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Publishing House: The Society of Korean Christian Social Ethics
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2021―May―11 Form the repugnance To the Empathy and Hospitality: Focus on the Empathy and Hospitality in the era of the COVID-19 Jong-Won Lee
2 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2021―May―11 The Issues of Religious Phenomenology and the Topics of Christian Social Ethics in the COVID-19 Era Sang Cheol Lee
3 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2021―Jan―15 Reorienting from Globalization to Localization: Enhancement of Ethical Production and Consumption, and Missional Strategies under the Crisis of COVID-19 ChangWun Kim, JangHyung Lee
4 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2021―Jan―15 COVID-19, an ethical task towards ‘Fear’ and ‘Disgust’ of N-Po Generation JieSung Lee
5 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2021―Jan―15 Sustainable Church in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era Chulsu Jo, Doohwan Kim
6 [GO] Christian Social Ethics 2020―Sep―17 A theological reflection on the public role of Korean Churches to pursue ‘the common good’ as an ethical value of ‘the new normal’ after ‘the Covid-19 Suk-Whan Sung


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