 [GO] Inter 2021―Jun―30 Limited Space: Elderly People's Meanings of the City in the Time of Pandemic Konstantin Galkin
28 [GO] POPULATION 2021―Jun―29 Analysis of mortality from the coronavirus infection in Russia Alexey Smirnov
29 [GO] Sociological Journal 2021―Jun―29 Trust in the Face of a Pandemic: In Search for a Common Ground Irina Tartakovskaya
30 [GO] Nauka Kultura Obshestvo 2021―Jun―22 Women political leaders in pandemic times: comparing Jacinda Ardern’ and Donald Trump’s representation of the COVID-19 crisis Flaminia Saccà, Donatella Selva
31 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2021―Jun―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on the global labour market: an analysis of emerging trends (part two) Yuri Odegov, Anton Razinov
32 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 Mass Migration and COVID-19 Epidemic in China During Spring Festival 2020 Anna V. Boyarkina
33 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 Mortality in Belarus During the COVID-19 Pandemic Anatoly G. Zlotnikov
34 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 Problems of Moldovan Migrants in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Alla N. Ostavnaia
35 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 On Legal Possibilities of Limiting Labor Migration within the Eurasian Economic Union: from Theory to Practice in Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic Dmitry V. Ivanov, Maria M. Levina
36 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 Global Market of Highly Qualified Specialist under Pandemic Conditions Lidia G. Belova
37 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―May―27 Assessing the Risks and Effectiveness of Pandemic Control Measures: the Migration Aspect Evgenia P. Sigareva, Yulia E. Pletneva
38 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2021―May―18 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on the Global labour Market: an Analysis of Emerging Trends (Part One) Yury Odegov, Anton Razinov
39 [GO] Sociologicheskaja nauka i social naja praktika 2021―Mar―31 Oncological Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ekaterina Fadeeva
40 [GO] Nauka Kultura Obshestvo 2021―Mar―31 Trust in government during the pandemic: gender aspect Alexandra O. Lazukina
41 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2021―Mar―25 Пандемия COVID-19 и её влияние на мировой рынок труда: анализ складывающихся тенденций (Часть первая) Юрий Одегов, Антон Разинов
42 [GO] DEMIS Demographic research 2021―Feb―14 COVID-19 and International Labor Migration in Agriculture Philip Martin
43 [GO] Nauka Kultura Obshestvo 2020―Dec―31 Risks of demographic development in a pandemic Evgenia P. Sigareva, Svetlana Yu. Sivoplyasova, Julia E. Pletneva
44 [GO] Inter 2020―Dec―26 Understanding Death and Grief in the Context of Pandemics - Challenges and Support in Response to COVID-19 Chao Fang
45 [GO] Inter 2020―Dec―26 The Weeks that Could Have Changed the Pandemic Course: on the Conflict Between Health, Economic and Personal Rights Alessandro Gerosa
46 [GO] POPULATION 2020―Dec―20 Transformation of processes of external labor migration during the spread of the COVID-19 infection Evgeny Krasinets, Irina Gerasimova
47 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2020―Nov―24 Realization of the UBI Principles As An Answer to the COVID-19 Challenges Aleksandr Zolotov, Sergey Zolotov
48 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2020―Nov―24 Dynamics and Quality of Platform Employment in the Era of Coronavirus: Challenges for Russia Natalya Loktyukhina, Ekaterina Chernykh
49 [GO] POPULATION 2020―Sep―30 National characteristics of changes in the hazard of development of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic: mathematical modeling and statistical analysis Alexander K. Cherkashin
50 [GO] VESTNIK INSTITUTA SOTZIOLOGII 2020―Sep―29 How internet users in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Sevastopol Reacted to the Covid-19 Pandemic (Based on Material from a Media-Analysis Study) Olga V. Yarmak, Ekaterina V. Strashko, Tatyana V. Shkayderova
51 [GO] Living Standards of the Population in the Regions of Russia 2020―Aug―23 The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Protecting Health and Transforming the Quality of Employment During the COVID-2019 Pandemic Maria A. Yudina

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