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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Associated Management Consultants, PVT, Ltd.
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Indian Journal of Computer Science 2021―Oct―07 Study on Purchasing Behaviour of Customers for Essential Goods Through E-Commerce Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Shruti Sadanand Sawarkar
2 [GO] Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets 2021―Oct―07 Indian Stock Market's Response in Five - Phases to the COVID-19 Pandemic Kushal Dey, Ayan Brown
3 [GO] Indian Journal of Computer Science 2021―Oct―07 Online Education During COVID-19 Lockdown Period in MBA Colleges : An Analytical Study Conducted in Kochi Aravind T. S.
4 [GO] Prabandhan Indian Journal of Management 2021―Oct―07 Work from Home (WFH), COVID-19, and Its Impact on Women Debarun Chakraborty, Shrirang Altekar
5 [GO] Prabandhan Indian Journal of Management 2021―Oct―07 Perception Analysis on COVID-19 Vaccination : An Online Cross-Sectional Study Amit Kumar Arora, Sapna Yadav
6 [GO] Indian Journal of Computer Science 2021―Mar―17 HR Analytics Responsiveness in the Times of Covid-19 Rekha Bishnoi, Poonam Arora
7 [GO] Prabandhan Indian Journal of Management 2021―Feb―10 “Atmanirbhar Bharat, ” “Dual Circulation” : Shared Internal Woes Post COVID-19 Open not Dissimilar Economic Paths for India and China Manoj Gupta
8 [GO] Indian Journal of Finance 2021―Feb―10 IndiGo - In the Times of Pandemic M. Narender, A. Arun Kumar
9 [GO] AMC Indian Journal of Civil Engineering 2020―Dec―21 Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction Sector of Nepal Nirajan Khanal, Sujan Kumar Singh, Sujan Dhungel, Sulok Wagley
10 [GO] AMC Indian Journal of Entrepreneurship 2020―Nov―19 COVID-19 : Implications of Entrepreneurship in North-East India Sriparna B. Baruah, Amitav Dutta, Richa Guha
11 [GO] Indian Journal of Finance 2020―Sep―23 The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on the Banking Industry - A Case of National Bank Ltd. Sarvesh Mohania, Girish Mainrai
12 [GO] Indian Journal of Marketing 2020―Sep―11 COVID-19 : A Huge Opportunity for Innovation in Marketing Rajesh K. Pillania
13 [GO] Indian Journal of Computer Science 2020―Jul―09 Analyzing Data on the Spread of COVID-19 using Statistical Tools to Predict the Inflexion Point of the Virus in Italy Nirbhay Narang, Mehul Jangir
14 [GO] Prabandhan Indian Journal of Management 2020―Jun―17 COVID-19 : An Opportunity to Create a Comprehensive and Holistic Indian Management Perspective Rajesh K. Pillania
15 [GO] Prabandhan Indian Journal of Management 2020―Apr―17 Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on the Teaching - Learning Process : A Study of Higher Education Teachers Amit Kumar Arora, R. Srinivasan


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