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1 [GO] Trends in Bioinformatics 2021―Oct―21 Validation of Isolate Stability Status and in silico Characterization of SARS-COV 2 Partial CdsRdRP Gene Sequences Godwin Michael Ub, Joseph K. Ebigwai, Ndem E. Edu, Paul B. Ekpo, Solomon I. Ofem, Imaobong S. Essien
2 [GO] International Journal of Pharmacology 2021―Oct―18 Inhibitory Activity of Balanites aegyptiaca Phytochemicals on Main Protease of SARS-CoV-2: Virtual Screening and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Isam Abu Zeid
3 [GO] International Journal of Pharmacology 2021―Oct―14 Are the Newest Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Preferred than the Old Members in COVID-19 Patients with Cardiovascular Comorbidity? Hussam A.S. Murad, Suleiman S. Al-Kayy, Turky A. Alkaabi
4 [GO] Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 2021―Sep―29 Some Immunological Impacts of Face Mask Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic Rojan G.M. Al-Al, Sura M.Y. Al-Ta, Soher T.D. Baker
5 [GO] International Journal of Pharmacology 2021―Sep―23 Spectrum of Immunopathogenesis in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): An Updated Review Mohamed M. El-Khaw, Mohamed A. Saleh, Ramadhan Oruch, Gouda H. Attia
6 [GO] Asian Journal of Epidemiology 2021―Aug―31 Management of COVID-19 among Health Care Givers: An Afro-Asian Perspective A.F. Ajayi, R.E. Akhigbe, Sahu K. Ram, A. Kuku, J.O. Bamidele
7 [GO] Journal of Applied Sciences 2021―Aug―24 Estimating Trends in COVID-19 Infected Cases Based on Panel Data Regression Modelling A. Rajarathin, P. Tamilselva
8 [GO] Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 2021―Jul―24 Susceptibility of Blood Groups Infection with COVID-19 Disease Among Sudanese Patients Suffering from Different Chronic Diseases Malaz Faroug Moh, Albara Ahmad, Osman Mohammed E, Asaad Ma Babker, Hisham Ali Waggia
9 [GO] Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 2021―May―24 Clinical Findings of COVID-19 Patients at High and Average Altitudes in Saudi Arabia Ahmad El Askary, Mazen Almehmadi, Mustafa Halawi, Layla Ibrahim Al, Abdulaziz Ali Al Haj, Ziyad Tariq Arab, et al. (+4)
10 [GO] International Journal of Dairy Science 2021―May―12 Attitude and Behavioral Changes of Dairy Consumers During the New Coronavirus Pandemic in Brazil Eistys M.T.C. Alm, Marco T.C. Almei
11 [GO] International Journal of Virology 2021―Jan―28 Non Pharmacological Factors in Containment of COVID-19 Virus in India: An Insight Udaya Prakash Ny, Bhuvaneswari Srinivasan
12 [GO] Asian Journal of Scientific Research 2020―Dec―30 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Simplified Assessment of its Origin, Epidemiology and Physiological Manifestations Noorah Saleh Al-S
13 [GO] Asian Journal of Epidemiology 2020―Oct―21 Awareness of HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Selected Fishing Communities in North Central Nigeria* T. Olowosegun, A.M. Sule, O.A. Sanni, H.U. Onimisi, O.M. Olowosegun
14 [GO] Journal of Biological Sciences 2020―Apr―17 Practical Measures to Prevent COVID-19: A Mini-Review Mehmet Ozaslan, Muhamad Safdar, I. Halil Kilic, Rozhgar A. Khailan
15 [GO] Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 2020―Jan―11 Common Co-morbidities Are Challenging in the Diagnosis of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) in Saudi Arabia Rania Ali El Hadi Mohamed, Fadilah Sfouq Aleanizy, Fulwah Yahya Alqahtani, Marzouqah Sfouq Alanazi, Nahla Mohamed


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