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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Russian Psychological Society
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―18 Dynamics of russian citizens’ social fears during the first and second waves of COVID-19 Victor V. Ermolaev, Julia Voroncova, Daria K. Nasonova, Alena I. Chetverikova
2 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―18 Clinical-psychological elaboration of discourse with regard to behavioural reactions typical of children and adolescents in the situation of COVID-19 pandemic Natalia S. Burlakova
3 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―18 Eagerness to be vaccinated against coronavirus as an indicator of trust to official medical recommendations: the role of anxiety and beliefs Elena I. Rasskazova, Aleksandr Sh. Tkhostov
4 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―17 Remote cognitive behavioral therapy for viral anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic Alexey I. Melehin
5 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―17 Negative psycho-emotional consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in risk groups Elvira B. Karpova, Ekaterina A. Nikolaeva
6 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―17 Educational environment amid COVID-19 pandemic: new security challenges Victoria A. Baranova, Ekaterina M. Dubovskaya, Olga O. Savina
7 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―17 Psychological characteristics of Japanese attitude toward COVID-19: Sanitary masks and “jishuku” (self-restriction) Tsuneyuki Abe, Alexander E. Raevskiy
8 [GO] National Psychological Journal 2021―Jun―17 Severity of hardiness in young people in Russia and Israel in the situation of self-isolation of the period of prevaling coronavirus Natalia V. Vinichuk
9 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Сognitive Emotion Regulation, Anxiety, and Depression in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 Daria V. Dovbysh, Maria G. Kiseleva
10 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 !e Psychological Impact of Six Weeks of Lockdown as a Consequence of COVID-19 and the Importance of Social Support: A Cross-Cultural Study Comparing Spanish and Russian Populations Berta Ausín, Miguel Ángel Castellanos, Clara González-Sanguino, Olga V. Vakhantseva, Olga V. Almazova, Ludmila A. Shaigerova, et al. (+2)
11 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 The COVID-19 Experience: Features of Culture and Belonging in the Context of Peoples Native to a Country and Migrants Natalia V. Grishina, Polina V. Lupulyak
12 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Psychological and Ethnocultural Sensitivities in the Perception of COVID-19 Memes by Young People in Russia and China Olga V. Smirnova, Galina V. Denissova, Luisa G. Svitich, Chuanzhao Lin, Soia B. Steblovskaia, Alina S. Antipova
13 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 China’s Mental Health Interventions during the COVID-19 Outbreak Zhengkui Liu, Yuanyuan An, Kankan Wu
14 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Effectiveness of Online Education for the Professional Training of Journalists: Students’ Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Irina A. Poluekhtova, Olga Yu. Vikhrova, Elena L. Vartanova
15 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Constructive Optimism, Defensive Optimism, and Gender as Predictors of Autonomous Motivation to Follow Stay-at-Home Recommendations during the COVID-19 Pandemic Tamara O. Gordeeva, Oleg A. Sychev, Yuri I. Semenov
16 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Conscious Self-Regulation and Self-organization of Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic Yury P. Zinchenko, Varvara I. Morosanova, Nailia G. Kondratyuk, Tatiana G. Fomina
17 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Coping Responses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Peru Ivan A. Voronin, Denisse Manrique-Millones, Georgy M. Vasin, Rosa Bertha Millones-Rivalles, Oscar Manrique-Pino, Nataly Fernández-Ríos, et al. (+9)
18 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Hardiness and Meaningfulness Reduce Negative E!ects on Psychological Well-Being Vitalii E. Epishin, Albina B. Salikhova, Nataliya V. Bogacheva, Mariia D. Bogdanova, Maria G. Kiseleva
19 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 COVID-19: Belief in Conspiracy Theories and the Need for Quarantine Marina S. Egorova, Oksana V. Parshikova, Yulia D. Chertkova, Vladimir M. Staroverov, Olga V. Mitina
20 [GO] Psychology in Russia State of Art 2021―Jan―11 Work Alienation During COVID-19: Main Factors and Conditions (An Example of University Professors) Anastasiia A. Kozhina, Leonid V. Vinokurov
22 [GO] Moscow University Psychology Bulletin 2020―Dec―17 PSYCHOLOGICAL AID FOR CHILDREN INFECTED WITH COVID-19 IN “RED ZONE” IN THE CONTEXT OF ILLNESS OF CLOSE ADULTS Tatiana V. Sviridova, Svetlana B. Lazurenko, A.L. Venger, A.P. Fisenko, Alexandra G. Dolgikh
23 [GO] Moscow University Psychology Bulletin 2020―Dec―17 MORAL DECISION-MAKING DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC Sergey N. Enikolopov, Tatina I. Medvedeva, Olga M. Boyko, Oksana Yu. Vorontsova, Olga Yu. Kazmina


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