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1 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2023―Jun―22 Organizational issues of surgical treatment of urological and andrological patients in the conditions of COVID-19: literature review Z. A. Kadyrov, M. V. Faniev, S. I. Suleymanov, V. Z. Kadyrova, G. M. Mushukiya, K. V. Gagai
2 [GO] Oncohematology 2023―May―31 Current opportunities to improve outcomes of COVID-19 infection prevention and course in patients with lymphoproliferative diseases (regional analysis) Ch. Kh. Valiakhmetova, E. I. Siraeva
3 [GO] Russian Journal of Child Neurology 2023―May―19 Dynamic electroencephalographic study of persons - mild COVID-19 convalescents S. A. Gulyaev
4 [GO] Russian journal of neurosurgery 2022―Dec―28 Endoscopic lavage of the cerebral ventricular system for ventriculitis treatment in a patient with complicated new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) K. E. Poshataev, D. L. Paskhin, A. M. Dorodov, R. V. Zabolotnyy, S. N. Mironov, P. V. Kuzmin, et al. (+2)
5 [GO] Cancer Urology 2022―Dec―12 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer incidence and cancer care in patients with prostate cancer in the Siberian Federal District L. D. Zhuikova, O. A. Ananina, L. V. Pikalova, G. A. Kononova
6 [GO] MD-Onco 2022―Oct―14 Clinical observation of a 64-year-old female patient with plasma cell leukemia diagnosed during coronavirus infection COVID-19 Yu. E. Ryabukhina, O. L. Timofeeva, P. A. Zeynalova, F. M. Abbasbeyli, M. V. Antonets, V. E. Gruzdev, et al. (+3)
7 [GO] Russian Journal of Child Neurology 2022―Sep―13 Ischemic stroke in a pediatric patient: complication of the course of COVID-19 (clinical case and literature review) A. M. Shchetinina, V. P. Ivanov, A. V. Kim, G. G. Ivanova, V. A. Malko, T. M. Alekseeva
8 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2022―Sep―12 Investigation of the effect of COVID-19 infection on sperm DNA fragmentation T. M. Sorokina, E. E. Bragina, E. A. Sorokina, A. O. Sedova, M. I. Shtaut, L. F. Kurilo, V. B. Chernykh
9 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2022―Sep―12 Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 virus effects on prostate tissues, including associations with patient hormonal state and postvaccination reactions L. O. Severgina, P. V. Glybochko, I. A. Коrovin, L. M. Rapoport, A. V. Belyakov, A. I. Kryukova, et al. (+4)
10 [GO] Russian Journal of Biotherapy 2022―Jul―27 Antitumor immunotherapy and COVID-19 in cancer patients E. A. Pogodina, I. Zh. Shubina, A. V. Lobov, P. I. Ivanova, N. Yu. Sokolov
11 [GO] Russian Journal of Biotherapy 2022―Jul―27 Modern antiviral biomedical cell products and their applications for COVID-19 therapy I. O. Chikileva, I. Zh. Shubina, M. V. Kiselevskiy
12 [GO] Oncohematology 2022―Jul―20 COVID-19 infection in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in the Orenburg region during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic G. B. Kuchma, U. A. Yakubova, L. K. Kozlova, S. A. Lebedenko, F. R. Sayfutdinov
13 [GO] Oncohematology 2022―Jul―20 Immunochemotherapy of refractory classical Hodgkin's lymphoma with high-dose consolidation and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation complicated by a new coronavirus infection L. S. Khayrullina, M. A. Vernyuk, A. M. Chervontseva, I. V. Cherkashina, E. E. Gushchina, A. A. Fedenko
14 [GO] Tumors of female reproductive system 2022―May―10 Impact of COVID-19 on the epidemiological situation of cervical cancer in Irkutsk region and Irkutsk city (2010-2020) L. D. Zhuykova, O. A. Ananina, L. V. Pikalova, G. A. Kononova, A. A. Kalichkin
15 [GO] Oncohematology 2022―Apr―14 Chemotherapy of hematological malignancies in patients with COVID-19 T. S. Chudnova, E. A. Baryakh, M. S. Litvinenko, T. N. Tolstykh, O. L. Kochneva, E. Y. Grishina, et al. (+5)
16 [GO] Oncohematology 2022―Apr―14 Monoclonal anti-CD20 antibodies in lymphomas therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: pro and contra K. A. Sychevskaya, S. K. Kravchenko
17 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2022―Mar―18 Chemiluminescence analysis of free radical processes in seminal plasma of men with pathospermia who have undergone COVID-19 infection N. A. Kurashova, B. G. Dashiev, L. A. Grebenkina, S. I. Kolesnikov, L. I. Kolesnikova
