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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Moscow State Institute of International Relations

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1 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2022―Apr―20 Political process in Spain in a pandemic A. A. Kurakina-Damir
2 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2022―Apr―20 Pandemic and religion. Spanish Catholicism in the context of global transformations T. B. Koval
3 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2021―Dec―17 The impact of COVID-19 on trade relations between Russia and Spain: contributions from the Iberian country A. Vallina Rodríguez, C. Camarero Bullon, T. Moreno Bueno
4 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2021―Dec―17 Latin America in the fight against the Coronavirus crisis: The impact on economic and political stability in the region O. V. Volosyuk, N. A. Shkolyar
5 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2021―Jul―01 The consequences of the Cuban embargo escalation driven by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy J. L. Rodríguez
6 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2021―Jan―11 Left and right populists in Spain: from origins to COVID pandemics A. L. Dunaev
7 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Dec―31 Multilateralism and Nationalism in an Era of Disruption: the Great Pandemic and International Politics R. Sakwa
8 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Nov―09 Coronavirus and Politics: Demands and Values in the Age of the Pandemic D. A. Parenkov, K. E. Petrov
9 [GO] Cuadernos Iberoamericanos 2020―Aug―23 Mexico: COVID-19 - a lethal virus for the Aztec economy or a possibility of generating antibodies to underdevelopment? A. C. Acosta
10 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Aug―20 Drawing Lessons from the Pandemic for International Relations S. M. Markedonov
11 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 Political Aspects of COVID-19 Epidemic Crisis in China V. B. Kashin, V. A. Smirnova, I. V. Aksenov
12 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 Implications of COVID-19 for the Conflict in Syria M. A. Suchkov, S. Tack
13 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Challenge for Post-Soviet Central Asia Countries A. M. Akhunov
14 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic, Donald Trump, and the Future of American Politics A. V. Korobkov
15 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 Back into Modernity? COVID-19 Returns Nation-State to Its Original Nature N. Yu. Silaev, N. P. Protsenko
16 [GO] Journal of International Analytics 2020―Jul―09 South Caucasus: Glocalization of the Pandemic A. M. Iskandaryan, H. G. Mikaelian

16 Results       Page 1


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