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Publishing House: Research Centre of Industrial Problems of Development of NAS of Ukraine

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1 [GO] Business Inform 2022―May―14 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the State of the Labor Market in Ukraine O. V. Shavurska
2 [GO] Business Inform 2022―May―14 Recruiting Trends in the Context of a Pandemic K. O. Skibska
3 [GO] Business Inform 2022―May―14 The Hospitality Industry in Southern Ukraine in the Conditions of a Pandemic - Challenges and Solutions M. M. Furdak, E. V. Orlenko
4 [GO] Business Inform 2022―May―11 A Research on the Process of Attracting Investment Resources by Industrial Enterprises During the COVID-19 Pandemic O. S. Furs, A. V. Hrechko
5 [GO] Business Inform 2022―May―11 Evaluating the Impact of the Pandemic on the Economies of the World Countries H. V. Razumova, K. A. But
6 [GO] Business Inform 2022―Mar―25 Foreign Experience in Implementing Concession Projects in the Social Sphere in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic V. P. Vlasova, I. V. Tarnovska
7 [GO] Business Inform 2022―Jan―19 Actual Problems of Medical Waste Management in the Context of COVID-19 in Ukraine O. V. Litvinova, O. V. Posylkina, S. M. Kovalenko, Y. S. Bratishko, A. G. Lisna
8 [GO] Business Inform 2022―Jan―19 The Tendencies of Taxation of Consumption in the OECD Countries Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic O. O. Markina, T. V. Paientko
9 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Dec―07 Peculiarities and Priorities of the Insurance Market Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic O. Y. Zhabynets
10 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Dec―06 The Standard of Living of the Population and the Directions of its Increase in the Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic K. V. Bondarevska, V. O. Metlytska, A. S. Bozhko
11 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2021―Oct―29 Determinants of Consumer Behaviour in the COVID-19 Pandemic N. V. Mykytenko, Y. V. Biliavska
12 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2021―Oct―29 Dynamics of Motivational Levers Influenced by the Pandemic T. V. Vonberg, E. M. Motchana
13 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Oct―25 Impact of the Spread of Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Quality of Labor Life of Scientific-Pedagogical Employees I. O. Riabokon
14 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2021―Aug―10 Global Trends anTheoretic aspects of the formation and development of public-private partnership (PPP) are studied. By using a systemic approach, it is determined that the most important factor in improving the efficiency of public-private partnership is its institutional support. It is substantiated that globally, the PPP is mostly initiated by public authorities, which can be explained by a number of reasons. Firstly, public authorities are responsible for the country's strategic development. Secondly, public authorities formulate "rules of the game" for businesses and individuals, plan capital investments, and select PPP entities that are a priority in terms of public interest. In fact, it is the state that undertakes to address objectives facing society. Therefore, nowadays the importance of creating a favorable institutional environment to develop PPPs is recognized at all the levels of economic management and is emphasized in the scientific community. It is proved that the interests of public authorities, private businesses and the community are reconciled through the complementation of political, legal, and socio-economic norms and rules of conduct. The functions of public authorities at the national and regional levels of government are systematized. d Initiatives in Forming the Green Bonds Market in the Context of COVID-19 N. V. Dunas
15 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2021―Aug―10 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the IGLBs Market in Ukraine: State, Problems, and Development Perspectives N. B. Tataryn, I. M. Yurchenko
16 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 Use of Some Information Technologies to Maintain the Sustainability of Tourism During COVID-19 A. A. Ryabev, M. M. Pokolodna, O. M. Kravets
17 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 The Methodological Bases for Assessment of Competitiveness of IT Enterprises under COVID-19 I. P. Tymchenko, A. I. Koziatynska
18 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 The State Regulation of the Hotel and Restaurant Business in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic V. О. Martynenko
19 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 Administrating the Development of Tourism and Hospitality Industries During the COVID-19 Pandemic A. A. Ryabev, M. V Tonkoshkur, S. V. Kravtsova
20 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 Transformation of the State Social Policy in the Current Context: The Lessons of the Pandemic S. V. Tiutiunnykova, I. A. Shpak