18 [GO] The Clinician 2022―Mar―09 Musculoskeletal manifectations of the new coronavirus infection: focus on arthralgia and myalgia N. A. Shostak, A. A. Klimenko, N. A. Demidova, A. A. Kondrashov, D. Yu. Andryashkina, Yu. M. Saakyan, et al. (+2)
19 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2021―Dec―16 Evaluating the effect of BESTFertil antioxidant complex on semen parameters and severity of asthenic syndrome in men with a recent history of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) T. V. Shatylko, S. I. Gamidov, A. Yu. Popova
20 [GO] Russian Journal of Biotherapy 2021―Dec―03 Assessment of the cellular immunity response to the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 A. V. Lobov, P. I. Ivanova, E. A. Pogodina, V. I. Kazey, E. D. Maksimova, I. Zh. Shubina
21 [GO] Bone and soft tissue sarcomas tumors of the skin 2021―Nov―18 Surgical treatment of patients with metastatic bone lesions during the COVID-19 pandemic A. V. Bukharov, V. A. Derzhavin, A. V. Yadrina, D. A. Erin
22 [GO] Neuromuscular Diseases 2021―Sep―14 Miller Fisher syndrome developed after a previous COVID-19 infection (case report) V. A. Malko, P. V. Klimov, M. P. Topuzova, I.  V. Yarush, K. V. Simakov, T. M. Alekseeva
23 [GO] Neuromuscular Diseases 2021―Sep―14 Acute and chronic dysimmune polyneuropathies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: pathogenesis, features of the clinical picture, diagnosis and therapy (literature review) A. E. Khrulev, N. A. Shiyanova, S. N. Sorokoumova, D. S. Kasatkin, V.  N. Grigoryeva, K.  M. Belyakov, et al. (+2)
24 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2021―Sep―13 Effect of COVID-19 infection on characteristics of sperm in men with impaired fertility T. M. Sorokina, E. E. Bragina, E. A. Sorokina, A. O. Sedova, M. I. Shtaut, L. F. Kurilo, V. B. Chernykh
25 [GO] Oncohematology 2021―Jun―07 Vaccination against SARS-COV-2 in oncology A. A. Polyakov, V. V. Lunin, F. M. Abbaysbeyli, O. L. Timofeeva, V. B. Larionova, P. A. Zeynalova, A. A. Fedenko
26 [GO] Andrology and Genital Surgery 2021―Apr―22 Possibilities of conservative treatment for andrological conditions in men with history of COVID-19 A. Yu. Popova, S. I. Gamidov, Т. V. Shatylko, N. G. Gasanov, R. I. Ovchinnikov, R. S. Gamidov
27 [GO] Russian journal of neurosurgery 2021―Jan―18 Commentary on the article of O. O. Kordonskaya, A. G. Vinokurov, I.V. Grigoriev, S.A. Melchenko, A.A. Kalinkin, I.V. Senko, V.V. Belousov “Surgical treatment of patients with neurosurgical pathology combined with COVID-19 A. V. Prirodov
28 [GO] Russian journal of neurosurgery 2021―Jan―18 Surgical treatment of patients with neurosurgical pathology combined with COVID-19 O. O. Kordonskaya, A. G. Vinokurov, I. V. Grigoriev, S. A. Melchenko, A. A. Kalinkin, I. V. Senko, V. V. Belousov
29 [GO] Advances in molecular oncology 2021―Jan―12 Antitumor proteinkinase inhibitor imatinib may be regarded as a potential correcting agent for COVID-19 associated pulmonary fibrosis I. N. Mikhaylova, N. M. Treshalina, I. Zh. Shubina, I. V. Manina, M. V. Kiselevsky, A. N. Lukashev
30 [GO] Consortium Psychiatricum 2020―Dec―04 The Virus Covid-19 and Dilemmas of Online Technology R. Smith
31 [GO] Consortium Psychiatricum 2020―Sep―02 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety, depression and distress - online survey results amid the pandemic in Russia O. A. Karpenko, T. S. Syunyakov, M. A. Kulygina, A. V. Pavlichenko, A. S. Chetkina, A. V. Andrushchenko
32 [GO] Consortium Psychiatricum 2020―Sep―02 COVID-19: сonsequences for mental health and the use of e-Mental health options W. Gaebel, R. Lukies, J. Stricke
33 [GO] Oncohematology 2020―Jul―18 Expert Council resolution on the specifics of multiple myeloma therapy during COVID-19 pandemic Article Editorial
34 [GO] Tumors of female reproductive system 2020―Jun―09 Characteristics of oncological care in the reality of COVID-19 pandemic: views of a lawyer and a clinician N. Yu. Chernus, A. G. Kedrova, S. E. Krasilnikov, O. I. Ivaninskiy
35 [GO] Neuromuscular Diseases 2020―Jun―05 Basic principles for the management of neurological patients during the COVID-19 pandemic S. V. Kopishinskaya, N. O. Zharinova, I. A. Velichko, N. G. Zhukova, V. V. Bucev, I. V. Korobejnikov, et al. (+4)
36 [GO] Cancer Urology 2020―Apr―23 Potential algorithm of prostate cancer management during the pandemic of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) V. B. Matveev, M. I. Volkova, O. P. Trofimova, S. I. Tkachev

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