21 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―30 Priority Directions of Ensuring Sustainable Development of Tourism of Ukraine in the Context of Pandemic H. I. Нaponenko, O. V. Yevtushenko, I. M. Shamara
22 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jun―07 Trends in the Development of Ukraine’s Foreign Trade in Goods in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic A. I. Kondratenko, D. I. Babmindra, I. M. Slobodianyk
23 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Apr―08 Risks of Industrial Enterprises in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic O. M. Orlova
24 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Apr―08 The Gender Features of the Labor Market in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic O. O. Khandii, O. O. Amosha, D. O. Mosiichuk
25 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Apr―08 Researching the Development of Remote Work in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic О. M. Bondarenko, T. M. Tardaskina, L. D. Bogatyryova
26 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Mar―11 Gender Unemployment Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Consequences in Ukrainian Society E. R. Stepanova
27 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Mar―11 Tourism Industry in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Tendencies and Support Measures I. Y. Kulyniak, I. I. Zhygalo, K. M. Yarmola
28 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Mar―11 Mixed Working Hours in the Conditions of the COVID-2019 Pandemic S. H. Rudakova, L. V. Shchetinina, N. S. Danylevych, A. S. Kohdenko
29 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Feb―15 The Crucial Factors and Prospects for the Recovery of the World Economy in the Global COVID-19 Recession N. G. Kalyuzhna, T. K. Kovtun
30 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jan―08 Use of Information Technology in Countering COVID-19 O. V. Tymoshenko, K. I. Kotsiubivska
31 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jan―08 Assessing the Impact of Coronavirus Crisis on the Nature and Trends of Remote Employment in Ukraine M. R. Lychkovska
32 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jan―08 Food Security in a Pandemic S. V. Tiutiunnykova, I. Y. Skochko
33 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jan―08 The Mechanisms of Management of the Transport and Logistics System of the European Union in Pandemic Conditions: Experience for Ukraine N. M. Shveda, S. V. Shpylyk, I. L. Pinyak
34 [GO] Business Inform 2021―Jan―08 Pandemics as a New Type of Threat to Economic Security in the Context of Globalization M. D. Kramchaninova, V. V. Vakhlakova
35 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Dec―03 COVID-19 as a Global Crisis in the New Socio-Economic Reality M. I. Chepeliuk
36 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Dec―03 The Recovery of Rural Green Tourism in COVID-19 Conditions as an Instrument for the Renovation of the Agrarian Economy O. V. Kovalova, V. V. Samsonova, T. O. Gakal
37 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Dec―03 Impact of COVID-19 on the Introduction of Digital Technologies by International Business I. V. Shkodinа, T. V. Serdyuk
38 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2020―Nov―06 Corona-test of the Real Economy and Financial and Economic Imperatives to Overcome the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic M. V. Prianyshnykova, O. D. Hudenko
39 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Sep―03 Analyzing Forecasts of the Influence of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Economy of Ukraine and the Neighboring Countries К. О. Boiarynova, V. V. Dergachova, M. O. Kravchenko, K. O. Kopishynska
40 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Aug―11 The World Economic Crisis and Pandemic of COVID-19 and Their Lessons for the Governments of the States P. A. Orlov
41 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Aug―11 The Activities of the Central Bank in a Pandemic I. V. Pasichnik, R. D. Nazarenko
42 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2020―Aug―05 The Coronavirus against Decentralization: Risks of and Challenges for the Development of United Territorial Communities in the context of the Pandemic Y. B. Ivanov, O. Y. Ivanova
43 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Jul―07 Tourism During a Pandemic: Implications and Prospects I. O. Panova
44 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Jul―07 The Development of International Tourism in the Context of the COID-19 Pandemic: Tendencies and Expectations Z. A. Atamanchuk
45 [GO] Business Inform 2020―Jun―17 COVID-19's Impact on the Innovation Development of Economies of Ukraine and Poland: Current Status and Prospects V. D. Zalizko, Dariusz Wojciech Nowak, P. V. Kukhta, R. V. Mykula
46 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2020―May―05 Methodological Basis for Studying Social Media as a Tool to Tackle Consequences of COVID-19 in the Restaurant Industry I. O. Lazebnyk, M. G. Ivasenko
47 [GO] THE PROBLEMS OF ECONOMY 2020―May―05 The Impact of COVID-19 on the World’s Economies D. V. Dolbneva

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